Thursday, April 28, 2011


Taxi Lobbyist Control of the Election Process Becomes Extortion

When councilmembers from the outer boroughs vote against providing more taxi services to their members it is no long normal politics.  When councilmembers from Manhattan do not put pressure on the taxi industry to change have they all go off shift at 4PM, who are they helping.  The answer is they are helping the taxi industry. But Why?  Taxi lobbyists are a part of a small group of lobbyists who control who gets the money for reelection, higher office or who gets a well finance challenger against them at the next election. Instead of better service we get higher fares.  The Taxi lobbyist have so much power over the Council they don't even attempt to trade higher fares tor better service. Bloomberg who tries to provide better service with good ideas does not have what it takes to fight the council.The Taxi lobbyists have almost put the Pedi  (bike) taxis out of business.Pedi peeve: City to set limits.


As the Counicl Get Ready to Cut Services to Schools, Police and Seniors They Give Us More Parking

Where is the Transparency?

Where are the stories about the new budget?  What will be cut?  The media is helping the council and mayor to do all this in secret. 

Council Moving to Ease Parking  Reducing the number of days that motorists must deal with alternate-side-of-the-street parking regulations. (WSJ) * Proposed Bill Could Reserve Parking For Moving New Yorkers (NY1) * Mayor $lapped over Cath (NYP) * Pol eyes 'ed. ax' reforms Hearings planned (NYP) * The first test for NYC Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott: Tomorrow’s Panel for Educational Policy meeting. He’s hinting at changes, saying: “You never know what I’m liable to do.” *

Bloomberg Cathie Black claim100 mill damages by Parent's Union (Video)

Another Computer Consultant Crook

Ex-Consultant Accused of Stealing Millions From Schools

Another Black Eye for Ed Dept. Tech Effort (Gotham Gazatte)



NY's Promised Economic Recovery Ends A Block Passed Wall Street 

Construction Spending Hits A 5-Year Low Construction spending in New York City dropped 12% last year, falling to its lowest level since 2005.(WSJ)* State Comptroller Details New York's Slow Economic Recovery (NY1)  * Big Apple construction work plummets (NYP)

More Americans sought unemployment benefits last week(NYP)

NYPD: You Can Spin But You Can't Hide

 NYPD scandal is spreading like a malignant tumor

Cops sweating bullets as probes expand Brazen city cops were caught on wiretaps calling in ticket-fix favors to the State Police, Yonkers PD, Port Authority PD and Triborough Bridge and Tunnel Authority, The Post has learned. "They have cops on wires talking about fixing tickets with other agencies," a police source said yesterday.(NYP) *  Tix fixer in 'a' hole 'Swears' on tape he can nix it (NYP)* NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal: Criminologists Link Practice to Downgrading Crimes(Village Voice) *NYPD Now Giving Tickets for Biking on the Wrong Part of the Street (Village Voice)

Ticket-Fixing Investigation & Police Escort of P. Diddy

Mayor, Aiming at Police, Takes on a Pet Peeve Two matters have given Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg a chance to vent about people who get special treatment. (NYT) * Hip-hoppin' mad (NYP)


NYPD Ticket Fixing Scadal Reporting So Far(True News)





Illegal Subdivides Is A Problem Nobody Wants to Acknowledge

Many of the poor push out of illegal apartments will end up in a homeless shelter or the street

Evidence of 2nd firetrap in Bronx, owned by same landlord as first (NYDN) * Tragic reality begins to sink in for pair of fire orphans (NYDN)

Walcott Works His Public Image Hard. . .  Builds His Support Before Coming Education Cuts

Test for Schools Chief Thursday night will be Dennis Walcott's first Panel for Educational Policy meeting as New York's schools chancellor, and with it, the public's first chance to see if he will carry his informal style into his new position. (WSJ) * In a rare change for chancellors, Walcott visits closing school (NYDN) * Chancellor Walcott Spends First School Day At Troubled Schools (NY1)

City Council Questions Distribution of Park Officers More officers in Manhattan than in any other borough. (NYT)







City Scales Back Demotions in Sanitation  After an arbitrator finds that the demotions would strip supervisors of seniority, the Bloomberg administration changes course.

Misuse of Official Parking Placards Is Widespread, Report Finds (NYT)

1 in 4 Parking Permits Are Phony, Says Report




Image: Gotham Gazette

April 28, 2011 — The idea of charging drivers to cross the East River has returned to Albany, but this year it has a twist that dismays some transit advocates.(Gotham Gazette)

NYP: Hevesi Guilty of Double Dipping Also

Alan Hevesi, double-dipper This doesn't seem fair: Not only do state taxpayers have to pay disgraced ex- Comptroller Alan Hevesi's room and board for the next 1-to-4 years -- they've still got to pay his pension, too.(NYP Ed)


Cuomo Continues to Bang the Special Interests

Pension Rules Kick In(WSJ) * Cuomo promises 'most aggressive' strengthening of rent regulations (NYDN)  * Andy's electric 'charge' Probes LIPA hikes (NYP) * “Time is getting short” for state worker unions to make a contract deal with the administration and the decision on layoffs “will come shortly,” Cuomo said.

Audits Find Widespread Waste in Albany Spending Duplication, inefficiency and overcharges plague New York State government’s operations, audits by the Cuomo administration have found.




Councilwoman Margaret Chin's bid to criminalize buying counterfeit goods discounts common sense (NYDN)





Parking Attendant Stabbed In Robbery (Fox 5) *

VIDEO: Man Stabbed With Huge Butcher Knife in Thwarted Robbery

 VIDEO: Thugs caught on camera in attack of garage attendant (NYDN)

  Three Suspects Allegedly Rob Several Deliverymen In East Village(NYDN) * Brutal Attack On Food Deliveryman Caught On Tape In Morningside Heights (WCBS)


Two Arrested in Attack on Deliveryman Caught on Tape (NYT) * Robbery suspect pretending to be deaf and mute: shrink (NYDN) * Woman, 54, found dead in bed with gunshot wound to head (NYDN) * Heartless thugs caught, but son still crying for slain mom (NYDN) * Vinny Gorgeous gripes: Where's the beef? (NYDN) * Queens Judge Speaks Out On Murderer's Sentence (NY1) * Woman found shot to death in bed (NYDN) * Attempted robbery and stabbing in Mott Haven (WABC) * Woman found fatally shot in Brooklyn apartment (WABC)  * Cops nab suspect wanted for spate of stickups in Stapleton * Mob trial testimony links love child to Anthony LoBianco, former co-owner of Staten Island's Trattoria Romana (SI advance)

In a highly unusual move, a judge has set a time limit for both sides to make their respective cases in the upcoming 9/11 wrongful death trial. 

“My name is Barack Obama. I was born in Hawaii. I’m President of the United States. And I’m running for reelection. Nobody checked my ID on the way in.” 

Presidential Attends Trio Of City Fundraisers (NY1) * Obama hits NYC for trio of fund-raisers(NYDN) * Obama’s NYC Campaign Donations May Not Be So Plentiful This Time (WCBS) * The purpose of Obama’s latest trip to the Big Apple was, in part, to try to make peace with deep-pocketed Wall Street donors. * Obama NYC: Hecklers by AIDS activists who tried using fake press passes to enter.



Jon Stewart Takes Down The Media And Trump For Obama Birth Certificate Controversy


Odd Jobs: Guiding Penn Station’s Trains (WSJ)


 Will NJ Let Carl Lewis Run?

Can Carl Lewis Run? Legal Maneuvers Continue (WSJ)

Profitable NYSE Focused on Merger Exchange operator NYSE Euronext posted a 19% rise in first-quarter net profit and said planning for its agreed tie-up with Deutsche Boerse AG is on track.(WSJ) * Pressure Mounts on Big Board (WSJ)

Day 4 of deliberations at insider trading trial of Galleon chief


David Letterman’s Top 10 Surprises Found On Obama’s Birth Certificate




Finally, a List of Who You Have to Blow in the New York State Senate to Get Gay Marriage





Lara Logan Reveals Details of Her Sexual Assault in Egypt

CBS Reporter Talks About Her Assault in Egypt(NYT)


Bloomberg's New Opinion Section May Reflect 'Post-Partisan' Mayor Bloomberg(Huff Post)