Friday, April 29, 2011

Bronx DA Conflict of Interest in Ticket Fixing Scandal

ADA Ticket Fixed By Cops Compromise the Bronx DA's Office
Who Else in the DA's Office Had A Ticket Fixed?

The involvement of the very prosecutorial office that is investigating what has become to be known as the NYPD ticket fixing scandal justice demands that the Bronx DA recuse hims office from the investigation and the mayor appoint a Knapp type commission to take over.  It is clear that there is a VIP group in this city who have the ability to clear themselves of legal or  embarrassing problems.  These same VIP have the ability to keep there names out of the investigation and to limit the media outrage of this scandal.  Not one elected official or newspapers editorial has demanded a special prosecutor.



The Bronx DA Could Not Find Enough Corruption to indite Pedro Espada, The Feds and AG Cuomo Did

Arrest of a Bronx Prosecutor Is Said to Uncover Possible Favored Treatment in Past An assistant district attorney in the Bronx who was arrested last summer on drunken driving charges may have received preferential treatment in a possible earlier case in which she was also suspected of drunken driving, according to a law enforcement official.(NYT) * Prosecutor busted again after first DWI bust was voided by cops (NYDN) * Ticket-fixing probe in the Bronx could spoil criminal cases(NYDN)


New York Commoners Meanwhile Are Blitzed With A Record Number of Tickets

To Balance the Budget and Make Up Revenue Lost From Those Who Fix Their Tickets 

City Rant: Ticket Blitz (Fox 5)


CityTime Was Just the Beginning of Corrupt Contractors

$3.6 million taken from NYC Dept. of Ed; "second time in less than a year that federal prosecutors accused consultants hired by the city of multimillion dollar thefts." Stolen Money: "Lanham Enterprises allegedly was paid $5.3 million for consulting work that cost his company only $1.7 million."* Stolen Money: "investigation revealed another embarrassing lack of supervision in one of the city's technology projects."

Schools Consultant Stole Millions, Officials Say (NYT) * Contractor Fraud Alleged(WSJ) * DOE consultant charged with stealing $3.6M from schools * Investigator: Consultant Stole $3.6M From City Schools (NY1) * Ex-schools consultant charged with stealing $3.6M (NYP)

Education News

End of line for 3 schools (NYP) * Parents Fret as Kids Seek 'Gifted' Status(WSJ)  *  School Survives Vote(WSJ)Threatened $100 million lawsuit vs. Bloomberg for hiring Cathie Black is a stupid litigation trick(NYDN Ed) * Last In, First Out: UFT boss rejects effort to survey members.



Yes Gambling At Rick's Cafe and Waste in Albany

Audits Find Widespread Waste in Spending by State Government (NYT) * Albany wa$teland (NYP) * State Audit: Paying for 850 toll-free numbers, many unused






NY1 A News Organization That Leads the Way to Enable Corruption 

Last night on NY1's Inside City Hall lobbyist political consultant Hank Sheinkopf debate Roger Stone over Donald Trump and the chances of passing the gay rights bill this year in Albany.  What the host Errol Lewis did not ask Sheinkopf was why he took the Fifth Amendment and declined to talk about a why AEG the lowest bidder in the first round won the contract to bring slot machines to Adeqaduct.  The AEG contract was canceled when details about how it came about and was the subject of a state IG report and now a federal investigation.  The IG report


Dumbing Down the News to Protect and Enable Corruption

Sheinkopf is not the only one that they play the cop blue wall with.  Carl McCall on of their Wise Guys could be asked what he thinks of Cuomo's crack down on pols consultants like him being bared from acting as money managers of the pension funds.  McCall collected 50,000 in the past as a unregistered money manager.  Another Wise Guy Feddie Ferrer pocket 100,000 as a money manager.  Another one of NY1 consultant Jeff Plaut comes from Global Strategy Group a consultant company who paid $2 million in fines for illegal fees from the pension fund should be asked by the news anchor how he feels about Cuomo ban on lobbyists from getting any of the state's pension funds.  It is not only NY1 that does ignores and avoids question about corruption connections of their guests it is the entire media.  It is clear that this practice enable and encourages corruption among this connect class of people.  We are learning from the NYPD ticket fixing scandal that there is a special protected class of New Yorkers.  The press also has it protected class of lobbyists and pols who no doubt also give them their spin stories and news tips to print.  Boy O Boy has New York turned ugly.

Two more corrupt NY1 Wise Guy Bums: Ed Koch who allowed the largest municipal scandal since Tammany Hall to occur in his administration and Al D'amato who the Wayne Barrett exposed as a corrupt senator and is now a lobbyist who analysis on NY1 are no doubt clouded by his clients and against consultants who beat him out of clients. 

Pols With $$$ Corrupts the Press

How can press be free when it is owned by government?
Will Bloomberg's Opinion Section Echo Mayor Bloomberg?(Huff Post) * Bloomberg View editorials will start appearing late next month, and they will be “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” – just like a certain post-partisan billionaire mayor for which the editorials are named.

 Give this Coke Head A Pension?

Crazy rules let ex-cop keep scammed, tax-free disability pension because of a positive cocaine test (NYDN Ed) * Ex-cop still gets disability pension despite doing coke, construction work (NYDN)




Discussions Outside Court Are Raised at Fire Trial (NYT)

Rough Homecoming for Congressman (NYT) * New Yorker writer Evan Ratliff counters Rep. Michael Grimm.


Mott Haven Tries to Rekindle Momentum A mere one stop away from Manhattan on the No. 6 subway, the South Bronx neighborhood of Mott Haven has faced an uphill battle during the recent economic woes to keep its development momentum alive.(WSJ)

New York Homeless Down? Yea Sure

Officials Claim Drop in Homeless(WSJ) * NYC says street homelessness is down (NYP) * Meal-Delivering Charities Suffering From Skyrocketing Gas Prices(WCBS)

Don't Worry. The Water Is Probably Just Fine Official-looking stickers bearing the words "most likely safe" have been appearing above public faucets around New York in an apparent effort to stoke opposition to a controversial form of natural-gas drilling.(WSJ)




The Subway’s Elevator Operators, a Reassuring Amenity of Another Era (NYT)






What About the Budget? Besides Street Cleaning What Else are You Going to Cut?

Clean neighborhoods may get break on parking rules (NYDN) * New Bills Make Clean Sweep Of City Parking Rules (NY1) * New Alternate Side Rules A Welcome Change for some NYC Drivers (WNBC)


City Council Gives A Kiss to the Taxi lobbyists Again

Council Cracks Down on Pedicabs Again: Tourists love pedicabs, but New Yorkers have doubts. Yesterday, the City ...

NYPIRG Offers Window Into Pension Investments

Hevesi graft an open secret

Reports of quid pro quo with investment firm surfaced in 2006

Demographics: Most diverse neighborhood: Middle Village, in Queens; least diverse: Breezy Point, in Queens, says Sam Roberts.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo has skipped all three of President Obama’s NYC visits in the past month. His staff says he’s too busy working. 

NJ Governor who killed ARC transit tunnel, pledges 100s of millions to failed "Xanadu" mall




Law and Order

Surveillance footage released of sex fiend who 'attacked' two women in lower Manhattan housing project (NYP) * Jury Convicts 2 and Acquits 2 in Cocaine Scheme (NYT) * Seven Arrested in Gambling Raids in Flushing (NYT) * Son Unfit for Trial in Killing of His Parents(WSJ) * Two Cops Convicted in Road Rage Incident(WSJ) *  2 cops found guilty of official misconduct (NYDN) * Keep the cuffs off schoolkids: Brooklyn pol to introduce bill in Albany (NYDN) * Grand jury OK with cop's self-defense claim in road-rage attack (NYDN) * Eight-Year-Old Allegedly Sells Gun In Queens Elementary School(NY1) * 8-Year-Old Sells Gun In School (Fox 5) * 8-Year-Old Sells Gun at School (WNBC) * Cop dragged while trying to bust joyriding teen motorcyclists (NYP) * Young Brooklyn man convicted in South Street Seaport murder(NYP) * Judge rules 'Vinny Gorgeous' can have a cafeteria sandwich for lunch (NYP) * Father rips into creep who burned baby daughter as man sentenced to 10 years for assault (NYP) *Anthony Parra, Of Queens, Gets 10 Years In Prison For Scalding Girlfriend’s Baby (WCBS) * SI man accused of killing parents called unfit for trial(NYP) * Momma's boy charged in Chinese food delivery beat-down (NYP) * Mother weeps as honor student son arraigned (NYDN) * NY law sheds 24,000 sex offenders from Web: Cuomo (NYP) * Vinny Gorgeous gets break from prison food(NYDN) * Hunt for suspect in Lower East Side sex assaults (WABC) * Man convicted of killing party promoter in NYC * District Attorney Cuts Jobs; Law Firms’ Earnings Rise (NYT) *  Upper East Side Thief Thrives on Unlocked Doors (NYT)


Spying Judges: $600,000 settlement reached days before trail; top administrative judge allegedly ordered  clerk to spy on colleagues 

Governor Cuomo has been avoiding the President during recent fundraisers in New York City, even when his name is on the invite.  

Tom DiNapoli tops City Hall’s Winners list 


 R.I.P. Hope

Judge's daughter dies in OD






Jon Stewart Discovers Equal Opportunity Birther Nagging On MSNBC And Fox News



‘Aol News’ To Officially Fold Into Huffington Post






Exxon Profit Up 69 Percent as Gas and Oil Prices Boost Top Five Oil Companies