Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Every Time Fire Kills Because of Illegal Apartments The City Announces A Crack Down


A History of Broken Promises To Crack Down on Illegal Apartments

DOB responds to fatal Brooklyn fire with Twitter and flier ...Feb 25, 2011Bloomberg and Department of Buildings Commissioner Robert D. LiMandri announced on September 30, 2010 the results of an undercover operation to crack down on illegally converted dwellings and hold property owners accountable for putting potential tenants and first responders at risk. In June 2005 the Building Department announced Crackdown has begun on Middle Village illegal apartments


Illegal Apartments Fire Kills Again After City Crackdowns

The mayor said that constitutional protections against illegal search and seizure often present an insurmountable obstacle to city officials seeking to assure the safety of properties. Neighbors say drug dealers barred inspectors and installed video cameras to screen visitors.

Drug dealers barred city inspectors from firetrap Bronx building despite complaints (NYDN) * After Fatal Fire, City Vows Crackdown on Illegal Apartments (NYT) * Efforts to close firetraps 'not enough,' Mayor Bloomberg says(NYDN) * Those responsible for the deaths of family in a Bronx firetrap must be brought to book (NYDN Ed)

More Illegal Apartments Coming?

The NYP Copycat Murray Weiss Investigative Story Publish Yesterday on NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal

Other Papers and Media Ignore Story

Widening probe bares 'dirtier' dozens The massive NYPD ticket-fixing investigation has uncovered evidence of far more serious crimes, with cops allegedly making potential felonies go away for fellow officers.   Shameless cops tried to squash domestic-violence complaints against off-duty colleagues before department brass got wind of the incidents, according to  Some officers also tried to erase other cops' drunken-driving arrests. And horndog cops were even overheard ordering and paying for prostitutes over the phone, the report said.  Probers listening to secret wiretaps of at least 30 cops have also learned that the scandal extends to all five boroughs and to the highest levels of the NYPD.(NYP) * Inspector brazenly ordered pal tix-fix (NYP)

NYPD Ticket Fixing Scadal Reporting So Far(True News)


Diddy's Dry Cleaner Says He Arranged the Escort

Mike rips special escort for Diddy (NYP) * NYPD Sergeant Escorted P. Diddy 1 City Block; Probe Launched (WCBS) *




No Pension Pay to Play Free Lunch for Pols, Lobbyists and Consultants

Andy's 'Hevesi Law' to $lam crooked pols * Cuomo Waits to Take Aim at Pension Gap(WSJ) * Pensions: Legislators who break the law will lose their pensions. * By pushing for prison closures, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is dismantling a piece of his father’s legacy.

Some Pols Lobbyists and Consultants Already Caught:

Kevin McCabe * Hank Morris * Carl McCall * Freddie Ferrer * Global Stragities

Raymond B. Harding

Quadrangle Settles with Cuomo, Trashes Rattner; Global Strategies Group Fined Too... *  Raymond B. Harding Pleads Guilty in Pension Fund Corruption ...  * Cuomo Implicates Lobbyist, Patricia Lynch, in 'Pay to Play ...  Ex-Comptroller Carl McCall Is Part of New York Pension Inquiry ...  * After Introduction From Ferrer, Firm Earned $100,000 From State Pension Fund . . . * unlicensed placement agent Kevin McCabe, $715,000 . . .

Cuomo and state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli are a bit at odds over the governor’s plan to make permanent rules banning placement agents, lobbyists and elected officials from involvement with the pension fund. 



Many members see prison as a kind of retirement home for state legislators

The governor also unveiled a proposal dubbed “Hevesi’s Law”, which would block future elected officials and state employees from collecting a pension if they’re found guilty of corruption connected to their positions. 

Bloomberg on Pension Reform

Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch OpEds in favor of Bloomberg’s pension reform proposals, including a call to restore the city’s ability to negotiate pension benefits as part of the collective bargaining process with unions.

NYT Editorial Blasted Liu When he said he wanted to ease a ban on the placement agents

What Will Comptroller Do About placement agents

Bringing Back the Fixers




But, What About the Voters?

Mayor Bloomberg has “zero” regrets about running for a third term, even though it has been rocky to date. 





NYP Continues Pushing for LIFO

 Took NYC five years to fire a teacher after it confirmed she helped students cheat on a text

Crooked teachers cash in big-time as ax slowly falls (NYP)

Enough With the Pancakes Nice Guy Walcott, Where is the Beef 

Dennis Walcott's Next Steps He's changed the dialogue but needs to change the policies(WNBC) * NYC schools chancellor Dennis Walcott says he wants options(NYP)* Bloomberg committed "misfeasance of office" by appointing Black, parents suit claims. Want $100M of mayor's $$ for training fund (CHN) * Walcott Tries to Reassure Students at Closing High School (NYT)

 Bloomberg’s Big Push for an Applied Sciences School (NYT) * Charter school battle ramps up in UWS with new lawsuit (NYDN)

Taxi lobbyists Own the Council: They Contribute and Run Councilmembers Campaigns

Cabby showdown The legislation would increase fines for drivers who refuse to take passengers to any destination in the city, charge higher fares than those set by the Taxi and Limousine Commission and, in the case of livery hacks, pick up street fares.(NYP) *  Livery Cab Plan Hits Dead End(WSJ) * After intense opposition from the yellow cab industry, the mayor’s plan to let some livery cabs pick up passengers at the curb outside Manhattan is being retooled.

 Decision to Increase NYC Taxi Rates Included Vote by Lobbyist ...

Why Not Have An Online Listing of All the Parking Permits

Abuses of Power: Fighting the Good Fight Against ... Phony Parking Permits

Gitmo: Terror Target Brooklyn Bridge

A Bridge Under Scrutiny, by Plotters and the Police (NYT) * Documents: Al Quaida targeted Brooklyn Bridge (WABC)



Tolling Bridges: Democratic legislators oppose it. (Unlikely Republicans legislators can do it, since those from NYC wouldn't.)

Traffic: After tollbooth collector shortage led to 5-hour delay at Staten Island bridge, Port Authority boss says "we will never let that happen again."



Formerly-mandated warning posters still linger in stores months after courts struck down city law

Antismoking Posters a Bodega Hang-Up It's been four months since a federal judge struck down a city law that had forced businesses that sell cigarettes to display graphic posters depicting the ravages of tobacco-related diseases. City retailers, however, haven't gotten the memo. (WSJ)



NYC Air Quality Receives Failing Grades (Fox 5) * NYC’s Air Still Dirty




Why Composting Still Vexes New York For the Big Apple, the push for more comprehensive composting systems tends to open cans of worms. (WSJ) * Bloomberg Waste-to-Electricity Plan Not an Easy Sell  (NYT) * Gowanus: Polluters might have a vote on canal's cleanup.

The Nanny Food Coop

 It's not work when you send a nanny to do your job Some folks in Brooklyn recently felt that 2-1/2 hours of work a month was too much effort to be a member of the Park Slope Food Cooperative.(NYDN)



Mets and Yankees Stadiums Illegally Occupied?

Play Ball—Get Permit Later The Mets and Yankees swing away in their new stadiums without certificates of occupancy. (WSJ)



Garment Union Chief Resigns Under a Cloud (NYT) Top SEIU official, Bruce Raynor of Workers United, quits amid allegations of misusing expense account.

Property Taxes: State problem verifying who makes too much money for STAR tax break 

Make That 3 Assembly Vacancies And Counting (YNN)

Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he’s seeking a “most aggressive” strengthening of the rent laws, but stopped short of calling for an end to vacancy decontrol.

Breaking Two Arrested in Attack on Deliveryman Caught on Tape NYT)

VIDEO: Teen terrors beat down Chinese deliveryman(NYP) * VIDEO OF ATTACK: Cops hunting for teens who beat delivery man (NYDN) * Police Seek Four Suspects In Beating Of Manhattan Delivery Man (NY1) * Brutal Food Delivery Man Attack Caught On Tape In Morningside Heights (WCBS) * VIDEO: Deliveryman Beaten In Harlem (Fox 5)

Gunman cooly checks weapon in restaurant before slay (NYP)

Law and Order

Ax for LI commish over slay probe 'Bungled' Suffolk serial-slay probe (NYP) * Power Struggle Led to Melee at Sikh Center in Queens (NYT * Divisions In Queens Sikh Temple Lead To Violent Brawl (NY1) * Judge Declares Mistrial in Police Altercation Case (NYT) * 17-year-old killed near his house trying to flee gunman(NYDN) * Police Officer Pleads Guilty In Robberies of Drug Dealers (NYT) * Two nabbed in beating of elderly couple (NYDN)Pair arrested in brutal robbery of elderly couple (WABC) * Arrest 2 in deadly wintertime assault on Staten Island grandparents (SI Advance) * Hundreds mourn teen killed over $10 (NYDN) * Gotti Jr.'s rat buddy gets 10 years (NYDN) * Rikers Island Inmate's Family Looks Forward To Day In Court (NY1) * 'Rape Cops' sound effect (NYP) * NY1 Exclusive: Suspect's First Victim Describes Attempted Assault In Queens (NY1) * Dershowitz advising mom charged in son's NYC death (WABC) * Suspect wanted in five Staten Island robberies(WABC)* Graffiti artist will be behind bars in Rikers during big show (NYDN)* Mob boss got 'all dolled-up' before arrest, FBI agent testifies * Mother of two arrested for fire that burned baby WNBC)