Thursday, April 14, 2011

Clinton's Times Square Flashback Causes the Most Off Message Bloomberg Press Conference Ever

Clinton Memories of Times Square Hookers

What was supposed to be about clean air in Times Square because of the creation of the plaza and the merger of the Clinton and Bloomberg non profits to fight climate change, turned into the former president personal flashback of him eying hookers and johns on his first trip to the crosss roads of the world. Bill Clinton calls old Times Square 'romantic'(NYP) * 1964: Bill Clinton visited Times Square, saw "a hooker approach a man in a gray flannel suit." [Politico] * Clinton: Times Square Used To Be All Steak And Hookers (Huff Post) * Study finds air is cleaner in Times Square(WABC)

Off Script: "It's not every day you hear an ex-president discuss his memories of a hooker."

Spinning City Business and the Nillionaire Mayor's Non Profits
Bloomberg's handlers came up the the clean air spin to combine the message of the cleaner Times Square to the merger of the Mayor's and Clinton's non profits to fight climate change. 

You can't find a hooker in Times Square anymore, former President Bill Clinton lamented Former President Clinton laments hooker-free Times Square (DN) * Bill Clinton Recalls the Old Times Square (NYT)

Is this Legal?
Connecting the Mayor's private business and his government function.  Wonder how many City Council Members has friends or family members on the payroll of the mayor's non profit or non profits funded by the mayor?  Clinton, Mayor Air Views Former President Bill Clinton and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said they will join forces to combat climate change, combining the two environmental organizations they lead.(WSJ)

A Testy Bloomberg Emerges in Discrimination Case(NYT)


Cathie Black Shows How Political the Education Waiver Has Become

Breaking Dennis Walcott has received his waiver from Dept. of Ed to become schools chancellor

Education commissioner approves Walcott's appointment as city schools chief (NYP) * Dennis M. Walcott Cleared To Be Schools Chancellor

Panel Unanimously Recommends Waiver for Walcott(NYT) * Panel Urges Waiver for School Chief(WSJ) * Panel Recommends Walcott Receive Waiver to Become Chancellor (NY1)

Ed boss' blast System a mess: out going commish (NYP)

 Does the City Have A Plan to Remove PCB's From Our Schools?

Timeline For PCBs Removal From Schools Still Not Finalized(NY1)




 Fifty-nine House Republicans voted against their leadership on the budget reduction

 US House of Representatives approves 2011 budget deal (NYP)

BREAKING: House passes 2011 budget deal



Several Key Issues Remain That Could End the Cuomo's Honeymoon

 Albany's Extended Holiday Spring Break

When the Albany mob comes back from their extended spring break in May the governor will still have to break the deadlock between the senate and assembly on rent regulations and a tax cap on property tax.  Cuomo also faces negotiating new union contract and coming up with a plan acceptable to the unions on pension reform.  Cuomo's Honeymoon(WSJ) Two weeks after adopting a budget, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is enjoying broad support among registered voters. New Yorkers who approve of his performance outnumber those who disapprove by a 4-to-1 margin (WSJ) * Gov. Cuomo's breakthrough labor agreement with police union is fair for workers, New York taxpayers (DN Ed) * Unions' 'yea' man in Albany -Abbate hauls in 600G * Cuomo's Deal: Retroactive raises for Council 82 members; wage freeze till 2014. PEF won't accept similar deal. "The state made it clear that accepting these concessions would not ensure PEF members would not be laid off * Cars: "Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, spent $26,000 on a 2011 Ford Taurus in February."* Cuomo’s poll numbers are 17 points higher than Eliot Spitzer’s were at this point in his first term back in 2007.*  Council 82 Contract Reflects ‘Economic Realities’ Says Cuomo (YNN) * Cuomo's Money: State is "functionally bankrupt." Unions shouldn't expect raises.


Cuomo Says I Will Shove Your Hike Up Your. . .

Andy's power line: I'll undo 12% rate hike * Cuomo's power play (NYP Ed)* Cuomo Intervention: Proposed bill would give electric companies permanent property tax abatements, "removing the basis" for an expected 12 rate hike in energy bills.[Fred Dicker, NYP] * The governor will propose a bill that allows NYC to provide permanent property-tax abatements to local electric-generating companies, removing the basis for a little-noticed Federal Energy Regulatory Commission decision that could hike electric rates by $500 million a year

The Most Expensive Part Time Legislator in the Nation Can't Even Pick A State Vegetable

 To Busy Eating Happy Meals?

Pols feud over NY state vegetable(DN)

Some elected officials have sweet taxpayer-funded rides




  NYT Kissing Up to the Popular Cuomo

The Governor's Official Fashion Statement (NYT)












 Not Heveis This Pay to Pay Was DiNapoli

'Tense moments' in state comptroller's office during 'pay to play' probe (TU)

According to court testimony, things were so tense between Cuomo and state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s offices at the height of the AG’s pay-to-play pension fund probe that a “constitutional crisis” was possible. The Comptroller tries to change the headline DiNapoli:


Hulan E. Jack First Black Boro Pres.

Manhattan Borough President Contenders Eye 2013 Race (CHN) 





MTA Trash on Trains, Stuck Elevators, Bus Clogged Streets and Double Paying Vendors

The Garbage Train

Trash train supervisor gets punished A subway supervisor is getting trashed for using a subway train with passengers to move garbage picked up by a cleaning crew. (DN) * Mocker at the dirty train tracks(WPIX)



 Stuck Elevators

Uptown Manhattan riders get the shaft with elevator breakdowns (DN)



Bus Clogged 57th Street

Buses Clog Stretch of East Side, Prompting Action Every night during rush hour, a single East Side block is inundated with MTA buses that idle, double park and spew pollution and noise into the air, which frustrates nearby residents and business owners. (DN) * 57th St. bus choke hold (NYP)


 MTA Paying Vendors Double

MTA seeing double on 3M worth of bills in double payments to vendors (DN)

State cracks down on unsafe buses & drivers in wake of Bronx crash (DN)

After Shortage of Tow Trucks NYPD Trains Offices to Run Them

NYPD training officers to use tow trucks for snow

Woman Tells of Boy’s Plea for Help After 4 Drownings(NYT) * Family's Hudson Tragedy(WSJ) * 'You're going to die with me,' Lashanda Armstrong told kids before driving minivan into Hudson River (DN) * Mom who drove into Hudson fueled by deranged form of love (DN) * Mom Tried to Reverse Van: Passerby(WNBC) 

10-year-old climbed out of mom's death van (NYP) * Mother who drowned herself & kids struggled with mental issues: experts(DN) * In New York Area, No Shortage of Grisly Dumping Grounds (NYT) * Newburgh Police: 10-Year-Old Escaped Drowning In Minivan By Slipping Out Window (WCBS)

Densely Populated, but No Shortage of Grisly Dumping Sites(NYT) * FBI to Aid L.I. Search(WSJ) * Divers Search Waters in Killing Probe (WSJ) *  No link between L.I., Atlantic City slays, police say(DN) * Serial killer eyed in 'Initial' murders (DN) * Aerial probe for serial slay (NYP)

Law and Order  Accused killer stuffed shirt down granny's throat and hid body in basement, he told cops(DN) * Downstairs Neighbor Accused of Killing Bronx Woman, 70 (NYT)Victim Allegedly Was Paid to Testify(WSJ) * Samuel Kellner Accused Of Paying False Witness $10K To Testify In Rabbi Abuse Case (WCBS)  *Rabbi under arrest for extortion involving another Rabbi (WABC) * Feds get one guilty verdict on HR king Barry Bonds, but they wanted more(DN) * Family outraged as cops honor officer in Pace shooting(DN) * Ex-Brooklyn cop turns life experiences into movie (DN) * S.I. Man Charged With Wife's Murder (NY1) * Staten Island Woman’s Death Ruled Homicide; Husband Arthur Rubin Charged With Murder (WCBS) * Woman will testify today about drunken nightmare (NYP) * Suspect In Sex Slavery Case Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison(WCBS) * Killer nailed in granny-slay (NYP) * Cops: Subway Cell Phone Robber Busted (Fox 5) Breaking Alleged victim breaks down recalling sound of 'walkie talkies' on night of attack(DN) * RIVER PLUNGE UPDATE Mom Who Killed Self, 3 Kids Posted Chilling Facebook Message Before Driving Into Hudson River (NYP) *  At Rape Trial of Officers, Woman Tells of Hazy, Violent Night (NYT) * License Plate Reading Cameras Gain Legal Backing (NYT)


 Old Media Hangs On By Ripping Off the Work of Bloggers and Giving Them No Credit

Old Media Is Less Likely to Link than New Media(Fishbowl)

Proof of Copycat Journalism

 Apparently the New York Post is a common offender. The Post has gone so far as to have allegedly admitted, by way of correspondence from one of their reporters, that they in fact have a policy to not credit blogs (or anyone else) if they can verify independently after they’ve been tipped off from the source they choose not to cite.


Gotti clan praises Travolta pick for upcoming Dapper Don movie(DN)What scares a Mafia boss? His wife, court tapes reveal (DN) * At a Mafia Murder Trial, a Lesson in Mob Jargon (NYT)




 Thousands Went to Jail For Saving and Loans Scandal, Not A Single Person for the Wall Street Scandal

In Financial Crisis, a Dearth of Prosecutions Raises Alarms (NYT) According to some of its records, between 1990 and 1995 no less than 1,852 S&L officials were prosecuted, and 1,072 placed behind bars. Another 2,558 bankers were also jailed, often for offenses which were S&L-linked too. 

Geithner Protecting Wall Street

Cuomo met privately in 2008 with then-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, who expressed concern about the then-AG’s aggressiveness in investigating the financial industry, particularly AIG.  * Senate Panel Goes After Goldman * Percent of people working lowest since '83... * BANKS FACE $3,600,000,000,000.00 IN DEBT... 



Radical Muslim Blogger Targeted Bell and King for Their Hearings About Terror

A Georgia grandmother who is also a radical Muslim blogger owned up to sending a hate-filled letter and plush monkey to Sen. Greg Ball’s Albany office to, as she put it, protest his use of Muslims to “further his career.” She also claims to have sent a bloody pig’s foot to Rep. Pete King. 




Fox News Host Slammed By Democratic Rep. In Fiery Clash





Jon Stewart Mocks Media Reaction To J Crew’s Pink Toenail Ad: Painting Kids Faces Don’t Make Them Cats!



Observer: All in the Trump Family 

Why Isn’t the New York Observer Covering Trump?

Donald Trump Denies That He’ll Announce His Candidacy On Celebrity Apprentice

New York Observer should fold its tent if it can't make merciless fun of Donald Trump. Basic credibility test.

 Mort Zuckerman refutes Trump’s claim that he “saved” the Daily News.