Sunday, April 24, 2011

NY Post Calls Ticket Fixing Obstruction of Justice Not A Police Courtesy; Sunday Update

To Get Around New Data System Cops Turn to Forgery

 Just Change A "1" To A "4"

Cops' bid to scam scanners Cops determined to fix tickets found ways around a new computer system designed to thwart their scheming.  "The plate is the key," said one police supervisor. "The plate and the registration have to match. If they don't, that's a technical dismissal." The easi est way to invalidate the ticket, he said, is to change a "1" to a "4" on the paper work.

TicketGate: Double Cover Up

NYP Claims: Cover Up #1 Involving the Union Delegates and A  Job Issue Coming From All Ranks, Even Much Higher Than Sergeants." 

NYPD scandal deepens to Obstruction of Justice "These are not all parking tickets," Bloomberg said on his radio show. "These are moving-violation tickets that we're talking about -- which is, you could argue, a lot more serious, because maybe you were drunk driving, or maybe you were speeding . . . and you [could] kill somebody." (NYP) * Daly: Ticket-fixin' scandal clouds NYPD's Finest moments(NYDN)

True News: Cover Up # 2 By City Hall and NYPD to Protect High Ranking City Officials

From An AP Report Friday With No Follow Up Today:

AP Source: NYPD Fixed Traffic Tickets For High City Officials (NY1)

 Why Is the Media Not Asking Questions Which City Hall VIPS and Elected Officials Had Their Tickets Fixed?

NY Post Calls For An Independent Investigator 
Bloomberg insists that the installation of a new computer system last July guarantees that tickets can't be fixed. As if. But that's no longer the point. Frankly, the breadth of this scandal suggests that the NYPD is perilously close to needing some kind of independent assessment of just how deeply the rot has gone. 

Bloomberg Spins and Media Follows:

NY'S Ticketless VIPS System?

In a city where tickets have been blitzed to raise funds to balance the budget, New Yorkers would like to know if there is a special class of insiders including city hall insiders and elected officials whose position in government allows them to void the tickets they get.  'Mork' biker blitz (NYP) * Man Attacks Elderly Parking Agent Over Ticket (WNBC)

Top New York judge explains rules on jurists' parking permits, but she should abolish them(NYDN Ed)



 NYC Is A Bad Landlord

City's own buildings are racking up violations

 Investigators hunting for building violations can start with a tour of some prominent city buildings - including the one where they work.

 One Police Plaza and the Manhattan Criminal Court have about 100 infractions apiece - and the Department of Buildings headquarters is plagued with nearly two dozen, a Daily News review of municipal records shows

Violations Include City Properties (Fox 5) *


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking HeadsBloomberg says it's not the time to raise taxes on wealthy Americans * Taxes: S&P's downgrading is a "warning" to America, says Bloomberg.





 City Hall Continues To Gives Walcott Spin Conciliator Inoculation to Protect Walcott From Coming Negative Fall Out From School Cuts

 "Walcott struggled to name any achievements for which he had been the driving force."

In New York’s Schools Chief, a Knack for Quiet Conciliation

Charters 'nix 23%' of kids (NYP) * City flubs $600M special-ed fed funding (NYP)* Teacher Layoffs: A teacher argues against them on HuffPo.

State plan for evaluating teachers is so weak that not even incompetents will ever get fired (NYDN Ed)

 The Real School Gang Protects Each Other

Two janitors who officials say ran scheme got top ratings from their bosses




 Corrupt Contractor CityTime Hires Bus Shelter Lobbyists To Spin Press And Win Pols Over

CityTime scandal lobby twist

 Records show that Suri Kasirer, who consistently reports earning more than any lobbyist working in city government, was hired Feb. 15 to work on behalf of Spherion Atlantic Enterprises. The company hired the two computer consultants whom prosecutors charged with pulling off one of the biggest heists ever by embezzling $80 million of the $722 million in spending to build a new timekeeping system.* Lobbyist knows how to navigate allies of power(Crains NY)

WTC developer will force city to rent space in new tower

Real Reason City Dumping Property 

Bloomberg Property: NYC may unload underutilized office space; locations not specified. 

Under the deal struck in 2006, the city will pay Silverstein $56.50 a square foot when the building known as Tower 4 is ready for occupancy in late 2013. At 250 Broadway, where the City Council is housed, the rent is just $35.07 a square foot through 2014.

No Ethics Bill: Albany On Extended Vacation

Ex-controller is still receiving a six-figure pension

Nonprofit bailed out The taxpayer-funded Upper Manhattan Empowerment Zone forgave a $2.75 million loan to troubled nonprofit Alianza Dominicana for construction of its long-stalled headquarters building.

New York's Overlapping Governments

Despite Cuomo’s Mount Kisco Ties, New Castle Claims Him, Too (NYT)

 Albany: Ethics, Unions

Cuomo's Agenda: Editors want property tax cap; unhappy with closed-door negotiation on ethics.  Cuomo may have achieved an on-time budget for only the third time in 25 years, but there is one April 1 deadline that he missed. State worker contracts expired March 31, and a new deal with public employees has not been reached. (WNYC)





A former state Health Department official says New York is “inept” at combatting Medicaid fraud. 

Deutsche Fire Trial Update 

Deutsche fire pipe witness An abatement worker at the former Deutsche Bank building said he was ordered to remove brackets holding the building's standpipe system in place by his supervisors -- an order prosecutors say helped lead to the death of two firefighters.(NYP)


 A New York Backlash Against Business Subsidies? Economic-development efforts are coming under pressure as state and city budgets tighten and officials grow skeptical of the sometimes lackluster returns on taxpayer money.(WSJ)





Proposed improvements to Prospect Park West bike lane have gotten completely out of hand(NYDN Ed)




 A Zagat Book For Food Carts

Review of 43rd St. Coffee Carts Is Posted on a, um, Post (NYT)






 Bowlers in Brooklyn Enjoy a Haven While It’s Still Around(NYT)




 A mob nerd's dream: New Mafia tour from Little Italy to Brooklyn (NYDN)



Angry pub hubbub over Penn Station panhandlers(NYP)

The Disaster of Mayoral Control and Parent "Involvement"(The Rubber Room)

Mom steps forward to tell tale of another 7-year-old who left school in handcuffs (NYDN)




Why is So Hard to Report A Crime When You Have the Video Tape in Park Slope?

NYPD Delay in Chilling Park Slope Attack Witnesses to a vicious attempted sexual assault that was caught on security camera say NYPD detectives refused to accept the video as evidence at first. NYPD Deputy Commissioner Paul J. Browne says the victim did not report the attack at the time detectives spoke to Zielinski, but "Nonetheless, police should have taken possession of the video sooner.‬‪" Those who live on this usually quiet block say they should have been warned about this vicious attacker weeks ago. (WNBC) * Chilling Video Catches Brooklyn Attack (WNBC)


Unwitting Burglary Accomplice Could Be You A slew of apartment robberies in SoHo and the Village, the authorities say, were assisted by tenants who buzzed in a stranger. (NYT)




Community Courts

For 2 Days, an Opportunity to Dismiss Minor Offenses By mid-afternoon Friday, Project Safe Surrender, a community program intended to help those facing minor offenses in Brooklyn have their cases adjudicated, had processed more than 200 cases. (NYT) *  Operation safe surrender at Brooklyn church (WABC)



Contributing to the Decline of Newspapers is Reliance of Crime and Features to Fill Weekend Papers

Both the Daily News and NYP are filled each weekend with crime stories.  The NYT is filled with features that make you wonder why anyone would pay $5 dollars for it.  It is clear that the cutbacks in the newsroom has limited these papers ability to offer proper news coverage especially on the weekends. Local TV news which heavily relies on the newspapers for their news coverage are limited also to crime stories and using videos about fires and tornadoes most times from communities in the midwest.  The results of the increase crime coverage makes people think there is more crime than there is and dumbs down the public by not informing about the news and information they should know and does not expose corruption since investigative reporting has been severely cut back if not abandon.


EXCLUSIVE: WNBC Sits Down With NYPD Commissioner Kelly (WNBC)

 Law and Order

Security breakdown at Rikers Island left shackled inmate a sitting duck(NYDN) * Long Island sicko jailed for tossing neighbor's dog in street by leash (NYDN) * Brooklyn visitor mysteriously gunned down on street * 17-year-old Damien Martinez stabbed over $10, sister says (NYDN) * I didn't steal a penny, jailed Queens home aide says from behind bars(NYDN) * Drunk couple stomps to death 61-year-old man after late-night argument (NYDN) *Russian suspected in B'klyn stabbing told sis: 'You will never see me again' (NYP) * Police Search For Robbers Who Stole Dog From S.I. Family (WCBS) * Dog-nap family's tail of woe (NYP) * Man Shot While sitting in his Car (Fox 5) * Church Group Helps with Court System (Fox 5) * Brutal Beating Shocks Neighborhood (Fox 5) * 2 arrested after Bronx man is beaten to death (WABC) * Suspect wanted for Queens subway attack (WABC) * 2 Arrested in Beating Death of Bronx Man (WNBC) * 2-Day Project Helps Dismiss, Reduce Minor Offenses (WNBC) * Police Search For Man In String of UES Burglaries (NY1) * Two In Custody Following Fatal Bronx Beating (NY1) * Gramps stomped to death (NYP) * Pizza 'slicer' in fed lockup (NYP) * $10M for Con man(NYP) * Cops: Bronx Teen Stabbed Dead Over $10 (WPIX) * Queens Man's Assailant At Large (NY1)

 ***Saturday Police Shoot Man Holding a Fake Gun(NYT) * Acquittal in Conflict With Officer (NYT) * On Long Island, Police Find 2 Teeth at Remains Site (NYT) * Police find two teeth, adds to grim Long Island discoveries (NYDN)Pie Guy on Mend After Attack(WSJ) * FBI opening investigation on mob boss Dominick Cirillo for alleged hit on son (NYDN) * Home aide accused of stealing $800G from elderly Queens woman(NYDN) * State will allow conjugal visits, special leaves for married gay inmates (NYDN) * No bail for Bronx baby-faced Facebook killer (NYDN) * iSnatches -- grab and run robberies of smart phones on subway -- should be treated as violent crimes (NYDN Ed) * Subway Thieves Love the iPhone (Fox 5) * Jury In Bronx Road Rage Trial Heads Home As Judge Orders More Deliberations To End Gridlock (NY1)NYPD: Fake Gun Recovered At Scene Of Officer-Involved Shooting (NY1) * Police Release Chilling Surveillance Video Of Attempted Rape, Seek Help (NY1) * Chilling Brooklyn attack caught on tape (WABC) * NY taxpayers could foot bill for rapist's heart transplant(NYP) * 2 slashed in Crown Hts.(NYP) * Cops target Easter wilding "Gang Initiation Day" * East Side apt. robbery spree (NYP) *  NYPD Seeking Burglary Suspect Wanted In 6 Upper East Side Heists (WCBS) * String of burglaries on Upper East Side (WABC) * Two Saks 'offender$' (NYP) * Perv rises to 'salute' Lady Liberty (NYP) * Sources: Bronx Man Charged In Police-Involved Shooting (NY1)* 61 Year Old Bronx Man Brutally Beaten: Shocks Neighborhood 



"The taxpayers are sending congressmen on expensive trips abroad. It might be worth it except they keep coming back!" Will Rogers 

Congress vacations as debt ceiling approaches(Washington Post)



Dumbing Down the Idiot Tube

Donald Trump Phones In To Challenge Eliot Spitzer On Net Worth Speculation




Newspapers Like All Media Have Become Mud Throwing Wrestling Matches 

Picking On the Competition Times reports on other news organizations are often less than flattering (NYT Public Editor)



 New York Times Copycat Mistake

The Onion Fools The New York Times With Fake Obama Tiger Beat Cover