Monday, April 25, 2011

Mayorial Candidates Party While City's Economy Sinks

Just the NY Stock Exchange Might Lost 1000 Jobs After the Coming Merger.   What about the rest of Wall Street Jobs? Schumer Wants NYSE Job Numbers (WSJ)

The Fact Free 2013 Campaign

While the Press Does Not Question Future Mayoral Candidates on Their Plans to Fix Wall Street and Attract New Jobs to the City, the Candidates Party











 New York City's  Present Leadership Does Not Have the Skills Of the Past Generations That Make NY An Economic Powerhouse

Wannabe mayors are hard partiers, oh yes it's trueCity pols eyeing a 2013 mayoral run hit a dizzying array of parties last holiday season. City Controller John Liu was the clear front-runner, attending 57 holiday parties, galas and celebrations in December. Public Advocate Bill de Blasio crammed in 36 holiday soirees held by Democratic activists and labor union groups. Even City Council Speaker Christine Quinn got into the act, attending 13 holiday parties - including one at the White House.  De Blasio met with Rev. Al Sharpton at least eight times.   Liu's 2010 schedule shows an itinerary laden with weekend parades and a weeknight circuit of dinners and receptions that seemed to dwarf his official activities.  Quinn, who represents a small section of Manhattan, makes frequent forays to the other four boroughs for events with local Council members. She often appears at senior centers, Democratic clubs, charity functions, churches and other venues that tend to be rich with voters. *  Lingering Cost Of 2009 Forces De Blasio To Keep Fundraising (CHN)* Rep. Anthony Weiner sent his potential 2013 mayoral primary opponent, NYC Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a bottle of bubbly when he unexpectedly ran into her dining at his brother’s restaurant, Almond.

In 2013 Bloomberg Will Be Gone, Wall Street Will Lose 1000's of Jobs and the City's Job Market Will Continue to Shrink

 Rally is Good Election Politics, But the Next Mayor Must Figure Out A Way To Grow NY'S Economy and Increase Jobs Unions to rally vs. Wall St. and Bloomberg(NYDN)

What Do Council Members Do At Hearing?  Why Do They Need to Read in the Newspapers About Problems They Should Have Known About and Solved Before It Made the Papers?

Why Did Gale Brewer Miss the Violations?  Now she vowed to probe the violations, first revealed by the DN. 

Council member vows to probe condition of city buildings in wake of violations uncovered by the News (NYDN) * Many City Public Buildings Have Open Code Violations (NY1)

Bloomberg downplayed code violations at city-owned buildings, saying most of them are in pretty good shape




Mr. Cool

Can Dennis Walcott rescue the mayor's education legacy?






 Pols Take the Money and Run for Reelection 

Ethics Reform: Assembly Democrats resist it because many are paid large fees; GOP Senators in majority could retire if their outside income is made public. [Fred Dicker] * Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is reportedly worried some GOP members will leave if required to disclose the entirety of their outside legal fees under an ethics reform, further threatening his hold on the majority.

Campaign Money: Eight pols no longer in office have active accounts.

Koch Accuses Silver Of ‘Bottling Up’ Redistricting Bill(YNN)

Bloomberg policies hurt the elderly

From the Times Ledger:




Foreign Owned Taxi's Made In Brooklyn

NY Get A Better Deal From Turkish Company Than US Auto Makers Who Have Abandoned New York

Turkish automaker pledges hundreds of Brooklyn jobs if it gets nod to create New York's new taxi cab (NYDN) * Turkish Automaker Pledges To Build New City Taxis In Brooklyn (NY1)

Why do certain people had access to top brass while everyone else had to fight tickets in court?

New York's Fix Insiders Class

NYPD cop nabbed 'Mr. Fix-It' nickname for helping motorists avoid court, get tickets thrown out * Bloomberg: Some NYPD Tickets Fixed Because They're Errors, Not Because You Know A Guy (NYDN)

An NYPD ticket-fixing scandal is shining a light on a little known office at Police Headquarters where tickets are made to disappear - and top brass say it's all legit. A desk manned by Lt. Gerard Iucci is the only place where a motorist can get a ticket officially thrown out without having to go to court.  The official process begins when a community leader or clergy member with "pull" complains to a local precinct commander about tickets they want tossed.

 Most Corruption In New York Can Be Traced To Tammany Hall Rule

Risks Aside, Ticket-Fixing Has Persisted for Decades (NYT)


In a Place of Fragile Alliances, a Romance Endures  Jeffrey Klein and Diane Savino in Albany Romance Two Democratic state senators have maintained a much-spoken-about personal relationship in a legislative chamber more familiar with fragile alliances. (NYT) * Sen. Diane Savino on speculation she followed her “man”, Sen. Jeff Klein, into the IDC: “It’s insulting, and frankly, it’s insulting to all female legislators Anyone you talk to will tell you I’m not the type of person to follow any man, anywhere…Not that he’s not worth following.”

Accused of waiving his gun and acting menacingly, at a night club

Congressman Grimm’s Gun






NY Post's Attempt To Change LIFO 

NYC's fire-proof criminal teachers go back to class

NY Post's first in a four-part series shining a light on school-employee disciplinary hearings, which for years have been criticized as slow, costly and ineffective. Today's report looks at the city Department of Education's failed attempts to remove school staffers accused of serious crimes or wrongdoing.



More Education News 100 New York Schools Try ‘Common Core’ Approach The schools are experimenting with curriculum requirements to better prepare students for college work.(NYT) *  Charter School Space: Free of Rent, Maybe, but Not of Hurdles (NYT) * Education Policy: "[W]e need look no further than the recent resignation of New York City Schools Chancellor Cathie Black, after being on the job for only three months, to conclude that experience in education matters should be valued-not diminished." [Randi Weingarten] * Some unionized teachers – a group widely vilified over the past year – have been agreeing to contract concessions.

Albany Treats CUNY As A Bargaining Chip, Instead As the Poor Man's Harvard That Has Produced Great American Leaders

CUNY schools could be in $40M crisis this fall, thanks to squabbling lawmakers in Albany 

The GOP-controlled state Senate has blocked CUNY from spending money from its recent 5% tuition hike while it tries to force a deal with the Assembly on tuitions charged by CUNY's big brother, the State University of New York. We already have a loss in state aid of $95 million, and then we have this $40 million problem (NYDN)


Stuy Town Over Priced Purchase Lost At Least 3 Billion in Pension Funds

 NY'S Apartment Buildings Were Turned Over to Corrupt Wall Street

Tenants Turn to Lenders to Repair Buildings Advocates say hundreds of buildings are falling into disrepair because their owners took on too much debt to buy them in the boom years. With many of these properties now in foreclosure proceedings, banks and other debtholders will help decide their future. (WSJ) 

Wall Street Hijacks Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac for Stuy Town Buyers (True News Background)

If Hevesi In Jail Cannot Reform the Pension Corruption, What Will?

The temporary ban on placement agents has been extended until the administration can figure out a long-term pension fund fix.  * Pension Reform: Cuomo, so far, has only renewed temporary changes






 More Wall Street Fall Out

Civic Group Says That Concessions Are Needed From the Construction Unions (NYT)




Standpipe crash was witnessed by all three defendants, according to testimony




Teen seeking help at psych ward was brutally sodomized by fellow patient, 11

Silly Bills

No Elephant in the Room With These Laws If some state lawmakers have their way, all school textbooks would be written by current or former New York teachers, restaurants would be restricted in giving water to patrons, and it would be a felony to offer elephant rides. (WSJ) 



On Easter, a Sermon of Rebirth, and a Rally for Rights(NYT) * NYC Easter parade both elegant and zany(WSJ) * Head of AIDS charity complaining about loss of public funding rakes in $363K a year (NYP) * Video of the Rights Rally

 [R]eporters saw 1,759 of those riders — 24 percent — running red lights, narrowly avoiding collisions with pedestrians and cars

Ride and wrong in bike lanes 41% break road rules (NYP)





Law and Order

Murder Rate Down So Far in 2011(WSJ) * Crime: Rape up 23.7 percent compared to last year.  * In Sing Sing’s Hometown, Dreams of ‘Big House’ Closing (NYT)Man stabbed to death in groin in fight over affair with accused killer's wife(NYDN) * 2-year-old accidentally shot, killed his mother, father claims (NYDN)Couple stomped elderly man to death: witness (NYDN) * 17-year-old Damien Martinez stabbed over $10 (NYDN) * NYPD Investigates Fatal Shooting Of South Carolina Man In Brooklyn (WCBS) * Kid defends Russ 'killer' (NYP) * Queens turban warfare (NYP) * Arrests after fight at Queens temple (WABC) * Wheel-life crimebuster is one hack of a guy (NYP) * Widow's ID-theft nightmare nears end (NYP) * Cab driver who called 911 given reward (WABC) * NYPD searches for Staten Island deli bandit (SI Advance) * Fake-gun fool in weapons rap (NYP) * Giambi in lineup for Lidle trial (NYP) * Mistaken Identity Killing Caught On Surveillance Video (NY1) * Heroic Livery Driver Awarded For Helping Stop Beating Suspects (NY1) * Suspect Charged With Two Stabbings Outside Brooklyn Church (NY1) * No charges against cop in fatal Bronx shooting (NYP) * Ex-NYPD officer pleads guilty in drug case (NYP)




WikiLeaks reveals Al Qaeda thug vowed 'nuclear hellstorm' tied to Osama Bin Laden Secret government docs show Gitmo detainee Khalid Shaikh Mohammed threatened nuke attack if Bin Laden was captured, assassinated.(NYDN)






The New Yorker Reports On Obama’s Foreign Policy: ‘Leading From Behind’ Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya have radically changed Barack Obama’s restrained approach to foreign policy… 




Scramble for A Scoop 

WikiLeaks' Guantanamo Bay Documents: The Backstory On News Outlets' Race To Publish Them(Huff Post)



Here’s How New York’s Tabloids Reacted To The Knicks Getting Swept





Politicians have always lied, but now it's the cultural norm. What the hell happened?