Friday, April 22, 2011

The melancholy parade of New York City union jobs marching out of town with good pay and benefits goes on

 Pols Clueless On How to Save Jobs

More blue-collar jobs leave town, politicians still don't know how to save the city's working class

Bazzini's Nuts Moves Out of the Bronx

In the last two years, the Bronx alone has lost more than 360 union jobs paying $18 to $20 an hour with good benefits after Stella D'Oro and Old London shut bakeries. They left town looking for cheaper, nonunion labor. Wonder Bread decamped from Queens in January because the company found it impossible to compete with modern bakeries from its 1870s plant in Jamaica. Sabra Dipping Co., the world's biggest hummus maker, stripped Queens of 200 jobs when it moved to a factory in Virginia last year. 

New York's political class hasn't a clue how to stem the losses. The best that's been offered is the insane idea to have taxpayers subsidize wages in the private sector. That kind of thinking by Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz killed the Kingsbridge Armory Mall and 2,200 jobs in 2009. He said he would rather have no jobs than jobs paying less than his ideal salary. What he got was no jobs, and that's what he keeps getting more and more of. (NYDN Ed) * The NYC Council will hold a hearing on May 12 on a controversial living wage bill.


 Pataki and Spitzer: Do As I Say . . .   Not As I Do

Former Govs. Pataki, Spitzer now full of good advice they didn't follow when they were in office (NYDN Ed)


Pataki omits the $20 billion in debt Pataki either pushed for or went along with - a 65% increase. Then there's the $12 billion in borrowing he foisted on the MTA - a 125% increase.

Spitzer helped create NY's deficit by running up spending as New York headed for a fiscal cliff.

Dicker Uses Journalism to Get His Political Agenda Accomplished  

A Reporter Slugs Away in Albany Fredric U. Dicker’s brand of journalism — old-school beat reporting, searing commentary and a dose of showmanship — has made him a potent force in Albany.(NYT) * Unnamed source said Cuomo compared his dealing with Fred Dicker to feeding a caged animal. Dicker declined to participate in the profile. Writing the NY Post a huge part of his influence. * Jeremy Peters tries to deconstruct the complex relationship between The Post’s Fred Dicker and Gov. Andrew Cuomo.* When Cuomo officially arrived in the governor's mansion, Reid Pillifant looked at his relationship with Dicker. When David Paterson became governor, Ben McGrath hung out in Dicker's office for the day. Back in 2005, Ben Smith's profile called Dicker "The Undisputed King of Albany Press." * Roundup: Trump Vows Early Disclosure, Flashback to Dicker's Assault (CBS 6 Albany)

A source tells the AP several high-ranking city officials had their traffic tickets taken care of by police

 Several Nervous People At City Hall

Rookies expose the scandal; top Bronx official reportedly caught helping "honorary NYPD deputy commissioner."

Bronx sergeant caught trying to make violation disappear (NYP)Alleged NYPD ticket fixing must be quickly probed, guilty punished, public assured it can't repeat (NYDN Ed) * AP Source: NYPD Fixed Traffic Tickets For High City Officials (NY1) * The cop who helped the baseball official could face perjury charges.* “I have been on the job for nearly three decades, and it was never deemed unusual to get calls from high-ranking department members when a summons was given to their family member or friends,” said Edward Mullins, head of the Sergeants Benevolent Association. 

 Who Are the City Hall VIP Who Had Their Tickets Fixed?

Cover Up to Protect Who?

Ticket Blitzes For Everyone Else

'Seems To Be a Lot of Evidence' in Ticket-Fixing Probe, Says Bloomberg (NYO) * Many rigged tickets were for moving violations, not parking, mayor says (NYP)

Why is City Hall Spinning That the Ticket Fixing Problem is Fixed Even Before We Know Who is Involved? New system could prevent ticket scandal (NYDN)

Passover ticket rage (NYP)





You Want to Go to California: You Talking To Me?

For the long hail Cabby getting 5G fare for LaG-to-LA ride (NYP)

TLC issued more than 1,000 tickets for illegal livery street hails(NYDN)

Worker Cites Boss’s Order in Standpipe Collapse at a Bank Tower (NYT)




GOP operatives Michael Avella and John McArdle working join marriage advocates

Gay Marriage Effort Taps GOP Strategists(WSJ)





 How About the Oil Burned By Con Edison's Power Plants and Bloomberg's Jet?

 After 9 years and a nation wide depression Bloomberg now wants building owners to spend more?

Bloomberg ditches plan to delay construction of garbage facilities. City Issues Rule to Ban Dirtiest Oils at Buildings(NYT) * Mayor Goes After Dirty Heating Oil In PlaNYC Update (NY1)

Bloomberg On His Environmental Push  Restores Sanitation Funds  After City Council members and activists accused him of reneging on a promise that to treat all neighborhoods equally when it comes to garbage collection (WSJ)

Cheers: Everyone knows Your Name

State Worker Charged Over Alleged Tavern Time A state employee is facing felony charges for allegedly hanging out at Albany taverns when he was supposed to be at work. (WSJ)



 State halts construction for $23M apartment complex for Court of Appeals judges (NYDN) * Lippman's lip-service (NYP Ed) * Judges fire court staffers (NYP) * The Post is not impressed by this “symbolic gesture” of stopping construction on the VIP judge apartments.





Another Pension Double Dipper 

Former state Democratic Party Chairwoman June O’Neill is receiving both a state pension and a state salary thanks to her recent hiring by Comptroller Tom DiNapoli’s office. 



Pell Grants Scandal 

 Beauty school forged student records for Pell grants (NYDN)





Winners & Losers, April 22 edition






Plans for the so-called “Ground Zero mosque” are full steam ahead, its developer insists



Mob king gave the okay to have his own son whacked: Tape in Vinny Gorgeous trial(NYDN)

Law and Order 

Mind the App: Thieves Target Phones(WSJ) * Crime: 18% increase in grand larcenies on subways, compared to 2010.* EXCLUSIVE: Shocking Park Slope attack caught on tape as victim screams for help (NYDN)Bright, Careful and Sadistic: Profiling Long Island’s Mystery Serial Killer (NYT) *New York Sues Over Illegal Cigs(WSJ) * After 15 Years, Arrest in Murder(WSJ) * Suspect nabbed in slay of Facebook friend, young mother (NYDN) * 15-year-old 'murdered' by ex-girlfriend and friends (NYP) * Double-murder suspect may be hiding out in drag (NYDN) * Teen sings to overcome being beaten with padlock (NYDN) * Ma wrongly accused of murder after her baby starved wins $2M payday(NYDN) * Bruising testimony battle at 'rape cops' trial (NYP) * Police are on the hunt for a man who has sexually assaulted at least four women in Flushing, Queens in the past * Man Accused Of Four Queens Sexual Assaults (NY1) *Murder suspect may be hiding out in drag (NYDN)  * Shooting In The Bronx Sends Man To The Hospital (WCBS) * Man with gun shot by cops near Bronx crowd (NYP) * Vinny's defense takes hit (NYP) * Assault In Brooklyn Caught On Tape (Fox 5) * Queens Sexual Predator Strikes Again (Fox 5) * Man shot by police outside club in the Bronx (WABC) * Teens allegedly beat girl with padlock in a sock (WABC) * Man robs Queens bank without weapon, mask (WABC) * Ground Search Resumes in L.I. Remains Probe (WNBC) * Police Investigate Officer-Involved Shooting In The Bronx (NY1) * Police Shoot Man Carrying Fake Gun in Bronx (NYT)

Americans hit new pessimism low about country's direction (NYDN) * CBS News Poll: 70 Percent Of Americans Say Country On ‘Wrong Track’ (video) 






Tim Hetherington: Why the "tribe" of war photographers gather in NY.

Big bite taken from hot dog champ's fame Champion wiener-eater Takeru Kobayashi was purged from the great "Wall of Fame" on Coney Island.(NYDN)