Friday, April 8, 2011

New York's Newspaper Owners Gave Us the Black Joke

The Term Limits Scheme

In the Summer of 2009 the city's newspaper publishers along with developers and other special interests decided to clear the way for a third term for Bloomberg.  A good part of the scheme was for the publishers of the city's newspapers to use their editorial pages to push that only with Bloomberg leadership can New Yorkers avoid the pain to the economic meltdown.  What is becoming clear was that those special interests that the mayor made money for conspired to overturn the Term Limits Law for their own profit. Evaluating Bloomberg: "[B]eneath it all remains the resentment that many New Yorkers feel about how Bloomberg worked to overturn term limits so he could stick around at City Hall."

The Daily News Changes Its Mind on Term Limits

Today's Daily News Editorial

November 10, 2010 Daily News Editorial

Cathie Black was an inspired choice by Mayor Bloomberg to replace Chancellor Joel Klein (DN Ed)

Why Did the Daily News Reversing Course Urging Bloomberg to Run Again?


Black Helped Zuckerman the Daily News Owner Cash In

Back when Black was CEO of Hearst, she sold several buildings in the 55th Street area to Boston Properties and Madison Equities for $160 million, according to the Observer. Zuckerman and Madison Equities had planned to build an 850,000-square-foot office tower at 250 West 55th Street, but plans fell through in February of last year.  In 2001, the News was the only big daily to endorse Bloomberg. Of course, at that time, Bloomberg held a half-million dollars in stock in Boston Properties, as reported by the Voice in 2008. In fact, Zuckerman himself has endorsed every candidate that Bloomberg has, including Reshma Saujani, who was widely criticized for her close ties to Wall Street. The relationship between Bloomberg and Zuckerman doesn't end there. The mayor signed off on air rights for Zuckerman's property on 250 West 55th, the same parcel Black's company sold to Boston Properties.*  Cathie Black Gets a Free Pass from Business Pal Mort Zuckerman's Editorial Page (Village Voice)

NY Post Has A $2.5 Million With the DOE 

NY Post Pushes Steiner To Make Black Chancellor 
How ironic that state Education Commissioner David Steiner seems set on insisting that New York City's next schools chancellor come complete with a portfolio of meaningless "credentials." Steiner's 'standard' (NYP) * Today's NYP Editorial "We strongly supported Bloomberg's right to appoint Black. (That's what mayoral control is all about.)

News Corp Hired Joe Klein to Help Them Get Into the Billion Dollar Education Market
A Closer Look at the City’s Online Learning Contracts (NYT)



NYT Does A Puff Piece for Black When She Became Chancellor

A Trailblazer With Her Eye on the Bottom Line(NYT)

Today's NYT Monday Morning Quarterbacking
The Times chides Bloomberg for picking Black in the first place and calls her replacement, Deputy Mayor Dennis Walcott, a “sensible, solid choice.”

Quinn As Always Backs the Mayor's Black

Quinn backs Mike's pick 11/23/2010 (NYP)

Black, A Snow Storm and A Skilled Governor Sinks the SS Bloomberg

“It’s laughable,” said former Staten Island BP Guy Molinari, a onetime Bloomberg supporter. “His numbers are in the toilet. He’s trying to convince people that he’s better than they think he is. It’s outrageous. Only someone with his kind of money can do that.” *   John Heilemann on Morning Joe: Bloomberg Hates Admitting Mistakes

News Analysis: Growing Image of a Stumbling Bloomberg (NYT) * Mayor Makes a U-Turn(WSJ) * Bloomberg changes course on controversial Black in the nick of time (DN) * * Story behind mayor's decision to dump flailing schools chancellor (NYP) * (SI Advance)*   Bloomberg changes course on Cathie Black just in time, but it's 'unclear' if he's learned from it(DN) * Bloomberg Says Time to Move On Over Schools Chief (NYT)* Today in El Diario: So Long, Cathie Black

Covering Schools: Black's departure blankets the media * Covering Schools: "I don’t feel I’ve missed much by not talking to chancellors," says the New York Times education columnist.* Education Psychology: "Black got the worst of both worlds: she was disdained for being brand new to public education, but she was also seen as the embodiment of all the things that had infuriated people about Bloomberg-Klein."
 Cathie Black is 'Fine,' Bought Running Shoes, Could Head to Time Inc. or NPR (Village Voice)  * Cathie Black's First After School Interview: 'I'm a Warrior' (Village Voice) * Cathie Black tells FORTUNE: *Cathie Black Speaks: 'It Was Like Having to Learn Russian'(NYO)

Black wrote to Bloomberg, "it has become increasingly apparent that my ability to serve successfully…is not possible." 

Black Member of the City's Protected Class











Oprah and the City's Amen Political Establishment Got It (Black) Wrong

Bloomberg gets endorsements from Oprah, other heavyweights to bolster case for Cathie Black (11/18/2010)

Others who the mayor got to endorse Black for DOE chief include former Mayors Rudy Giuliani, David Dinkins and Ed Koch, state Senate President Pro Tempore Malcolm Smith (D-Queens) and City Council Majority Leader Joel Rivera (D-Bronx). The administration circulated a letter among business leaders and late in the day 91 of them endorsed Black. (DN). Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson is helming the sales effort as City Hall solicits advice - including from Wolfson's predecessor, Kevin Sheekey, who now works for Bloomberg's media company. *  Business Leaders Announce Support for Cathie Black as Schools Chancellor


Walcott is the highest-ranking African-American in Bloomberg's orbit

Schools’ New Emissary, From City Hall (NYT) * Behind-Scenes Player Will Head Schools(WSJ) * Black successor hailed as all she wasn't (DN) * A Q&A with Dennis Walcott (DN) * Dennis Walcott has the experience to be the right man for his new job as schools chancellor (DN Ed) * Hizzoner's new honcho is all class (NYP) * Education Staff: Walcott brought his grandson to school today. [CBSNewYork]*   Compare and Contrast: Waiver Requests for Cathie Black and Dennis Walcott (NYO)

Incoming Schools Chancellor Walks The Walk(NY1)

Walcott and a Little Pal Go Back to Their School (NYT)




Education Commissioner Wants Out of This Mess Now

 Departing state Education Commissioner David Steiner said his nearly two years on the job have been “exhilarating but totally exhausting,” and called the fact that his departure news coincided with Black’s a “bizarre coincidence.”

State Education Chief to Step Down (NYT) * State Education Chief Prepares to Step Down (WSJ) * . . and David Steiner, too(NYP Ed)

New York Seeks to End Abuse of State Parking Permits (NYT)

 Is Gov. Cuomo REALLY cutting down on the number of "free parking" cards? A closer look here:




 Albany Needs More Time Off

Cowabunga! Pols add 5 days to spring break

More Albany

Layoffs: Top Cuomo aide "has begun talking with agencies to discuss where job cuts could be made, if it came to that." * Cuomo: My First 100 Days ‘Good’ For NY (YNN)

Is Carl Kruger Making A Deal? . . .  His Legal Team Gave the Feds Extra Time to Indite Him

The original charges were just a criminal complaint.

Federal prosecutors added bribery charges to the laundry list of allegations against Sen. Carl Kruger et al. 



Skelos: Democrat Koch Wants Democrat Dominance



 UFT Endorsed Comptroller Now Will Audit Charter Schools

State set to audit charter schools for the first time Change in education law allows state comptroller to look at finances of publicly funded private schools





 Has the Fat Lady Song On the City Opera?

City Opera Ponders Cuts, Suspends Fall Season(WSJ)







Grannies hold bake sale to save grandparent apartments(DN)

 Bronx grannies raising money 1 cake at a time to offset $300,000+ in state budget cuts




Judge Approves Sale of St. Vincent’s Campus to Developers (NYT)




State Health Czar Eats Up Happy Meal Toy Ban

State health czar eats up pol's idea to ban toys from from kids' meals (DN)

Fatty 'Cue Closed After Low Health Grade Brooklyn hotspot(WSJ)






City Try to Keep Police Shoot Data Secret?

City to Appeal Order to Release Police Shooting Data (NYT)

Law and Order  Tape shows them repeatedly leaving & returning to alleged victim's apt.(NYP) * Surveillance Video Is Shown at Rape Trial of 2 Officers (NYT) * Surveillance Video Shows Police Officers With Their Supposed Rape Victim (NY1) * Not Guilty Plea After Alleged Fatal Push (WSJ) *'Cop-slay' pray mom(NYP) * Emotions running high on both sides at cop-slay hearing (DN) * Subway fare-beater who shot two cops gets 55 years(DN)DJ's accused killers stalked him before robbery slay * Prostitutes’ Disappearances Were Noticed Only When the First Bodies Were Found (NYT) * Cops eyeing suspect in grisly LI murders (NYP) * I 'wasn't thinking': Teacher who made Columbine-style threats speaks out (DN) *School aide busted for showing showing porn pics to student(DN) * Brooklyn Teacher Allegedly Injured 10-Year-Old Student (NY1) * DOE Employee Charged With Showing Lewd Pictures To Bronx Students (DN) * Tree-climbing bandit attempting to break into home dies after branch snaps(DN) * Accused taxi hijacker declared unfit - and goes bonkers in court (DN) * Harlem church OKs bail for troubled teen Afrika Owes (DN)

No More Today's From Matt and Meredith

Double Departure At NBC’s TODAY Could Shift Morning Show Landscape (MJ)

Mourning show 'Today' hosts eye exit; $500M cash cow rocked (NYP)

 2012: "No wonder he's become such good pals with Al Sharpton. President Obama's approval ratings among black voters plummeted last month to their lowest levels ever."
 Obama losing support even among black and Hispanic voters (NYP)

End Of Days! Jon Stewart’s Epic Parody Of Glenn Beck’s Farewell From Fox News


Kimmel Unveils Donald Trump's First Campaign Ad (VIDEO)