Sunday, April 10, 2011

Government Open: Both Sides Blinked: Sunday News Update

 Dance Till the Witching Hour

Tea Party Made Title X the Issue

Title X signed into law by Nixon, funded by every Republican president, Reagan, Ford, and both Presidents Bush as well as all the Democrats, and now extreme conservatives want to oppose woman health services. This fight will continue.

Bill Maher: America Needs “A Class War”





TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads (Huff Post)

Obama to Offer Details of Plan to Reduce U.S. Budget Deficit (NYT)





The Best We Can Hope For Is 4 Men in the Room

President Obama, House Speaker John Boehner, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid were joined by the Tea Party in the room.  The NYT does not understand that until you can build a strong political movement in New York nothing will change the structure of the power of the leaders of the assembly and state senate.  As long as power stays the same in Albany Three Men will be meeting year after year to cut the budget deal. * The fight in Albany over prison gerrymandering is stalling redistricting efforts at the local level.

 Times suggets Gov use Moreland Comm even if unconsitutional "to embarass legislators."

Three Men in a Room Governor Cuomo has vowed real ethics reform, but his negotiations should not be held behind closed doors. (NYT Ed) * The Times “would feel a lot better” if negotiations over the ethics bill were happening in public and not behind closed doors.

Panel probing big-spending judge (NYP)



 Wall Street Rips Off NY's Pension Funds With High Fees 

Taxpayers foot $850M bill for Wall St.'s pension fees

NYC pension costs over the past decade, have risen from $1.2 billion to $7.7 billion.  Liu said one of the major factors in the shortfall was higher than expected investment and administrative fees, which were $71 million in 2005, and have risen more than four-fold to $313 million. * Liu positioning to become working class pick for mayor (DN)

Rubber-roomers $hell out for OK to teach again(NYP)





 Yogi Berra Deja Vu All Over Again

 The Media Loves to Get the Shot of the New Chancellor Visiting A School on the First Day . . .  What Walcott going to do about the cuts in school funding from Albany?

  Incoming Schools Chancellor Walks The Walk (NY1)

Meet the new boss, blameless for the old boss Sources say that Walcott did not know in advance of Bloomberg's odd choice of Black.* Mayor spins new chancellor as opposite of Black, but don't expect much change(DN) *  In City Schools, Hopes Walcott Finds Right Path(NYT) * In City School System, Hopes That New Leader Can Steer Right Course (NYT) * On Incoming Chancellor’s First Day, a Hot Seat Before the City Council (NYT) * Walcott at the Helm(WSJ) * Walcott: Education Policy Won't Change (WSJ)* New York loses a top theorist but a so-so leader with the resignation of Ed. Commissioner Steiner (DN Ed) * A fresh 'Chance' for city schools (NYP) * Walcott is the New Black (WNBC) * Upper West Side Families Fight Charter School Opening (NY1) * Schools Chancellor: Teacher Fines Help Shutter Rubber Rooms (NY1)


Princess Black Go Back to Your East Side Dinner Parties

 Black whines in interview that sexism may have led mayor to push her out (NYP) * Ex-Chancellor Acknowledges Being Poorly Prepared for Post(NYT) * Let go, Cathie (NYP Ed)




 Cuomo's $$ lesson Cut your whining! 

That was Gov. Cuomo's message yesterday to school officials critical of his budget cuts, further demanding that state education funding target better-performing schools and teachers.(NYP)

Mario Cuomo Still Believes(NYT Magazine)


 The City Council Sure Knows About Waste and Slush
City Council Criticizes Bloomberg's Budget Proposal (WSJ)
“Laying off teachers, closing fire companies and shredding the social safety net are not actions worthy of the progress we have made, do not reflect the values of New Yorkers and do not lay a stable foundation for our future,” the council wrote in its formal response to the mayor’s budget blueprint. (WSJ)
Black Causes Humpty Bloomberg to Have A Great Fall 

Mike's crumbling empire (NYP)


'Power' of the purse Execs' pay shock (NYP)

The New York Independent Service Operator -- which manages high-voltage lines and oversees the sale of electricity from power plants to utilities like Con Ed -- has ballooned in size and overhead costs since it was formed in December 1999.

Two Ways to Cover the State Senate Terrorist Hearing 

 Soft Spots In Fighting Terrorism

JFK's AirTrain vulnerable to terror targets, PA big says(NYP) * AirTrain, Port Authority Bus Terminal open to attacks: source(DN)  * Renewed worries about police officer radios (WABC) * $3.8 trillion federal budget deal murky, but New York City gets security relief (DN) * AirTrain, Port Authority still easy terror targets even after report(DN)

Chargers the Hearing Was Anti Muslim

 At State Senate Meeting on Threats to City, a Tense Debate Over Islamic Terror (NYT) * Koran grandstand at security meet (NYP)





20 Years After the Start of Metrocards, Why Do We Still Have Sleeping Token Clerks?

MTA agent's sneak-sleep(NYP)







The MTA Facing More Budget Cuts, Higher Fares and Terrorism is More Concerned About An Artist Painting on Metrocards? 

MTA Says Artist on Wrong Track The cash-strapped MTA is taking a swipe at an East Village artist for selling painted MetroCards, claiming the artist infringed on the authority's trademarked brand and logo.(WSJ) * MTA demands sp'oils' of art (NYP)




The Vocal Stylings of New York City Transit New York City commuters travel to the backdrop of automated voices that often sound slightly, deliciously off. (NYT Ed)




7,000 Private School Applicants Got Incorrect Scores, Company Says(NYT)

Making Stuyvesant a place for all (DN)







 A Sit Down With A City Official and the Boys

City May Play Role in Labor Fight Between Crane Workers and Developers (NYT)








Assemblywoman Nettie Mayersohn and her protege, Michael Simanowitz, insist they’re not “pulling a Manton.”





  40 Years After Serpico Nothing Changes

Up to 40 Bronx cops eyed in grand jury ticket-fix probe - bribery, larceny charges possible (DN)






Catering Hall’s Plan for a Hotel Upsets the Neighbors (NYT)

The Last Independent Journalist At City Hall 

"Giuliani Once Called Me A 'Jerk' "

Blogger Rafael Martínez Alequin on his reputation for asking NYC mayors uncomfortable questions.

Journalist Rafael Martínez Stood Up to Espada When Nobody Else Would and He is Still Getting Hurt


Law and Order Serial Killer in L.I. Case Is Seen as Versed in Police Techniques(NYT) * Second witness backs up NYPD accuser's claims(DN) * Surveillance Video Has NYPD Rape Trial Defense Salivating (WABC)Last day for NYPD lead 'dirty bomb' exercise (WSJ) * NYPD Sharpens Terror Detection Skills In Ongoing Drill (NY1) *   Model Renato Seabra, suspect in hotel slay, to get psych evaluation (DN) * Brooklyn rabbi admits to money laundering in massive corruption bust(DN) * Ex-Bonnano boss to rat out Vinny Gorgeous (DN) * Bronx Shooting Leaves Two Dead, One Injured (NY1) * Wrist slap for cop-shoot wife (NYP) *Police Seek Suspect In Burglaries At Brooklyn Housing Projects (WCBS) * Seventh-grade girl arrested at Stapleton school (SI Advance) * Is The Long Island Serial Killer a Cop?(Bay Ridge Journal * Bronx Teen Under Arrest For Triple Shooting (NY1) ***  Sunday  Your sister's a whore' rant is strongest clue in search for Long Island serial killer(NYP) * Prison boot camp killed Bronx dad with enlarged heart and asthma: lawsuit (DN) * Brooklyn man charged in DWI crash that leaves his girlfriend dead (DN) * Charged with bilking $42M from union, she sues THEM for legal costs (DN) * Bloods gang members out to silence witnesses behind bars (DN) * Colombia should send drug kingpin Walid Makled to New York for trial and not back to Hugo Chavez(DN Ed) *Gal pal 'DWI' death (NYP) * Klepto's Chinese takeout (NYP) * Suspect Arrested In Connection With 2009 Coney Island Shooting (NY1) * Lower East Side Woman Fatally Stabbed (WNBC)

Terrorism Man arrested in Times Square bomb case reaches deal (WABC)

J.P. Morgan See Nothing Ponzi Madoff

Madoff claims senior J.P. Morgan execs knew of $65B Ponzi scheme (NYP) * Crunch time for Raj (NYP)





What Happened to the Investigation? The public has a right to know if Representative Maxine Waters violated Congressional ethics rules. (NYT Ed)


 True News Page 6 Gossip: Charlie, Snooki and A Snake

Charlie! losing!(NYP) * 'Don't pay Snooki' law looms (NYP) * Bronx zoo cobra to make public debut (DN) * Fans tell Sheen to kiss off (NYP) * Sheen Bombs In New York (WNBC)

BuzzFeed’s Week In Review: The Most Viral Stories Of The Last Week



SNL Bashes Fox & Friends: ‘Coffee, Smiles, Fear And Terror’

The Washington Post's dependence on the government it covers (Salon)



Trump: The Art of Saying Your Running For President 

WATCH: Bill Cosby Slams Trump, Stuns Meredith Vieira 

Chris Matthews Resurrects Clip of Donald Trump ‘Motorboating’ Rudy Giuliani In Drag


GAIL COLLINS Donald Trump Strikes Back(NYT)

Donald Trump Responds

"Even before Gail Collins was with the New York Times, she has written nasty and derogatory articles about me.  Actually, I have great respect for Ms. Collins in that she has survived so long with so little talent. Her storytelling ability and word usage (coming from me, who has written many bestsellers), is not at a very high level. More importantly, her facts are wrong!"


Bill Maher: ‘There Is One Religion In The World That Kills You When You Disagree With Them’




Remembering Sidney Lumet End of an Era of New York Filmmaking

New York's Sidney Lumet Dies (DN) * Sidney Lumet, Director of ‘Serpico,’ Dies at 86(NYT)

In honor of Sidney Lumet: Peter Finch's "I'm Mad as Hell" speech from "Network" and trailer from Serpico

Movie Moments-Dog Day Afternoon and The Pawnbroker - 'You People?', 12 Angry Men - This is how you deal with prejudice, Fail Safe  and The Verdict - Paul Newman