Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bloogger Investigative Reporter Leading the Way On NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal

Internet Reporter Causes NYPD Ticket Fixing Scandal Explode

Former NYP and NYDN Reporter Speeds Up Online Takeover of Investigative Reporting in New York


 Where are the Demands for A Independent knapp Type Commission?

Serpico Before the knapp Commission

Weiss now writing for DNAInfo.com where he is breaking new information almost daily on ticket fixing.  Today he says cops were caught on tape fixing or trying to fix DWI and domestic violence cases.  Weiss unlike most of today's reporters was around during the KNAPP Commission and its shake up of the NYPD.  That why today when he points out that "there was a time — and it was not that long ago — when cops were afraid to even take a cup of coffee or an ice cream cone," it gives his readers information that today's copycat reporters cannot provide.  Weiss has move this story so fast and far that the Mayor is trying over and over to put his finger in the dam. Bloomberg show has taken the snow and Cathie Black hit this years fears another municipal scandal on his watch.  Bloomberg: Some NYPD Tickets Fixed Because They're Errors, Not Because You Know A Guy (NYDN)

Murry Weiss DNAInfo Today:

"Not just traffic violations: "thousands of hours of tape" about burying "domestic violence incidents involving off-duty cops...drunk-driving incidents involving their brethren...making arrangements for and paying prostates."

Heard on Tape: Cops Trying to Fix Domestic Violence and DWI Raps Two weeks ago, I disclosed that the NYPD has a list of at least 24 cops who cannot even think about retirement until the criminal cases are done and several hundred more officers, maybe as many as 500, who could face disciplinary action from the NYPD. A source says they include officers in virtually every rank: a chief; one inspector; four deputy inspectors; four captains; 10 lieutenants; 25 detectives; 30 sergeants; and the rest are police officers, many of them union delegates.* Ticket-fix prober- the Bronx DA - lost own traffic case (NYDN) * Bronx DA Robert Johnson, who’s probing the NYPD ticket-fixing scandal, challenged a speeding ticket and lost.


 NYT Copycats City Hall News Online Story That Broke Yesterday

Bloomberg and Liu clash often and rarely speak
The relationship between Mayor Bloomberg and NYC Comptroller John Liu is, according to one consultant, “ice cold; colder than anything I’ve ever seen.” As part of his agenda, Mr. Liu has blasted the administration’s $700 million CityTime automated payroll project, which is now the focus of a federal corruption case. He has accused the Economic Development Corporation, a favorite target, of owing the city more than $125 million.

City Hall News Wags the Tail on the NYT

Yeterday CHN  Pension Warrior Bloomberg's new pension appointment could lead to tension with the comptroller (CHN)

Wag # 1: CHN Wags the NYT

Today's NYT New York City’s Mayor and Comptroller at Odds (NYT)







Wag # 2 NYDN Copies True News On Albany CUNY Budget Chip

Yesterday's True News

Albany Treats CUNY As A Bargaining Chip, Instead As the Poor Man's Harvard That Has Produced Great American Leaders

CUNY schools could be in $40M crisis this fall, thanks to squabbling lawmakers in Albany  The GOP-controlled state Senate has blocked CUNY from spending money from its recent 5% tuition hike while it tries to force a deal with the Assembly on tuitions charged by CUNY's big brother, the State University of New York. We already have a loss in state aid of $95 million, and then we have this $40 million problem (NYDN)

 Today Daily News On CUNY Budget

State Senate Republicans holding CUNY tuition money hostage to force needed reform of SUNY policy (NYDN Ed)




Journalist Leaves Daily News for City Hall News 

City Hall & The Capitol Hire Adam Lisberg As Editor-In-Chief (CHN)

Lisberg Leaves The Tabloid Life Behind: Hello City Hall News (NYO)



Bloomberg: After weeks of issuing dire warnings that large-scale layoffs are coming

Budget will be all pain, no gain: Mike (NYP)


Red tape, ridiculous costs make expelling unfit instructors nearly impossible (NYP)


Witness Says Inspectors Neglected Risk at Deutsche (NYP) * Deutsche fire defendants eyed pipe before blaze: witness (NYDN) * Man recalls pipe break before toxic-tower fire(WABC)

911 Cheat Connection

Crane Supervisor At Former Deutsche Bank Site Charged With Fraud A crane supervisor at the former Deutsche Bank building has been charged with receiving $130,000 in fraudulent Social Security payments, after claiming he was too sick to work.  (NY1)

How Many NY Pols Will Issue Press Releases Today to Tell Us How Shocking It Is That the City Has About Fire Trap Apartments

Site of deadly Bronx fire got 5 complaints from city — "last one 11 days before the fire...no record the department did anything.

Firetrap apartments in New York City are deadly, growing threat (NYDN) * NYC fire building cited for violations(SI Advance) *Fire deaths prompt NYC to eye illegal subdivision - Wall Street Journal 


One cash tollbooth clerk at bridge; five-hour delays; officials demand meeting with PA boss Chris Ward

Port Authority Offers Apology For Easter Sunday Traffic Tie-Up (NY1)


Bill would slap shoppers with fine, jail  Pretty soon, it could be more than just the fashion police who have a problem with your shoddy knockoff bag, like this bogus Louis Vuitton.  Buyers could face a year in jail or a $,1000 fine under a proposed bill by a city councilwoman fed up with cheapskate tourists and Big Apple residents flooding her district in search of fake designer merchandise.(NYP) * New bill would fine buyers of counterfeit items (NYP)




Democrats go on attack against GOP Staten Island pol Grimm (NYDN) * Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm was FBI hothead with a checkered past, New Yorker magazine story says  (SI advance)

Democrats pounced on a New Yorker report of an allegation that Rep. Michael Grimm misused his authority as an FBI agent during a 1999 incident at a Queens nightclub. The congressman was exonerated.

Marriage Equality in New York We applaud Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s active engagement and apparent willingness to exercise gubernatorial leadership in the cause of same-sex-marriage. (NYT Ed) * The Times’ editorial page welcomes Cuomo’s “active engagement” in the push to legalize same-sex marriage. 



The Council 82 contract deal touted by the Cuomo administration as a model for other unions might have a tough time passing muster with its members. (The vote runs through May 10) * Public pensions are no longer viewed as untouchable by cash-strapped states looking to make cuts.

 Alan Hevesi, disgraced ex-Tyco CEO locked up together in prison  The prison system's high profile Odd Couple: Alan Hevesi is serving his time with Dennis Kozlowski.(NYDN) * Bank Regulations: After Odato noted NY's safeguards are temporary, Cuomo makes them permanent. * Bank Regulations: Cuomo's move is "Hevesi-inspired.

Cuomo: Make the money manager of pensions ban permanent

Saying there is no permanent law or regulation banning the use of placement agents by would-be investors with the state’s common retirement fund, Gov. Andrew Cuomo called for permanent regulations. (TU)


Former Senate Majority Leader Joe Bruno will get his day in federal appeals court on June 13

NYPD Bad Rap

Special Treatment: NYPD escorts P. Diddy through traffic.

Moving Ahead With Images Carl Goodman, the new executive director of the Museum of the Moving Image, talks about the museum's $67 million renovation and its goal to be the nation's premier institute dedicated to film, TV and digital technologies. (WSJ) 






“Just in case you want to move everything to New York, we’d love to have you. Sorry about the mayor of L.A.,” Bloomberg told the “Glee” cast

 Bloomberg's 'Gleeful' Jab at L.A.'s Mayor Mayor Bloomberg didn't burst into song when he greeted the cast of "Glee," but he used the encounter to playfully throw a Slushie at the mayor of Los Angeles.(WSJ) *  “Glee” Takes Manhattan (WNBC)



TLC adds Mercedes-Benz for use as yellow taxicab - but cabbies are unlikely to open wallets (NYDN) * Taxis: Kellner complains of a loophole in city's hunt for new vehicles. [Crain's]




Willis Ave. Bridge to Be Sold for Scrap (NYT)





Local Compost, via Delaware(WSJ)

15-year-old girl sodomized by fellow patient FINALLY moved from nightmare psych ward (NYDN)

New York has new contribution limits

Law and Order

Police searching for thug who gunned man down in Flatbush (VIDEO) (NYP) * SHOCKING VIDEO: Cops hunting for killer who gunned down man on sidewalk (NYDN)Judge fumes at smoker Gives gal 'dead'-line (NYP) * From born again to dead man A Bonanno family capo-turned-canary (NYP) * No headphones! Style first for mobster Vinny Gorgeous (NYDN) * 'Rape Cop' gambit (NYP) * Drug cop & robber (NYP) * Hamburglar strikes in McDonald's con: cops (NYP) * Gracias, your honor A Manhattan teacher will have to put less money in the swear jar (NYP) * Robberies Chill an Underground World of Chinese Gambling (NYT) * Police Officer Pleads Guilty In Robberies of Drug Dealers (NYP) * Man Behind Multiple Queens Assaults Still At Large (NY1) * Sick Juror Delays Deliberations In Transit Officers' Trial (NY1) * 7 arraigned for brawl at Sikh temple(NYDN) * Teen fatally shot on Brooklyn street (NYP) * Rapist in NY prison turns down heart transplant (NYP) * Sword fight erupts at NYC Sikh temple; 7 charged (SI Advance)Kin of Visitor Slain in Brooklyn: "We Want Justice"(WNBC)


Report: Al-Qaida Had Sights Set On Brooklyn Bridge

Paper: Leaked documents describe al-Qaida plots(WSJ)* Dossier Shows Push for More Post-9/11 Terror Attacks (NYT)

Oil Companies Spin Billions In Profits While Charging More For Gas: It’s Good For America!



Sliwa Returns, Bag In Hand(YNN)




Mort Zuckerman May Be Ready to Replace Kevin Convey at the New York Daily News





McClatchy Newpaper Chain Posts $2 Million Loss For First Quarter 



TV News: Print journos notice the cutbacks in foreign TV bureaus while over-covering the royal wedding.