Sunday, May 1, 2011

Oaeosama Bin Laden

"Hopefully this puts all doubts to rest. But just in case there are any lingering questions...I am releasing my official birth video,"  Obama
Obama shows "birth video" -- Simba's birth from Lion King.  (Obama Video)

Obama mocks The Donald at White House Correspondents' Dinner(NYP) * Obama Zings Trump at Correspondents’ Dinner (NYT) * Obama roasts Trump at annual White House Correspondents' Dinner(NYDN) * White House Correspondent's Dinner: Obama and Meyers bring the pain to Trump (Wash Post) * Obama's Fox News Zinger (Huff Post)

Obama Trumps Trump at White House Correspondents' Association Dinner (Chicago Sun-Times) * Meyers Fires at Trump at Correspondents' Dinner (AP) *Seth Meyers Destroys Donald Trump: 7 Best Jokes (Video) * Meyers Full Speech * The best jokes at the White House Correspondents' Dinner (MSNBC) * Seth Meyers skewers DC (Politico) * Photos: The 2011 Vanity Fair/Bloomberg White House Correspondents' Dinner Party * President Obama Openly Mocks Trump At WHCD (With Trump In Attendance) * PM Donald Trump not amused by jokes at White House Correspondents Dinner * Trump reacts to White House Correspondents' Dinner, criticizes Seth Meyers (Huff Post)


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads





NY Prices Going UP Up Up

Big Apple prices up by 14% since last year(NYP)

Fuel Prices Likely To Influence Rent Hike Vote (NY1)





Under Cover Gov

Cuomo is New York's undercover governor

Cuomo Campaigns: raised money in Soho from prominent LGBT supporters; April 13 fund-raiser at Howard Rubenstein's house. April 15 fund-raiser meeting at Regency. * Property Tax Cap: Cuomo tells reporters "I'm trying, I'm trying" to get it passed.*will be busy when they return to work on Albany Monday. State lawmakers




MTA Big: Hoist By Her Own Petard

MTA 'clocks' bus big with her own E-ZPass (NYP)

A top NYC Transit official is in hot water after agency investigators used her company car's E-ZPass records to trace her alleged early exits from work and time-sheet fudging


We Want A Full Hospital in the Village

Rally Held In Closing Of Hospital (Fox 5)

West Village residents rally for new hospital (WABC)


Case 'diss'missed: Judge rips crane ax (NYP)







 Jimmy Breslin: Back to the Future At the Daily News

Jimmy Breslin, who will be 81 in October, is scheduled to return to The Daily News shortly as a columnist

Jimmy Breslin On The Press and His Life(True News)

Ticket Fixing Cops Victims of Peer Pressure  from PBA Delegates

Pay to Play Payoff Sports Tickets and Liquor

Ticket-Fixing Dogs NYPD 

Officers Say Entrenched Culture, Pressure From Union Delegates Fueled Practice. Investigators say individual officers agreed to the practice and risked jeopardizing their careers for a host of reasons: pressure from union delegates, a get-along culture, and in some cases, the lure of free sports tickets and liquor.  (WSJ)




Police Search for ADA Records of 2010 DWI Incident

After Arrest, Possible Favored Treatment of Bronx Prosecutor Was Not Investigated After Jennifer Troiano’s 2010 arrest, no one examined the question of whether she used her influence to get the police to release her from what she said was a similar situation. (NYT) *  NYPD Investigating Claims Over Prosecutor's Arrest (WSJ) * Was a Bronx prosecutor spared in DWI bust? (WABC) * DWI 'no bust' heat NYPD probe after prosecutor gets a 'slide' (NYP)

Doubts and Crazy or Contracts Whose Corruption Was Cover Up Because of Powerful Backers?

Both the Citytime and Schools Consultant Contract radio active with corruption that the mayor, comptroller or city council could have easily picked up.  It is clear that lobbyists and special interests protected these contractors and no doubt protect other corrupt contracts the city makes. Doubts About Schools Consultant Charged in $3.6 Million Fraud Dated to ’02(NYT)Clocking CityTime, the craziest contract ever | Crain's New York ...




I Hate Hank Morris He Made Me A Crook 

Ex-Controller Alan Hevesi says former pal is now his No. 1 enemy (NYDN)











 Did the City's School Chancellor Get Pull Over By Cops Because He Was Black?

Cops probed in traffic stop of Walcott(NYP)

 Police Look Into Complaint by New York Chancellor After Traffic Stop (NYT)

New schools Chancellor stopped by NYPD (WABC)


A Tree With A Security Camera

City parks get cameras to help fight late night crime (NYDN)

With Schumer, Weiner, Rangel and the GOP Majority in the State Senate Against: Independent Redistricting Has No Juice

With the state's congressional favoring political redistricting and the assemblymembers the same expect gerrymandering again.  On the senate dems who are in the minority want independent redistricting because they know the GOP will cut the districts to help keep them in the majority.  The senate dems could have pass a bill to end gerrymandering last year when they had the majority, but refused.  Could they have been for gerrymandering if they stayed in the majority? YOU BET Dithering on Redistricting In Albany, there’s been a lot of talk but no action to end gerrymandering.(NYT Ed) 

 On April 27, 2011 True News Wrote

Taxi lobbyists Own the Council: They Contribute and Run Councilmembers Campaigns

The City Council roll over to the demands of the taxi industry because of the power of their lobbyist over the election process.  The mayor's plan for taxi's to pick up in other borough then Manhattan was killed in the council.  The only way the mayor could get anything pass the council that the taxi industry and their lobbyist don't want is to refuse to raise the fare until they accept reforms on pick ups and shift changes so they is cab service at 4PM. 


Today the NYP Asked the Mayor to Make A Deal With the Taxi Industry 

This doesn't mean the industry should get a free ride. The fare-hike proposal is an excellent opportunity for reconsideration of Mayor Bloomberg's plan -- shelved this week after widespread taxi-industry opposition -- to legalize street hailing of livery cabs outside Manhattan. * Bloomy's 'quid pro cab hike' (NYP) * Fare Increase Not a Bargaining Chip?- Gotham Gazette