Thursday, March 24, 2011

To Stop Government Corruption in New York Improve Investigative Journalism

Daily News Shows the Way

The Washington Post Investigation of Watergate forced President Nixon to resign.  This Weeks investigation into the poor personal ethic and money management capabilities of councilmemebers is already paying off.

 Daily News Ends Cabrera's Illegal Tax Break

The town of Pelham pulled Councilman Fernando Cabrera's School Tax Relief (STAR) tax break Monday, after the Daily News uncovered his sweet deal as part of an investigation called "Above the Law." The tax break saved Cabrera, a Democrat, about $1,500 a year - or $4,500 since 2008, when he began claiming a Bronx condo was his home so that he could run for city office.  Two Brooklyn Democrats, Jumaane Williams and Matthieu Eugene, got $281 annual breaks for homes within the city, but outside their districts, while Peter Koo (R-Queens) got an annual break worth more than $750 for a home he dubs a "primary residence" in Port Washington, L.I. Councilman must pay back tax break after News exposes residency claim fraud (DN)

 One of the Daily News Targets is Running for Assembly

Erik Dilan's Chief-of-Staff To Announce For Towns Assembly Seat (CHN) 

The Daily News Investigation On Dilan Finances Continues

Truth keeps hardworking mom from getting 2BR apt. while lawmakers lie to land cheap pads (DN Monique Hendricks the daughter of a cop told the full and decidedly inconvenient truth and was told her income was to high to qualified for a rent subsided apartment while scaming City Councilman Eric Dilan (D-Brooklyn) who, the Daily News I-Team found, managed to finagle affordable housing even though he and his wife made way too much money.

Why Dilan Gets Govt Housing Funds, Others are Losing Their Home

Advocates say funding needed to prevent foreclosures in New York (DN)



   With All the Corruption Going On In Council and the Member item Slush Fund All they Could Cut Was 1.5%?

The Council is cutting its own costs by 1.5 percent – considerably less than the 4 percent cut Bloomberg imposed on his administration. 

 True News Pm News Update  News Since the Morning Papers


  NYC Agency for Child Services Workers Arrests

 Mayor: ACS works despite kid's death: Mayor Bloomberg came to the defense of embattled Administration for Children's...

 Mr. Mayor it did not work for 4-year-old Marchella Brett-Pierce

Welfare Worker and Supervisor Charged in Death of Child (NYT) * Welfare Workers Charged in Girl's Death(WSJ) * Two city welfare workers charged in 4-year-old child's death (DN) * ACS failure linked to at least five deaths (DN) * ACS Sees First Prosecution Of Case Workers In NYC (WCBS) * Kid-welfare workers hit with tot-slay rap (NYP)



   Cuomo Warns Government Shutdown

WATCH: Cuomo warns gov't shutdown is possible (DN) * Cuomo-Legislature Showdown Could Lead To NYS Shutdown (WCBS)* Lawmakers were puzzled by Cuomo’s public saber rattling. Said Assembly Majority Leader Ron Canestrari: “I think the governor realizes the process is moving along very well, and if the budget is done on time – if that happens, and I’m quite confident (it will) – he can claim credit because he said what he said and browbeat us to give him an agreement.” * The State Senate and Assembly closed down several less controversial areas of the budget, including environment, agriculture and housing. * Nursing home owners predicted Cuomo’s health care cuts would force the closure of facilities and the loss of jobs.* State Budget: "The budget negotiations were going so well, legislative leaders said. And then Gov. Andrew Cuomo decided to rattle his saber." * State Budget: Rent regulations are a major sticking point; grumbling of a government shudtown. [Brendan Scott and Fred Dicker] * "i don't think the millionaire's tax is going anywhere" says EJ McMahon of Manhattan Institute, on Fred Dicker's radio show. * Senate GOP Walks Back On Prison Closures (YNN) * Budget Deal On Tap?  * Silver, Skelos Aim For ‘Conceptual’ Budget Deal Tomorrow (Updated) (YNN) * Advocates Take to Airwaves to Extend Millionaire's Tax (NYO) * (Gannet Albany)*  Cuomo Mum On Legislature’s Conceptual Deal * Bad News For Rent-Stabilized Tenants Paying Under $1,000 * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver told members of his conference to remain in Albany tomorrow and be on call throughout the weekend – just in case there’s a budget deal.  * The Senate and Assembly want to strip another $170 million in funding from the MTA. Needless to say, Streetsblog does not approve.


CUNY Students, Staff Arrested During Protest in Albany

Some Members Put Press On Speaker Silver to Oppose Cuomo Unlinking Rent Renewal Laws and the Budget

Assembly Democrats In A Budget Bind Over Rent Control (CHN) * Budget battle on rent rules (NYP) * Assembly Democrats who want the rent laws addressed in the budget don’t appear willing to risk a government shutdown to get that done.* Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is taking a hard line on the rent laws.


   Without Indian Point: How Do We Power NY? Now and Not Raise Energy Prices

Cuomo Softens Power Claim  A day after Gov. Andrew Cuomo said New York would have power sources to replace what he calls risky nuclear reactors at the Indian Point power plant, the governor's office backtracked from claims there would soon be 3,000 megawatts of power production available. (WSJ) Anxiety in Japan over radiation in tap water; two nuclear plant workers treated for 'burns' (NYP) * NY pols sound new alarms on Indian Point (NYP) * The Post again editorializes against NYPA chief Richard Kessel. * Nuclear: Closing Indian Point would mean trouble for NY's energy needs.

Senator Marty Golden Gets His Feet Massaged and An Attack Commercial At the Same Time


  New York Loses Two Seats in the House

The 2010 Census numbers are due out today, and will undoubtedly reignite the debate over redistricting reform. Gov. 

NYDN Double Feature: Rangel And Redistricting (DN)

Rep. Weiner 'interested' in running for mayor in 2013 Weiner made a mayoral run all but official - and dropped hints he'll have Bill and Hillary Clinton in his camp. (DN) * Harlem residents aren't shedding tears over Clinton's exit from neighborhood (DN)


Bloomberg is in A Manhattan State of Mind               
Guy Molinari, former Staten Island borough president, dumps on Bloomberg Labeling the Bloomberg administration "Manhattan-centric." (SI Advance)








 After 6 Arrests Connected With the Outsourced CityTime Contract, Goldsmith Heart and Mind Follows

NYC Employees: Deputy Mayor Goldsmith writes "I have concluded that much of the solution lies not in more outsourcing to the private sector, but rather in employing city workers to perform more of our IT work." [Daily News] * Bloomberg Deputy Goldsmith We Want a FULL REFUND CityTime + 911 TECH * Bloomberg By the Numbers: $80 Million School Data System Still Evolving





  As Driver Spins No Charges Yet in Chinatown Bus Crash

Bus Driver in Bronx Crash Says He Was Sober and Awake (NYT) * Lawyer: NYC bus driver sober, awake before crash(WSJ) * Passenger Files First Lawsuit In Bronx Bus Crash (NY1) * After Crash, Chinatown’s Funeral Row Is a Hub for Mourning * Two Queens school bus drivers were busted for having fraudulently obtained licenses as the city cracks down after a bus crash that killed 15 people. The drivers both had suspended licenses - one for more than 15 years - but had acquired new ones using bogus names, social security numbers and dates of birth, officials said. (NYDN)

  A Disease Free Tree Grows in Brooklyn Again

Chestnut Trees, Where Blight Began (NYT)








 Kruger and FCR's Bender Machine Without Street Smarts

Meade Esposito didn't get in trouble until he was too old for a two-step or to stand trial. He died at 86 without ever doing time. Thanks to old-school Jefferson Club street smarts. Kruger, sans Jefferson Club savvy, swan-dived off the high board into the charlotte russe. With his mouth wide open and his greased palms out, charged with taking over $1 million in bribes from developers over five years. He was also taped blabbing about public money to Bruce Bender of Atlantic Yards, also from the Jefferson Club, who has not been charged with any crimes. Not too street-smart.   * My, how times have changed for Brooklyn politicians since Meade Esposito (DN)


Bikes: The "Police Department sent officers on Tuesday night to the homes of most of the 10 cyclists given tickets to revoke the citations and apologize." *  Parks Dept. Disavows a Speed Limit for Bicycles (NYT)

 Nothing in NYC is Named After Mayor Abe Beame

The Koch Bridge to Queens (NYT) * A Bridge by Any Other Name By a 38-12 vote, the City Council renamed the span that connects Manhattan and Queens the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge. The former mayor said he appreciated the gesture.(WSJ) * Queensborough Bridge renamed in honor of Ed Koch (DN) * City Council Votes To Rename Queensboro Bridge After Mayor Koch (NY1)* Ed Koch pledged to fight tolls on the bridge named in his honor as long as he remains alive.

Law and Order Manhattan’s Parking Court Mixes Anger, Officialdom and ‘Next!’ (NYT) * Looking at the Whole Defendant (NYT) * Ex-Cop Charged in Wife's Murder to Testify Before Grand Jury(WSJ) * I didn't help girl burned by voodoo ritual, grandmother admits (DN) * Kitties' DNA convicts cat abusers (DN) * Ex-cop accused of murdering his wife incriminated himself, says prosecutor (DN) * Former City Police Officer Arraigned In Wife's Alleged Murder (NY1) * Search for rape attempt suspect in Washington Heights (WABC) * 'Killer' ex-cop lied: DA (NYP) * Lawyer 'cops' a feel after sex bust: police (NYP) * Salsa son porn rap (NYP) * Camp teen shot pics of 'sex attack' (NYP) * Man charged with killing disgraced EMT shot dead (DN)


Terrorism   Underwear bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab picked Detroit because it was cheapest flight (NYP)



WATCH: Jon Stewart Mocks Fox News, CNN Feud In Libya


Is The New York Times Paywall Protecting Print Or Taking Down Apple?

Google Books

A Digital Library Better Than Google’s Don’t let a for-profit company monopolize knowledge. Create a public — and free — online collection of our books. (NYT) 


 What About Journalist Who Copy Elected Officials Press Releases?         

AOL Huffington Post Wants To Hire Professional Journalists, Not Bloggers

Former CNN anchor Aaron Brown on his old colleague, Eliot Spitzer: “He’s a child…He’s a big, bombastic cable person, but he gets his ass kicked by (Bill) O’Reilly from here to the moon.”

Taiwanese Animation Takes On The CNN/Fox News Libya Feud


Elizabeth Taylor’s New York


Goldman Knew of Galleon Probe(WSJ) * Exchange CEOs Square Off Over NYSE Takeover(WSJ) * Caught in a harsh glare Blankfein 'fesses up to director's leak to Galleon (NYP) *  Once again, Blankfein forced to play defense (NYP)

* Whatever You Do, Just Don't Steal From Goldman Sachs Harsh Sentence In Aleynikov Case Underscores Uneven Justice (WSJ)