Friday, March 25, 2011

Has Cuomo Tamed the Albany Beast?

Cuomo Has Won the Battle, But Not the War . . .  Don't Celebrate Yet
Now that he has slammed dunked the bums in Albany Cuomo faces a much harder task. Turning around the state's economy.  The census results show what a big job the governor faces. The lack of growth in the state is a sign that the middle class have left the state because of lack of jobs and a disatifaction with the state quality of life. The coming budget cuts will force more out.  The take over of New York Stock Exchange will increase the lose of high paying jobs which the city and state's tax base counts on.  Cuomo must also try to stop the economic meltdown going on upstate and the bankruptcy of Long Island. Lastly as the NYT pointed out today Unless New York City gets relief, the spiraling pension burden will cripple the city’s finances for years to come."

Budget Deal Takes Shape(WSJ) * 'Incredibly powerful' Cuomo on brink of budget victory(DN) * Albany Lawmakers Close To An On-Time Budget Deal (DN) * The looming agreement would mark just the third time since 1984 that the Legislature approved a budget by the April 1 deadline – 2005 and 2006 were the others. * Lawmakers expect to restore somewhere between $200 million and $300 million of the $1.5 billion the governor cut from education funding, as the millionaire’s tax is, according to Skelos, “dead.” * Med-mal caps similar to what Albany is now considering have proved problematic in other states.*   (NY1)* Skelos "Optimistic" About Closing Budget Today (DN) * Capitol Confidential "I have no sticking point with anybody. It's very close," @ said. (Twitter) * Skelos hopes "in the next couple of hours we can announce an agreement" (CHN Twitter) PM UPDATE * Silver: * City Room: Cuomo and Lawmakers Are Close on Budget (NYT) *Explaining Skelos’ Position On The Rent Laws (YNN)  * RT @: Speaker Silver has left for weekend. not looking like it will be agreed upon today. the albany project * On Silver Time (Updated) (YNN) * Cuomo: * Surprise! Budget Agreement Today = EPIC FAIL (DN) * State Budget: GOP says $250 million in education cuts, restored. * Cuomo Preparing Extenders * Cuomo on the lack of a handshake budget deal in Albany today: “In this town, people are very good at talking about agreements, making progress towards agreements. They’re very good at tiptoeing along the goal line but never stepping over.” (CapCon)

  Albany Puts Off Hard Choices For Another Day

Bad News For Rent-Stabilized Tenants Paying Under $1,000 (NYT)N.Y.C. vs. N.Y.S., the Pension Battle, NYC should take control of its finances, and pension costs, back from Albany(NYT Ed) * Post-budget policy fights will likely include UB2020, LIFO, a property tax cap and the rent laws, which are set to expire on June 15.* PIC Won’t Investigate MRT Members (YNN)







 There is A New Sheriff in Albany

 Winners & Losers, March 25, Edition City Hall News

 Winners: Steve Bellone, Lee Zeldin, Andrew Cuomo, Dean Skelos, Ed Koch
Losers: Shelly Silver, Len Lenihan, Ruben Wills, Kevin Parker, Marty Golden



Op-ed writer Bob Herbert is leaving the New York Times






Mayor Supports ACS Head . . . Great Job Brownie Again?

ACS Head Gets Support From Mayor Bloomberg (WCBS)

 Mr. Mayor it did not work for 4-year-old Marchella Brett-Pierce

Gruesome photos, bogus computer entries key to homicide case against child welfare workers (DN) * Mayor Defends Agency Under Fire Mayor Bloomberg said he has full confidence in the head of New York City's child welfare agency, a day after the Brooklyn district attorney said he will empanel a special investigative grand jury to probe alleged "systemic failures" in the department. (WSJ) * Caseworkers Dispirited Over Charges in Girl’s Death (NYT) * Sick photos in homicide case against ACS workers * Crains described this as “something of an about-face” for the mayor.

  The Invisible 225,000 New Yorkers

New York City’s Population Barely Rose in the Last Decade, the Census Finds  Only 166,000 more people than in 2000. The 2.1% bump was still far smaller than officials had anticipated. (NYT)  * Blacks Leave City as Asians Propel GrowthWSJ) * Incompetent Census flubbed New York City head count, declaring tens of thousands of homes are empty(DN Ed) * Census Finds City Population Hits 8.175 Million (NY1) * Leaders Blast NYC Census Figures (Fox 5) * Census puts Staten Island's population at 468,730, less than was forecast (SI advance) * Many U.S. Blacks Moving to South, Reversing Trend (NYT) * D.C.’s black majority slips away (Washington Post) * Mapping the 2010 U.S. Census (NYT) * Latinos Fuel U.S. Growth in Decade * Minorities accounted for 92% of U.S. population growth over the past decade. See this interactive map: *City to census: Where’d all the people go?


So There Won't A Million More New Yorkers By 2030 Mr. Mayor

PlaNYC 2030 also seeks to add 500000 new units of housing (for 900000 people)

Staten Island saw the biggest percentage gain of 5.6 percent over the last decade. Bronx saw a 3.9 percent gain, the population of Manhattan grew by 3.2 percent and Brooklyn grew by 1.5 percent. However, census figures say that the population of Queens grew by only 0.1 percent -- or 1,300 people -- over the past 10 years.  Racial data was also released Thursday, which showed that while the city’s Hispanic population grew by more than eight percent, the number of non-Hispanic blacks was down five percent – a decrease of about 100,000 people. A 2.8% decline in non-Hispanic whites. Staten Island, minority populations surged: Its Hispanic population rose 51.4%, Asians rose 40% and blacks increased 11.6%. Buffalo lost 31,338 people, a 10 percent drop *

  Last Time NY Had So Few Members in Congress Andrew Jackson Was President
President 1829–1837

Washington Power Outage
Based on the new numbers, New York will be sending 27 representatives to the U.S. Capitol – down from 29 – for its lowest level in more than 180 years. Each district would hld 717,707 people, up from 654,360 people * The release of the Census data means the redistricting battle is officially joined.*







 After 6 Arrests Connected With Outsourced CityTime Contract, Goldsmith Heart Mind Follows

New York City caves, cans pricey consultants Administration finally agrees with critics who say the city spends too much on outside consultants. (DN)

The state Financial Control Board warned NYC residents the cuts they’re seeing now are probably just the beginning.
Steve Levy: Questions about fund-raising; steered public contracts to a friend.* Steve Levy: What exactly did he do? How can he govern with so many questions unanswered?



Borough president — though not ours! — says he’ll return tainted developer’s cash (Brooklyn Paper)





Fed prosecutors in bid for Bruno do-over (NYP)

Claire Shulman and the Attorney General

Crain's Insider focuses in on the stalled investigation of the illegal lobbying of Claire Shulman on the WIllets Point development. Shulman's efforts were arguably critical in the city's successful navigation of the ULURP process for the project: "Willets Point property owners are still waiting for the results of an investigation by the state attorney general's office of whether former Queens Borough President Shulman's local development corporation lobbied illegally for the project that will displace them."

Bidder Circles St. Vincent's(WSJ)


Board nixes 5 of 6 'pop-up' cafes (NYP)

Wall Street Employment Jumps 5.4% Wall Street employment rose 5.4% in February from a year ago, and the financial sector hit its highest monthly employment total since March 2009. (WSJ)

Job Prospects In NYC Are Not Moving

 Weiner: Never Mind on Health Care
Crazy Congressman Anthony Weiner finally admits Obama Care isn't so great - seeks a waiver to exempt New York from it. (Twitter) Mark Simone * Former City Comptroller Bill Thompson told The Politicker this morning that he expects to make some announcements regarding his 2013 mayoral bid "in the next day or two." (NYO)

Mets Are Said to Be Suffering Sizable Losses (NYT)

Yankee Stadium parking garages in financial hot water as spots sit empty even on game days (DN)



Terrorism  Entrapment Is Reasserted in Appeal in Synagogue Bombing Case (NYT)

Jon Stewart To Bret Baier: ‘Main Thrust Of Fox News Is Not Objective News Gathering’



Kristin Davis says if Eliot Spitzer "throws his black socks in the ring" for NYC mayor, she will run too. (Twitter)




The Psychometer: Who Has Gone Too Far This Week? (Huff Post)


General Electric Paid No Federal Taxes Last Year 
*G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether(NYT)
* Jon Stewart: GE’s Enormous Corporate Reach Makes Life Hard For NBC News Reporters



Allies Are Split on Goal and Exit Strategy of Libya Mission (NYT)

Islamist Group Is Rising Force in a New Egypt





Japan Quietly Evacuating a Wider Radius From Reactors





Time Warner Cable in fight with networks over streaming TV on iPad. Exec says: "I don't know what a TV is anymore"






Most News Organization Are Copycat Monkies  

Nate Silver: Eight Out of 260 News Organizations Account for More Than Half of All Original Reporting (Fishbowl)