Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Bloomberg Joins NY'S Orwellian TV Journalism

Local TV New Harms Our Democracy 

Local TV has moved way beyond happy talk and good looking clueless reporters.  They now have become the instrument that the special interests communicate with the public and government leaders.  Now the mayor whose has been attacked by the UFT  and AFL-CIO in ads is running his own commercials. Ads have also been run by in support of the Cuomo budget by the big business back Committee to Save NY, The NYS Democratic Party and the governor himself.  The mayors ad features the kind of upbeat music and imagery one would normally expect from a political front-runner. The union is not mentioned by name. Instead of being punished for their lack of objective analysis on Albany's budget battles the owners of the TV stations are now making millions from the mayor and other special iterests trying to win the budget battle.

Baruch College Prof. Doug Muzzio makes his usual dumb one liner quote for the press, "the ad makes it look like Bloomberg is running for something, but perhaps it’s the position of “independent wise man.”  Prehaps Prof. Muzzio should love at what this issue ads are doing to our democracy.  If we had more experienced investigative reporters there be less corruption in New York.

The Founding Fathers push Freedom of the Press to keep the government informed on what they government is up to.  Can anyone say watching local TV keeps New Yorkers informed?  Where is the Edward R. Murrow of this generation to critize TV News?  It is not only a wasteland, it has become Orwellian, harmful to our democracy. Mike $trafes UFT in ad war(NYP)*  Mayor Counters Teachers’ Ads With His Own (NYT) * Bloomberg Takes to the Airwaves(WSJ) * Bloomberg Defends His Administration With TV Ad (NY1) * The mayor is spending almost $1 million of his own cash to air the ad.  *  Bloomberg Government to hire 100+ journalists, analysts in D.C. * Bloomberg L.P. Forms Bloomberg Media Group  * Cuomo releases new video message: . In loudest saber-rattling yet, warns of possibility of gov't shutdown.

True News PM News Update
Breaking News Since the Morning Papers
Case Workers Indicted in Marcell's Death -- First Time EVER ACS Workers Charged in Death of a Child (WNBC) * Cuomo Claims Only Alternate To His Budget Plan Is A Shutdown (NY1)
* The Koch Bridge to Queens (NYT)

 Daily News: If Councilmembers Can't Manage Themselves How Can They Manage the City?  

Several City Council members struggle with own finances, high debt, home foreclosure (DN) 

 The City Council manages your tax dollars through the city budget, but for some lawmakers, managing their own money has been a disaster.



The homes of Queens Councilmen James Sanders, a Democrat, and Daniel Halloran, a Republican, are now in foreclosure.

Two years before her first Council run in March 2001, Elizabeth Crowley (D-Queens) emerged from personal bankruptcy.

Councilman Oliver Koppell (D-Bronx) admits that in 2009 he had about $270,000 in credit card debt. Councilwoman Sara Gonzalez (D-Brooklyn) was sued in January 2010 over $2,857 in Citibank credit card debt.

City to probe how B'klyn Dem Erik Dilan got cheap apartment when income was over the limit

 Rent Law Extension Will Not Be Protected By Budget Deal


Cuomo Says Budget Won't Include Rent Laws or Property Tax Cap (NYT) * Cuomo Sees Delay on State Rent Laws(WSJ)Gov. Cuomo eyes rent reform (DN)Gov eyes 'expanding' rent rules (NYP) * State Budget: In a reversal, Cuomo now says it's unlikely rent regulations and property tax cap will be in the budget. "It's complicated," he said. [Thomas Kaplan]  * Cuomo handed rent control advocates a mixed bag yesterday: He wants to beef up the laws, but doesn’t see that happening in the budget, as they had hoped. 


Albany Budget Deadline 

State Budget: Hints the budget might be late. [AP] * Prisons: "Communities upstate have become economically addicted to prisons — sort of like smoking crack," said Assemblyman Jeff Aubry said.* Cuomo warned legislators the budget will be done “one way or the other” – either amicably or through the all-or-nothing extender method.* If the budget is indeed on time, Cuomo will have former Gov. David Paterson to thank.* “As a realist, you want the realist’s answer? As a realist, we have significant issues: Medicaid, education, prison closures,” Cuomo said. * More schools are talking about budget cuts.* For all the heated rhetoric and aggressive tactics used by opponents Cuomo’s budget, many are still unwilling to commit to using the most extreme tactic of all: forcing the first government shutdown in state history. Cuomo has had no such problems, calling a government shutdown to settle any budget impasse with legislators a “more clear option for the people.” (CHN) * Cuomo's plan to create a prison closure and consolidation committee has become a significant issue in the battle for an on-time budget, the governor and Senate Republicans said. (IJ) * Cuomo: Shutdown Will Be Legislature’s Fault (YNN) * Skelos: (Still) Not Worried About Extenders, Doesn’t Like Power ‘Flaunting’ (YNN) * More Arrests At The Capitol (YNN) * An Unintended Sneak Peek at Albany Deal-Making (NYT) *  Rent Laws Ultimatum? * Cuomo’s Budget Playbook (YNN) * ‘The Buck Stops On My Desk’ (YNN) * Cuomo Bows to Big Real Estate on Rent Reform (NYO) * Shelly Silver: All's Well That Ends Well On Rent Regulation -- Even If Not In The State Budget (DN) * Leaked Budget Memo: "What strikes me as interesting here is the fact that the executive branch seems to be open to suggestions put forth by both the Senate and the Assembly, depending on the issue. * State Budget: "[T]he Legislature is going to adopt 95 percent of what he outlined earlier" said State Senator Jeff Klein.* Silver Reiterates: Put Rent Laws In Budget

 Enough of this Albany malpractice As a general rule, New York Times editorials have an inverse relation ship to reality. The harder they bang on an issue, the more you can be certain they are wrong. (Goodwin, NYP) * NYT Publisher Insults Unemployed: 'I Can't Believe I Said That' (Huff Post)


 Will Parker Be Traped By the Senate Expelling Monserrate Last Year?  

The state Senate can't just let convicted criminal Kevin Parker off without an ethics investigation (DN Ed)




 MTA Goes Yard Sale To Raise Cash

To Raise Cash, MTA May Sell Some Buildings(WSJ)



Another bus in smash-up (NYP)

Pinnacle May Lose Harlem Site Pinnacle Group, which bought thousands of apartments in low-income neighborhoods during the real-estate boom, faces losing one of its more prominent holdings to lenders. (WSJ)


 A Park Dream To Far?

“Freshkills Park…It sounds like where the Manson family goes for their recreational activities," said Vinny Ignizio.  

Putrid Past, and a Still-Distant Future as Fields of Play (NYP) * A Lovelier Landfill: Fresh Kills, 10 Years Later(WSJ) * Lead, other chemicals taint some urban gardens(WSJ)


Value of Mets drops 13 percent in latest Forbes estimates





  Why Not the Parking Meters or the Koch Meter Maid School?

NYC set to OK renaming bridge for ex-mayor Koch(WSJ) * Council is one step closer to Koch Bridge, despite objections (DN)

 City Council To Vote On Naming Queensboro Bridge After Mayor Koch (NY1)

 CM Barron saying "its a disgrace" to name bridge after Koch

The Koch Bridge to Queens (NYT) It passes, 38-12

‘Take the Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge, Please’(WSJ)



 A Food Trucker Union and Lobbyists

Gourmet-Food Trucks Band Together New York's gourmet-food trucks—the brash populists of the restaurant world—are growing up: They've formed a trade group and hired a lobbyist.(WSJ)



Law and Order 

Ex-cop is busted in wife strangle (NYP) * Bronx Man Charged in Strangulation of His Wife (NYP) * Ex-Cop Arrested in Wife's Death(WSJ) * Crash dummies: 8 busted in dopey collision collusion (NYP) * Arrest in iJack spree (NYP) * The Jail Rule due (NYP) * Vid suicide kin in plea (NYP) * Suits Dispute City’s Rule on Recording Sex Changes * Parents of Rutgers Student in Suicide Say No ‘Harsh’ Penalty Is Needed (NYT) * A Staged Accident, Caught on Video (NYT) * Man, 23, shot dead on Brooklyn street in broad daylight (DN) * Joseph Lozito, hero who helped stop rampaging killer, suing city (DN) * Mob-busting ex-fed accused of murder: Brooklyn DA is a publicity hound (DN) * Voodoo priest linked to fire is scammer who preys on women: sources (DN) * Cop accused of trying to steal nearly $1 MILLION from apartment (DN) * Police Nab Eight In Staged Bronx Wreck (NY1) * Woman Convicted In '93 Kidnapping Of Millionaire Granted Parole (NY1)LT's wrist slap on 'hooker' rap Fallen Giant grid great must register as a sex offender (NYP) * Police Apologize in Person for Cyclist’s Ticket in Park (NYT) * Ticketed Cyclists Were Within the Speed Limit(WSJ) * A Staged Accident, Caught on Video (NYT) * Man who used GPS-equipped ambulette in robbery gets 25-years-to-life in prison * Former FBI Agent Slams Prosecutor's "potbelly" (Village Voice)



A Father and His Son Oppose Nuke Power

One Cuomo's plan to close Indian Point charged with memories of another's move on Shoreham (CHN)

For Cuomo and Indian Point, New Round in a Long Fight (NYT) * Shut down aging Indian Pont nuke plant, Cuomo reiterates (DN) * Federal Nuclear Officials Pledge To Make Indian Point Assesment Top Priority (NY1) * Cuomo's comeuppance  Gov. Cuomo got a well-deserved slap upside the head yesterday from the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission.(NYP) * Indian Point Target of Quake Review(WSJ)*  Fed eye on Indian Pt. (NYP) * Tokyo Issues Tap Water Warning * Radiation detected in water supply (NYP) * There’s no timeline for the NRC’s review, but Cuomo wants the commission to move “quickly.”  


Cat Fight! Stephen Colbert Ridicules Spat Between CNN And Fox News Reporters

 Jon Stewart: ‘One Of The Problems We Are Having With You Mr. President Is A Communications Gap’



Judge Rejects Google Books Settlement(WSJ)






The Wall Street Journal to Sell Single Issues on iPad


Key witness testifies at NYC insider trading trial(WSJ)


Blankfein Says Figure in Galleon Case Broke Rule (NYT)





Tribes With Flags Are the new revolutions brewing in the Arab world democracy movements, or are they civil wars?(Friedman, NYT) 







Elizabeth Taylor video through the years (Video)

 City Room: Elizabeth Taylor's New York