Sunday, March 6, 2011

Media Master Bloomberg Meets Media Master Cuomo

It's No Long The Mayor Stage Alone

 For 9 years Bloomberg was the press favorite. Now a new kid with supper powers and skill over the press has taken over. Bloomberg and Cuomo, Co-Stars, Vie for Top Billing (NYT)

"In Mr. Cuomo, Mr. Bloomberg faces a man who is famed for his political tenacity. In the battle over seniority rules, for example, Mr. Cuomo was able to secure the support of the city’s teachers’ union, which has focused its attacks on Mr. Bloomberg even as Mr. Cuomo calls for a sharp cut in state school aid."  *

Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller and Mayor John V. Lindsay, both liberal Republicans, feuded bitterly. As governor, Mr. Cuomo’s father, Mario M. Cuomo, faced tensions, too: Mayor David N. Dinkins almost decided not to endorse him in 1994 because he thought Mr. Cuomo had not been properly supportive of him or of New York City.(NYT)

Mayor: City Agencies May Need Another $600 Million In Cuts (NY1) * Mayor's lament: We have no choice on layoffs(NYP) * Seniors Protest Proposed Senior Center Closures (NY1) * Parents Rally Against Proposed Teacher Layoffs * Poison Center Is Budget Target(WSJ) * These teachers fear their heads will roll (NYP) * As a candidate, Andrew Cuomo said unions were part of the special-interest problem bogging down government. But as governor, Cuomo has given two major prizes to two special interests. The actions silenced a powerful teachers' union and a health care workers union influential with the Legislature. (T-U) * Ralph Nader: "Cuomo will be judged harshly by history if he doesn't reverse his position supporting limiting the legal rights of brain damaged babies. [He] is hiding behind the recommendations of his Medicaid Redesign Team, which has more than a sprinkling of hospital and industry lobbyists, and which was the stalking horse for this heartless proposal." (Common Dreams)



NYT Go Wisconsin, But Protect Unions Rights!

Agrees With Wisconsin in the Need to Cut Wages, Pension and Health Benefits; Disagrees on Taking Away Workers Rights

"In recent weeks, Republican politicians in the Midwest have distorted what should be a serious discussion about state employees’ benefits, cynically using it as a pretext to crush unions. New York does not need that sort of destructive game playing. What it needs is a sober examination of the high costs of wages and benefits, and some serious proposals to rein them in while remaining fair to hard-working government employees." (NYT Ed) State Workers and N.Y.’s Fiscal Crisis New York needs a sober examination of the high costs of wages and benefits of state workers, and some serious proposals to rein them in. (NYT Ed)


NJ Taxpayers Thanks Albany   Plan to lower NY income tax for top earners may bring NJ an extra $350M in 2013 - The Star-Ledger 

The city's garnisheed wages of parking sin(NYP)

True News Sunday Update

Daily News Blinders
How can the Daily News write an editorial about city council member items and not include the fact that the council has been under investigation by the feds for 2 years for a secret slush fund.  In fact New Yorkers have been paying for lawyers to defend Speaker Quinn and the rest of her gang.  Including Miguel Martinez who when he pleaded guilty of fake invoices of over $100,000, said "I was able to engage in these schemes because I was a New York City Councilman." Other under indictment include Larry Seabrook for charging the city $180 for a bagel and many other things.  The list in formation of indicted councilmember will soon include according to news reports Maria del Carmen Arroyo, Julissa Ferreras (dating back to the time she ran a non profit for Monserrate), Ruben Wills and slush fund champ Christine C. Quinn. Christine Quinn finally letting some sunlight in to $165 million member-item process (DN) With all the Member Item corruption going on we see more truth in a Charlie Sheen interview than this Daily News editorial.

True News Asks Over and Over
What Ever Happen to the City Council Slush Fund Investigation? (Investigation Report) 



 More Member Item Slush

'Non'profiteers For Qns. pols, better to receive than give(NYP) 

Before she even got to Albany, Shirley Huntley knew the drill. Eight months before she was elected to the state Senate from Jamaica, Huntley founded a nonprofit called The Parent Workshop out of her home. Huntley listed herself as president. Once in Albany, Huntley steered $30,000 to the charity, then run by an old friend. Then she tried to give it another $125,000 in pork-barrel money, her largest so-called member item in two years.

 More Member Item Slush

State Sen. Malcolm Smith and US Rep. Gregory Meeks are under a federal probe for their ties to a charity they helped form called the New Direction Local Development Corp. Smith funneled more than $56,000 in taxpayer cash to the Springfield Gardens group, which never fully accounted for its spending. 

Two For One

Councilwoman Maria del Carmen Arroyo on radar in slush probe (DN) * Relative of 2 city officials admits to embezzlement -

 More Member Item Slush

Assemblywoman Vivian Cook's group, the Rockaway Boulevard Local Development Corp., shut its doors last year after The Post detailed its wasteful spending of $2.5 million in Port Authority money designated to spruce up a stretch of Rockaway Boulevard. It is now under a federal probe.

 Kruger Third Amigo to Go?

Lawyer pleads guilty to lying to feds in corruption probe of state Sen. Carl Kruger (DN)

 More Member Item Slush

A charity tied to Bronx Assemblyman Peter Rivera, which he helped get nearly $2.2 million in state money, is under federal investigation, as is a group linked to Assemblyman Vito Lopez.

Hiram Chief of Staff

Hiram and Julissa (NY Civic)Group Spent City’s Money, but Has Not Shown How(NYT)




Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez Is Said to Investigated -

Everything on Vito Lopez 

 Assemblyman Vito J. Lopez, a long-serving Brooklyn Democratic leader who is widely viewed as the borough’s patronage king, is at the center of two separate federal investigations, according to several people briefed on the matter. A third inquiry, by the city’s Department of Investigation, those people said, is focused on a network of nonprofit groups controlled by Vito Lopez



 DiNapoli Is Still A One Man Show

This week if the judge is not removed for conflict of interest former Comptroller Alan Hevesi will be moving to his new home in jail.  The current comptroller has refused to give up his sole control of the state's pension funds.  Today the NYT who endorsed DiNapoli for election last year today calls on him to reform his office.  Gov Cuomo last year as he was investigating both Hevesi and DiNapoli proposed and endt o one man control of the state's pension funds, DiNapoli refused and the Gov never endorsed his ticket running mate. Too Much Money for One Man A five-member board should oversee New York State’s pension plan, currently overseen by just the state comptroller.

 At Willets Point the City Closes Businesses to Create Jobs?

 Muddy waters at Willet (DN) The city wants to create jobs in a forlorn section of Queens by shutting down the businesses that have been there for decades. Sound weird? How’s this: The chief lobbyist against using eminent domain on those businesses in Queens also works for a developer using eminent domain on homes in Brooklyn. (NYDN)


Despite his special license plates, his badge and the lights and siren on his car, Bernard Freilich is not a police officer. He's a rabbi paid $100,730 annually as a politically appointed State Police "special assistant," a job he's had since Gov. George Pataki gave him the title in March 1995. (T-U)




Inmates reap rewards of $35M settlement (NYP)

A Dummer  BOE?

Elex jobs easy as A, B . . . D?

Dramatic increase in rape cases

Rape is soaring in the city -- up 34.3 percent so far this year. That's by far the highest increase of any crime in 2011

Kings County Hospital Kills
Kings County Hospital loses another patient just weeks after censure

Four days later he was dead, possibly the victim of medical malpractice. His death came just two weeks after the troubled Brooklyn hospital signed an agreement with the feds to implement sweeping changes to keep its patients safe. (DN) 

Lobbyists join redistricting in N.Y. (Politico)

Dems had their shot for almost  2 years
 Senate Dems plot to force redistricting reform 

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

What are we doing spending $110 billion this year supporting corrupt and unpopular regimes in Afghanistan and Pakistan that are almost identical to the governments we’re applauding the Arab people for overthrowing? The $110 Billion Question (Friedman, NYT)

Irish Boo Bloomberg
No luck from the Irish: Bloomberg booed at St. Patty's Day Parade in Queens * Mayor Bloomberg booed at St. Patrick's Day Parade in Queens for perceived attack on union workers * At 3 Parades in 2 Days, Receptions Vary for Mayor (NYT)

Bloomy's bubble bursts New York City voters finally realize -- there's no there there (NYP)

Daily News Owner Zuckerman Builds Support for Lippman's Limited Cuts

Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman has put order back in the state courts by paring $100M from his budget (DN Ed)


Who is Going to Pay $5 for the NYT For No News and Puff Piece on Rev. Sharpton?

‘The Wake-Up Is a Victory’


The lawsuit claims that residents of public housing complexes, as well as their visitors, are subjected to police aggression and unwarranted trespass stops and arrests. Both stops and arrests have increased substantially between 2004 and 2008, the plaintiffs say. (NYT)  * Drink makers lead $211M lobby gusher

In 2001 $80 million was spent on lobbying in NYS, in 2009 the amount jumped to $198 Million. After Industry Pushback, City Lobbying Fines Drop 93 Percent (CHN)

Why is the Church Picking on the Cuomo's?

Why did the church attacked Gov. Mario Cuomo for his support of abortion rights and gave another catholic pol Rudy Giuliani who shared the former governors pro chooice views a free pass. Catholics back Cuomo in church tiff over girlfriend Sandra Lee (DN)

In Coney Island, Landmark Status for Fire-Eaters’ Showplace (NYT)



 Does EDC Spending Create Jobs?

From 2000 to 2010 New York's spending on economic development tripled and yet private sector employment dipped by 2.1 percent during the same time period. Uncertainty at Empire State Development Corp. Continues(Gotham Gazette) * LMDC is on the chopping block.

Policing in Public Housing Leads City to Pay Some Plaintiffs

Loud Whistles From Bellmen Draw Cabs, and Anger (NYT)

For City’s Transportation Chief, Kudos and Criticism (NYT)

Goldman’s Own Ferries Will Ply the Hudson (NYT)

 Bloomberg Twittered

Twitter Prompts Mayoral Lesson on Magnets Bloomberg's first truly interactive foray into the wild world of Twitter resulted in the chief executive of the nation's largest city falling for an Internet gag. * Unhip mayor falls prey to tweet prank (NYP)


Irving Picard is the Real Sheriff of Wall Street Not Spitzer

Madoff Trustee Takes on Thankless Job Irving Picard has attacked institutions from J.P. Morgan Chase to the New York Mets, and angered some victims of Bernard Madoff in pursuit of the billions lost in the fraud. (WSJ) *

law and Order   Cops capture one-legged cell phone thief (DN) * Counselor charged in kid-sex case (NYP) * Officers Not Charged in Harlem Death (NYT) * Woman in Coma After Parking Fight(WSJ) * Veteran federal judge visits drug gang's NYC turf(WSJ) * Self-Defense Claim in Violent Parking Dispute (WSJ) * Woman beaten because she tried to save parking spot in East Village (DN)Pair that staged diamond heist with Hasidic costumes found guilty (DN) * Serial rape suspect nabbed (NYP) * Cops hunt Qns. sex fiend (NYP) * Parking-space 'coma' thug: I deserve only a wrist slap (NYP) * Frat-ricide at Columbia (NYP) * 'Insane' thinking Castrate slaying 'defense' (NYP) *  Judge blocks bail bond bid by church and Rangel for 'preppy gun moll'(NYP) * Gupta a Raj cohort: US (NYP) * NYPD Looking For Queens Rapist (WCBS TV) * Report: No Officers Indicted In Harlem Shooting (WCBS TV) * Rep. Rangel Causes Stir In Courtroom, Gets Reprimanded By Judge ((WCBS TV) *  Laptop Targeted in Slain Prostitute Probe (WNBC TV) * Plaxico to Be Released from Prison 3 Months Early (WNBC TV)  
*** Sunday Daly: Afrika's crying but not snitching(DN) * A judge made some of the harsher realities plain to Afrika Owes(DN Ed) * Mom of craigslist vic glad pimp is cops' target (DN) * Accused mobster allowed out to coach son's CYO team (DN)* Ex-cop, kin look for justice in 2006 missing landlord case (DN) * Brutal B'klyn bat beating (NYP) * Jay-Z the gunslinger Rap mogul's hard-knock early life as a pistol-toting crack dealer (NYP) *  Bizman sex rap looms New heat on prince's perv pal (NYP) * Parking 'beater' sprung (NYP) * Judge Garaufis' mob ties(NYP Ed) * States Prosecute Fewer Teenagers in Adult Courts (NYT) * Man Is Arrested in String of Rapes on the East Coast (NYT) * Man Killed In Early Morning Shooting In Harlem (WCBS TV) * Cops Release Sketch Of Sexual Predator Terrorizing Queens (WCBS TV) * Police Search For Flushing Rape Suspect (NY1) * So-Called "East Coast Rapist" In Custody (NY1)

Terrorism Protests over King's radicalization of Islam hearings (WABC TV) * * King charged Sunday that New York's Muslim community was failing to cooperate with city cops and the FBI on the terror threat. (NYDN)*  Rep. Peter King accused members of New York’s Muslim community of failing to cooperate with the FBI and police officers on terror threats.*

Thurgood Marshall A transcript of a conversation between President Johnson and Thurgood Marshall bears out a play’s stirring portrayal of the justice’s epic career. (NYT Ed)

Tina Brown On This Week Unveils New Cover Design For Newsweek



News From Blogs, Twitters and Facebook

Times slams Louisiana governor for dubious charity run by wife, ignores Markowitz's use of his own charity to draw corporate donations (No Land Grab) * The Best Deal in the City? UWS Room Rents for $99-a-Week(DNAInfo) * Fight mental illness—close OMH (The Torch) Really big hole in the fence at JFK(Queens Crap/WABC)