Monday, March 7, 2011

Can't Anyone Build A Working Radio System in New York

Radio Contractors Rip Offs Again and Again

After 15 years, radios still don't work for many cops in subways (AM NY)

The Silence of FDNY Radios (2004)

1993 WTC Bombing Radio Problems
While radio communications were modified to address problems discovered after the 1993 World Trade Center bombing, investigations into the radio communications during the September 11th attacks discovered that communication systems and protocols that distinguished each department was hampered by the lack of interoperability, damaged or failed network infrastructure during the attack, and overwhelmed by simultaneous communication between superiors and subordinates.

PA Waste Millions on More Failed Radio Technology . . .    

The NYPD has already assigned 600 police to protect the new WTC.  Since the new 911 system does not communicate with NYPD was the PA trying to keep New York cops out?  Radio problems from 9/11 not fixed, could strike again Despite tens of millions of dollars PA is not following recommendations to install a whole new system, but is instead expanding its antiquated radio infrastructure -- which is being discontinued by the manufacturer and is not compatible with the emergency communications setup of the NYPD and the FDNY, the agency confirmed. (NYP)


True News PM News Update 

Democrats Press Cuomo on Schools and Taxes (NYT) * Albany's most scrutinized scheduling snafu has been put to rest: Cuomo will meet Tuesday w/ Archbishop Dolan & Catholic bishops after all (Thomas Kaplan, NYT Twitter) * Redistricting: "Political theater" says GOP spokesman. [AP] * Staffing Cuomo: A local hire to lead the Empire State Development Corp. [Jeremy Smerd] * Tax the Rich: "Why the letter, dated Wednesday, is sent to Silver and not Cuomo is unclear because Silver has said he will include keeping the tax." [Joe Spector]* President Obama to Resume Guantanamo Bay Trials * New World Trade Center developers scrap plans for Windows on the World-type restaurant (NYP) * The MTA has greatly improved its security through capital improvements and other initiatives, according to state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli.* Eliot Spitzer adds his two cents to the debate over tax cuts for the rich vs. school aid.* A new study suggests NYC’s much-heralded $75 million teacher pay initiative didn’t do much to improve student achievement.* Seniors to descend on the Capitol tommorrow * (NY1)* The GOP responded: “It’s no surprise that Senate Democrats are eager to change the subject from the budget to just about anything else. After all, we’re right in the middle of the budget process and dealing with a $10 billion deficit caused by their overspending, and they can’t even find the time to offer a single solution to help solve the state’s budget crisis." (CapCon)

 Cuomo's War Room In Operation

Cuomo is counterattacking educators' arguments that his proposed spending reductions would decimate schools. His quick responses are intended to keep opponents from gaining any traction and avoid mistakes other governors have made: allowing complaints to build and derail spending plans. (Newsday)


MTA Contract Waste and Hurts Failure of Anti-Terror Plans

Are We Out of Time?

MTA's anti-terror plans off trackThe agency's top-secret program to guard the rails against terror is budget-busted and way behind schedule, according to a scathing new audit by state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli. Overall costs for anti-terror work -- including reinforcing bridges, tunnels and stations as well as electronic-surveillance and fire-ventilation projects -- have jumped 44 percent, from $591 million to $851 million

 LIFO Has Many Lives

NYP Reforms Stuck in Debate

NYT Albany Make LIFO Happen Fast

 Fight over LIFO is so 1940 The fight over teacher job protections known as "last in, first out" stretches back more than 70 years -- when none other than celebrated Mayor Fiorello La Guardia led the anti-LIFO charge. (NYP) * Fairness in Firing Teachers In order to let go of teachers fairly, New York State and the city need adequate evaluation systems. The Legislature must make sure that the scoring system weighs student performance most heavily, so that unfit teachers aren’t allowed to remain on the job by performing well in peripheral areas. Finally, the Legislature must place reasonable limits on the time that teachers can spend appealing unfavorable ratings. (NYT) Times Union editorial: "tossing of the seniority system is absurd on its face."Evaluating New York Teachers, Perhaps the Numbers Do Lie * Arts teachers becoming endangered species * City & UFT in rate debate 6-month rift fuels critics of Andy's evaluation plan (NYP) * LIFO: Michelle Rhee, Joel Klein and others urge Cuomo to fix his legislation. [NYP] * LIFO: "Senate Majority Leader John Sampson voted nay despite the nine schools in his district that could lose at least a fifth of their teachers under Mayor Bloomberg's worst-case scenario." [NYP] * Michael Bloomberg: "We all live in a world where we get judged — or most of us do — judged subjectively." [NYP] * Schools: "City schools are already down 135 arts teachers...Now an additional 356 arts teachers risk pink slips." [Daily News] * Congressional Delegation Gathers at City Hall to Brace for G.O.P. Budget Cuts (NYO)


 Union Triangulation

Support Cuomo Attack Committee to Save NY Which is Running Adds to Support Cuomo

Anti-Committee to Save NY protestors demonstrated outside Kathy Wylde’s house, handing out flyers that branded her a “bad neighbor.” * Unions: "Cuomo's high-profile confrontation last week with Bloomberg over the controversial 'last in, first out' protection for underperforming teachers has significantly boosted the governor's standing with the unions, key labor leaders say." [Fred Dicker] 


Church and Politics: Is Dolan Trying to Box Cuomo In

Dolan To Discuss Budget Cuts In Albany (NY1)

Cuomo called Archbishop Timothy Dolan to insist the fact that he won’t be around to meet with the Catholic leader and his fellow bishops in Albany isn’t a “snub.”  * Catholic leaders will be meeting with Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and GOP Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, but not with Cuomo, who said he is just too busy. “I think it’s a tempest in a teapot,” Archbishop Dolan said. “He called the other day and said, ‘Archbishop, I hope you don’t think this is a snub.’ He said he had to be out of town.” (CBS) 

More Albany * City Room: * Two-Thirds Of Assembly Dems Back Millionaire’s Tax Extension (DN)




Election 2013 

The Fight For Press Attention

Quinn: Some NYC Parades More Discriminatory Against LGBT Than US ...

De Blasio Proposes Alternatives To Teacher Layoffs - NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio was on Good Day New York thi...

Weiner's Campaign Tweets Again (NYO)


What Changes DiNapoli?

Tom DiNapoli On Alan Hevesi: Lock Him Up!

DiNapoli, who served out the remainder of Hevesi’s term before winning a full four-year term in November, said he has made changes to address the problems “to make sure it doesn’t happen again.” But a prison sentence sends a message “that if you even try, that’s what’s going to happen.”

Celeste Kate at the Daily News did not ask the comptroller about the NYT and Gov Cuomo call for ending the practice of the state DiNapoli being the only decision making on pension investments. This is a cheep attempt by Tom to provide a defense in response to Hevesi sentence.  Too Much Money for One Man A five-member board should oversee New York State’s pension plan, currently overseen by just the state comptroller.


Pay to Play Councilwoman Maria del Carmen

Arroyo tried to steer $1 HUD foreclosure to campaign funder



Et tu, Tony?: Sen. Avella opposes Koch Bridge


If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, New York, New York

NYC air-traffic controllers make two times more errors than average(NYP)


Mayor Bloomberg's failed program is 'revolving door' for homeless (DN)

For Bloomberg, Homelessness Becomes A Political Liability Administration retreats from goal of reducing homelessness as record numbers of families seek shelter(CHN, 2010)

At 3 Parades in 2 Days, Receptions Vary for Mayor (NYT) * Crowd Jeers Bloomberg Along Queens Parade Route (NY1) * Mayor Bloomberg insists he got 'warm reception' at St. Patrick's Day parade 

Gays, young Dems turned away from Staten Island St. Pat's parade (DN)

Mayor Bloomberg: rainy day funds may be spared: Mayor Bloomberg yesterday offered new hope to thrifty principal

Public pension funds using dubious court decision to deny taxpayers info about who gets their money (DN Ed)

After A Nuclear Bomb NY Will Still Have Roaches And the Gambino's Building Roads

Feds paving way for cleanup of mob-tied union (DN) U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara's investigators have begun plotting strategies to break the Gambino crime family's 50-year stranglehold on the Pavers and Road Builders District Council, the sources said. *  Gambino crime family quietly made millions building high-rise condos across city * The next time you're stuck in traffic caused by highway construction that appears to involve no actual work, you can thank the Gambino crime family.(Daily News 2005) * FBI mob unit gets unmade (NYP)

Economic Recovery?

Office Rents Dip On Park Avenue(WSJ)

Law and Order  Angry cab driver runs over fares after refusing to go to Bronx (DN) * Police Say Cabby Ran Over 2 Fares (NYT) * Hell hack mows down rider: cops (NYP) *  Untouchable Bronx hitman faces life in jail after '40 murders' (NYP) * Police Force Nearly Halved, Camden Feels Impact (NYT) * Rajaratnam's Biggest Bet Yet  Galleon Founder Set to Testify on Own Behalf; 'Hardest Any Trial' (WSJ) * 25-Year-Old Is Killed Outside Club(WSJ) * EXCLUSIVE: Man accused of bashing woman into coma says 'I wish I just let her hit me' (DN) * Rev. Butts rips 'confused' judge in Afrika Owes case (DN) * Chatty Bronx jurors need to shut up, say judges (DN) * Accused mob hit man's a helluva guy, priest claims (DN) * Parking thug: 'She hit me, I hit her back' (NYP) * Roof robber grounded (NYP) * Untouchable Bronx hitman faces life in jail after '40 murders' (NYP) * DA evidentiary error annoys judge, delays trial for two Manhattan cops accused of on-duty rape (NYP) * * Parking spot brute indicted on felony assault that left woman in coma (NYP)

King Vs Terror Vs Protesters

King said: “The threat is coming from the Muslim community, the radicalization attempts are directed at the Muslim community. Why should I investigate other communities?”

King Fuels the Debate Over Terrorism(WSJ)White House Seeks to Allay Muslims’ Fears on Terror Hearings (NYT) * White House promotes Muslim help against terrorism(WSJ) * Rep. Pete King's Muslim hearings ripped as witch hunt (DN) * City Groups Rally Ahead Of U.S. Muslim Hearings (NY1) * Rep. Pete King Unswayed By Protests Against Hearings On Radicalization Of U.S. Muslims (DN)* NY Congressional Delegation Concerned About King's Radicalization Hearings


Shocking 9/11 Footage Shot From Helicopter Leaked Online (Video)



Media and New Tech   Confusion Reigns Over The New York Times Paywall (Fishbowl) * TV's Tuning In to You Data-gathering firms and technology companies are matching people's TV-viewing behavior with other personal data and using it to help advertisers buy targeted ads. (WSJ) * Media: "Since August…Beck has lost over a third of his audience on Fox." [David Carr] * YouTube Makes Acquisition to Move Beyond Home Videos (NYT)

U.S. Senate Santa
WSJ: Ousted House Dems gave staffers millions in extra pay..