Friday, March 4, 2011

Cuomo: Bloomberg Does Not Understand the Legislative Dance

Cuomo Brings News Steps to Albany

Gov. Cuomo and Mayor Bloomberg walked back from Armageddon on Thursday in their battle over the law governing teacher layoffs. After two days of sniping, the two were practically fawning over each other - from a distance - with Cuomo even joking about Hizzoner's barbs.

He not only stopped the press esp the NYP and Daily News from pushing for LIFO his supporters on the Committee to Save NY were able to ads on TV this morning asking New Yorkers to support Cuomo in his effort to change bad Albany. The Post called it an “olive branch.”  So the only news we got this morning are stories in both the NYP and Daily News describing a cease fire between Cuomo and Bloomberg on LIFO.   Andy throws Mike a timely LIFO line (NYP) * Detente? Mayor Bloomberg, Gov. Cuomo lay off sniping on teacher layoffs * Committee To Save NY Back On The Airways, Featuring McCall (YNN) * On Air: The Committee To Save New York(DN)

“‘I understand where the mayor wants to go and I’m committed
to helping him,’ Cuomo said. ‘I have known the mayor a long
time and I consider him a personal friend.’” -Cuomo

 Duncan Supports Bloomberg

Bloomberg team got the White House Signals Opposition to 'Last In, First Out' (WSJ). Gov. Cuomo said the state's last in, first out law is "not the best way to do layoffs" when it comes to the city's education system and he wants to help Mayor Bloomberg, a fierce opponent of the law. But the governor isn't in any rush. (WNYC) * Cuomo says he, Bloomberg working on teacher issue (WOR) *  For Staten Island's educators, waiting for the ax to fall is the hardest part (SI Advance)  * Christie Wants to Grade the Teachers(WSJ) * Bloomberg: Can't See Albany Finding Enough Money to 'Make a Difference' (NYO)

True News PM News Update

Dissonant Dems Rail Against Cuomo's Cuts - A combination of Governor Andrew Cuomo's sky-high public approval ratings... * Mayor Bloomberg defends DOT commissioner on 34th Street plan (NYP) Bloomberg: Stop Ganging Up On My DOT Commissioner! (CHN) *Espada Goes To Trial Sept. 12 (YNN) * Private hiring drives growth as jobless rate falls to 8.9 percent (Wash Post) * Bloomberg, Cuomo Mull 'Short Term' Strategy for Teachers  (WNYC)* Boehner to Defend Gay Marriage Ban (The Daily Beast) * Mayor: City Agencies May Need Another $600 Million In Cuts (NY1) * New York Redistricting: All for Reform, and Reform for None (WNYC) * Some NYC school cafeteria offerings don’t meet the city’s own bake sale rules.



The Bloomberg Bubble Bursts (Commentary)


When I become mayor, you know what I’m going  to spend my first year doing? I’m going to have a bunch of ribbon-cuttings tearing out your [expletive] bike lanes. 
                   Congressman Weiner, NYT

Winners & Losers, March 4 Edition (CHN)

Cuomo's Holly Payback

Mayor Bloomberg isn't the only person getting snubbed by Gov. Cuomo these days: Cuomo's office told the state's Catholic Conference this week that the governor would not have the time to meet with Archbishop Timothy Dolan and other bishops when they travel to Albany next week for their annual conference. (NYDN)


City's Computer Consultants From CityTime, 911 to DOE Eat Money

Education Dept. plans to spend $52M on computer contractors as it lays off 4,600 teachers (DN) * Gonzalez: Mayor gives in to Controller Liu on call-center Bloomberg has yielded to John Liu's demand that city rein in skyrocketing cost of its 911 system modernization. (DN) * Hardhat firm cheated employees and should be banned from government contracts for three years: feds (DN)


Black Grabs Principals Nuts

"Tweed Undercuts Principals By Grabbing Half Their Nuts" (NY Civic) * Backlash builds over Black's rainy day fund raiding (DN)



Weakening Reforms: Lobbyists and Elected Officials to Eat and Drink Together Again

Lavish lobby bashes back in style, according to new state ethics reform package(DN) An ethics reform package taking shape at the State Capitol would permit lobbyists to again hold lavish legislative bashes.   The plan would also make it easier for lawmakers to accept a drink - or even a cheap meal - from lobbyists. * Return of lavish lobby parties might be included in new ethics bill. * And Speaking Of Lobbying...


A Record Breaking Year For Lobbying (YNN)

 According to Commission on Public Integrity records, a recording-breaking $210,664,067 was spent on lobbying in New York in 2010. That represents an increase of $197.8 million (6.5%) over 2009.




 Ex-NY state Democratic leader Espada due in court  (CBS Albany)

Ex-Senate leader Pedro Espada Jr. due in court (NYP) * Espada Goes To Trial Sept. 12

 What does the NY Congressional Delegation Do?
Feds Selling Property that City Planned for Job Development

Feds Selling Waterfront Property: “even though the city is on the cusp of a deal that would turn it into a major economic-development project.” (NY Post)

An Empty Feeling 

Shiny Blight Accidental monuments to fizzier times

An empty storefront is a bummer, especially when it sits for months, depleting the block of its vibrancy. “It doesn’t continue to provide the kind of animated street life that most people like about cities,” says urban planner Ethel Sheffer. Vacancies in older buildings have that effect, but when they’re found in new developments, the feeling is perhaps even more pronounced... (NY Magazine)

Bloomberg Uses Seniors As Pawns in His Budget Battle With the State

100 centers will not close.  The mayor just wants to put pressure on Albany by threatening cuts with the group that votes the most

Albany Budget Cuts Imperil Senior Centers, City Warns (NYT) * Senior Centers May Face Ax -105 Centers (WSJ) * City unveils senior-center hit list - 105 to close by month's end (DN) * State Cuts May Close About A Third Of City's Senior Centers (DN)


#AskMike Anything on Twitter

Debuting today on Michael Bloomberg's radio show this morning was a new feature that will allow anyone - anyone! - to ask the mayor a question. * Mayor Bloomberg Unveils Twitter Hashtag: #AskMike (Village Voice) * Tweets Ask Mayor About Magnets, Etc. * Mayor Bloomberg answers your toughest questions, like 'What is steak sauce?'

Hevesi's Lawyers Find Judicial Conflict 

Hevesi judge tangled in lawyer's family biz The judge overseeing Alan Hevesi's conflict of interest case may have a major conflict of his own. (DN)

98% of NYC Teachers Gain Tenure Yet Students Entering CUNY Can't Read

CUNY Adjusts Amid Tide of Remedial Students (NYT)

Wall Street and the Banks Killed Middle Class Housing
As Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac shut down, interest rates will rise for most borrowers,urban a residents will see sharper increases in housing prices. Without Loan Giants, 30-Year Mortgage May Fade Away * Foreclosure Follies If House Republicans shut down antiforeclosure programs, all Americans will pay the price (NYT Ed) * Banks Face More Loan Writedowns U.S. banks received a 27-page proposal from state attorneys general and several federal agencies that could require them to reduce loan balances of troubled borrowers. (WSJ)

Mets Owners Threatened With More Charges The owners of the New York Mets, who face a $1 billion lawsuit related to withdrawals they made from Bernard Madoff's investment firm, are expected to face additional allegations if they fail to reach a settlement. Irving Picard, the trustee seeking to recover money for Madoff investors, filed a lawsuit against the Mets' owners, Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz, and their associates in December, alleging they knew or should have known about the fraud at the firm over their decades-long relationship with Mr. Madoff. Mr. Picard is seeking nearly $300 million in false profits he says the team owners and their associates withdrew before Mr. Madoff's scheme collapsed, plus $700 million in principal. (WSJ) * Ex-Gov. Mario Cuomo Mediates Mets, Madoff Case (WCBS TV)


True News' Page 6 Debut

The Three C's Sell Papers: Crime Comics and . . .

Plaza Hotel porn star Capri Anderson has some parenting tips for Charlie Sheen (DN) * Mike Huckabee rips Natalie Portman as bad role model for having baby 'out of wedlock' (DN) * Yep, he's a winner! Charlie Sheen's Twitter antics land him a Guinness world record (DN) * Lawyers back in court over Edwards-Rielle sex tape (DN)


Fines Close Businesses 

NYC supermarkets hit with thousands in fines (NYP)




Russian Immigrant Convicted in Identity-Theft Scheme (NYT) * Motivational Speaker’s Killer Convicted of Murder (NYT) * An Angry Man Is Met by a Smart, Experienced Police Team (NYT) * Newly Free, Man Recalls Encounter With Police (NYT) * A Queens Woman Is Accused of Murdering Her Ailing Son (NYT) * Mom Charged With Killing Disabled Son(WSJ) * Court date for Portuguese man in NYC hotel slaying(WSJ) * Guilty Verdict in Killing of Motivational Speaker(WSJ) * Man Found Guilty Of Killing Motivational Speaker (NY1) * Before Long Island Shootout, Gunman Was Visited by Police(WSJ) * Queens Woman Charged In Stabbing Death Of Son (NY1) * Emotional vigil for woman slain by boyfriend's sister over diaper cash (DN) * Louse robs Qns. church (NYP) * Sketch released in Bay Ridge sex assaults (WABC) Religious items stolen from Queens church (WABC) * Cops seize haul during drug bust behind Staten Island motel (SI Advnce) * Woman knocked into coma in fight for space (NYP) * Mob rat: keep me in prison Fears hit if freed now (NYP) * Officers Not Charged in Harlem Death (NYT) * Jury: No Officers Indicted In Angel Alvarez Shooting (Huff Post) * Diamond District jewelers found guilty in 'Snatch' heist (NYP)Beleaguered Rep. Rangel supports busted prep schooler Afrika Owes (DN) *  Editorial: What Owes is owed (DN Ed)* * Police Officers Involved With Harlem Shooting Are Not Charged (NY1)


 Politically Correct Park Slope Not

About that Park Slope Petition: “It was provocative stuff, especially for a famously liberal and oft-mocked Brooklyn enclave. Except it might not be true.” (Wall Street Journal)





Terrorism   Would-be subway bomber: No one loves Bin Laden more than me! (DN)Terror Suspects in New Jersey Plead Guilty (NYT) * Reputed Arms Trafficker Complains About Jail Diet (NYT)





Wall Street Insider Trading Martha Stewart Was Not Alone

From the Top If new S.E.C. charges are true, insider trading may be rampant, from relatively low rungs to the top. (NYT Ed) * Four time bombs that will blow up Wall Street (WSJ)

Feds Gave Blankfein An Offer He Could Not Refuse - Testify or  . . . Blankfein Agrees to Testify at Insider Trial Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd C. Blankfein has agreed to testify for the U.S. government at the coming trial of Raj Rajaratnam, the hedge-fund titan facing insider-trading charges. (WSJ)


Jon Stewart Nails Fox News Hypocrisy On Teachers Vs. Wall Street Pay Levels (VIDEO)


 Steinbrenner and Wikileaks


Wikileaks Cable Compares Ahmadinejad To Steinbrenner (WCBS)