Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Triangulation: UFT Attacks Bloomberg on TV for State Cutbacks, Ignores Cuomo

LIFO and Pension Reform Unclear

Yesterday Dicker in the NYP  "Cuomo's high-profile confrontation last week with Bloomberg over the controversial 'last in, first out' protection for underperforming teachers has significantly boosted the governor's standing with the unions, key labor leaders say."By bashing Bloomberg the unions are giving Cuomo time to work our a budget deal with the other two men in the room. By bashing the mayor they are also showing their members they are doing something which is important to them staying in their union positions if they members are hit with serious cuts.  * Cuomo Hits The Airwaves (YNN) * (WNYC)*

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Cuomo Cultivates His Media Messenger(Gotham Gazette)

Dumb Down Local News $$$

Meanwhile the local TV stations which have the weak and poorest news operations are making out like bandits with all the anti Bloomberg and change LIFO ads. UFT Wants Bloomberg To 'Listen to Us' - The UFT has launched another TV ad attacking Mayor Bloomberg, this time over...  * LIFO Ad War Joined (YNN)
*Education There's nothing to fear from national school standards -- and everything to gain (DN) * City's First Arab-Language School Set For Changes (NY1) * The NYC Department of Education has revised its surplus funds approach, requiring principals to give back 30 percent, instead of 50 percent, of their rainy day cash.* City Eyes New Tactic for Failing Schools: The Turnaround (NYT)



 Has Cuomo Defeated Albany Already?

Democrats Press Cuomo on Schools and Taxes (NYT) * State Democrats rebel against Gov. Cuomo's school cuts (DN) * Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver reaffirmed his support for the millionaire’s tax after receiving a letter signed by two-thirds of his conference members urging him to push the issue with Cuomo.* Silver: We have ‘virtual agreement’ w/Cuomo on ethics (TU) * Virtual Agreement' (NYO) * MRT Ethics Complaint Filed (YNN) * Charlie King: Pro-Cuomo Ads Won't Bring Democratic Party Rift (YNN) * Samuels To Target Two GOP Senators On Redistricting (YNN) * Nurses Launch Ad Campaign Against MRT Report (YNN) * (DN)* Cuomo Admin: MRT Ethics Complaint An ‘Absurd Stunt’ (YNN)


 Education Pickpocket Caught

DOE Revises Budget Surplus Policy (NY1) * City Agrees to Take Less of School Principals’ Budget Savings (NYT)

Church and Cuomo Do Meet

A Cuomo Schedule Conflict Draws Scrutiny (NYT) * Cuomo not too busy to meet bishops anymore (DN)* A.M. Roundup: (TU)* Archbishop Dolan joins Catholics at the Capitol for lobby day: New York Archbishop Timothy Dolan and many of the...  * Nothing Private Broached At Bishops-Gov Meeting (YNN) *



Cuomo's War Room In Operation

Cuomo is counterattacking educators' arguments that his proposed spending reductions would decimate schools. His quick responses are intended to keep opponents from gaining any traction and avoid mistakes other governors have made: allowing complaints to build and derail spending plans. (Newsday)



Easier to kill A Vampires Than Close A Government Agency

LMDC: Time to go(NYP Ed) 'We've completed our mission," the head of the Lower Manhattan Development Corp. said, as he announced plans to "sunset" the agency within a few months. Trouble is, that was in 2006. Five years later, the LMDC is still  sunsetting -- and wasting $3 million a year on salaries (NYP) * Business Subsidies: End them in NY, especially the one in Saratoga Springs. 


Judge ripping Indy Party to shreds for not tracking Bloomberg's $1.1M “donation” that went to John Haggerty: “Doesn't smell right.” (Twitter) * Judge: Independence Party "Betrayed" Members By Not Minding The Store (DN) * Independence Party in hot water over aide's use of $1.2M Mayor Bloomberg donation to buy house (DN)

 More on Bloomberg $750,000 to Haggerty

New York Corrupt Political Parties(True News)


NY Tax Collector Heads to NJ

State Tax Probe Expands  New Jersey Man Who Bought Staten Island Home for Parents Could Owe New York (WSJ)

Less Cops = More Dead Canaries 
"Robberies are up citywide. Parks are like the canary in the mine. They are the first to feel the danger," said Peter Vallone, who chairs the Public Safety Committee. Crime spiked almost 25 percent in city parks last year.  NYPD's thinning ranks blamed  Parks get 'greener' for thieves (NYP) *  Dozens of birds found dead or dazed in Gramercy Park (DN)

Times Square Hotels and Business Outraged 

NYC Thanksgiving Day Parade to change its route(WSJ) * Macy’s Parade to Bypass Times Square in 2012 (NYT) * Thanksgiving Day Parade Gets New Route (WCBS TV) * New Route For Thanksgiving Day Parade (Fox 5)* Businesses in Times Square are vowing to fight a decision to move the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade to Sixth Avenue in 2012 — and they are planning a press conference tomorrow to discuss the issues. (Crain's)

Lawsuit Seeks to Erase Bike Lane in New York City

The lawsuit, filed by a group with close ties to Iris Weinshall, the city’s transportation commissioner from 2000 to 2007 and the wife of Senator Charles E. Schumer against a bike path built on Prospect Park West in Brooklyn.* Foes of controversial Brooklyn bike path file suit to shut lane (DN) * Brooklynites Sue City Over Prospect Park West Bike Lane (NY1) * David Paterson on re-adjusting: "I was never really afraid of the cars. I was afraid of being hit by a bicycle."


Gridlock City The New York-New Jersey metro area has been deemed the second most congested in the U.S. - and the slow-speed gap with smogged-and-clogged L.A. is narrowing. (DN) * NYC is on track to surpass LA as the gridlock capital of the nation.* Gridlock In City Poised To Become Worst In Country

Redlining Again?

Council Seeks to Rank Banks on Community Involvement(WSJ)

New York banking and insurance industry executives criticized new fines proposed in Cuomo’s plan to merge two state regulatory agencies and a watchdog group.

Controversial 'living wage' bill to get hearing in April, says City Council Speaker Christine Quinn (DN)


The TU thinks having a well-paid rabbi on staff at the State Police sends the wrong message at a time of fiscal crisis and suggests reducing his $100,000+ salary to $1.

Norman Seabrook, corrections officer union president, sues worker over website bashing him (DN)

Law and Order  Hizzoner steps in horse snit (NYP)

Foul-up for cop trial Rape case delayed over DA's blunder * 'Sorry' brute indicted in car-space attack (NYT) * Crime-lab 'DWI' tossed (NYP) * DA: 'Hit-run' cabby tried to save $30 (NYP) * Diplo 'thief' freed (NYP) * Tapes Show Beatings by Youths in Prisons (NYT) * Rape Trial for 2 Police Officers Is Delayed as Prosecutor Seeks Another Grand Jury (NYT) * Galleon Judge Carries Tough Rep(WSJ) * Court date for man in designer's NYC hotel death(WSJ) * Cabbie who ran down fare had previous run-in with client: sources (DN) * Cab Driver Charged With Allegedly Running Over Passengers (NY1) * Authorities Investigate Two Sexual Assaults During St. Patrick's Day Parade (WNBC TV) * Rapper Prodigy home after more than 3 years in prison(DN) * Woman nabbed at JFK with nearly $170,000 hidden in her underwear (DN) * Woman robbed, sexually assaulted in elevator (WABC TV) * Serial rapist who terrorized Staten Island in 1987 is denied parole for 7th time (SI Advance) * Authorities Investigate Two Sexual Assaults During St. Patrick's Day Parade (WNBC) * Designer's parents in town to face 'killer' (NYP) * *Former radio host abused 2 girls: Manhattan ADA (NYP)   * One Dead In Brooklyn Barbershop Shooting * Correction officer involved in deadly shooting (WABC)* Videos show detained juveniles attacking staff (WABC) * Crime In Central Park Jumped 50 Percent In 2010 (WCBS)


Violent Footage: From inside four state prisons.

 Official Resigns After Misusing City Letterhead A top official at the New York City Housing Authority resigned Monday after he used agency letterhead to ask a Florida judge for leniency for a family friend facing a long sentence for distribution of child pornography. (WSJ) * Housing honcho out after writing letter on behalf of man facing porn charges (DN)


To King: Drop Dead Your Hearing

1. Peter King’s Obsession The House Homeland Security Committee’s hearings on American Muslims seem to be more about stoking fear than healing ethnic misunderstanding.  (NYT Ed)

2.Daly: Let relatives of slain Muslim soldiers speak at Rep. King hearings (DN) 

3. Muslims as mum with security tips as any other group, say feds (DN)

4.Cohen: King's hearings, fuel for bigots (DN Op Ed) * Flailing After Muslims This week’s scheduled hearing into the Muslim community is an affront to America’s most precious ideals. (Herbert, NYT) 


 A A Reminder

Stunning 9/11 horror video (NYP) * New 9/11 Video Emerges, Nearly 10 Years Later (WSJ)



 Never Again

Plans to build new Windows on the World at Freedom Tower are scrapped  *Plans Scrapped For Eatery Atop Ground Zero Tower (WCBS TV)