Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Bloomberg uses his billions to buy influence and the media

Bloomberg Shares Out of Touch Disconnected
Spotlight with Sheen and Kadafi

Yesterday the mayor said  "What a shame it would be if we walked away because we're afraid of a bad story."  He said he was thrilled with the scandal scared CityTime contract that has not only resulted in federal indictments, but has been constantly late and over budgeted for years. Surprise! Mayor Bloomberg is thrilled with CityTime. It would have been a better article if the reporter interview Comptroller John Liu and ask him if he was thrilled with the CityTime Contract.

True News PM News Update
News Since the Morning Papers

Of NYPIRG And NYTLA (YNN) * Superintendents Feel Sandbagged (YNN) * Paterson Sides With Skelos On Redistricting (YNN) * Mayor Bloomberg to allow San Gennaro festival to run full length (NYP) * SEC charges ex-Goldman Sachs director Rajat Gupta with insider trading (NYP) * Silver, Gottfried Declare Support for Medicaid Redesign (NYO) * Airplane Mag Disses WSJ Report on Bloomberg's Jets (NYO) * Cuomo Spokesman on Former Cuomo Aide: 'Mouthpiece for Trial Lawyers' (NYO) *Just In: Cuomo Enters Albany Fray Over Teacher Layoff Policy *Is Affordable Housing Gentrifying Brooklyn? (NYO) * NY Senate Votes That Your Old Horrible Teacher Should Be Fired (Village Voice) The NYC-only bill passed the Senate 33-27, with two Democrats – Jeff Klein and Dave Valesky – joining 31 Republicans in voting “yes.” * Charles Barron vs. his former NYC Council colleague, NYC Public Advocate Bill de Blasio * Former Sen. Chirs Dodd is chairman of the Motion Picture Association.* Mayor Bloomberg To Gov. Cuomo On LIFO End Run: Seriously... What The hElmo, Man? (DN) * Mike Bloomberg Brags CityTime ahead of sched! Drug Test him! CityTime Tax Payer's Titanic! * Assembly Will Push to Keep Tax Increase on High Earners, Defying Cuomo’s Wishes  *Lawyer pleads guilty to lying to feds in corruption probe of state Sen. Carl Kruger (NYT)

Thoughts of Mayor Mike
The Opinionator Builds His Force
Bloomberg is hiring journalist to distill his unique brand of political philosophy and disseminate it around the globe for an annual salary of close to $500,000.Bloomberg believes philanthropy, even on the sky-is-the-limit scale that he is planning, will not be enough to make him a potent force in national and international affairs. He is counting on journalism to allow him to maintain, and perhaps even deepen, his influence, long after the 24-hour spotlight of public office recedes. * Bloomberg's Future: No White House run likely, adjusting to life as "policy-shaping publisher." [NY Times]

High Noon in Albany on Teacher Layoffs

Unions Pushing Hard, Counting on Assembly to Block LIFO

NY union's Wis.-teria Blasts tactics to kill LIFO as pols eye vote (NYP) *  Gov. Cuomo must use his budget power to spare schools the ravages of seniority-based teacher layoffs (DN Ed)UFT President Slams Layoff List (NY1)  

Principals union rips Bloomberg for 'scare tactics' The union head blasted the mayor for "playing games with our children" by threatening to lay off 4,600 teachers. (DN) *  The school's great but cuts loom The tears came aboard the B42 bus from 8-year-old Rayyana Jones, when her mom told her that two-thirds of her school's teachers might be laid off. (DN) * * In spite of an outcry by organized labor, the Senate Education Committee is expected to pass Sen. John Flanagan’s bill to essentially do away with LIFO. The legislation has a good shot of making it to the floor for a full-house vote, and Mayor Bloomberg is coming to town to lobby for it.* Silver, Libous, DiNapoli To Address AFSCME (YNN)

"Borrowing a page from New Jersey Governor Chris Christie's playbook…" [WSJ]  Cuomo Seeks to Cap Pay for School Superintendents (NYT) * Cuomo Urges Cap on School Chief Pay (WSJ) A School Gets a Second Chance  City Backs Off Plan to Replace Troubled P.S. 114; Senator Sampson Gets Involved (WSJ) * DOE To Keep Brooklyn's PS 114 Open (NY1)For Schools, Free Art Supplies, and Much More (NYT)


True News Wags the Tail On the NYT Again

Yesterdays True News

Buzz: Lawyers Opposes Medicaid Cuts  . . .  What Will Silver Do? (Treu News)

Today's NY Times

Lawyers Attack Part of Medicaid Panel's Plan (NYT)

Hammond: w/ Medicaid redesign, "Cuomo does more to advance...tort reform in this state than any governor * Tort reform 'non-starter,' warns Gottfried


'Millionaires tax' brake Surcharge on rich ending, Silver admits (NYP)

More Albany T-minus one month until the budget deadline. The Mandate Relief Team is scheduled to release its much-anticipated (and rather mysterious) report. * Local Democrats had the temerity to question Cuomo’s progressive chops and got verbally slammed by state Democratic Party Executive Director Charlie King.* About that dissent letter…(TU) * Disagreement vs. Attack (YNN)


Albany's GOP More Equal Than Democrats

 What fiscal crisis? State GOPers add payroll The fiscal crisis hasn't stopped Republicans from boosting their payroll by $1.3M since start of 2011. (DN)




State Senator Stewart-Cousins True News' Bum of the Day

 Elected in 2007 the senator has voted on three budgets that caused the state economic melt down. 

Mandate Relief: "you can't resolve issues that have developed over decades in a matter of months," said State Senator Stewart-Cousins. [Times Union]


Press Readies Koch for More Closeups Again

 Despite the fact that his group did not throw out one of his Albany bums in last year election and that when he was mayor the city had it largest municipal scandal Koch for the media has become the symbol of reform. Koch blows this opportunity by limiting his reform attack on redistricting.  Although yesterday we noticed that the former mayor also is on board calling for public funding of all Albany campaigns.  What really is need is an entire package of reforms that change the petitioning process that knocks challengers off the ballot or uses up their limited campaign resources.  If Koch and the press stick to the once shot approach of redistricting they will lose.  Senator Schumer and Congressman Reagel are already publicly against it and every incumbent is waiting in Albany waiting to kill the independent redistricting bill.  Even those who support it for political reasons. Koch Plans to Make Redistricting Personal (NYT)Expect a Call From Former Mayor Koch (NY Magazine) * Koch: Senate Republicans Backing Off Redistricting Campaign Pledge


A new poll asked 266 Queens business leaders about renaming the Queensboro Bridge for former Mayor Ed Koch - and by more than a 2-1 ratio, they said fugheddaboutit. While almost 28% of those in the Queens Chamber of Commerce poll agreed with the response "I'm okay with it," 70% agreed with "I have a problem with that." (NYDN)



Goodbye Alan Hevesi

EXCLUSIVE: Prosecutors to throw book at Alan Hevesi The state will seek maximum prison time for disgraced ex-Controller Alan Hevesi, the News has learned. Hevesi, 71, is facing up to four years behind bars when he's sentenced next week in Manhattan for his role in a massive pension fund pay-to-play scandal. (DN) * Cuomo’s much-heralded effort to address the mortgage crisis when he was AG came too late to make much of a difference.

True News Highlights of Hevesi Pension Scandal

Obstetrician Insurance Crisis Now Could Close A Hospital

Bronx-Lebanon Obstetricians Face Malpractice Insurance Cutoff  The cutoff could force surrounding hospitals in the South Bronx to absorb hundreds, and perhaps thousands, of baby deliveries a year. (NYT)


PCB School Crisis Over?

Does the fact that the city agreed to fix the lights over 10 years stop the toxic air in the effected schools? EPA Suspends School PCB Inspections(WSJ)



 Gas Up the Cab . . .  Congress Forgets the Problems in the Middle East

Red light for eco-taxi bid (NYP) * Taxi triumph(NYP) * City’s Lengthy Push for Hybrid-Engine Taxicabs Hits a Legal Dead End (NYT) * Mayor's Fuel Efficiency Plan for Taxis Is Killed(WSJ)



NYT Gives Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island and the Bronx the Finger

When calling a cab "does the index finger point as if at Superman, or do the fingers flutter in air, waving an invisible hanky?" (NYT Ed)

Someone Should Tell the NYT That the Problems With Taxis is Not the Riders Fingers but the Fact That Cabs Don't Travel to 4 of the 5 Boroughs.  The 4 boroughs are the ones that NYT editorials writes do not live in.  Taxi!!?? Hailing a cab in New York City isn’t so simple.?

 Get Ready for More Dirty Subways, Stations and Buses

Next stop may be layoffs, MTA Chairman Jay Walder says (DN) * MTA Ready To Meet State's Fiscal Challenges, Officials Say (NY1) * “I don’t foresee a plan in any time frame in which you can phase out the payroll tax,” MTA Chairman Jay Walder told state lawmakers, who were decidedly unhappy to hear that.* Walder said he hasn’t had any conversations with Cuomo administration officials about funding for the MTA’s capital plan

Parade: Dems asked St. Pat's Parade organizers to bar Tea Party. [SI Advance]

Pol has really bad day Thieves hit HQ, car (NYP)

De$perate Mets in new relief pitch  Team's hand out for another huge loan.  Total Debt 1.66 Billion (NYP)





Beep blasts 34th St. plan Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer yesterday ripped the city's plan to restrict traffic on 34th Street, saying the roadway is already so congested that "when a human walks faster than a city bus, you know you've got a traffic problem." (NYP)

Do we still have a NY and NJ Congressional Delegation?

Port Authority Faces Antiterrorism $22M Cut(WSJ)

 We do know Congressman Weiner wants to get rid of a statue

Sen. Chuck Schumer A Statesman, Rep. Anthony Weiner A Clown

Law and Order

NYPD Hunts For Bay Ridge Sex Attack Suspect

LI cop in cabby shoot (NYP) * 'Sex' 'fess mess Defense tactic as cops' rape trial looms (NYP) * Taped Statement Admissible at Police Officers’ Rape Trial (NYT)  * Staten Island slay suspect claims victim made unwanted sexual advance (DN) * Convicted 'Law & Order' stalker vows suicide if he is jailed* Bingo hall scammers plead guilty - agree never to play again (DN) * Drinking buddy held in choking death of Staten Island grandfather (DN) * Hero who helped stop murderous knife-wielding maniac back at work (DN) * Search Is On For Suspect In Bay Ridge Attacks Video: Cops hunt pair in Subway robbery (DN) *22-year-old woman stabbed and killed in Brooklyn housing project (NYP) * Anti-gay pastor busted for touching himself in public park  * Vinny 'Gorgeous' Basciano borrows tie from judge in Brooklyn court (NYP) * Brooklyn woman kills brother's girlfriend over $20 following Facebook fight (NYP) * Brooklyn man tries to yank guilty plea to avoid jail (NYP) Kayla Henriques confesses to fatal stab of Kamisha Richards in fight over diaper money: cop sources (DN) * 13-year-old drug dealer sentenced to year probation (DN) *Jury finds defendant not-guilty in 'Godfather' trial (NYP)


Media and New Tech  

Frank Rich Joins New York Magazine

Random House agrees to e-sale model Apple requires(WSJ) * Jon Stewart Mocks CNN For Allegedly Airing YouTube Clips Instead Of Hard News (Mediaite) * Comcast-NBC Merger Opens Door For More Online TV (Huff Post)


"We pretend that, somehow, 22-yr-olds are more valuable than their 80-something counterparts" Wash Post

The Daily Show Is Now The Most Watched Late Night Show Amongst Young Folks




Study Finds Billions in Government Bloat A government study found duplicative programs that cost taxpayers billions of dollars each year, including 15 different agencies overseeing food-safety laws, 20 programs to help the homeless and 80 for economic development. (WSJ)

Why nobody went to jail The truth of the 2008 collapse Charles Gasparino revisits Spitzer’s AG tenure and finds it lacking. (NYP)