Monday, February 28, 2011

Buget Cuts Without Cuts

Lobbyists Confused

Cuomo’s Budget Strategy, Getting Adversaries to Suggest Cuts, Is Paying Off By omitting specific cuts from his budget proposal, and leaving the details to committees, the governor has turned likely enemies into partners. (NYT)



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Supreme Court Not Taking Up City's Hybrid Taxi Case: The Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal by city * Out of Albany, Ravitch Is Writing Memoir (NYT) * When 9/11 Memorial Opens, What About the Tour Buses? (NYT) * AFL-CIO's Denis Hughes Trashes John Flanagan Teacher Seniority Bill (DN) * Redesigning Medicaid: Cuomo's plan to cap malpractice lawsuits may lead to a lawsuit. [Cityroom] * Biz leaders oppose renaming Queensboro Bridge: poll (DN)


Heavyweight Redistricting Fight

Koch on Schumer: 'Dead Wrong'When it comes to redistricting. Schumer says Democrats Would Lose 3 Seat With Independent Redistricting

Buzz: Lawyers Opposes Medicaid Cuts  . . .  What Will Silver Do?

What will Speaker Silver the Lawyers protector Do Since much of the Medicaid Proposed Cuts Come from the limiting of lawsuits?Gov. Cuomo's Medicaid panel came up with a wow of a plan to get health program's costs under control (DN Ed)  * City hosps on life support Gov. Cuomo's prognosis for the city's cash-strapped hospitals is poor. His new Medicaid-reduction package is preparing for even more downsizing and more facility closures, on top of St. Vincent's in Greenwich Village and North General in Harlem, which were shuttered last year * A Medicaid miracle?New York has few budget-busters as big as Medicaid, the health-care program for the "poor" that now covers one-fifth of all state residents at costs that have grown by fully 80 percent over the past decade -- to a staggering $1 billion per week. * Cuomo aims to cap school bosses' pay  * The gasping golden goose (NYP Ed) * A.M. Roundup: Shelly doesn’t see millionaires tax (TU)* It’s a very different political climate, after all. (Newsday)  * 'Millionaires tax' brake  The speaker also said he’ll seek changes to the Medicaid redesign team’s plan – including to medical malpractice. (NYP)  *City hosps on life support (NYP) * Criticizing Cuomo: "Cuomo is determined to make a national name for himself as a fiscal conservative," says Juan Gonzalez.* From Adversaries To Advocates (Updated) (YNN)* Business groups are hammering Cuomo for breaking his “no new taxes” pledge with the Medicaid redesign team’s cost-cutting plan *Cuomo aims to cap school bosses’ pay(NYP) * Superintendents: Cuomo Salary Cap Plan ‘A Distraction’ (YNN) * Cuomo Pressured From The Left (YNN) * Indy Dems’ Medicaid Reform Plan (YNN)


Cuomo: Buying Budget Piece

People “with knowledge of the governor’s thinking” told the Times he considered only GNYHA and SEIU 1199 the only constituencies with sufficient resources to turn the public against his budget, and now it appears he has successfully neutralized them.


Albany pols fear getting on Gov. Andrew Cuomo's dark side(DN)

Who's Criticizing Cuomo? (NYO)



Take a Bite of Reform For Cuomo

Cuomo plans to break up his ethics reform plan into smaller, and potentially more digestible (for state lawmakers), pieces. 






As Unions Attack Bloomberg on TV for Cutting Teachers Bloomberg Supports Unions

Limit Pay, Not Unions By MICHAEL R. BLOOMBERG (NYT)

"We should no more try to take away the right of individuals to collectively bargain than we should try to take away the right to a secret ballot." - Bloomberg 

Bloomy to push repeal of last-in, first-out teacher policy (DN) * E.J. McMahon argues that challenges to New York’s public employees will be oblique, on different fronts. (NYP) * AFL-CIO's Denis Hughes Trashes John Flanagan Teacher Seniority Bill

howard wolfson  @ charts a middle course between Wisconsin and the Status Quo (Twitter)


 Bloomber; MTA

$$$ for the Rich, Crumbs for the Poor

City hospital system on life support but ... HHC boss is highest-paid Mayor Bloomberg aide $350,000 a year(DN)

MTA has gobs for lawyers and crumbs for workers (DN) * MTA is paying hired-gun lawyers more than $540 an hour - to deny token booth clerks earning $18 an hour a modest raise 

Bloomberg Uses Press to Pressures Albany Not To Cut Teachers By Making Worst Case Scenario
City Details Worst-Case School Layoffs (NYT) * Layoffs Would Hit Some Schools Much Harder Some of New York City's 1,600 schools would lose more than half their teachers while others would lose none under Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to lay off 4,600 teachers if the last-in, first-out policy is not changed. (WSJ) * Education Dept. list cuts some schools' faculty by half (DN) * DOE Releases List Of Proposed Teacher Layoffs (NY1) *  Dept. of Education tricked us, Caribbean teachers claim (DN) * Teachers Union Furious As NYC Releases List Of Layoffs (WCBS TV) * Poor nabes to bear brunt of LIFO cuts (NYP) * Doomsday scenario for teacher layoffs released (WABC) * AFT President Randi Weingarten is open to making it easier to fire tenured teachers. (NYT) * The mayor will be in Albany on Tuesday to lobby for changes to the last-in, first-out law. (DN) * Barack Obama doesn’t have much wiggle room to help governors with their budgets. (WP) * Poor nabes to bear brunt of LIFO cuts (NYP)

CityTime Shows the City Has A Computer Virus That Started In Human Greed

Housing Agency’s Computer Woes Put Aid Recipients in Limbo Possible loss of federal voucher holders’ personal data (NYT) *  Bloomberg on CityTime


Campaign 2013

Great Idea Incumbents Will Never Pass

Public Financing Sought for State Campaigns A group composed of businessmen, clergy members and former politicians is pushing Gov. Andrew Cuomo to throw his weight behind a system that would use taxpayer money to pay for campaigns. (WSJ) * Former NYC Mayor Ed Koch; Edgar Bronfman Sr., the billionaire former CEO of Seagram’s Ltd. and the Rev. Joseph O’Hare, a former president of Fordham University and ex-NYC CFB chairman, have joined the campaign for public financing of state-level campaigns.


San Gennaro throws no dough around (NYP)