Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Guilty Plea Expected by Ex-New York Comptroller Hevesi in Corruption Case

Guilty Plea Expected by Ex-New York Comptroller Hevesi in Corruption Case (NYT)




Negotiations Still Underway In Alan Hevesi Felony Corruption Plea (DN) * Hevesi in plea talks over pension sleaze (NYP) * Times: Hevesi Expected To Plead Guilty To 2nd Felony Corruption Charge (Updatedx2) * The fate of financier Steve J. Rattner in Cuomo’s investigation remains unclear.* The GOP's Harry Wilson is already making the possible deal an issue in this year's comptroller race. * Paladino may try to capitalize on the historic upstate-downstate rift. * Rick Lazio's departure from the governor's race complicates state Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long's life  * Even Comptrollers Aren't Sure How It's Pronounced (NYT)

Joseph Mercurio “Great day for Andrew Cuomo. Horrible day for Tom DiNapoli.” Sheinkopf (Twitter)

Hevesi Pension Scandal As Told By True News The Hevesi Team is on the Pay to Play Varsity Division   *Steve Rattner Pension Fund Summary (True News)  *How the NY Pension Fund Scandal Crosses State Lines (True News)  *Bloomberg Hits Thompson Pension Play to Play (True News)   *Ferrer Pension  *Organized Crime Politics: Comptroller Office for Sale $$$   *McCall Pension Mess   *pension pay to play


Media is Not Asking What are the Comptroller Candidate Going to Do to Prevent Hevesi Type Corruption? Comptroller’s Race Offers Candidates With Experience, but Starkly Different Kinds (NYT)


 Election 2010 Paladino blasts Cuomo snow 'job' (NYP)* Panicked Cuomo retreats on reform  * Paladino Has Aides With Tainted Pasts * Scary Music? Arrest Photos? New Campaign Advertisements Focus on the Negative  * Paladino 'consultant' has DUI bust under different name (DN) * NYers say Paladino is not fit to be governor: poll (DN) * An apt summation of the state comptroller contest: “(T)he question may come down to this: which do voters dislike more, Albany or Wall Street?” * A new series of Siena polls gives the GOP an edge in four key state Senate races.* Money isn't everything in victories * A primer on what exactly a comptroller does. * Upstate's anger at NYC is growing, and could have political consequences this election year.

Upstate, Downstate Rift Widens in Election Year This election year, the rift between Greater New York and struggling Upstate cities like Buffalo is especially wide, say voters, politicians and business people. (WSJ)


NYP Endorses Donovan for AG 


Gov scandal aide's gal pal in 165G job

Pay to Play Vito Lopez
Deep Throat said follow the money.  If the reporters and investigators want to get Lopez find out how much Bushwick Ridwood is getting to manage and sell tax shelters to Wall Street

Developers, architects, accountants and security firms cash in after writing checks to Vito Lopez (DN)

Census Shows How Recession Hit N.Y. (NYT) 

 New Yorkers feel unsafe in own homes as murder rate climbs Number of killings has climbed 13.2% in 2010 from the same period last year (DN) * Mayor likes cop statistics, but don't quota him on that (DN)

GOP House High-Stakes Vote for State New York's political power structure would see major changes if Republicans accomplish their goal of retaking control of the House of Representatives in November. (WSJ)

Crane big gets jail for bribes * Ex-Buildings Dept. adviser gets six years in crane case (DN)

Pay to Play Dead  Fraud suspected as dead city retirees continue to collect pension checks (DN)

9/11 Health Bill Vote in Doubt House leaders are contemplating canceling a planned vote on a health-care bill for Ground Zero workers if Republicans try to add an amendment barring treatment for illegal immigrants who worked there. (WSJ) * Pass Zadroga bill today: Congress must do right by Ground Zero responders (DN Ed)

 $1.5 Billion Plan Would Cut Sewage Flow Into City Waters (NYT) 

Accord Clears Way for City Payroll System(WSJ)


Biggest drop in years for corporate sublease space (Crains NY)


 SeXXX-ed teach hooks tenure (NYP)

 College honchos slapped for firing Muslim teacher (DN)


Law and Order Thug bashes traffic agent (NYP) * At Council Hearing on Stop-and-Frisk Policy, the Police Stay Silent * Bronx Traffic Agent Attacked; Police Seek Suspect (NY!) * An assault on justice: Serbian thug's 27-month sentence for brutal attack is a travesty (DN) * Mayor Bloomberg is a big fan of keeping statistical data – as long as the numbers aren’t “quotas.” 


Terrorism NY  Blast shows Bx. terror that might have been * Terror plot to attack European cities thwarted, report says - WPIX

Media and New Tech Ratings Drop Off for New Shows * Why is The New York Times Investing in Another News Aggregator?