Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Will Cuomo Attempted Earthquake Be Successful?

Cuomo's Budget and Press Attack Shake Albany Like 1906 San Francisco Earthquake

Cuomo's surprise attack on the lobbyists and pols budget shook the state yesterday.  He called the entire budget process a "sham" that exaggerates the size of deficits and the pain of spending cuts.  The governor said there needs to be fundamental changes to automatic spending increases that have long been programmed into future budgets. 

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The Ax Falls

Over 100 NY Leaders and Groups Offer Their Reaction to Cuomo's Speech  
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BREAKING: Mubarak won't seek re-election  (CNN)

Cutting 3,000 prison beds, a reduction in scheduled Medicaid increases, and more deep slashing of state operations, which will lead to the loss of thousands of state jobs . Insiders predict Medicaid will be reduced (over and above scheduled 13 percent increases) by about $2.9 billion. Ditto for education. About $1.5 billion will come out of state ops. There will be some – but not a lot – of one shots. The $1.4 billion worth of cuts to state operations that Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing breaks down thusly:- Rightsizing Initiatives $100 million; SUNY Efficiencies $115 million; CUNY Efficiencies $70 million; SUNY Hospitals $180 million;  Non-personal services $485 million; Labor Management Partnership $450 million

Andrew's earthquake (NYP) * Cuomo, Set to Issue Budget, Criticizes Spending Practice (NYT) * Cuomo Derides 'Sham' Budget Process  (WSJ) * Albany Where 'cut' means 'spend more' (DN) * Gov. Cuomo's budget must show Legislature that he is serious about reforming its bad old ways (DN Ed) * Cuomo's Budget Plan To End Automatic Increases For Education, Health Care (NY1) * The budget is expected to be cut to $132.9 billion, a 2.7 percent reduction, a source told the DN – in part because of a loss in federal stimulus aid * Cuomo’s plan will include the first year-to-year drop in spending for the overall state budget since the mid-1990s, and almost nothing will be spared. * Sens. Malcolm Smith, Ruben Diaz Sr. and Bill Perkins were missing from last night’s rules vote, in which the four IDC members sided with the GOP. * Cuomo said the Senate Republicans are “incorrect in their reading of the law” regarding LG Bob Duffy’s tie-breaking vote. * Neither Dean Skelos nor Shelly Silver are that impressed with Andrew Cuomo's discovery of a "sham budget."

The Cuomo Budget Proposal

Cuomo Spins That the Budget is A Dirty Trick 

'Shocked' Cuomo exposes dirty trick (NYP) * GOV ON 'DEFICIT' DECEIT Senate Passes Cuomo’s Property-Tax Cap (NYT) * Property Tax Ploy Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s radical bill to cap property taxes was passed by the State Senate. It is a bad bill that promotes a bad idea. (NYT Ed) *Newsday disagrees with the NYT  NY1 Exclusive: Poll Finds Most New Yorkers Support "Millionaire's Tax," Governor EJ McMahon thinks the governor is “smart to pre-frame the budget package this way.” * The governor also drew praise from The Post and the DN’s Bill Hammond *Albany’s “budgetary culture” is under attack like never before, writes Bob Ward.* Investors like what they’re hearing from Cuomo

Here Comes the Bum Albany Pol's Triangulation . . .  Press Gullible
The same pol's who have run Albany for a generation will begin crying about the budget cuts in the press.  Be sure they will take no credit for spending the state into bankruptcy.  For driving out the middle class and millions of jobs with high taxes and dysfunctional government.  Be sure today the bums are crying in the press today about the state's cuts. Not one reporter will ask them if they feel responsible for the poor economic condition , unemployment and the damaged from the new budget.

City's Down 5,000 Teachers in Last 5 Years

Bloomberg Backs Down on 21,000 Teacher Layoffs

The mayor now says expected layoffs will be shared all city agencies.  Bloomberg failed to get Cuomo to back his plan for changing teacher layoff policy of first hired first layoff.  The NYP is taking the lead on opposition to the policyTeaching vet rips 'last in, first out'(NYP) The speaker's open door  Silver, a longtime labor lackey, yesterday signaled a willingness to at least discuss repleaing LIFO when it comes to teacher layoffs, in favor of "an objective standard to measure people." (NYP)

Dishonor and Shame Non Existent in this Generation of Politician 

List of Crooked NY Pols Receiving Pensions Retiring Nicely After Betraying Public’s Trust (NYT) * The Daily Freeman wonders what took state Comptroller Tom DiNapoli so long to propose that ex-pols convicted of felonies lose their pension benefits.

UNFARE: Nobody Goes To Jail
Wall Street , Pension Corruption and Now A Corrupt Taxi Driver?No fare, judge! Scam cabbies drive off without jail (NYP) 

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Jon Stewart’s Only Explanation For Sarah Palin’s ‘WTF’ Moment? She’s A Russian Spy!

Mubarak’s Grip on Power Is Shaken (NYT) * Vice President Agrees to Talk With Opposition (NYT) * Egypt’s Economy Is Near Paralysis (NYT) *  Mass Protest in Cairo Pressures Mubarak  (WSJ) *  JFK Passenger Shares Firsthand Account Of Egyptian Unrest (NY1) * Flag-waving protesters fill Tahrir Square to near capacity (Washington Post) 

Ackerman the Joker

When you says irresponsible things It is A Sign Your Not Taken Serious In Washington Congressman Gary Ackerman wants President Obama to suspend aid to Egypt.