Monday, January 31, 2011

Here Comes the Sun's Budget; Players Make Their Demands

Is It the the Beginning of Morning in Albany or More Dysfunctionalism?
When Gov. Cuomo presents his first budget plan tomorrow, the special- interest rhetoric will be beyond apocalyptic. Gov. Sunshine (NYP Ed) * The Week Ahead: Battles over the budget will dominate Capitol Hill (TU)

Cuomo's Battle Plan

Cuomo Files Tax-Cap Bill, Surprising Assembly (NYT) * Gov's slash-&-burn budget plan set to be unveiled (DN) * Last Fall, Hurling Insults at Cuomo. Now, Backing His Fiscal Plan (NYT) * T-minus one day and counting to the release of Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s first budget, which is expected to call for already-strapped state agencies to cut another 10 percent and lift restrictions on Keno.* Spending cuts could divide the Legislature and Cuomo, with some Assembly Democrats advocating for continuation of the millionaires tax and Long Island Senate Republicans going to war over school aid.*  Are New York government bonds risky? (CapCon) * Cuomo Finds ‘Secret’ Budget Flaw that increase spending (WCBS) * Gov. Cuomo finds 'secret' budget flawStrange Bedfellows: Michael Caputo “can’t stand” Cuomo, but is supportive of his budget efforts. (The New York Times) (WABC)* Budgeting Albany: Cuomo will make cuts to Medicaid and health care. (The Poughkeepsie Journal) * Redesigning Medicaid: Advocates for disabled may oppose a key change. (Crain’s New York) * Cuomo breaks the mold (NY Fiscal Watchdog) * Senate Democrats asked for Eric Schneiderman's help in their fight against the G.O.P.'s effort to strip the LG of tiebreaking powers. * The state Senate passed a property tax cap.

True News PM Update
Breaking News Since the Morning Papers

 Obama Health-Care Reform Act Ruled Unconstitutional (Wash Post) * FLASH: Obama administration says will appeal Florida ruling on healthcare to U.S. appeals court (2 Fed Just Say constitutional 2 Say Not - Heading to the Supreme Court * Federal Judge Rules Health Law Violates Constitution (NYT) * NYC firefighters file legal action to halt cuts (NYP) * Cuomo Calls Budget Process 'a Sham' (NYT) * Under Cover at a Gun Show (NYT) * Silver: ‘Numbers are in the eyes of the one who is supposed to close it’ (TU) * Silver: Cuomo Will Spend More Than Last Year (YNN) * Budget Picture Purposely Fuzzy (YNN) * Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos On Andrew Cuomo Budget "Scam" Op-Ed: (Shrug(DN) * Senate Dems Seek LG Opinion From Ex-Senate Dem (Turned AG) (YNN) * Silver: The State Budget Will Grow (Albany Watch) *  City Councilman Dan Halloran Testifies On Alleged Post-Christmas Blizzard "Slowdown" (DN) * LG Bob Duffy says he’ll cast a tie-breaking vote regardless of what the Senate rules are, and face whatever lawsuits result. * The building trades is joining the side of transit riders. * Asked about the future for state workers, Cuomo said it is probably the most “painful” part of the entire budget he will deliver on Tuesday. He said that he takes talk of lay-offs very seriously and that workers shouldn’t believe everything they read in the press and “hang in there with us.” (CapCon) * Cuomo's property tax cap bill offers a local override option and allows frugal governments to carry over any percentage of spending they don't use into future fiscal years. But the state's largest teacher's union is also claiming the bill will effectively allow no increases in the amount schools can take from taxpayers. (NCP) * Retiring Nicely After Betraying Public’s Trust (NYT)

True News Wags NYP Again

The Post says Cuomo should be ready to push the “Moreland Act nuclear button” if legislators balk at full disclosure of their outside interests – and client lists, if applicable – in the ethics reform bill.

True News Called  The Moreland Act: Cuomo's Big Stick last October 27th, 2010

The Big Dance of Legislation Has Started In Albany

 Players Make Their Demands

Officials anxiously await Cuomo budget

What Bloomberg And the NYP Wants from Cuomo
Secret plan to ax useless teachers (NYP)

Bloomberg Presses Cuomo on Teacher Seniority Rule (NYT)  * Bloomy blasts teacher seniority in speech at prominent black church (DN) * Cash in that IOU, Mike (NYP Ed) * Mayor Wants Schools To Retain New Teachers With Merit(NY1)* Qui Pro Quo: “Republican Skelos might not have his 32-30 majority without a $900,000 Bloomberg contribution to the Senate GOP’s campaign “housekeeping” fund.” (New York Post)


What the NYT Wants From Albany 

Within Our Means Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the Legislature must make very difficult decisions in order to close New York’s $10 billion budget deficit. Here are some of the issues to consider. (NYT Ed) 


What Speaker Silver Wants

  Democrats Focus on Rent Overhaul With the state's rent regulations set to sunset in June, the Assembly's Democratic majority is firing an opening shot in what is typically a high-profile legislative fight over the future of New York City's approximately 1 million rent-stabilized apartments. (WSJ) * A hard-won deal on the Lower East Side's Seward Park had some giving attorney and ex-Shelly Silver staffer Jessica Loeser (yes, the wife of Mayor Bloomberg spox Stu Loeser) "big cred as a possible successor to her former boss." (VV)


Controller urges pols to KO push to let states file for bankruptcy (DN)




Democratic State Senator Charges of Racism Against Gop

* Issues of Race Bubble Up as Republicans Assert New Power in Albany (NYT) *TOO OVER THE TOP? Pol's YouTube video helps parents spy on their kids (DN) * Brooklyn Senator Launches Multimedia Campaign Against Gun Violence (NY1)

The Senate Republicans are poised to adopt rules changes today that limit LG Bob Duffy’s tie-breaking power. * Since taking office, Gov. Cuomo has gone at length to meet with state legislators, hear their concerns and try to build a coalition for what is expected to be an austere budget proposal. But cracks are forming within the various conferences as the governor, who wants to close a $10 billion budget deficit without raising taxes or borrowing, seeks deep cuts in spending. (IJ) * Cuomo is getting some support from other Republicans as well. * Senate Republicans plan to challenge the new law counting inmates in their home districts.

What the Union Wants
 32BJ’s Mike Fishman has some recommendations for Cuomo when it comes to job creation.

Damage Control?

English as a Second Language instructors are too few due to cuts (DN) * Gov. Cuomo may cut funding to transit system without raising fares(DN) * Punishment comes with reward for punchy pol (NYP) * Senate Minority Leader John Sampson rewarded Sen. Kevin Parker with a $5,000 campaign contribution before stripping him of his minority whip post. * More than 2,100 state employees collected salaries and pensions last year, with 35 of them receiving more than $200,000 in combined compensation.* Several hospitals are paying one of Cuomo’s best friends, Jeffrey Sachs, to advocate on their behalf, and one – Mt. Sinai – has benefitted greatly from the relationship.* New York state ranked seventh in nation for job creation in 2010 * M.T.A. Puts New Aspirations Under an Old Title (NYT)


Deputy Mayor's Goldsmith Failures Continue

Deputy Goldsmith was not only now watching the CityTime contractors and the Xmass snow cleanup has his choice to fix the pension system is a pension double dipper

Meet the man who's supposed to fix the city's pension crisis -- an MTA retiree who's already pulling down a $122,130 pension. Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith has former lead labor negotiator Gary Dellaverson, 57, now at a white-shoe law firm, working on labor issues Pension guru takes 'double dip' * Albany Double Dips Also Shelly's double dippers Top Albany staffers collecting state pensions And Judges Seventeen state judges double-dipped last year, with 12 earning close to or more than $200,000. * More than 2,100 state employees collected salaries and pensions last year -- with 35 of them receiving more than $200,000 in combined compensation, a review of state records shows. (IJ) *  Outside Income: Editors push Cuomo to make legislators reveal more. (New York Post)

Not Only Living on the Government Tit, Ripping It Off

NY prison bosses' vehicle use probed (WSJ) * Hospital worker Robert Henry racks up $1M in overtime, padding his taxpayer-funded pension (DN) *Foolish court ruling that lets Police Pension Fund stonewall on public records must be overturned(DN Ed)



Race Still Runs Through It

 Success Academy Charter School must be given available space in upper West Side HS building (DN Ed)




City pushing bikeway to Hell & back (NYP)


Real Estate Developers Fight

Columbus Circle Tower Survives Developers’ Battle (NYT) * Moinian, Related Cos. Settle Fight Over Office Tower(WSJ) * Moinian, Related set Columbus tower deal (NYP)


Living Cuomo: The governor hasn’t been on a subway since last year. (


Transit Crooks

NYC cracks down on illegal livery cab pickups (WABC) * Fake-limo sweep in Meatpacking District (NYP)* NYC cracks down on illegal livery cab pickups (WABC)Chiseling cabbie cops to double-rate fare scam

The Return of the Kings Theater Will Bring Traffic, Joy

Transportation: Stewart Airport

Planners Lose Faith in Stewart Airport as Major Hub

 I Am Not A Crook

Madoff Wasn’t First Brush With Fraud for Mets Owners An investment firm started by Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz had to pay back nearly $13 million two years ago in a similar episode.(NYT) * Martin Luther King III trying to become part owner of Mets * Martin Luther King III Wants To Buy Mets (Fox 5)* Group Of Investors Reportedly Seeks Part Of Mets Franchise (NY1) * A King's ransom on table for Mets (NYP)


Media and New Tech   Julian Assange, The Man Behind WikiLeaks (60 Minutes) *  Landmarks by Way of an App (NYT) * Tom Brokaw Speaks Out On Olbermann Exit 1994 'Today' show 'What is Internet?' clip offers a reminder: We were all newbies once (Wash Post) * Daily News to feature Uptown News | The Empire (WNYC) * Joseph Mercurio Only about 13% of those who edit or write articles for Wikipedia are women—the average contributor is a male in his mid-20s. Sue Gardner, executive director of the Wikimedia Foundation wants to raise that number to 25% by 2015. (Twitter) * New York Daily News to Expand Local Coverage (Fishbowl(NY) * NY Post Unfairly Attacks Keith Olbermann In Explaining His Departure (Mediaite) * New York Times Will Now Recommend Articles (NYO)

CBS2 Must Stop Reporting While Driving ( 

Radioland Rumble: Curtis Sliwa Vs. Gerson Borrero Update: Double Dose of Curtis Sliwa at The Apple/WNYM

 Wayne Barrett to the Daily Beast 







Egypt's Three Men in the Room
U.S. Embassy says hoping to evacuate several hundred Americans on Mon.; main safehaven locations are Athens, Cyprus and Istambul - NBC News

Unrest Rattles U.S. Approach in Region(WSJ) * Syria Strongman: Time for 'Reform'(WSJ) * Converging on Little Egypt, With Anger and Hope (NYT) * Israel fears Egypt falling into hands of Islamic fundamentalists (DN) *ElBaradei rips Obama administration's call for smooth transition of power in Egypt * Al Jazeera TV says military arrests 6 of its journalists in Cairo * Local families welcome loved ones home from Egypt (WABC) * Chaos In Egypt Shocks Queens Church (NBC) * A New York student's firsthand account of hell in Cairo (NYP) * Israel Rocked by Egypt Uprisings (WNBC) * Young Protesters Leading Movement to Topple Mubarak Regime (WNBC)