Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Cuomo Shakes Up Groundhog Day (Everyday the Same) Albany "Functionally Bankrupt.”

Will Albany's Legislature, Lobbyists and Special Interests Act the Same Again?

 Will they fold like Mubarak?

Albany is in shock this morning that Cuomo as the Daily News Hammond Reported Today that Cuomo keeps campaign promise (DN).
Bloomberg is hopping mad that the city is taking a larger hit than the rest of the state.  Mayor Bloomberg Op-Ed: N.Y.C. deserves better treatment in Andrew Cuomo's state budget (DN Op Ed). One union already has already scheduled a march against the Cuomo budget.  Most of the reactions to the budget as were expected, but it will take a week or so to see how far those who have been using the state as their person bank will go to stop the Cuomo budget.  With dictators folding all over the Middle East will Albany's bosses hold on. Fighting a Governor: “Mr. Cuomo’s budget will undoubtedly pit him against, well, pretty much anyone in the public or private sector whose paycheck is tied to the state budget” (Albany Times-Union) Stay Tuned. 

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Cuomo: ‘I Will Not Be Intimidated’(YNN) * Gov. Cuomo Takes His Budget To The People -- YouTube Style (DN)* Going Out with A Bang Tom Robbins last article for the Village Voice  Eat the Rich The rich are richer than ever, but don't ask them for help * Cathie Black: Boo Me? Boo You! (DN) * Pioneering iPad-only national publication unveiled by News Corp. and Apple (NYP) * It is all about TK in the Cuomo budget (Manhattan Institute) * Gowanus Canal Inquiry Underlines Severity of Pollution (NYT) * The Return of the Cranky Mayor (NYT) * Bloomberg: All City Employees Are 'Essential,' So Should Have Dragged Themselves to Work (NYO) * Cuomo’s Poor: They get hit hard by his budget. (City Limits) * City Unions fight attacks on benefits (DN) * Bloomberg Seeks a Pension Overhaul (NYT) * Gowanus Canal Inquiry Underlines Severity of Pollution (NYT) * City Council pass ban on smoking in parks (NYP) * Senate Rejects Repeal of Health Care Law (NYT)


Bum of the Day: Toby Stavisky
Toby Stavisky has voted on 11 budgets that has bankrupted the state and is responsible for Cuomo budget cuts.  Today Stavisky is worried about the cuts in services. Stavisky Concerned About Higher Ed Cuts (YNN).
Stavisky did not take an responsibility for the budgets she voted on driving out the middle class and millions of jobs with high taxes and dysfunctional government.   The reporter did not ask Stavisky if she felt responsible for the poor economic condition , unemployment and the damaged from the new budget to the people of a New York.

Cuomo Budget Contains Blanks The New York governor proposed a budget that would virtually freeze spending on public education and slow the growth of Medicaid by billions of dollars. (WSJ)

Mayor Blasts Cuomo for Budget Cuts (WSJ)  *  Bloomberg: NYC deserves better in state budget (DN Op-ED) * Gov. Cuomo's budget proposal would slash $700M from NYC (DN)Cuomo vs. Bloomberg, Round ? (YNN)Mayor Bloomberg: Gov's Budget Unfair To NYC


Some Capitol denizens chuckled over Cuomo's assertion that he was "shocked" to discover a "scam" by which spending escalates annually in the state budget. But it also became clear Tuesday even to some of those hallway regulars that Cuomo was talking past the players before him - and working to build public leverage for his upcoming fiscal negotiations with the Legislature. (Newsday)


The Post continues to cheer Cuomo on. Ditto for the TU, the Middletown Times Herald-Record, the Rochester D&C, and the DN

 Over 100 NY Leaders and Groups Offer Their Reaction to Cuomo's Speech (True News)



MTA Sinking 

MTA Faces $100 Million Budget Cut (WSJ)





MTA'S Dumb Idea 

Yesterdays True News With More Fare Hikes and Service Cuts in the Pipeline is the MTA NUTS  MTA Considers Sliding Doors On Subway Platforms

Today's Daily News Crazy for MTA even to consider overblown plan to erect barriers, sliding doors on subway platforms (DN)

Groundhog Predicts Early Spring; Mayor Bloomberg Escapes Without Injury (DN)

Mayor Bloomberg Details Pension Tier Reforms; NYC Union Leaders Not Happy

Bloomberg to dump city cash in the East River. City tells plan to subsidize new ferries — despite public's repeated refusal to ride 'em. (Twitter)

* Bloomberg Proposes Cuts to City Worker Pensions


 City Workers Face Penalty After Storm (NYT) * The Return of the Cranky Mayor * Shovel your sidewalk or pay up.

Meet Mr. Met 
Ponzi Schemer

The Mets pay their high salary over a period of years.  What the Mets Owners the Wilpons were doing was investing that money owed the payers with Madoff Mets, Ensnared in Madoff, Hope to Sell Piece by June

School Closing
 The NYT says schools that the city closes are schools that contain the more unprepared students Closing Schools Have Most Challenging DemographicsRaucous Panel Closes 10 NYC Schools; Black Booed (UPDATED) * Cathie Black: Boo Me? Boo You! (DN) * Vote shuts down 10 schools (NYP) * Regents Scores Bulge at 65 A Wall Street Journal analysis of high-school Regents test scores shows that a disproportionate percentage of New York City students barely got the passing score they needed to receive a diploma in the past two years, while very few received scores just below passing. *  
Fireworks erupted at the first of two votes on the closing of 25 low-performing NYC public schools. Roughly 2,000 parents, students and teachers flooded the city Education Department's Panel for Educational Policy meeting, which was about closing schools and letting new schools sharing space in existing buildings. (NYDN) * Michael Rebell, who led the Campaign for Fiscal Equity when it won a lawsuit forcing state lawmakers to fund NYC schools with enough money to provide a “sound, basic education” as required by the Constitution, was surprised to hear Cuomo blame “permanent law” for a 13% projected increase in education aid. “I think that was a bit of a distortion to say that this is some abstract, out-of-control budget increase that the special interests had pushed,” he said. Really, it was promised in 2007 as part of the settlement to their lawsuit. (CapCon)


 Stay Out of the Gowanus Canal

Confirmed the severe extent of its contamination and the threat it poses to public health, particularly for people who eat fish from it or have repeated contact with its water or sediment. Gowanus Canal Inquiry Underlines Severity of Pollution (NYT) * Gowanus Canal Inquiry Underlines Severity of Pollution

Law and Order Escaping the Law, One Last Time: An Elusive Mobster’s End, Double-Checked (NYT) * About Two Dozen Arraigned in Credit Card Fraud Scheme (NYT) * Arrests Made in Cybercrime Probe (WSJ)* Robbery Trio Targeting Women in Queens, Brooklyn (WSJ) * Video: Queens robbery trio switches to Brooklyn (DN) 

Mubarak backers attack foes with firebombs, bricks (NYP) * Now besieged Jordanian king fires government (NYP) * Violent Crackdown Fails to End Protest (NYT) * Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is having her "3 a.m. moment." (POLITICO)

Anderson Cooper among group of journalists reportedly attacked in Egypt (DN) * CNN Airs Footage Of Anderson Cooper And Crew Getting Attacked In Cairo

Media and New Tech 

Pioneering iPad-only national publication unveiled by News Corp. and Apple (NYP)

Rupert Murdoch Declares “Digital Renaissance” As News Corp Launches The Daily

Michael Steele Faces Off Against The Daily Show's Puppet Michael Steele (VIDEO)