Tuesday, February 15, 2011

NYT Judicial Reform Madness

NYT Reform Will Lead to More Machine Picked Judges

Most elected judges in New York are picked the same way Tammany Hall elected judges 100 years ago. By the democratic machines.  In Manhattan a group of political connected lawyers control the process.  Chief Judge Lippman reform of not allowing lawyers to go before any judge they contribute to for two years does nothing to change the control the machines have in picking judges.  In fact the judges reforms makes it hard for independent judges to beat the machines, by closing them off from lawyers contributions which are almost all of the contributions judicial candidates get.  After the reforms are in place the only judicial candidate who can beat the machine will be the very rich who can self finance his or her campaign like mayor Mike.  It costs 10,000's of thousands of dollars just to fight the machine to get on the ballot, before the campaign starts.  The machines use they connections to get free campaign services that their challengers must pay for Bold Step for Fair Courts in New York A new rule proposed by New York’s chief judge is an important step toward ensuring the impartiality of the state’s courts. (NYT Ed) * Lippman wants law changed to allow photo I'd to be admissible at trial and expand DNA database * Lippman Makes His Case (YNN) * The State Of New York's Judiciary: Decaffeinated


True News PM News Update

All the News Since the Morning Papers

Rangel: Ready to Run Again in 2012  * DiNapoli Concerned About Lack of Detail in Budget, Sources of Revenue (NYO) * PAC Launches Anti-Double Dipping Campaign (NYO) * Cuomo: 'I’m Going to Do What I Said I Was Going to Do' (NYO) * * CBS News' Lara Logan was beaten and sexually assaulted during the Tahrir Square celebration of Mubarak's downfall* Quinn Criticizes Bloomberg Plan to Cut Spending (NYT) * Schools Chancellor Says Cuomo's Budget Cuts Are 'Unjust * Israel: Rangel, Ackerman won't retire. 


Just Admit It. The Germans Are Taking Over the NYSE (WSJ)

Who Will Fight For New York and America?

Mayor Bloomberg: Don't Stress New York Stock Exchange/Deutsche Borse Merger  *NYSE chief shows thin skin on jobs (CNN)* What's in a Name? New York Stock Exchange Could Lose Out in MergerABC News

"It's great for Germany, it's another black eye for the US,"   
                                                                    Donald Trump

 NYC The Financial Capital of the World NO LONGER

Did the Marshall Plan Go To Far?

New York and German Exchanges Seal Deal (NYT) * RIP New York Stock Exchange- Forbes * New York Stock Exchange poised to become German-owned- Christian Science Monitor * Deals of the Day: NYSE-Deutsche Börse — Beware of US-German Romances (WSJ)* D.Boerse to pay 10 pct premium to NYSE - sourceReuters * Big paydays for NYSE execsFortune * S&P: NYSE-Deutsche Boerse Deal Faces Challenge By US Politicians Barron's * What's in a Name? Traders Want Details on That and More(WSJ) * What would you name the world's biggest stock exchange? Financial Post *NYSE Gets German Accent With Deutsche Boerse DominationForbes * Will Nasdaq Be Singing A Swan Song or a War Song?Barron's * Scrutiny From Regulators Lies Ahead on NYSE Deal (WSJ) * A Big Apple takeover Chicago Tribune * Foreign takeover another seismic shift for NYSELos Angeles Times


True News Beat NYT to Expose the Commercial War on TV Layoffs 

True News, Feb. 13, 2011

Sunday Update: UFT Airs the First Ever Triangulation Attack TV Ad; Joe Klein group Education Refrom Now Blasts the UFT With Their Own TV Ad(True News)

 Todays NYT The Commercial War on Teacher Layoffs (NYT)

It is Good to Be the Judge

Goldplating the courts Chief Judge Lippman essentially stuck his thumb in Gov. Cuomo's eye -- budgetarily speaking. The new governor asked for restraint, and the jurist said, "Maybe for thee but certainly not for me."(NYP) * Chief judge delivers annual State of the Judiciary today (CBS 6)

NY'S End of the World Plans

A Legal Manual for an Apocalyptic New York A manual provides guidance to judges, medical workers, lawyers and others responding to wide-ranging disasters. (NYT)

Bloomberg Warm Christmas Day in Bermuda
New York City already almost $40 million over snow budget(DN)

Bloomberg Ice Cold

Beer on the rocks?! Bloomy causes a 'buzz' (NYP) * Bloomberg to Donate $32 Million to Arts(WSJ) * Mayor: No Disclosure On Trips(WSJ)* Bloomberg, Who Likes His Beer With Ice, Would Fit Right In in Thailand (NYT)


Aide throws cold water on Bloomberg message | The Empire Mayor Mike Bloomberg touted New York’s job growth as a model for the nation in a December speech. But Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Bob Steel painted a bleaker picture at Columbia University last week




Nervous Time: Will Albany's Establishment Fight or Fold?

 Before the budget negotiations went public both the new governors Spitzer and Paterson had high poll numbers.  Gov. Eliot Spitzer ha a 75 percent favorable rating in a Siena poll during his first few weeks in office

77% call Andy dandy: poll (NYP) * NY likes leadership(NYP)

The Cuomo administration’s new argument for education aid reductions: “Cut the fat, build the muscle.” * “It’s an old form of torture, putting a wet rope around your neck and slowly torturing you,” Purchase College President Thomas Schwarz said of Cuomo’s proposed funding cuts to public colleges.*  Capitol Confidential says question for Silver, Skelos is simple: "Are they going to represent the people or the special interests?" (Twitter)* Azi Paybarah   .@: "it's very easy to get close to the goal line. what they excel at is getting close to the goal line but not going over"(Twitter)*  DiNapoli: Cuomo’s Budget Has $4B In “Placeholder Savings” “more than $4 billion in yet-to-be specified actions.” * So just whose side is he on? (TU)


When Fixes are Delayed

Finding a Fix for the Tappan Zee The state doesn't have enough anywhere near enough money to replace the antiquated Tappan Zee Bridge, which carries 140,000 vehicles across the Hudson River every day. (WSJ) * New York is in the midst of what the state transportation department calls a “deficient bridge wave,” and is considering letting private companies help foot the bill for improvements.* Albany’s Dept of Magical Thinking seeks to build new TZ Bridge for free. Chant “Asset Maximization” 3x & get $7B. 


A study found that more Albany lawmakers leave because of scandals than reelection.

Political Organized Crime
Everyone recognizes that bid rigging of cement or traffic light contracts are the work of organized crime. However when elected officials rig our state and city elections to ensure that every incumbent gets reelected, no one calls their deliberate strategy criminal and organized.

Newspaper editorials and good government groups push for individual fixes to our crisis in local government – for example, public financing of state campaigns. But, no one says outright that our right to representative democracy has been hijacked. Local elections have become the “ins” verses the “outs” and the process has been rigged to block any of the “outs” from winning. Our local elections have become so noncompetitive, that, behind public view, most incumbents, regardless of party or reform beliefs, work together as the “ins” to keep the outs “out.”
Gov't Reform Groups Say Study Shows Legislative Crime Wave (2011-02-14) www.publicbroadcasting.net

Koch  Fail At Throw the Bums Out Now the Press Covers Him Pushing for Non Partisan Redistricting

With Deadline Looming, Koch Retools(YNN)8* Cuomo On Budget, Ethics: ‘It’s Not Horseshoes’  (YNN)


How About the Donald Manus Queensboro Bridge?

Councilman Peter Vallone, Jr.: Don't Rename Queensboro Bridge For Ed Koch! | NYDN ..

Resisting the Koch Bridge

Press Wimps Allow Pols to Write Their Stories

Instead of asking hard questions like what will happen to NYC's tax base if Wall Street is sold to the Germans or what should be done by out of control pension costs, the press allows Quinn and all other pols to sent the content of their stories.  Today Quinn who is running for mayor will have the passive press deliver her message to the voters.make parking less stressful. During her annual State of the City address today, Quinn will unveil plans to reduce the number of days on which alternate-side-of-the-street parking rules are in effect on the city's cleanest streets. (WSJ) City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, a potential mayoral candidate, knows one surefire way to win voters' hearts — * Parking Relief Coming To NYC ? (WCBS) * Quinn’s fiscal plan for NYC | The Empire


Staten Island BP James Molinaro insists he had nothing to do with his longtime companions’ lucrative new job. 

 Woman Died While Waiting in Kings County Waiting Room

You could die waiting in New York hospitals Patients seeking care at New York hospitals spend nearly five hours in emergency rooms -- among the worst rates in the country.(NYP)



No Education Leadership Hire the Tiger Mom

Attempt on LIFO Reformers offer new layoff plan (NYP) *  Reading at Some Private Schools Is Delayed (NYT) * As Schools Face Cutbacks, a Debate Over What’s Fair (NYT) * Autistic boy's woes: Punished by school administrators his condition? (DN) * Erotic literature also available on Education 8Deptartment website (DN) * * Schools Chancellor Criticizes Education Cuts In State Budget (NY1) * NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black got an earful in her first official appearance before state legislators today – and that was before she took any questions. Black was forced to sit motionless and mute at the microphone for three minutes after demonstrators from the Alliance for Quality Education came into the hearing room as she was about to begin her budget testimony. (NYT) 



Two-thirds of public schools in New York City use the same type of fluorescent lights known to contain PCBs

 East Harlem Schools Test Positive For PCBs.(NYT)*  PCB Leaks Found in 3 More Schools(WSJ) As many as two-thirds of public schools in New York City use the same type of fluorescent lights known to contain PCBs, according to a document prepared by the city's Department of Education and reviewed by The Wall Street Journal * East Harlem Schools Test Positive For PCBs (NY1)


Police departments across the country are downsizing their mounted units due to budget cuts. 





Tavern to Reopen, But In Indianapolis 

Two Taverns Face Off in Trademark Dispute The owner of the Indianapolis's not-yet-opened Tavern on the Plaza restaurant is suing the bankruptcy trustee liquidating Manhattan's shuttered Tavern on the Green restaurant to defend itself from allegations of trademark infringement. (WSJ)

NYC Councilman Charles Barron’s Freedom Party held its first convention even though it missed the mark for ballot status last fall. 

WTC Memorial To Have Limited Public Access The World Trade Center Memorial is on track to open for the 10th anniversary of the attacks, but access to the plaza will be restricted due to the expected high volume of visitors and surrounding construction. (NY1) * A church destroyed on September 11 is suing the Port Authority for not helping it rebuild.

 Were the Old Tanks Safer?

Survey Says: Natural Gas Is Leaking in New York City * Nine homeowners have filed a lawsuit against a Denver-based natural gas driller and its subcontractors, claiming the companies contaminated drinking water with gas and silt. The lawsuit claims that Anschutz Exploration Corp. was negligent in its drilling, construction and operation of two gas wells in Big Flats and that the company’s actions resulted in contamination to nearby water wells. (AP)

 Get the Point

Getting caught driving while using a cell phone will now mean two points on your license. The regulation takes effect tomorrow. (D&C)

Tragic Yelena's Valentine's Day delivery (NYP) * Relatives of serial stabber Maksim Gelman: 'This was a monster'(DN)Stabbed in Rampage, Brooklyn Cabdriver Is Then Put in Jail Warrant for his arrest stemming from an “unpaid ticket” from 2001.  * Man Charged In Fatal Stabbing Spree Assigned Attorney (NY1)

Law and Order Fewer Police Horses in New York
Blonde bombshell Pietra Toumei denies guilt in Guggenheim scam *NYPD Joins Rest of Nation in Cutting Back on Horses, Because It's 2011 (Village Voice)Nanny busted for 'doping up' infant (NYP) * Pace U. cops cleared in student slay (NYP) * Craigslist 'sex slave' (NYP) * Man didn't know he was stabbed (NYP) * Westchester Officer Isn’t Indicted in Pace Student’s Death (NYT) * NY lawmaker touched by gun violence presses on(WSJ) * Daly: Fallen hero's widow writes to keep murderous thug in prison (DN) * Veteran jail guard says she was arrested for trespassing at mom's apt (DN) * N.Y. needs a prison break: With lower crime, costs should be lowered too -- if unions will allow it (DN Ed) * Police Search For Thieves Posing As Con Ed Workers (NY1) * Brooklyn Man Charged With Keeping Out-Of-Town Woman As Sex Slave (NY1)

Reagan's Arms for Peace II

Terrorism Men Accused of Plot to Sell Drugs to Arm Taliban Ship narcotics through West Africa to the United States and with the proceeds buy weapons for use against American forces in Afghanistan (NYT) * Taliban 'drug ring'(NYP) * NYC got a $41 million boost in anti-terror funds from President Obama.



 Media and New Tech Facebook's Web Of Frenemies As Facebook ramps up hiring and adds new features, it is disrupting the businesses of established companies like Yahoo and Google and putting even more Internet firms on notice. (WSJ) * Jon Stewart Reviews Media Coverage Absurdities Of The Egyptian Revolution * The Daily Editor-in-Chief Jesse Angelo to his reporting staff via memo: "Folks, Egypt is over - time for us to get focused on covering America." (NY Mag)


 Another Real Estate Owner of A NY Paper

The New York Observer Observed(FishbowlNY)

 New York Observer Shakes Up Newsroom (Ad Week)


Members of the NY delegation had mixed reactions to Obama’s budget proposal

 Obama’s Proposed Budget May Hurt New York Nonprofits (WNYC)


Going Shopping Weimar Republic
Companies Warn That Higher Prices Are Looming(NYT)


Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover Revealed…By Office Worker Via Twitter

Berlusconi Indicted on Prostitution Charges (NYT)
Critics Blast Spider-Man, Boosting Ticket Sales