Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday Update: UFT Airs the First Ever Triangulation Attack TV Ad; Joe Klein group Education Refrom Now Blasts the UFT With Their Own TV Ad

Immediate Answer to the UFT Ad
"Keep Great Teachers"
In the past the unions had the TV niche of public lobbying Albany all to them self.  Last year business leaders formed the Committee to Save New York to answer the unions monopoly on public lobbying during budget negotiations.  Kathryn Wylde Partnership for New York City is pushing this group.  The answer to the UFT ad is coming from Joe Klein group Education Reform Now, which has the same mission as the Committee to Save New York.  The ad Keep Great Teachers is now running on TV.

UFT Unleashes ‘Blizzard’ Against Bloomberg

UFT Attacks the mayor for opposing the millionaires tax and for his support for repealing of the “last in, first out” rule for laying off  teachers. The ad does not mention that the governor also opposes the millionaires  tax. It is interesting that the UFT is attacking mayor who has no role  in preventing state budget cutbacks. The mayor was bitch slapped by Cuomo's budget people and told by Senator Adams that why should the  senate democrats back you when you spent a million dollars to give the  senate majority to the Republicans, in his visit this week. The union  has decided to hit Bloomberg in a sort of triangulation attack policy,  to allow them to get the message to the new governor without getting  into personal attacks on the new governor. The UFT also is attempting to  cash in on mayor mess up of the xmass snow storm. If the NYSE is  purchased by a German company as expected the UFT will have to find  another tax because a lot of million dollar finance jobs will be cut by  the merger. * Teachers' Union Ad Blasts Mayor Over School Funding (NY1) * Teachers' union spot bashes Bloomberg over 'Last In/First Out' criticism (NYP)

True News Sunday Update

Brooklyn madman's rant: 'She had to die' (NYP) * Suspect in Brooklyn Stabbing Spree Is Captured (NYT) * Good wins out over evil as brave police officers take down a madman - without pulling the trigger (DN) * Harrowing moments and memories for those who went face-to-face with madman (DN) * Stalker couldn't take no for answer* Brooklyn butcher suspect had several run-ins with law (DN)

'Dorm King of New York' and wife grab millions through 'nonprofit' housing services company(DN)* Daily News report on crime spike in public housing prompts meeting (DN) * Downside of city bikes isn't counted The city can tell you how many bicyclists rode down one block but not how many complaints it's fielded.(DN) *  Long Island College Hospital was again saved from threatened closure by Gov. Cuomo grant *House Republicans, including six New Yorkers, endanger city's security in their zeal for spending (DN Ed) * At Last, Bernie Madoff Gives Back (Rich, NYT) * EMS bigs exit under a cloud (NYP) * Lawyers want to know what Timothy Dolan knows about millions missing (DN) * Sen. Schumer told NYSE team will run merged exchange* The Bear Mountain Compact is officially dead.* The Post is glad the feds nixed the Catskills casino deal brokered by former Gov. David Paterson.* The number of New Yorkers on food stamps has increased dramatically.* The Staten Island GOP’s internal battle rages on.* New York Taking a Bold Step on Money in Judicial Elections (NYT)


Meeks' Secret Fund Raiser 

Congressman Meeks purported to hold a fund-raiser in Sin City for his Build America Political Action Committee, but his office refused to say when it took place or who attended. Rep's fund & games in Sin City (NYP


NYP Vs. Daily News 

Over firefighters supplement $12,000 payments

Daily News  Call it a bonus or variable supplement, $12,000 annual payment to police and fire retirees must go (DN Ed)

NY Post  Bad idea, Mike Stop trying to pick the pockets of retired firefighters and cops.(NYP Ed) 


Bloomberg Gets the SIBP GF A Job

Layoff doomsayer Mike helps pol's pal land 110G city job Joan Cusack, the longtime companion of Staten Island Borough President James Molinaro, right after she was bounced from the state payroll last year. 


Wall Street Goodfellas

Preet's new racket Prosecutor may use RICO in insider trading cases

Marty Markowitz: "This Was Not About Sex Dancing"

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

SNL Mocks Bill O’Reilly’s Interview WIth President Obama Before The Super Bowl

The revolution was televised, tweeted, Facebooked, YouTubed, and Xeroxed

NYT Pushes Cuomo on Ethics Bill

Gov. Cuomo’s Promised Reforms It is time for Gov. Andrew Cuomo to make good on his promises and clean up Albany. (NYT Ed)

Legislators Know They Have No Say

Why is the NYT Shock They Do Not Attend Hearings

Many Hearings on Budget, but Not a Lot of Legislators (NYT)

Molloy: Bloomberg has lost touch with New Yorkers (DN)

Daily News "Leave aside the offense - it wasn't even a good ethnic joke"

Mayor Aimed Drunken Irish Joke at an Unusually Sober Place (NYT)  

* Mayor Bloomberg is an official New York Knucklehead, though we never thought we'd say it (DN Ed)

You Want to Bet the St. Patrick's Parade is NOT Cut This Year

Patty-ache Fighting about the size of this years St. Patrick's Day Parade

Seniority Fight Highlights Rift Between City, Teachers (Gotham Gazette)* Mike: No free lunch (NYP)

Minorities falling at elite high schools (NYP) * Less Black, Hispanic Students Admitted To City's Elite Public High Schools (NY1)

Archdiocese Plans to Close S.I. High School (NYT) * Kindergarten D-Day Arrives(WSJ)

Espada $$ twist The state canceled a $3 million construction grant to Pedro Espada's Soundview Health Care Center because of federal charges that he looted other funds, officials said.(NYP)




The Stoop Stops Here … The Battle That Is It’s a story we first told you about — residents fighting to keep their front stoops. On Friday the city declared a truce in this Brooklyn battle. (WCBS)

With Wal-Mart Silent on Plans, Critics Focus on Rumored Site (NYT)


Health Data Stolen From City Hospitals(WSJ) * Health Records Stolen From Van, 1.7 Million People Affected (WNBC)



Union: Fatal Brooklyn Fire ‘Byproduct’ Of Cuts (WCBS)



Suspect in BMW owner's mutilation shot dead by US Marshals(NYP) * Suspect in Stolen-BMW Case Dies (NYT)* Man wanted in BMW ear slicing shot dead in Florida (DN)* Shooting vic had sought aid from violent ex, family says (DN) * Manhattan Beating Suspect Shot Dead In Florida (NY1) * Designer accused of slashing bouncer's face turns herself in to NYPD (DN) * Queens pharmacy shooting victim had sought aid from ex shortly before murder (DN) * Flower killer's twisted quest (NYP) * Art heist 'suspects' (NYP) * Bx. school lockdown (NYP) * Forget wiseguy, the 'Blog-Father' is a wordsmith(DN) * Inmate locked up for two decades says he'd be free if witnesses testify * 'Faker cops' in robbery (NYP)


Media and New Tech Chapter 11 for Borders, New Chapter for Books(WSJ)

Media: Merge or purge Blogs hoping for AOL/HuffPo-type deals


SNL’s Mubarak Thanks The U.S. For Propping Up His Government For 30 Years

 Fox News Commentator: Anderson Cooper Lacks Modesty And His Egypt Coverage Was “Incoherent” (VIDEO)