Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Pinocchio Madoff Says Banks "Had to Know" But My Family and the Mets Didn't

Not One Madoff's Banks is Under Investigation By the Feds

Matt Taibbi: Why Isn't Wall St. In Jail? (Rolling Stone)

Even in prison Madoff is continuing his ponzi scheme.  Madoff wants us to believe that the banks knew of his ponzi but his family and the Wilpons were clueless.  The feds are not investigation the banks. The only one putting the pressure on the cracking open Madoff's scheme is the lawyer for the investors who lost money in the ponzi.  While Bush Justice Department put the Enron crooks in jail and Reagan people put over 4,000 saving and loans crooks in jail Obama's Justice Department has not put even one of the Wall Street crooks in jail or the banks who helped Madoff with his Ponzi From Prison, Madoff Says Banks ‘Had to Know’ of Fraud (NYT) * Madoff speaks: Claims banks 'had to know' about Ponzi scheme (DN) *Lupica: Bernie Madoff, who knows how his fraud worked, says Fred Wilpon didn't (DN)Ponzi fiend Bernie's first jail interview (NYP) * Mayor Bloomberg on Bernie Madoff: "He was a nice guy back then"  * Bernie Madoff Speaks From Jail: The News Media Is “Disgraceful” (video)

True News PM News Update 
News Since the Morning Papers

Sources: Manhattan DA ‘Actively’ Investigating Conlin (YNN) * Manhattan DA launches criminal probe of pro-choice group's spending (NYP) * The Left Calls For Investigation Of Committee To Save NY (YNN) *Grassroots Groups Want Committee To Save New York Investigated (DN) * Cuomo Says Schools Can Absorb Cuts (NYO) * Manhattan Judge Sentences Somali Pirate To More Than 33 Years (WCBS) * A&P announces more closings in New York area (WABC) *TSA Workers Stole $40K From Checked Bags at JFK: Cops (WNBC) * Staten Island DA Dan Donovan is still waiting for his request for a special prosecutor to investigate the Working Families Party to be granted.* Ed Koch says he’s not lobbying anyone to have the Queensboro Bridge renamed in his honor.*  Dilan Inches Closer to Assembly Run (NYO) * President Obama calls CBS reporter Lara Logan after sexual assault (NYP)


Bloomberg Lost Billions and Apparently Something Else From His Financial Advisor Madoff

Mayor Bloomberg says Bernie Madoff was a nice guy back in the day. 


Cuomo Reacts to Albany's Pushback

Cuomo's warning on budget Warned state lawmakers not to favor special interests over the public interest when they weigh his bare-bones budget plan.(NYP) *  49 Suggestions for Cutting Billions in State’s Medicaid Costs (NYT)


 Cuomo Pushes New AG

Cuomo’s Move to Fight Fraud Sets Up Potential Albany Clash The New York governor is trying to empower the executive branch to investigate and fine banks and insurers, possibly setting up a confrontation with the attorney general.  (NYT)

Cuomo Pushback From Top Judge

Defending Courts’ Budget, Top Judge Resists Cuomo (NYT) * New York Courts Vow Legal Aid in Housing (NYT)

State Comptroller Pushback (Cuomo never endorsed DiNapoli)

DiNapoli Questions Cuomo's Budget(WSJ)




 Albany Pushback Chess Game

Assembly is in no rush on a property tax cap. 

No-show lawmakers: "It may be true that nothing unexpected ever happens at a budget hearing. But the public is dissatisfied with business as usual, and so lawmakers owe it to their constituents to show up for work. It's the least they could do." (NYO)


 Cuomo Pushback From UFT and Their Albany Puppets

Steiner stumbles Yes, both Steiner and Tisch -- herself Silver's personal pick for chancellor -Steiner, handpicked last year by Board of Regents Chancellor Tisch - say they're crafting a plan that will make LIFO "a moot point." (NYP Ed) * ... and Randi Wins Again US Education Secretary Arne Duncan pulls out The original, pre-delivery text of his remarks targeted "Last in, first out"((NYP Ed) * Ed. boss flips 'out'(NYP) *Teacher Layoff Battle Ramps Up (WSJ)  * Cathie Black slammed over 'last in, first out' at budget meeting (DN) * Schools Chancellor Criticizes Education Cuts In State Budget (NY1)*For Cathleen Black, a First Test in Albany (NYT)Public schools trail charters in funding for students by more than $600 (DN) * Teachers union bigs tossed from Albany eatery as rep Paul Egan wonders: Where's the beef? (DN)* Cuomo tapped Lt. Governor Bob Duffy to defend his education plan during yesterday’s budget hearings.* Could students have to pay $5.93 to take Regents exams? * Teachers unions and education reformers are readying themselves for the fight over which teachers get fired. * New York's education commissioner suggested that "last in first out" could soon "become moot". *Rowdy Dining: UFT reps booted from Albany restaurant by police. ( *  First In, Last Out: Arne Duncan tones it down. (New York Post)


Passive Media Forgets Quinn's 9 Years as "Deputy Mayor for the City Council"

Simply put the media covers Quinn speech with blinders.  There is no analysis of any of her promises and no questions why she never tired to make her ideas city policy during her 5 years as speaker.  


 Exhibit #1 Papers Report

Quinn Criticizes Bloomberg Plan to Cut Spending (NYT) * Quinn Calls Budget a Job Killer Council Speaker Christine Quinn attacked Mayor Michael Bloomberg's plan to slash the city's capital budget by 20%, describing it as a job killer during a time of high unemployment. 

 True News Analysis Quinn said she wants the city to spend a billion a year on paying for the capital budget instead of taking out loans.  This would have been possible a couple of years ago when the city was swimming in cash and Quinn in slush funds, but cannot be done this year.  A reporter should have asked Quinn how many teachers and snow removal workers she wants to lay off to pay for that direct payment of a billion to the city's capital budget. Quinn called Bloomberg plan to cut 20% of the capital budget a job killer, but the real job killer would be to take another another billion out of this years budget.


 Exhibit #2 Papers Report

Ms. Quinn also called on the city to be "more aggressive" in overseeing outside contracts, citing the scandal involving CityTime

 True News Analysis How can Quinn used the CityTime contract as an example of the council being more aggressive on all of the city's contract when she did noting to expose the scandal.  She even stopped a councilmember from holding a third hearing on the CityTime contract.  If the press does not hold people accountable to their record then the press is not doing its job.Quinn puts distance between her, Mayor Bloomberg (DN) * Council Speaker Pushes Big, Small Reforms During State Of City Speech (NY1) * NYC Council Speaker Chris Quinn To Media: "You're Wasting A Lot Of Time" (DN)

City Hall News Breakfast Meet  Quinn says not ready to render judgment on @'s specific pension reforms until she's met with all labor leaders (Twitter) * Wal-Mart "always knew they had a spot" in East New York, Quinn says. "That's annoying. They should have been up front." * "I don't know what's going to happen" to living wage bill * Asked about mayor's pension reform, @ jokingly defers to PBA prez Pat Lynch * On budget, Quinn says @ won't "jump up and down and say no no no," but will propose alternate cuts * Kicking off On/Off record breakfast, @ lambastes for "wasting time" on reporting who's against who in city gov't * Asked about changing her tune on slush fund scandal, Quinn clams up and declines to answer.


Bloomberg Raises To Cover Donovan’s Debt (To Bloomberg Advisor)

Attacking Bloomberg is Not Biting Back

Analysis, investigations and not relying on pol, consultants and lobbyists for your stories is real journalism The Fourth Estate Bites Back

 CBS reporter set upon by mob in brutal sex attack (NYP)CBS '60 Minutes' reporter Lara Logan sexually assaulted in Egypt (DN)


Trump mulls buying Mets (NYP)


Wilpons won't give up controlling interest of Mets (NYP)






America for Sale

NYSE Takeover Faces Touchy Issues Not the least of which is the name of the holding company.  (WSJ)

 Schumer calls for NYSE to retain its name (CriansNY) * Senator Schumer Cries for the NYSE (Forbes)


Are We Selling This Back to the French Next? 

Statue of Liberty Security Plan Is Delayed (NYT)


Rangel Soldiers On 

Shameless Rangel in bid for 22nd term (NYP)




NY1 Exclusive: Former NY Pro-Choice Leader Faces Spending Audit (NY1) * A draft of a forensic audit conducted for NARAL Pro Choice New York shows extensive alleged financial misconduct by the nonprofit’s former president, Kelli Conlin, who abruptly left on Jan. 21, dating back at least to 2008. (CT)

Azi Paybarah
Dicker notes Schneiderman's dad is on board of NARAL-NY, whose former president may have misused the group's $

Judge Decides the Daily News Has to Give Up Information About a Murder





 Half a Bike Lane?

Bike-lane truce plan (NYP) *  



New York Sues to Stop Storage of Nuclear Rods(WSJ)





Crane Collapse Charges Upheld 

A Manhattan judge upheld manslaughter charges against a crane company owner, setting the stage for a trial later this year over whether the owner was criminally responsible for a fatal crane collapse. (WSJ)


The city filed a motion to dismiss a federal lawsuit that alleges that the city committed fraud by improperly authorizing home health care services for thousands of patients. (CHN)




Law and Order 

Bloomberg and other Mayors take gun-control fight to streets (NYP)

The psycho babbles on & on Slash beast raves of 'conspiracy' from Bellevue (NYP) * Victims in Murder Spree Buried(WSJ) * Mug vic, 96, wants revenge (NYP) * 96-year-old says he'll fight lowlife who mugged him for $90 *Love-triangle cop violence (NYP) * Brutally beaten SI granny dies (NYP)* NYPD investigates water department scams targeting Bronx elderly  * Justice Dept. Will Review Fatal Shooting of Pace Student by Officer in Westchester (NYT) * At Funeral, Police Regret They Couldn’t Stop Killer (NYT) * Ex-cop gets 40 years for killing gal pal (DN) * Brooklyn Man Charged With Keeping Out-Of-Town Woman As Sex Slave (NY1) * DA Vance announces takedown of 14 members of violent street gang that terrorized Central Harlem *Ex-murder suspect admits mob ties got him job (DN) * Gang Members Facing Charges In NYC (WCBS) * Mayor Bloomberg takes gun-control fight to streets (WABC) * Somali pirate to be sentenced in NYC case (WABC) * *Brooklyn man faces 25 years in jail for yeshiva mowdown (NYP) * DA Announces Takedown of Gang That Terrorized Harlem (WNBC) * Judge Decides the Daily News Has to Give Up Information About a Murder (Village Voice)


Media and New Tech Egypt Leaders Found ‘Off’ Switch for Internet (NYT)

Terrorism  Feds snoop on subway bomb plot suspect Adis Medunjanin - and his lawyer (DN)




Jon Stewart Ridicules All The Republicans Who Ridiculed Obama At CPAC (Mediaite)




Breaking News Shoot the Freak Will Be Saved
Coney faves may re-open next summer minus 'Shoot the Freak' (DN)