Friday, February 4, 2011

New Yorker: Bloomberg in Love


Bloomberg Loving Bloomberg? He Loves It (NYT) * Mayor Looks in Mirror, Likes What He Sees(WSJ)

 Bloomberg Gets Even With the Rat Chuck

Mayor Bloomberg has choice words for Staten Island Chuck Two years after the forecasting varmint bit Bloomberg, the Mayor cursed out the woodchuck, on video. *  Bloomberg bitches about Staten Island groundhog (NYP)


Bloomberg Polls Accuracy Problem


Heavy on the Salt?

Gonzalez: $250K for Gracie Mansion chefs Mayor Bloomberg claims the city's dire financial crisis has propelled him to order tough spending cuts for every city agency - but that hasn't stopped the gourmet splurges at Gracie Mansion. (DN)



The Art of Negotiation Welcomes Cuomo

Cuomo Predicts and Welcomes Lobbyists' Enmity (NYT) * Governer softens his stance on pension reform, teacher cuts (DN)State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos is in favor of budget-cutting -- except in his own backyard (DN Ed) * Gov: Merit should count on teacher layoffs (NYP) * Gov. Cuomo hopes he’ll be more successful than other governors at collecting sales tax on cigarettes sold on Indian reservations. * The Post wants Cuomo to hurry up. * State parks are seeing an up tick in visitors as their funding is once again on the chopping block.


Good to Be the King of the Senate

Senate Republicans want their Democratic colleagues to trim their payroll by 43 percent by March 31. * AG Eric Schneiderman (a former member of the Senate Democratic conference) is reviewing the Republicans’ proposed rules change to strip the LG of his tie breaking leadership vote.


Still Want the Job Education Black? 

Bloomberg Defends Black Against Hecklers [VIDEO]

Schools Chancellor Cathie Black met with heckles at hearing where 12 schools were slated to shut(NYP)Parents Seek More Action on PCBs in Schools (NYT) * Protesting School Closings, in a Noisy Annual Ritual * School Meeting Draws Protest(WSJ) * SHOWDOWN: Hundreds protest plan to close public schools (DN) * Cathie Black Booed, Mocked During School Closing Hearing (Video, WPiX) * City Education Panel Approves Additional School Closures (NY1)


NY Sends More to Washington  . . . Senator Moynihan

“A near quarter century of data analysis has pretty well established that New York.s balance of payments deficits is structural,” Moynihan observed … “It is not the result of one administration, one party, one business cycle, whatever. In good times it only gets worse, owing to our high tax brackets which in measure reflect our high cost of living.”Stimu-less for transit (NYP)


Paterson Pays Fine for Yankees Tickets


City’s High Abortion Rate Defies Easy Explanation (NYT)




Wal-Mart Skips Council Hearing as Impact of Stores Is Assailed (NYT) * Council Hammers Wal-Mart at Hearing(WSJ) * Council Speaker Christine Quinn's much-ballyhooed anti-Walmart hearing failed to deliver the goods (DN Ed) * Local Leaders Blast Wal-Mart At Council Hearing * Wal-Mart Draws Ire Even In Poor Parts Of Brooklyn (WPIX) * Empty seats are hard sellRetailer a no-show at city hearing (NYP)

 Super Bowl Time for Gambling Arrests

Law and Order 28 arrested in illegal NY gambling ring(WSJ) * 2 NYC cops accused of writing fake traffic tickets(WSJ) * New jail gripes for Vinny Gorgeous as death panel trial nears(DN) * Jury hears horror tale of tot's drowning in water bucket (DN) * Snowball barrage leads to assault rap for Brooklyn teen (DN) * Brooklyn Rape Suspect Linked To Third Attack (NY1) * Brooklyn sex sicko (NYP) * Snow kids in 'arms' Ice-ball weapon rap (NYP) * Online butt kicking (NYP) * New York trader arrested for threatening government officials denied bail


2 Staten Island cops accused of concocting phantom-ticket scheme to pad overtime stats (SI Advance)


U.S. Discusses Plan for Mubarak to Quit(NYT) *  White House in talks with Egypt for Mubarak to quit immediately: report (NYP) * Turmoil Heartens U.S. Foes (WSJ) * NY's Little Egypt joins in chorus of Cairo unrest(WSJ)


JPMorgan Said to Have Doubted Madoff (NYT) * J.P. Morgan Abetted Madoff (WSJ) * Lawsuit charges JPMorgan suspected, but ignored, Ponzi scheme

More Madoff Bombshells

Settlement talks break down between Mets and Madoff trustee: report (NYP) * Mets' Wilpon May Face More Scrutiny (WSJ) * Deal's out! Mets face $1B suit (NYP)