Thursday, February 3, 2011

Cuomo Prepares to Battle The Albany's Bosses


As the old guard of special interests get ready to battle new governor the Daily News says Andy digging in for budget fight - ready to face Bloomberg (DN) The NYT says Cuomo budget goes after everyone Cuomo’s Budget Whittles at All Corners of the State (NYT).  In any event the battle is on Cuomo strikes first at NY special interests (WOR) * After taking his budget message to the people via the Internet yesterday, Gov. Andrew Cuomo will deliver another in-person speech in Westchester today. LG Bob Duffy is hitting the road, too. He’s in Syracuse. *Save New York Plans New Ad

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 FOXNEWS reporter, cameraman severely beaten, hospitalized * Bloomberg Flip-Flops About Teacher Layoffs Some More * * Cuomo Predicts and Welcomes Lobbyists’ Enmity (NYT) * Cuomo Open To LIFO Talks (YNN) * Silver’s ‘Chai’ Year (YNN) * Settlement talks break down between Mets and Madoff trustee: report (NYP) * White House Calls Attack on Reporters ‘Unacceptable’ (NYT) * City’s High Abortion Rate Defies Easy Explanation (NYT) * Muslim Brotherhood looks to gains in Egypt protest (Washington Post) * There will be no coup in the NYC Council’s Black, Latino and Asian Caucus.* Potholes becoming big problem for commuters (WABC) * Network Anchors Leave Egypt Amid Crackdown * Gov. Cuomo's Budget Road Show Includes GOP (DN)

White House, Egypt Discuss Plan for Mubarak’s Exit (NYT)

 In ABC News Exclusive, Egyptian President Mubarak Says “If I Resign Today, There Will Be Chaos”

Wall Street, Banking and Madoff Cheating Ring

Trustee: JPMorgan Chase suspected Madoff was committing fraud * JPMorgan overlooked early doubts on Madoff, lawsuit suggests


Bloomberg Loves Bloomberg


Bloomberg cusses out groundhog (Video)

 Albany Bosses Ready for Battle

Cuomo's Medicaid Plan Roils Albany  Cuomo's effort to strip lawmakers of power over the state's Medicaid program is facing a barrage of criticism in both houses and parties. (WSJ) * Gresham and Mulgrew, two top labor leaders, broken faith with Gov. Cuomo and New Yorkers (DN) * The WSJ thinks the House Republicans could learn from Cuomo and should “follow his savvy lead and blow the whistle on this rigged (budget) process early and often.” * The governor’s budget includes a lot of unanswered questions. * The Long Island senators are calling Cuomo’s proposed education aid cuts to Nassau and Suffolk counties a “deal breaker.” * Like his predecessors, Cuomo is assuming the state will collect millions in taxes on the sale of Indian-sold cigarettes. The Indian tribes have a different view, however.* Cuomo took on school superintendents’ salaries in his budget, which shocked some public school officials.* Union officials bristle at being called a special interest. (AP) * State Judiciary To Cuomo: You know we're a separate branch of government, right? (Newsday) * The "Long Island Nine," the single most powerful bloc in the 32-member Republican Senate majority, said Cuomo's proposed budget is an inequitable hit on Nassau and Suffolk county schools. (Newsday) * State Democrats Mobilize For Cuomo’s Budget 

 Bloomberg Battles Alone

 Mayor Broadens Target for Benefit Cuts Mayor Bloomberg's administration proposed eliminating an annual $12,000 bonus for current police and fire retirees and workers as part of an overall plan to create a new tier of less generous benefits for future workers. (WSJ) *  Bloomberg demands city-union pension reforms (NYP) * Bloomberg Seeks a Sweeping Overhaul of City’s Pensions (NYT)  The mayor, whose own administration has been partially responsible for pension fund growth, now wants to require most new municipal workers to work at least 10 years, or double the current amount, to qualify for a pension, and bar them from receiving pension checks until age 65.  * Bloomberg waffles on potential teacher layoffs, says it depends on changes in Albany (DN) * Natural enemies Mayor, gov rarely get along (NYP) * Bloomberg Counting On ‘Sympathetic’ Cuomo (YNN) * Assemblyman Jonathan Bing (endorsed by Bloomberg in 2010) comes out in favor of ending last in, first out “before any layoffs are necessary.”


Remembering Our Roots

Gov. Cuomo’s Budget The governor’s state budget gets high marks, but it’s harsh on some of New York’s most vulnerable citizens. (NYT Ed) * Daly: Cuomo tough on schools, not necessarily jails (DN)



 Bloomberg Takes Away Jobs

Is There Any Money to Build This?

With investment money still dry and the next door Met owners ready for the poor house is they any money to build Bloomberg's master plan at willets Point?  Maybe Steve Rattner could get city workers pension funds before his pal reduces them to invested? City to Seize Land in Queens Eminent-Domain Proceedings Set for Property Holdouts at Willets Point Project(WSJ). * Video: City Councilmen Barron, Activists Arrested In School Closing Protest (DN) * Parents Seek More Action on PCBs in Schools (NYT)


 Hello, I must be going. I cannot stay, I came to say I must be going . . . I'll stay a week or two, I'll stay the summer through, but I am telling you, I must be going. - Groucho Marx

 Snow Day? Bloomberg Tells City Workers to DisobeyWhen Mayor Bloomberg told New York City's nonessential workers to stay home because of a snowstorm last week, he actually wanted them to disobey his order. (WSJ) * City Employees Penalized For Missing Work During Snow Day (Huff Post)


 A NY Hunting License

New service from the civic website Gotham Gazette tracks political cash in city government (DN)The new site will make it easy to learn, for example, that  Speaker Quinn has received $569,000 in contributions for her 2013 mayoral campaign from 308 people in the real estate industry. (DN)

NYC Education Lacking Vision

 Unruly Panel for Educational Policy meetings undermine its mandate as a forum for input on schools (DN) * Schools fight to stay open (NYP)* Voters: Ax the worst (NYP)Pick this fight, Mike The ability to lay off teachers based on merit, rather than seniority * Education advocates are pleased Gov. Andrew Cuomo's budget doesn't include tuition hikes at SUNY, school leaders would have preferred he backed their five-year plan to increase tuition gradually and let SUNY keep the money. * New York state voters overwhelmingly oppose the "last in, first out" law, which forces schools to fire the most recently hired teachers during a budget crisis -- regardless of classroom performance, a new poll shows. Of the 800 statewide respondents surveyed, 61% said they rejected the seniority-based LIFO policy while 37% supported it, according to a poll conducted for the advocacy group Education Reform Now. (NYP)


Bloomberg Makes Good On Bet, Desecrates Refurbished Library (Gothamist) * Video



You post & you're toa$t Thompson fined 619G for campaign signs (NYP)

Thompson plans to appeal the fine

Bronx Political Chatter: Keep Track of Your Councilperson With New Service: Councilpedia

Stay Out of the Gowanus Canal

Severe extent of its contamination and the threat it poses to public health, particularly for people who eat fish from it or have repeated contact with its water or sediment.  Gowanus Canal Inquiry Underlines Severity of Pollution (NYT) * EPA: Gowanus Canal Remains Public Health Threat (NY1) * Gowanus Canal Is Totally Grody, Finds EPA (Voice)


 Butt Out

Smoking Ban for Beaches and Parks Is Approved (NYT) * New York Snuffs Out Smoking(WSJ) * City Council Approves Ban On Outdoor Smoking (NY1) * Council smoke 'brake' (NYP)


Price-Fixing by KeySpan Will Cost It $12 Million (NYT)

November Price Chill for Manhattan Condos (WSJ)


Someone Got the Clean the Snow  

He steals trash truck in the Bronx then winds up in the can (DN)  Law and Order An End to a Long Tenure Defending the Infamous (NYT)  * Police Complaints Drop(WSJ) * Robbery Trio Targeting Women in Queens, Brooklyn (WSJ) * Thug accused of masterminding sexting slay consoled victim's grieving mother at funeral (DN) * Son's testimony in mom's trial for starving, beating his little sister, could be 'devastating'(DN) * Cops probed for bungling homicide - thought victim was a drunk who fell (DN) * Ponzi schemer pleads guilty to theft of millions, faking ties to Belgian royalty (DN) * Kennedy kin stalking suspect is political pawn, says lawyer (DN) * Forging counterfeit credit cards is a piece of cake: law enforcement officials (DN) * NY1 Exclusive: Victim Of Local Human Trafficking Shares Her Tale Of Survival * SI ex-super in blaze bust (NYP) * New York City is using data-mining to catch mortgage fraud. * 'Cheerful News' on Crime Data and the Integrity Thereof (NYT)


Who Judges Judges?

A battle is brewing over how the state’s judges are disciplined.  * A Sex Joke and Other Judicial Bad Behavior (NYT)



Walmart CEO says give N.Y. low prices (DN Op-Ed) * Unionists welcome Walmart (NYP)

Union Membership Lowest in 15 Years (NYT)

Courtney Gross
CC Charles Barron on : "Don't even think about coming to East New York. We will not be your slave workers on your plantation." (Twitter) * Protests, Worries Surround Walmart's Effort to Open in Brooklyn (NBC)


Media and New Tech 

Content From The Daily Making Its Way Across The Web

What's Inside of The Daily? * Where Are the Women in Wikipedia?(NYT) * Bloomberg 'friends' Facebook founder (NYP) * Bloomberg and Zuckerberg: Power Pair Talk Facebook (Village Voice) * Newsweek, MSNBC Sever Traffic Ties Post-merger mag’s Web site losing big audience boost (ad week)


NY Times Co. said profits dropped by 26% in the 4th quarter. Maybe if we ignore bad news, it'll just go away? 





Day 10  Army tries to end violence between rival camps in Cairo (NYP) *Fallout in Yemen, Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia(NYT) * ElBaradei's Role Cast in Doubt(WSJ) * Live-Blog: Latest On Crisis In Egypt (NPR)


Undisclosed Locations And Low-Light Liveshots: Reporters Adapt To Risks In Egypt

And The Beat Goes On: New York Times Journos Reportedly Arrested In Egypt * AJE on journalists "under siege." Police use spotters to find photogs on hotel balconies, then raid rooms. * Brian Williams Reports By Flashlight Amid Cracks Of Automatic Gunfire *



The Day The Music Died! (Three Stars)(February 3 1959)

Don McLean- American Pie

R.I.P. Buddy Holly: September 7, 1936 - February 3, 1959.