Sunday, February 6, 2011

MLB: Break Up the Met Owners

Mr. Met is A Madoff Victim?  Yea Sure
Mets owners who made 300 million off of Madoff's Ponzi Scheme spin themselves in the press as victims of Madoff Team 'ignored' Ponzi scheme: suit (NYP) * Trustee claims Mets owe $300 million as a result of Madoff Ponzi scheme profits *Wilpon needs to step away from the broken Mets * Madoff Profits Fueled Mets’ Empire, Lawsuit Says * Madoff Trustee: Mets Owners Ignored Ponzi Warning Signs(WSJ) * Mets Need to Cover Expenses * Wilpon's losing his grip on the Mets (NYP) * FAQ on Mets/Madoff Lawsuit: What's at Stake (WSJ) * The Know-Nothing Mets? There's a Pattern Here (NYT) * Mets Will Need $30 Million Profit This Season Just To Make Debt PaymentsForbes * Mets' owners' kin made millions from Madoff: suit (NYP) *Big mouth irked 'Mad' man (NYP)

Sunday Updates
Speaker Silver Last Man Standing

In Politics, Every Day Is a Workday (NYT)

'CSI' meets NYPD: New unit will match suspects on videos to mug shots (DN) * Bloomberg's union pension prescription little help now (DN) * Brooklyn homemakers face unhappy future with looming budget cuts (DN) * Layoff limbo (NYP Ed) * SoHo nonprofit teaching activists, including Egypt protesters, to use social media to create a revolution (NYP) * Small biz jobs view dims (NYP) * Hizzoner finally picks a fight Pension Reform(NYP) * Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt dialogue (MSNBC) * Pension Changes: Most Bloomberg are seeking won’t yield savings for years. ( * A Signout Sheet for Bloomberg Trips (NYT) * Lack Of Parking Destroying Columbus Avenue Business (WCBS TV) * Subway System Suffers Through Brutal Winter (WCBS TV) * NY Comptroller Audits Other State Car Use (WCBS TV) *Cuomo Criticizes Superintendent Pay (NYT)



NYC Council Has No Smoked Filled Rooms!

City Council members can all agree on one thing The most diverse City Council in history has members from many ethnic groups but not one smoker.


Gambino crime family quietly made millions building high-rise condos across city(DN)

Memo to the Daily News: Organized Crime Control Over NY'S Construction is No Secret

The 1991 report from the NYS Organized Crime Task Force should have give the Daily News a clue: Corruption and Racketeering in the New York City Construction Industry. The report shows—in great and provocative detail—how organized extortion, bribery illegal cartels, and bid rigging characterize construction in the city. The basis for much of this crim is labor racketeering, controlled or orchestrated by organized crime. It reveals how this world of corruption affects not only the private sector but the city's vast public works program, and it spells out the ways in which both organized crime and official corruption each sustain the dynamics of ongoing criminality.


Don't We Elect Schumer to Make Sure NY Has the Most Modern Tracking System?

Schumer wants US airplane tracking system modernized (WABC TV)* The Oneidas are targeting Sen. Chuck Schumer over the Catskills casino.


NJ Newspapers Fight to Save Legal Notices(WNYC)

  Legal Ads Influence the News

The legal ads system continues in New York and other cities because the political leaders have an arrangement with the local newspapers to push them or the candidates they support. Local papers are filled with stories that praise elected officials and attack challengers to them. Many journalist in local papers say privately the ads effect what they are able to report. The Law Journal a very powerful paper in the legal field and courts in New York could not exist without legal ads. Time seems to be running out on the Journal and other papers who depend on legal ads, but Albany is know to protect special interests against the public interest. Why would Albany want to save New Yorkers the money they needlessly pay in legal ads, when most of the rest of the nation uses the free and more effective or the objective of the legal ads Internet. 


 Interesting to see if Newfield and Barrett's Book "City for Sale" is used in Koch's movie

Documenting Koch: Quinn and Tusk help out in Neil Barsky’s production. (New York Post)

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads




Will the City Wind Up Paying for the New Mets Stadium?
The team's obligation for its new stadium amounts to $43 million a year.

Announcing True News Super Bowl Weekend Bet
Who Will Leave First Mubarak or the Wilpons?

Paterson Pays Up

Paterson pays $62,125 fine in Yankees ticket case(NYP) * Ex-Gov. David Paterson pays fine over ethics violation (DN) * Paterson Settles Ethics Violations Over 2009 Yankees Tickets

The Times Union looks at the Cuomos
Only in Print: A Times Union story about the Cuomos opens with an anecdote of the Andrew Cuomo helping his dad by climbing a utility pole to rip down a rival’s campaign poster. (Times Union) 

Mayor Defines Meaning of Democracy

"This is not democracy -- letting people yell and scream. That's not freedom of expression. This is embarrassing for New York City, New York state, for America," the mayor said yesterday. 


 Mayor Mubarak?

 Mayor Mubarak? Teachers Union official compares Bloomy to Egypt's prez

This ain't Egypt, Mr. Mayor!

Mayor Bloomberg's tone toward parents, teachers and students who turned raucous at two school closure meetings was dead wrong. (DN)

Union Boss Compares Bloomberg to Murbrack - SILLY 
School union boss Michael Mulgrew took exception to Bloomberg’s harsh word for parents, and compared him to an Egyptian tyrant. * 'Hosni' Bloomberg Teachers union hits 'dictator' (NYP)Mike Mulgrew,In Panel’s Votes to Close Low-Performing Schools, Rage and Foregone Decisions * 'Dunce' schools doubling The number of city schools not making the grade under federal guidelines could more than double this fall(NYP) * Teacher-seniority rule faces legal hurdle (NYP) * School Backlash: “People are just going to get more and more—I hate to use the word—violent,” State Senator Tony Avella said. “If it takes a revolution to take back the schools, I see it happening.” (Wall Street Journal)

New Gracie Mansion Cook?

We'll cook for free, Bloomy: Chefs volunteer to feed Mayor and save the city $245G (DN) * Chefs offer Bloomberg free food to save city some cash (DN)

Busting Bloomberg: Editors call his Arizona gun sting “a publicity gimmick” and another one of his “stunts.” (New York Post)

Ambulance service slowed due to mounds of snow/ice (WABC TV)

Potholes a big problem on weather-worn streets (DN)

East Harlem Business Owners Fight Property Condemnation (NYT) * Drivers beware of massive potholes (WABC TV)



Markowitz' Demolition Bike

Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President, Rides Tricycle, Bashes Bike Lanes (VIDEO)*Marty Mocks Bikes While People Perish * Not in Schumer's back yard! B'klyn bike-lane bile


Park Slope Jet Crash 50 Years Ago

Almost Again 

NY jetliner in near-miss with military cargo planes over Atlantic (NYP) * Jet From J.F.K. Came Close to 2 Air Force Cargo Planes (NYT) * Near-miss between passenger jet and cargo planes sparks FAA probe (DN) * It was plane scary (NYP) * NTSB investigates near midair collision near NYC (WABC) * Feds Investigate Near Midair Collision in NY Airspace (WNBC) * Out of 'control' Flight trackers 'dogging it' at key LI post(NYP)

NYT Joins Conservatives in Attacking Nanny State?

Too Much of a Good Thing New York’s antismoking campaign has been a great public service, but now the mayor and City Council have overreached. (NYT)


Push to regulate discount bus companies


Musical Chairs  of Leaders At WTC Mosque

Imam Steps Down From Mosque Project (NYT) * New Imam at Mosque Project Resigns(WSJ)


Law and Order  Gangster who vowed to 'chop' head off a mob rat is now helping the feds (DN) * 40 Years On, Detective Sees Light Shed on a Killing (NYT) * State Trooper Is Indicted (WSJ)  * Marine in torture-murder trial yanked after bizarre courtroom urination * NYPD 'faces' high-tech challenges with new digital imaging capabilities (DN) * E. Harlem hit-run slay (NYP) * Cops to use facial-recognition technology to identify criminals (NYP) * Alleged car thief pulls 2-by-4 during scuffle with probation officers (DN) *'Bully' rap on lawyer (NYP) * Brooklyn Building Super Stabbed To Death (NY1) * Bloody stabbing in Bronx studio leaves one dead, many questions (DN) * Bronx man accidentally shot by cops looking for son speaks about unfortunate (DN) *Sect of Brooklyn 'nun' who falsely cried rape has bizarre history, mysterious (DN) * 'Bully haircut' girl's ma sues (NYP) * Oh shoot! Cops fire off-target (NYP) * You got served! NY's legal weasels to the stars (NYP) * Accused hit & run driver detained by Good Samaritans (WABC TV) *Woman killed when party crasher fires through door (NYP) * Woman fatally shot at Queens house party (WABC TV)


Media and New Tech CNN Rises to the Top in Egypt Coverage (NYT) * Big media shake-ups roil Times, Observer (NYP)



'The Social Network' and 12 More Movies That Defined a Generation(Rolling Stone)

Bill Maher To Egyptian Guest: “This Isn’t Fox News, This Is Reality”


Mideast unrest complicates terror fight (Wash Post)

Ruling party, including president's son, quits but Mubarak hangs on (NYP)


Financial District Adapts as Banks Leave (NYT) * Hackers Penetrate Nasdaq's Computers(WSJ) * New life to earlier Chase suit (NYP) *What Role Did Reporters Play In The Financial Crisis?

Bewitched by the Numbers Confusing jobless data do not capture the painful economic realities plaguing millions of American families. (Herbert, NYT) *  A Disjointed Jobs Report and U-7, Month Two(PBS Newshour)

District Liked Its Earmarks, Then Elected Someone Who Didn’t

Prime Minister Criticizes British ‘Multiculturalism’ Prime Minister David Cameron said that “multiculturalism” had encouraged “segregated communities” where Islamic extremism thrives. (NYT) *  UK's Cameron: Europe must wake up on extremism...