Monday, February 7, 2011

Cuomo and the Unions Target Each Other

Both Sides Sharpen Knives 

Following Christie’s lead in seeking to impose a cap on school superintendents’ salaries?

Cuomo Cuomo, Pushing School Cuts, Offers a Target: Superintendent Salaries (NYT) * Pols sharpen knives for Cathie Black; Gov. Cuomo gets support from ... Tea Party group? * Gov. Cuomo is driving home the need to cut the State Police budget NYS Police command’s take home some 1,400 company cars (NYP)* Silver lining up with gov on ethics reform (NYP) * In exchange for a funding cut, Cuomo would allow SUNY schools to enter into public-private partnerships. * Bloomberg told state lawmakers it’s up to them to push for congestion pricing, or whatever alternative they can come up with. Because he won’t. (WNYC)

Unions Accounting for Taxes and a $2 Billion Shift The state's most powerful labor unions are assembling a new coalition to pressure Albany into extending a temporary tax hike on the wealthy.  * “What Gov. Mario Cuomo delivered, his son now proposes to take away,” two prison experts write. But at what cost?(WSJ)


True News PM New Update  

News After the Morning Papers

Bloomberg Defends City 

Mayor Tells Legislature That Lost Aid Will Ensure Layoffs (NYT) * Cuomo's Budget Czar Says Bloomberg's Math is Fuzzy (NYO) * State Budget Director To City: Buzz Off? (DN) *NYC Comptroller John Liu To Albany: Don't Balance State Budget On The City's Back* So how do guv, mayor win pension reform? Crain’s New York Business * Bloomberg fights for $1B in NY state funding (NYP) * Budget Wars: The Mayor Strikes Back * Hizzoner raised the specter of shuttering one-third of New York City’s senior centers during testimony before the state Legislature. He warned that Gov. Cuomo’s proposed budget would force the city to slash an estimated $2.1 billion — “virtually all in personnel.” (WSJ)

Mayor Bloomberg won’t push for congestion pricing again. * Dan Collins writes up the end of the “mutually self-interested” relationship between AFT President Randi Weingarten and Bloomberg. *  Q. and A. on PCBs in City Schools (NYT)Time Runs Out for Snow-Bound Cars (NYT) * Albany Weighs Raising Graduation Standards (NYT)

 Marty Fined Forgetaboutit

Brooklyn Borough Chief Is Fined The Brooklyn borough president, Marty Markowitz, agrees to pay a fine for using his chief of staff as his lawyer for the closing of his home. (NYT)

Marty's 'pole' numbers are dropping (Courier Life)


 TV King

It’s Official: Super Bowl XLV Is Most-Watched TV Event Ever as 111 Million People Tune In



State Vs. City

Bloomberg in Albany went for a “all for one, one for all” message, exhorting NYC’s assembly members and senators to “stick together to protect the voters who sent you here.”  Bloomberg Calls On Governor To Reduce Cuts To City (NY1) 

Battle Begins for New York Budget Gov. Andrew Cuomo's proposed state budget increases New York City's deficit for the upcoming fiscal year by an estimated 58%, creating an "immediate $1.4 billion gap" on top of an already existing shortfall of $2.4 billion. (WSJ) *  Budget Fight: Liu says state cut to NYC is bigger than Cuomo says, but not as big as Bloomberg says. (Wall Street Journal) *  Will City Pensions Be Cut? Mayor Bloomberg calls for cuts in benefits for new New York City employees. Should — or will — they be adopted? (NYT Ed) * Bloomberg To Testify On Funding Cuts (NY1)Retire the system -- it's time to listen to Mayor Bloomberg on pension reform (DN Ed) * B'klyn turnaround teachers face ax (NYP)* Bloomberg’s Albany Testimony, A Preview * NYC Comptroller John Liu, and others, will join the mayor in Albany.* Lawmakers from Queens and Brooklyn want to kill congestion pricing before it rears its head again in Albany.* Bloomberg says his harsh plan to cut city workers' pensions is strong medicine for an ailing budget - but his prescription won't cure it for a long, long time. (NYDN) * Room for Debate: Will New York City's Pensions Be Cut?


Eastside Black Meets Real World Unplugged 
“Just Smile” Schools chancellor Cathie Black wasn’t hired to be a visionary, she was hired to be a saleswoman for Bloomberg-style reform. And while her customers (all the people bruised by said reform) are quite hostile, for the moment she’s her own biggest problem (NY Magazine) *  Schools Chancellor Cathie Black spills on boos, boredom and her BlackBerry in New York mag interview (DN) * Today Black will likely undergo harsh questioning  in the Capitol.  More Education News * Donors Demand a Bigger Voice in Catholic Schools (NYT) * Provost of Tufts University Will Be Named President of Cooper Union (NYT) * When Cathie Black Faces The Music, What Will The Band Be Playing? (DN)After All, It Is Black History Month (NYO)

Bloomberg in Bermuda

Mayoral Sign-Out Sheet? Secretive Jaunts Spur a Thought (NYT) * NYC lawmakers and reporters are no longer satisfied with not knowing where Bloomberg spends his weekends. “City Hall seems apoplectic,” according to Michael Barbaro.

Bloomberg's Super Phone?
Contacting Bloomberg: He has a special phone on his plane so he can be in touch when he leaves town. (The New York Times)



 Stagnant Economy Rising Taxes Squeezing Homeowners Out

With home values plummeting thanks to the stagnant economy but property taxes surging because of the city's "Byzantine" math, Staten Island homeowners and lawmakers are gearing up for battle with the taxman. (SIA)   




Bye Bye PBS'S Big Bird

Save Big Bird, Nova, Jim Lehrer: Congress must not pull the plug on PBS and NPR






 Arianna Joins the Big Boys

When HuffPost Met AOL: "A Merger of Visions" (Huff Post) * AOL buys The Huffington Post for $315M (NYP) * Betting on News, AOL Is Buying The Huffington Post (NYT) * AOL to Acquire Huffington Post (WSJ) * AOL buys The Huffington Post for $315M (NYP) * Did The Huffington Post Win the SEO Game With Today's AOL Acquisition? (Village Voice)


On Patrol for the Casualties of Potholes (NYT)

Traffic Deaths Tick Up Slightly

Traffic Deaths in the City Rose Slightly Last Year (NYT) * Traffic Deaths Tick Up in the City(WSJ) * City traffic deaths are second lowest in history - with slight rise over last year (DN) * City traffic deaths dive(NYP)



Westside Bike Lane 2.0

Lane change on West Side City yields in bike flap

Manhattan lawmakers have reached a bike lane compromise. The outer boroughs are still working on it.  



Vito Lopez Puppet Levin is a Drag 

City Council isn't smoke-free, Brooklyn pol admits (DN)

GOP Presidents Send Financial Crooks to Jail Dems Fine them 

Bush's Justice send Enron's crooks to jail. Reagan justice department sent dozens to jail after the saving and loan scandal. The current scandals of Wall Street and the pensions funds has resulted in fines and no jail time. 

Washington Wall Street Two Step

Somehow the bums in the SEC who missed the Madoff corruption now work for Wall Street Firms. SEC officials who missed Madoff now in top spots at major law firms (NYP)News Hub: Madoff Trustee vs. New York Mets (WSJ)


Wall Street Indian Giving?

Wall Street trades with the Indians - Tribe in high finance




Bronx GOP boss is out to lunch - and dinner

State lawmakers who lost last November are continuing to dip into their campaign kitties to cover expenses. $8,300 worth of campaign cash on meals out last year after receiving a heft contribution from Bloomberg.

Black man suing FDNY finds noose in his work locker (DN)

WTC Cover Up?
Ground Zero: “The memorial will wipe away all evidence of the attacks and replace it with trees and waterfalls. This is like covering Gettysburg with asphalt.” (




Wake-up call: MTA board members should try waiting for a train that never comes (DN)

New Rail Tunnel Proposed for Hudson(WSJ) * Reduced Service On Metro-North New Haven Line (WCBS TV) * With One Plan for a Hudson Tunnel Dead, Senators Offer Another Option

Law and Order  Rat in a trap: FBI dumps mob informer, and now Mafia wants him dead (DN) * Two Killed in Shootings In Queens, Manhattan(WSJ) * Police: Manhattan man, 28, dies after shooting(WSJ) * Prosecutors want to forcibly medicate defendant in fraud case (DN) * Victim's beau threatens wacko fugitive who pushed woman onto tracks (DN) * Man shot saving brother dies from chest wound (DN) * Queens Woman Fatally Shot At Birthday Party (NY1) * Police: Manhattan man, 28, dies after shooting (WABC TV) * Arrest in fatal shooting at Queens house party (WABC TV) * Queens Man Faces Murder Charges In Connection With Birthday Shooting  (NY1) * Police find dead baby boy in teenage girl's home after alert from ER doctor (DN) * Jury convicts NY TV executive of beheading wife (NYP) * Jury convicts NY TV executive of beheading wife (NYP)* First person in NY to be indicted for sex trafficking sentenced 3-9 years (NYP) * Woman shot inside Coney Island bodega (NYP)

New Yorkers Fad is to Protest Movies Shoots . . .  What About the Needed Jobs and Taxes?

Call location manager if you have a gripe about NYC movie shoot, new guidelines say (DN) * Viewership of “Parker Spitzer” increased dramatically with Kathleen Parker off the show (she’s recovering from a lung infection, according to her Tweets). 

Media and New Tech  What Is Keith Olbermann’s Next Move? We Will Find Out Tomorrow

Google Revolt, Google Nations? 

(Reuters) - Google Inc executive Wael Ghonim who had gone missing in Cairo was released on Monday, Al Arabiya television reported. 

Google Executive Key Figure in Egypt Revolt(WSJ) * Muslims turn out in Mass for Christian protesters in Egypt (DN) * Prizing Status Quo, Mubarak Resists Pressure (NYT) *