Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sheldon Silver Plays Poker With Cuomo

Assembly Shows No Leadership on Reform

The only leader who can block most reforms sought by Cuomo is Speaker Sliver who likes to play poker with lobbyists.  Right now Silver is offering us no clue or leadership on where he stands on the proposed changes.  It is clear that he is playing defense for the special interests who have controlled Albany for decades as best he can against a governor and press aggressively pushing against the special interests and lobbyist.  So far Cuomo and the press have not gone after Silver and his fellow Assembly members personally.  The only reform issue the GOP state senate will take the lead in blocking is redistricting, perhaps with backdoor deals with the assembly and the state's incumbent congressional members.  The Gov says that if the legislature decides to stall he will pass stop gap budgets like Paterson that includes the cuts.  Andy rattles shutdown saber over $10B budget gap (NYP)

New York City Issues Teacher Layoff List by School (NYT)

The (Ex) Voice of the Village Wayne Barrett Looks Back (NYT)

NYC We are All Wisconsin

Wisconsin worries: Labor rallies in NY (NYP) * Demonstration By City Hall Supports Government Worker Unions: Hundreds of demonstrators gathered in front of CityDemonstration By City Hall Supports Government Worker Unions (NY1) * Worried by Wisconsin fight, labor rallies in NY(WSJ) * Cuomo's tied down Could the Wisconsin revolt spread to New York? Only if the governor gets serious about taking on unions (NYP) * Critics rally at City Hall (NYP)


House Speaker Boehner Copies Paterson

Offers Continuing Resolution with Budget Cuts.  Cuomo might soon be doing the same thing with the Albany gang.

NYTimes: Republicans Propose Budget Stopgap, Reducing Risk of a Federal Shutdown * Why Wouldn’t the Tea Party Shut It Down? (Rich, NYT) * The Budget Fight Continues House Republicans’ efforts to slash federal spending could derail the economic recovery and would not address the real sources of budget deficits. (NYT Ed) * Landmarks will be closed with government shutdown (DN)

Cuomo buys Time With the Health Care Mob

It was the TV ads of the the health care unions and industry that struck the mortal blows against Spitzer and Paterson.  By including them in the budget cutting decisions he has held off the attacks. Now he has to get the legislators who will be greatly influenced by those hurt by the two and a half billion in cuts recommended by the Cuomo Medicaid redesign team.   Amid Cuomo’s Medicaid Cuts, Health Care Workers’ Union Shapes a Victory(NYT) * Savings Plan Isn't All Savings It's supposed to save billions for the state, but tucked inside Gov. Cuomo's Medicaid plan are proposals that potentially could increase costs, including mandated higher wages and the creation of new government bodies. (WSJ)


The Cuomominator

Cuomo sees two possible paths to an on-time budget: “Either I will come to an agreement with the legislative leaders through the budget process and then we’ll stand up and we’ll announce one. Or it will be done through a different mechanism, without an agreement by the legislative leaders. *  Gov. Cuomo Has Put Friends In High Places (WCBS TV) * Education groups and liberal lawmakers have been increasing their criticism of Gov. Cuomo's vow to let an income tax on the wealthiest New Yorkers expire, saying the Democrat is letting the rich off easy at the expense of critical state services. (D&C) * With lawmakers returning tomorrow from their midwinter break, many politicians and political experts say Cuomo's boldness has put him in a strong position for upcoming battles over state funding cuts. Some lawmakers, however, are bristling at Cuomo's style - which they describe as all sticks and no carrots. For some, that awakens echoes of former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, whose demeanor eventually alienated most lawmakers. (Newsday) * State legislators are returning to Albany this week. Are they ready for a fight? * Teachers unions are fighting back.


 Albany's Top Reform Issues

 Teacher Layoffs New Symbols in Layoffs Battle: Teachers Convicted of Crimes (WSJ) * Bad teach told to hit the Rhode (NYP) * City's best: Teachers union should give thanks to PS 22's inspiring music instructor(DN)

 Independent Redistricting State Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos must make good on his pledge to reform redistricting(DN ED)

Malpractice Suits Reforms Showdown between Cuomo and Silver looming over the new governor’s push to curb medical malpractice suits.(DN)


Albany pols' pals net free taxpayer-funded medical care despite barely working(DN)

It's time to restrain runaway insurance benefits -- starting with New York politicians (DN ed) * The number of state workers earning more than $100,000 a year grew nearly 5% in 2010, to a total of 24,807 employees, state records show. In fact, state workers making more than $100,000 quadrupled between 2000 and 2010, from 5,800 to 24,807. (IJ) * Sen. Jeff Klein’s law partner resigned after the DN asked questions about a taxpayer-funded health care perk he received. * Nonprofits lament the loss of member items.

Pedro Gives Up His Fake Address in His Former District

Live like Pedro! Disgraced former state senator's Bronx 'pad' up for sale

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads (Huff Post)

City Will Soon Be Paying 600 Millions in Rent to WTC Developer Silverstein
WTC costs a lot more than expected
This is the deal the city made to get the stalled construction going at the trade center.  It means that city agencies starting in 2014 will move out of city owned building and start paying $56.50 a square foot for the 14 floors. Trade Center Developer Exercises Option to Lease 14 Floors to the City. At 250 Broadway, where the City Council is housed, for example, the rent through 2014 is $35.07 a square foot. After six years, rent will rise to a maximum of $73.21 per square foot, totaling $42.6 million a year *Larry locks city into pricey WTC rentals (NYP) * Today's the anniv of the 1993 attack on the WTC, which killed six people and injured more than a thousand

Dumbing Down the News 
Unemployment, Middle East Revolutions, Federal Debt, Union Busting, Health Care Crisis, Tea Party, Afghanistan, Home Grown Terrorism, German Wall Street Takeover

These are some to the topics you would expect a reporter to ask a congressman.  Unfortunately Weiner understands how dumb the NY press has become and uses them to gain increase name recognition.  All the congressman has to do to get press is call a statue sexist and he makes it into all the papers and TV.  Reporters should have ask the congressman what he is doing to stop Washington from cutting funds to the city to fight terrorism. Congressman calls NY statue sexist, wants it sold

Washington Cuts NY Terrorist Funds

New York port security will take a big hit  A measure passed by the House to fund the rest of the fiscal year would slash federal anti-terrorism cash for the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey by a stunning 66% (DN) *

Eye On New York: On Money Woes(WCBS TV)

The state is about to start reducing the allocation for food stamp recipients. 


After the CityTime Corruption Scandal Unions Go After All the City's Outside Contracts

City Workers' Union Asks Mayor To Review Contract Spending (NY1)


Home Prices Fall, Foreclosures Ease While the housing market in New York City is performing better than in the rest of the country, it still showed signs of distress in the fourth quarter.(WTC) * City evictions are down as much as 29%, records show(DN)

Save 34th Street! New York’s bicycle belle has her eye on 34th Street this time, which she’s planning to transform into another teeming walrus wharf . . . er, pedestrian plaza.

Hot Voodoo Sex 

 Last Saturday's fatal Brooklyn fire started by candlelit romp (NYP) * Voodoo Candles Ignited Deadly Fire, Officials Say(NYT) * Voodoo Ceremony Sparked Fatal Brooklyn Fire(WTC) * Voodoo candles used in sex ceremony sparked deadly Brooklyn blaze, sources say * 'Voodoo fire' guy's hex talk (NYP)

 MLB Protects Wilpons  Why?

Mets Took $25 Million Loan From MLB(WTC) * Mets' $25 million bailout Loan from MLB * Mets acknowledge they got loan from MLB (WABC)* Mets Received $25M Loan From MLB (NY1) * Mets May Yearn for Another Pipeline (NYT)* Investors who claim they lost money to convicted fraudster Bernard Madoff through investments by funds managed by Tremont Group Holdings Inc. or its subsidiaries will receive a portion of a $100 million fund as part of a settlement filed late Friday. (WSJ)

Duke of Flatbush dead at 84  Hall of Fame Center Fielder Duke Snider Dies at 84

NYC only 58th angriest city in U.S., survey finds

Qns. store af-fronts Merchants slammed for no English signs

The Low Bid Pubic Construction Game
Daily News begs Christie to stop NY from spending $$$

A case for New Jersey governor Chris Christie when building the WTC PATH Station (DN Ed) *  Not only has the cost of the lower Manhattan transit up gone up over 50% (like most public construction do) but the original Santiago Calatrava has been cut back also. Trade Center Transit Hub’s Cost Now Over $3.4 Billion The initial proposal estimated the cost at $2.2 billion.(NYT) * Port Authority Reports Increase In WTC Transit Hub Costs (NY1) * WTC is off the 'rail$' (NYP)

We'll always set meter rates - Bloomberg (DN)

Daily News: Some Good   
NY Post: What About Freedom of Speech  
A racially offensive anti-abortion sign might have done some good if it curbs unwanted pregnancy (DN Ed) * First Amendment flameout * So why are allegedly liberal city Democrats seeking to silence speech?On Thursday, after a 48-hour full-court press from the legislative and political establishment, a Soho anti-abortion billboard ad was taken down. (NYP Ed) *  Council to Target Pregnancy CentersWSJ) * Rally protests fund cuts to Planned Parenthood (DN) * Planned Parenthood Supporters Rally In Lower Manhattan (NY1)

Affordable Housing Policies May Spur Gentrification, Segregation(Gotham Gazette)

Rent-stabilized tenants face increasing pressure from landlords looking to flip their apartments to the affluent young people now flooding the neighborhood being gentrified.* Brooklyn neighborhood where thin road divides two very different worlds A 10-year-old girl sits captive in her apartment at the Farragut Houses - because her mother won't let her go outside amidst the drugs and violence. * Nobody pays retail in New York, right? That's true for the city's buildings, too. Every one of the biggest new private construction projects in New York is helped along by some sort of public subsidy.

Sen. Chuck Schumer said Sunday that major websites should speed the move to more secure web addresses that help protect users from having personal data stolen at public Wi-Fi hot spots such as coffeehouses and bookstores. (AP)

Law and Order    
 Sunday Brooklyn Women On Edge After Park Slope Rape (WCBS TV) * NYPD Seeks Suspects In String Of Spa Robberies (WCBS TV) *Brooklyn bakery worker sexually assaulted on job  (DN) * NYPD to tape interrogations despite internal concerns (DN)*  Save our kids: How hip hop corrupts young lives like Afrika Owes' (DN Ed)* Man Wanted For Killing Wife Found (Fox 5) * Arrest Made In S.I. Man's Death (NY1) * Police: 3 Bronx Homicide Suspects Still On The Run (WCBS) * 26-year-old man gunned down in Bronx, leaves behind young daughter(DN)

Saturday  Study: Violence In City Jail System On The Rise (NY1) * Abuse Suspects, Your Calls Are Taped. Speak Up.(NYT) * Jury Nullification Advocate Is Indicted (NYT) * A Gruesome Death, Overshadowed by a Killing Spree (NYT) * Father of slain son pleads for killer to stay behind bars (DN) * Cops nab $10 million worth of heroin in Bronx * He kneaded the dough! (NYP) * Stash & cash seized in West Side 'coke den' raid (NYP) * I only scammed the rich: Starr * 35 years for Harlem slay(NYP) * N.Y. Domestic Violence Cases Often Turn on Taped Jail Calls (NYT) * Police: Park Slope Rapist On The Loose (WCBS TV) * Stash & cash seized in West Side 'coke den' raid (NYP) * Blood-money man gets jail (NYP) * Ending years of reluctance, the NYPD has begun videotaping suspects as detectives question them, the Daily News has learned. The pilot program started Wednesday in the 48th Precinct, which covers East Tremont and Fordham in the Bronx, and in the 67th Precinct, which covers East Flatbush, Brooklyn. (NYDN)

Not a good morning for Roger Ailes. Rumors flying on the Internet that he's going to be indicted as early as tomorrow.

Trump trailing Obama by a hair over Obama

Spitzer's Bad Girl Part II

Kathleen Parker gets boot from Spitzer's CNN show (NYP)

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'Friendly' hookers are flocking to Facebook, advertising their services Studying the habits of sex workers, one sociologist found 83% rely on Facebook to lure johns 




Nasdaq Looking for a Partner Nasdaq OMX Group is looking to two other exchanges for help in a potential bid for rival exchange NYSE Euronext. (WSJ)




Libya Goes Nuts

Long Bread Lines and Barricades in Libya’s Capital(NYT) * Security Council Calls for Inquiry in Libya (NYT) * O calls for Khadafy to quit, as madman's son threatens war (NYP) * Libyan military defectors marshal against Gaddafi (Wash Post)  * Arabs Embrace Israeli’s YouTube Spoof of Qaddafi Rant (NYT)* Qaddafi Spoof Is Hot New Thing in Middle East  (Video, Village Voice)