Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Press Spins Redemption for Mayor

Two Newspapers Used Redemption Scenario

Both the Daily News and WSJ said the mayor could use this snow storm for his personal redemption.  No mention was made of the City Time contract scandal, the problems with the NYPD crime numbers, the results of the dumbing down education tests and picking a schools chief with no educational background.  Redemption is granted easy these days

 NYP's Goodwin Say No Redemption Accountability

Arrogance piled higher than a drift The mayor's lineup bent with its apologies, admissions of failure and promises to do better. That was the least it could do after a historic failure to provide basic services in a blizzard(NYP) * Colangelo: It's civil service, Bloomberg style (DN) * Blizzard Mystery Solved? Air Bloomberg Was Seen in Bermuda * Oddo: Damage To Bloomberg Can’t Be Undone * Mike Bloomberg Congratulates Self on Snow Response

Low Attendance
John Schiumo
Very low attendance today because of storm. 46% citywide compared to 90% last Wednesday. 37% at high schools compared to 80%. (Twitter)

Top 10 Ways NYC is Preparing for Snow

# 8. Establishing satellite uplink to Mayor Bloomberg's command center in Bermuda



NYC's Computer-System Cash-Dump Disaster

New York City threw away a mountain of cash over a new computer system. Now, finally, someone is going to pay.


City Still Missing 56 Million in the City Time Contract Scandal

Timely 'take back' Probers find $26M(NYP) * Authorities seized $27M in CityTime scam - theft keeps piling up (DN)


Pay to Play Rivera  Assemblyman Peter Rivera's treasurer David Griffiths accused of impeding probe (DN) * Peter Rivera's Pet Non-Profit Involved in Corruption Probe


State cops' secret hike$(NYP) * Twenty-eight top State Police officials got raises worth almost $600,000 during the final days of the Paterson administration even as the former governor cut some 900 state worker jobs. But they won’t be keeping those increases.* Cuomo Shocked By State Police Pay Raises



As the State Gets Ready to Cut Funds to the City the Feds Demand Money Back from Medicaid

U.S. Says New York City Overbilled Medicaid(NYT) Tens of Millions of dollars * Medicaid Cost-Cut Model May Be Flawed(WSJ)

Racinos ask for halt to new Catskills casino



 Judges on Strike?

 N.Y. Judges, Angry on Pay, Seek Union-Like Group(NYT)



New Gov. Cuomo set to make his sales pitch to big shots(DN)

 Cuomo recruited a former top Wisconsin health official to be his point man for overhauling Medicaid here in New York, but Wisconsin’s efforts didn’t result in savings.* The Committee to Save NY’s pro-Cuomo ad campaign is estimated to cost some $800,000 a week.* Business out-contributed labor during the 2010 political cycle in NY.* The governor will be visiting half a dozen communities in the coming weeks, targeting those he believes feel “most disconnected” from Albany.* Cuomo is inviting rank-and-file lawmakers to the executive mansion to pitch them on his agenda to clean up Albany.* Union leaders insist they want to be “part of the solution” to NY’s budget woes.* "Gov. Cuomo is inviting rank-and-file lawmakers to the governor's mansion in hopes of selling his ambitious agenda, the Daily News has learned. Cuomo's grand gesture - which enables him to use the trappings of power to his advantage - starts next week, a source close to the administration said" to our Ken Lovett.



The four indys were shut out from committee assignments by their fellow Democrats. * Cuomo declined to publicly support – or denigrate – the IDC foursome.* State lawmakers have a full plate this year, but started the 2011 session by gaveling in and out rapidly.* The highest-profile Senate committee posts went to lawmakers outside WNY, but the new senators from that region say they’re satisfied.

State Senate must strip hotheaded criminal Kevin Parker of perks, haul him before ethics committee(DN Ed)


Why Not Stagger Taxi Shifts?

Big Apple taxi cabs aren't in any 'rush(NYP) That's because 4 to 5 is the period when drivers make their shift changes. available cabs on the road plummets 18 percent between the hours of 4 p.m. and 5 p.m. * Where Do All the Cabs Go in the Late Afternoon?(NYT)




Weingarten Drains $$$ From the Schools 

Former UFT President Randi Weingarten received $194,188 last year from the union for unused sick days and vacation time, bringing her total compensation to more than $600,000. 

Big Payout for Ex-Union Chief Randi Weingarten, former head of the New York City teachers' union, received $194,188 last year for unused sick days and vacation time accrued before she left.(WSJ)*   Judge rightly blocks Mulgrew from using UFT muscle to keep teacher performance reviews from parents (DN Ed) * Christie Seeks End of Teacher Tenure (WSJ) *  Archdiocese of New York decides to shutter 27 schools(NYP) * New York Archdiocese Says It Plans to Close 27 Schools(NYT) * Archdiocese will shut down 27 schools, including some in city

No Government Money On Flatbush Avenue, Seven Stories Chock-Full Ideas  A menagerie of creative entrepreneurs occupies the seven-story building(NYT)

Opponent Seeks to Block Construction of Downtown Mosque(NYT)




Law and Order Vicious granny mugging caught on tape (video)(NYP) * Con denies suitcase slay(NYP) * Shootings By NYPD Strike All-Time Low(WSJ) * Suitcase Murder Suspect Pleads Not Guilty (WSJ) * Teenager Killed In Bronx Fight(WSJ) * Mayor Cites Gap In Gun Sale Database(WSJ) * Staten Island couple charged with using pit bull in two attacks (DN) * Victim of nude housekeeper expected more than cleaning: prosecutors(DN) * Cops should have laid low in fatal shooting, lawyer says (NYPDDN) * Suspect in Livery Shooting Is Connected to Armed Robberies * Brooklyn man sentenced to two years behind bars for wife cleaver attack

Self Absorbed Pols

Even As They Send Troops to Unpopular War Elected Officials Want to Hide From the Public Because of One Nut

Instead of hiding, lawmakers must reach out to their constituents and help calm a troubled political environment without fear or self-absorbed overreaction. Not Just for Lawmakers (NYT Ed) * Rep. Pete King wants a ban on guns within 1,000 feet of government officials – from the president to members of Congress.