Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Nobody Was in Charge of Bloomberg's Snow Storm

 Mayor Bloomberg Declares "Weather Emergency"

Wolfson Get It wrong
The mayor did not call for a snow emergency, he called for a weather emergency Weather Emergency is something the mayor made up that does not have all the rules of a snow emergency.  We thought Wolfson job was communication

howard wolfson
if only it was that easy “@: Now that NYC has declared a snow emergency before a single flake, the storm will miss us completely.”(Twitter)

Bloomberg's Best and Brightest?
As the storm bore down on the city, there was no one in town of sufficient horsepower to make a call for a snow emergency.

"Deputy Mayor of Operations Goldsmith's refusal to answer a simple question at yesterday's City Council hearing on the Christmas-weekend blizzard breakdown clearly identified the cause of the chaos: Nobody was in charge when it mattered." -NYP)

No one in the administration had a clear idea as to who could call a "snow emergency" or a "state of emergency" or "what powers and actions such declarations would enable among city agencies."

The Emergency Operations Center was staffed by bureaucrats from many agencies, none of whom had power to mobilize their departments.

The Sanitation Department cannot track progress by its plows, had no procedure for marshaling private contractors to help with plowing and failed to create a workforce of day laborers.

Blithely unaware of the disaster in the making, the administration ignored widespread reports, including from City Council members, that millions were being snowed under. One result was that Bloomberg assumed all was hunky-dory in his early press conferences on the storm. So much for the value of staying in "constant contact" while he was out of town. If the Bloomberg administration won't name names in the blizzard foulup, then we will(DN ED)

Mayor Still Will Not Tell Us When He is Out of Town Despite People Died Needlessly When He Left the City During Snow Storm. Vallone's is seeking legislation that will force City Hall to publicly identify precisely which deputy mayor is in charge whenever Bloomberg leaves the city. The administration, not surprisingly, bitterly opposes such a requirement.

Whereabouts: “The whereabouts of Mayor Michael Bloomberg during the storm have not been made public, and his aides will only say he remained in contact with City Hall.” (amNewYork)

Mike's vacuum

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 Guns and Snow Bloomberg is holding gun control event today, somebody quick tell him it's going to snow again, for real this time, and changing the subject will not be enough for his image. (Facebook) Joseph Mercurio

 Albany Dinosaur Silver Blinks

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Congress Never Funded President Kennedy's Community Mental Health Act of 1963

The Community Mental Health Act of 1963 (CMHA) (also known as the Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act, Public Law 88-164, or the Mental Retardation and Community Mental Health Centers Construction Act of 1963) was an act to provide federal funding for community mental health centers. This legislation was passed as part of John F. Kennedy's New Frontier.*  Red Flags at a College, but Tied Hands(NYT) * Nearly 50 Percent Of Mental Health Services Recipients In Giffords' County Were Dropped In 2010


 Teacher Report Cards

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