Friday, January 21, 2011

Organized Crime Contract CityTime

Did Ex Commission Joel Bondy Set Up the City? 

Bondy used to work with indicted CityTime workers for a subcontractor of the project

City Comptroller John Liu warned Thursday that the city's long-delayed and over-budget computerized payroll system will be held "hostage" to the project's developer because the firm's employees are the only ones who know how to operate it.  "New York City taxpayers paid hundreds of millions for the full, custom development of CityTime from scratch," said Mr. Liu, referring to the new payroll system by its name. "A decade later, CityTime is not only overdue, overpriced and wrought with allegations of fraud, but today we learned that it doesn't even come with a user manual."

The New Patronage

The process of patronage-performing favors and offering lucrative positions or rewards to people who raise money or offer service-has always been a part of government, but not to the extent that it is in American politics today, argue the Tolchins in this fascinating exposé Pinstripe Patronage . Once defined by reliable blue-collar jobs and gifts of food to the poor, patronage has moved into the boardroom and grown exponentially in worth and influence. What's particularly troubling in an era of growing deficits and cries for "smaller government" is that responsibilities once undertaken by the state are being outsourced, often without bidding, to private companies with no oversight or qualification.  Report Warns City Is Yoked to Maker of Payroll System (NYT) * Liu Sees Further CityTime Woes(WSJ) * CityTime's 700M scandal gets worse: Accounting firm says only contractor has knowledge to run it (DN)

True News PM Update
News After the Morning Papers

Queens Residents Sound Off On City's Blizzard Response (NY1) * Queens Man Sentenced To 12 Years In Prison For Hate Crime(NY1)Giffords Arrives in Texas *Don't Ask Don't Tell's Cost: $53,000 Per Dismissal (Village Voice) * Chief Schools Officer Nadelstern to retire (NYP) * JFK flier goes nuts (NYP) * Obama Adds to Emphasis on Business With Adviser Choice(NYT) * Housing Preservation Commissioner Leaving Post (NYT) * MobBust shows mob has unbreakable hold on labor unions at Ground Zero (DN) * State Senate terminations latest #s (TU)NYC Juvenile Worker Convicted Of Molesting Girls (WCBS) * Mom offers new insight into missing girl case (WABC TV) * Mayors of NYC, Pittsburgh make AFC wager (WABC TV)* Here's your political week in review, compliments of the NYO. * Obama Adds to Emphasis on Business With Adviser Choice * How WikiLeaks Enlightened Us in 2010 - World Watch - CBS News *Keith Olbermann Ends Contract With MSNBC * Arrest warrant issued for 'kidnap' mom (NYP) * Olbermann Hosts Last Show on MSNBC (NYT)


 Council Pigs are More Equal Than the Rest of Us
As thousand of city workers face layoffs, cuts in their pension and their constituents faces much less city services in the future the pigs is the council are continuing their payoff system of lulus Christine Quinn passes out lulus to Council members who don't have the guts to reject corruption (DN Ed)

Looming Battle For Control of City Council Caucus

Meet the New Boss Same As the Old Boss (Tweed)

Campaign Contribution Limits Going Up

 NYT Defends the Mayor Again
Could Care Less What the Boro Residents Think of Snow Removal
Snow Overkill: “The Council’s tactics resemble television’s approach to covering bad weather.” (The New York Times)

Cestero Out as City Housing Chief—UPDATE

* Housing Preservation Commissioner Leaving Post(NYP)

The WFP continues to rake in the cash.

Public Relations Master

Bloomberg Uses Cuomo's Layoffs to Cover City Layoffs

Bloomberg Joins Cuomo in Layoff Threats(WSJ) * Gov. Cuomo: State budget war won't shut down government (DN) * Cuomo Considers Layoffs Of At Least 10,000 State Workers (NY1) * Save the good teachers(NYP Ed) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo took his “tough-love tour” to Poughkeepsie and was well-received.* The unions are playing defense.* The mayor is trying – at times in vain – to demonstrate how much he cares about the outer boroughs.* Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes ripped the mayor for the administration’s response to the Christmas weekend blizzard, calling it “disgraceful.” * Bloomberg talks a good game on immigration reform, but his own record on the issue has been mixed.*  Bloomberg’s Pension Error: “the core of the mayor’s pension reform is weak — and it all culminates in a giant step backward,” says EJ McMahon. (New York Post) * Redesigning Medicaid: “we will have some very hard choices,” said the state’s health commissioner. (Buffalo News) * Cuomo on Video: His speech at Marist, yesterday. (The Poughkeepsie Journal) * So far, it turns out, Cuomo’s carefully calibrated centrism has not proven more appealing to Republicans or independently-minded voters than ex-Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s clean-up campaign did. (State Room)


New York's Numbers Games

57 Communist In the State Department      

Job Numbers Game

 Eduction Numbers Game

Bronx School’s Top Ranking Stirs Wider Doubts About Rating System(NYT) * Pilot Program of Teacher Bonuses Is Suspended only 26 schools would receive schoolwide bonuses this year, down from about 160 schools last year, as far fewer schools met their performance targets on state standardized tests. (NYT) * Education bonuses drastically slashed as test scores drop dramatically * Middle school student accused of assaulting teacher ... with comb (DN) * School-bonus plan a bomb (NYP) * NYC Schools Chancellor Cathie Black OpEds against “last in, first out.” * Charter School Loses Bid to Stay Open (NYT) * Two Catholic Schools on West Side Will Merge (NYT) * More changes at DOE -- Eric Nadelstern, chief schools officer and once considered a possible replacement for Joel Klein, is retiring.

Not an Election Year
Teachers at only 26 schools would receive schoolwide bonuses this year, down from about 160 schools last year, as far fewer schools met their performance targets on state standardized tests. Not an election year Mr. Mayor? What happened to your main issue? Joseph Mercurio (Twitter) 

Bike Lane Number Games

Bikes 'inflated' B'klyn nabe disputes lane 'success' data


Dress Code, Not Strict, Is Adopted for Cabbies(NYT)

TLC Approves Taxi Dress Code (Fox 5)


The TU says DiNapoli sends “all the wrong signals” by running up a $30,000 debt in his campaign account. 

The Jets are OUR team, N.J. Gov. Christie tells Bloomy(DN) * Jets fans rally in Times Square to send off Gang Green to AFC Championship(DN) * Jets Host Times Square Pep Rally(DN)





Law and Order  Mafia still has firm grip on unions, even at Ground Zero(DN)Nearly 125 Arrested in Sweeping Mob Roundup(NYT) * Feds Make Record Mob Sweep(WSJ) * Is the Mob Done or Bouncing Back? (WSJ) * Waterfront Extortion: A Christmas Tradition (WSJ) * Questions Remain in Case of Abducted Baby Who Turned Up 23 Years Later (NYT) * NYPD's Lessons Learned From Tucson-Style Shootings (WSJ) * College student files 1.8M suit for refund against Vegas hooker (DN) * Teen Charged With Killing NJ Cop Faces New Charges (WCBS) * NY Beheading Suspect Seeks To Represent Himself (WCBS) * Ex-NYPD Cop Pleads Guilty To Murdering Girlfriend(WCBS) * Mystery haunts family amid joy (NYP) * Man wanted in connection with fatal shooting tries to rob New Haven bar dressed in drag (NYP) * Under 'lox' & keyFish 'thief' borscht-belted in B'klyn * Forced into shoplifting(NYP) * 'Tryst' teacher sues (NYP) * Ex-Cop Guilty of Killing Girlfriend (Fox 5) * Thousands of Police Pay Respects to Fallen Cop (NBC) * Queens gay basher Daniel Rodriguez gets 12 years in prison for attack outside deli

Terrorism Judge Suggests Evidence in Terror Case Supports Conviction(NYT) * UK court approves extradition of terror suspect to US over NYC plot (NYP) * Ghailani Terrorism Conviction Is Upheld (NYT)

Jenny from the Bronx?

Did 'American Idol' Slander the Bronx? (WSJ)

Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.: Apparently, Jenny HAS Forgotten The Block

Path Is Sought for States to Escape Debt Burdens (NYT)







Spitzer’s book

SEC Charges Investment Advisers, Firms With Fraud(WSJ)






GE It's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow 

Blueprint for competition Jeffrey R. Immelt Obama has asked for my help in spurring job growth; here's my plan.

 Obama to visit GE turbine plant in upstate NY(WSJ) * President Obama's political chief out after GOP sweep(DN) * Obama Picks G.E. Chief for Board as Focus Turns to Jobs* President Obama In Schenectady: Full Speech Text

* ProPublica

GE became one of the biggest bank bailout beneficiaries Now its CEO named to head Obama's econ(Twitter)


Jon Stewart Ridicules Rep. Steve Cohen For Likening The GOP To Nazis

Gatemouth: In our political discourse, the term “NAZI” has become our other “N-Word.” (Room Eight)

Stephen Colbert Chides Limbaugh For Ripping Off His Character ‘Ching Chong Ding Dong’


  Media and New Tech

Google's CEO Shakeup: Why Pick Page?


Regarding Gabrielle

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords on track to move to rehab facility in Houston, goes outside for first time


 The president will run his 2012 re-election effort out of Chicago. No incumbent has ever before located his campaign HQ so far from Washington. 

Inside the West Wing, officials are looking for a press secretary who will focus less on politics — leaving that to the operatives in Obama’s Chicago campaign headquarters — and more on the mechanics of government, putting a competent professional face on an administration trying to transcend the partisan fray. (POLITICO)

A new survey shows opinion of Obama diverges along racial lines.

Winners and Losers: With the mayor delivering the State of the City, the governor delivering yet another version of his State of the State as the news of layoffs started circulating and just about everyone else in the city and state filing their campaign finance disclosures, it was another week of ups and downs in New York. (CH News)