Sunday, January 23, 2011

True News Sunday Update

Sunday Update 

Woman Who Raised Kidnapped Girl Taken Into Custody (WNBC)

City tax man taking aim at some of the rich and famous (DN) *Rent control tenants face big bump if hike is approved (DN) * Brooklyn coping with some of city's poorest health stats (DN) *City should keep its idea of providing more taxi service outside Manhattan as simple as possible (DN ED) * State legislators overreached on curbing unlicensed Manhattan hotel, neighborhood paying the price (DN) *9/11 museum bigs cash in (NYP) * Six-figure giveaway $inking NY (DN) 8 What a contrast between Andrew Cuomo and the last attorney general to graduate into the governor’s office — Eliot Spitzer.A tale of two govs (NYP Ed) *Christie 1, Schumer 0 (NYP Ed) * Politics may, or may not, play a role in Staten Island district attorney's race  (SI Advance) * Port Authority's billion-dollar projects could lead to conflict or cooperation for Govs. Christie, Cuomo * Writing State Of The Union Speech: A Juggling Act (NPR) * As Edgy NYC Disappears, Does Its Character Go Too? (Huff Post) * Democratic Politics in the Rockaways, 1950s « Tales from the Sausage Factory

DA puts freeze on Bloomy elex-$$ probe

The Campaign Finance Board is holding off its review into whether Mayor Bloomberg's re-election campaign violated disclosure rules on the orders of the Manhattan DA's Office, sources told The Post.
The sources said the DA is worried that any CFB findings might interfere with the criminal case against John Haggerty Jr., the Republican operative charged with swiping most of the $1.2 million that the mayor channeled through the state Independence Party last year for an Election Day ballot-security operation.A veteran election lawyer said that it was a violation of both state election law and CFB regulations, since the chief beneficiary of the donation was the mayor's campaign and not the Independence Party, which was supposed to keep only $100,000.

Experts' money for nothing

Fees paid by the city's pension funds to outside investment managers and consultants have quadrupled to $426 million since 2002 despite lackluster earnings, records show. "It's crazy. They're talking about laying people off and cutting teachers, while money is bleeding out of the budget for something that's not producing services," said John Murphy, former executive director of the city's biggest pension system, NYCERS. The lucrative contracts awarded to private equity and real-estate investment firms have skyrocketed from $101 million in 2002 to $426 million last fiscal year, or 322 percent. Meanwhile, overall assets of the city's five pension funds, including stocks, rose modestly from $80.6 billion to $89.9 billion, 11.5 percent.

State budget watchdogs gave ok to employee travel requests that cost taxpayers more than $100 mil

Traditional ethnic enclaves sprawled amoeba-like into adjacent communities. Once monolithic tracts of white and black and native-born residents have become bespeckled with newcomers.

TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Shame On the NYT
Have you left no sense of decency?

The NYT called the City Council hearing on the snow storm -Snow Overkill: “The Council’s tactics resemble television’s approach to covering bad weather.” (The New York Times).  In the name of decency how could the times want to block Laura Freedman whose mother Died  of a Heart Attack because the ambulance could not get through the snow block streets in queens from the chance to tell the city's lawmakers how her mother died. Video of Freedman testimony at the Queens City Council Hearing. We know the times acts a body guard and cheerleader for the mayor and could care less about the outer boroughs, but in the name of decency NYT should write an apology to Ms. Freedman and so should the mayor. Queens Woman's Mom Lay Dead for Hours (Fox 5)Queens Residents Share Disapproval For City's Blizzard Response More No Respect Nobody from the mayor's office or the Sanitation Department attended the hearing

What About the Second House?

The market value of Mayor Bloomberg's Upper East Side townhouse shot up nearly 42 percent to $16 million in the latest assessments by the city's Finance Department.Mayor: I feel your payin'

 Bloomberg Takes On the Unions Over Pensions

Senior Victims
Bloomberg wants the state to allow the city the power to change the pension system.  Making pension the key goal to restoring self governing to the city which was taken away in the mid-1970s, New York City was in such deep financial trouble guarantees that the unions will do everything they can to block the power transfer.  The Wall Street crash now means that the city’s pension costs have jumped from $1.5 billion in 2001 to $7 billion this year. Give Back New York City (NYT Ed)

Judges Also Control the Mayor

Mayor Lashes Out at Judge Mayor Michael Bloomberg lambasted a state Supreme Court judge for blocking the city's sheriff's office from moving forward with layoffs and demotions, accusing the judge of overstepping her authority. (WSJ)


City’s Housing Chief, Advocate for Affordability, Is Resigning (NYT) * Housing Chief Resigns(WSJ)

First You have to get Past the Taxi Owner and Their Lobbyists 
Taxi Commissioner Accelerates Plans Less than a year into his job as New York's taxi and limousine commissioner, David Yassky is facing two big tests that have the potential to dramatically change the industry.(WSJ)*  Mayor Bloomberg, Back-Seat Driver Letting people hail livery cabs will hurt the taxi industry more than it will help people find a ride in the outer boroughs.(NYT)


Gov's Medicaid cuts may kill 10 city hosps


Why All of the Political Corruption Cases and Mob Cases are Handled by the Feds the DA'S Protected By the County Organizations Roll Along
Dan Donovan of Staten Island, Robert Johnson of the Bronx and Richard Brown of Queens all confirmed this week that they would vie for another four years in office DAs Are Staying Put 

The Pirate of New York State Senate
Current rules give the majority party 65 percent of the chamber's funding for staff -- with the remainder going to the minority party. And the Dems were perfectly thrilled with that when they controlled the Senate. The upshot: This week, about 200 Democratic hands lost their jobs as money dried up.Sampson's haircut

A Risky Season to Be Near a Manhole(NYT)


An AFL Grudge Match Revisited

In the 1968 title game, Joe Namath and the Jets had a major score to settle with the Raiders.(WSJ)

Rex's big bluster returns, though not at the level - or volume - it was against the Pats 

Pittsburgh mayor talks smack against Jets



The Say Hey Kid is Back

Baseball great Mays returns to old stomping Grounds(DN) * Editorial: A Giant back home How great was it to watch Willie Mays enthrall the students of Public School 46 where once stood the stadium that had been home to the then-New York Giants, as well as, through the years, to the Yankees, Mets, football Giants and Jets. (DN ED)


NBC Journalist Forced Olbermann Out 

Jeff Zucker left NBC a week before Comcast takes over was used by most of the journalist at NBC who thought Olbermann was destroying their journalist reputation. Zucker was Olbermann mail protector.

Olbermann Leaves 'Countdown' on MSNBC (NYT) * MSNBC, Olbermann Call It Quits(WSJ) * 'Countdown' host is down for the count as Olbermann, MSNBC shockingly part ways (DN) * MSNBC pulls plug on gasbag Olbermann (DN)  * MSNBC pulls plug on gasbag Olbermann * Keith Olbermann Announces Tonight’s Countdown As His Last Show * Olbermann’s MSNBC Exit Was Weeks in the Making (NYT) * Olbermann wanted out a year ago (NYP)
THURS. JAN. 20, 2011

FOXNEWS SHEP 1,786,000
FOXNEWS BECK 1,780,000
CNN PIERS 1,025,000
CNN COOPER 740,000

Here Comes the NYT Paywall

Sulzberger brags that a NYTimes article is tweeted every 4 sec. My neighbor does the sum and isn't impressed

Terrorism British Court Approves Extradition of Man Accused of New York Subway Plot (NYT) * Ghailani Terrorism Conviction Affirmed(NYT)

Law and Order   Warrant for Woman Who Raised Abducted Girl (NYT)* Alert issued for woman who raised stolen child (WABC TV) * What to Expect of Mob Arrests? ’08 Roundup May Hold Clues(NYT) * Juvenile Justice Counselor Is Guilty of Sexual Assault (NYT)) * WSJ) * Cop stop cost hubby his life after heart attack, says distraught widow(DN)* Detective's tip aids bust in Queens mugging spree * Mob suspect misses big bust while on vacation in sunny Hawaii (DN) * Kidnap 'mom' on the run(NYP) * Mob clans feuded over knifed thug's med bills (NYP)* Queens gay bash thug gets 12 years in prison(DN) * Police Arrest Man In Queens Muggings* Jury Reaches Split Verdict In Sex Abuse Case(WCBS TV) * Police Arrest Man In Queens Muggings(WCBS TV)Manhattan man stabbed to death after sidewalk confrontation (DN) * Police Search For Queens Sexual Assaulter (NY1) * Drug suspect's elderly dad shot in raid (NYP) * Brooklyn basketball 'shooter' nabbed (NYP) * Authorities Seek Suspect In Washington Heights Stabbing (NY1) * Arrest Made In Connection With Brooklyn Multiple Shooting (NY1) * Sunday Man Is Accidentally Shot in Raid, Police Say (NYT) * Omertà May Be Dead; the Mafia Isn’t The feds crack down, but Lucky Luciano will have the last laugh. * Woman who allegedly stole baby seen in Connecticut (NYP) * Brooklyn man nabbed in high school basketball game shooting (DN) * Cop accidentally shoots intended target's elderly dad in stomach (DN) * Slain cop’s officer son in shooting (NYP) * 3 shot in the leg during Bronx gunplay (NYP) * Police Shoot Suspect's Father In Bronx Drug Raid (NY1) * Authorities Seek Suspect In Washington Heights Stabbing (NY1) * Brooklyn sex assault suspect on the prowl (WABC TV)


100 Years Ago, the Shot That Spurred New York’s Gun-Control Law

Bill Maher: “The Problem Isn’t That There’s Too Little Civility…It’s That There’s Too Much”

SOTU Preview: Obama To Focus Speech On Jobs, Innovation, Cooperation




Obama 2.0 Government Electric

"Opening new markets to American products. That’s how we’ll create jobs today," said Obama in his weekly address. Expect to hear that same theme in his State of the Union address Tuesday evening.  Obama Focuses On Access To Foreign Markets, Economic Growth* Obama Searches for Ideas to Create Jobs - Peter Baker, NY Times Magazine

Musical chairs: Gillibrand and Schumer nab seats with Republicans

SLUMBER PARTY: One-Fifth Of House Freshmen Sleep In Their Offices




The Anna Chapman Show

But will we learn about her espionage past? Famed redheaded spy Anna Chapman has kicked off her television career as the host of a Russian show called Secrets of the World. Chapman, who was arrested over the summer as part of a Russian sleeper ring, has since become a celebrity of sorts. In Russia, Chapman and the nine other captured spies were congratulated and given a state award by President Dmitry Medvedev. After her return to Russia, Chapman has posed half-naked for a men's magazine, attended a rocket launch, received a tiger cub on a television chat show, and become a leader of the youth wing of Vladimir Putin's political party. Chapman and a team of reporters will attempt to solve mysteries on the show. Friday's edition was about a baby said to be born with the verses of the Koran on his skin.