Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Legal Ads Help Keep the Political Machines in Power

Legal Ads Help Keep the Political Machines in Power

The Obama administration is trying to find ways to keep newspapers publishing. They are talking about turning them into non profits. Does Obama's "Bailout" mean a future for print but not profits? Any government bailout in newspaper finance must be done without any ability of the government to choose which paper gets bailed out and which does not. In many cities where the political machines control who gets elected to judgeship, the bosses of those machines direct legal ads to newspapers that provide the most positive coverage of the elected officials they back. Many states have done away with legal ads in newspapers for a cheaper and more effective way to get the information to the public, the internet. States Begin To Permit Web Posting For Legal Ads, Public Notices The legal ads system continues in New York and other cities because the political leaders have an arrangement with the local media to push them or the candidates they support. Local papers are filled with stories that praise elected officials and attack challengers to them. Many journalist in local papers say privately the ads effect what they are able to report. The Law Journal a very powerful paper in the legal field and courts in New York cannot exist without legal ads. Time seems to be running out on the Journal and other papers who depend on legal ads.
One more kick in the kidneys for papers: The end of legal ads
"One form of revenue – and, truth be told, government subsidy – for newspapers that hasn’t gone away – yet – is legal ads. Laws require notices to be given to the population as a whole and newspapers were judged to be the best vehicle for them. No more. A court in Maine just ruled that notice in a paper is no longer sufficient because papers are now, well, too puny.
In a unanimous decision published Tuesday on the court’s Web site, Associate Justice William Clifford wrote that the practice of putting lawsuit notification in a newspaper began “when newspapers were the only means of print mass communication, and when newspapers were more widely and intensely read than is now the case … Because service by publication has become less likely to achieve actual notice of a lawsuit, it is also less likely to meet the requirements of due process.” BuzzMachine

Nobody Ask Me. But . . . Posters on lampposts were made illegal years ago by council incumbent who want to hurt the campaign of their challengers. Some political operatives believe that postering increase turnout. They might be right. We just come out to the lowest turnout mayoral primary inspite of dozens of local races in the city's history Suzannah catches Yassky volunteer postering red-handed UPDATE Suzannah B. Troy Will Not Be Quiet(ed) “YouTube suspended my entire account which was over 300 movies,” Suannah wrote in an email this afternoon. “ My last YouTube was David Yassky breaks the law again where a support puts his posters illegally on a light pole. I reported his and other politicians breaking the law to 311 and he and others should get fined *** White House Is Taking a More Aggressive Role in State Races *** In New York, All Eyes on Obama and Paterson’s Meeting (NYT) *** Obama Praises Paterson After Burying Him (WNBC) *** How Gov. Paterson Got the Don't Run in 2010 Message (WNBC) *****Since the papers one week before the runoff are not coving the race, this will not be an election based on issues but pulling of special interests, unions, political machines and racial and ethnic voting. Just what a dysfunction government and election system needs. De Blasio’s Get Out The Vote Prowess Proven, Green’s Ceiling May Have Been Reached

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Pay to Play Congress Dem donor in 'Ponzi' bust Democratic donor Hassan Nemazee has been indicted for running a "$292 million Ponzi scheme," federal prosecutors announced yesterday *** Rep. Mike Ross Raises Eyebrows With Healthy Haul Arkansas Rep. Mike Ross -- a Blue Dog Democrat playing a key role in the health care debate -- sold a piece of commercial property in 2007 for substantially more than a county assessment and an independent appraisal say it was worth. The buyer: an Arkansas-based pharmacy chain with a keen interest in how the debate plays out (ProPubice)

Road to City Hall Former Gov. Pataki mulling over return to politics *** Bloomy forgets anyone else is on Republican ticket *** As Obama Pushes Paterson, Thompson May Suffer (City Hall News) *** Bloomberg on Gay Marriage: I Could Get GOP Sens to Change Teams *** Bronx Council delegation seeks new leader *** John Liu versus David Yassky could hinge on identity voting *** Siena Poll Not Encouraging For Paterson Or Giuliani *** Today's Tip Sheet: A Focus on Schools in the Mayoral Race (Times) *** Thompson on the air in Nueva York *** Yassky questions Liu's 'honesty and integrity'; Liu says, 'I know my life story'

Real Campaign Issues Not being Reported On New York's unemployment rate has soared to a 26-year high of 9%, with a staggering 874,300 looking for work - more than ever recorded. The official unemployment rate for black men statewide has risen from 8.4% in the first half of 2008 to a staggering 18.3% in the first half of 2009. Here in the city, epicenter of Wall Street's collapse, the jobless rate hit 10.3%. By official count, more than one in 10 workers pound the pavement. Factor in folks who have given up searching or gone part-time, and the casualty rate for the Great Recession gets closer to one in seven *** City students face overcrowded schools that are like a 'subway at rush hour' *** Affordable housing not attainable *** Study Shows Better Scores for Charter School Students ***

Terror Plot Transit systems warned to watch for terrorists *** Terror plot suspects appear in court *** Feds bring Qns. 'bomb plotters' to court *** Terrorism Suspect Held Without Bail in Colorado *** Chemicals a Focus of U.S. Bomb Probe (WSJ) *** FBI still seeking more terrorists
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