Sunday, January 30, 2011

Gothamist Blog Falsely Claims An Assemblywoman Received A Death Threat

Another Example Of What Could Go Wrong With Today's Copycat Journalis

The Gothamist blog story about Assemblywoman Grace Meng show the danger of today's copycat journalism.  The headline of the story said "Death Threats For Objecting To Limbaugh's Hu Jintao Rant"  The Gothamist said that Meng received death threats and extremely offensive hate mail from people defending Rush Limbaugh after she sent a letter to him demanding an apology from him for making fun of China leader Hu by mocking fake-Chinese language rant.  The writer Meng spokeswoman Linda Sun described the harassment as "Nothing life-threatening, but ones that tell her to 'go back to your country.' They are coming from all over the country."


Sunday Update

Manhattan man forced to dig out buried car so Bloomberg's staff can park (DN) * Analysis: Cuomo Expected To Threaten Layoffs (WCBS)* Walmart to City Council: We're not going to back down from a fight (DN) * Dead Man on Ballot: An Election Mystery(NYT) * 9/11 payouts on hold as lawyer vacations (NYP) * House ethics panel probing Meeks' money(NYP) Meeks is the subject of a congressional ethics probe centered on his financial-disclosure forms, which have been rife with omissions (NYP) * Gov. Andrew Cuomo Q&A: I like the Mets, muscle cars and Jon Bon Jovi (DN)


Between 5 to 10% of the teachers in NYC are incapable of teaching Joel Klien: Easier to ax a killer than a teacher * Teach untouchable DOE fights to keep 100G 'perv' out of class (NYP) *

New York needs a single standard, not three, for deciding razor-close elections (DN Ed) * Political Blogs Ready to Flood Campaign Trail (NYT) * Life & Liberty, five other PACs, paid out just 2.1% on campaign contributions in 2010 (DN)


 Who Judges the Judges?

Lowering the Bar As if whining about their pay weren’t enough, New York’s judges are now trying to rig the system by which their own corrupt members are sanctioned or removed from the bench (NYP Ed) Chris Owens "If judges get these protections, then should other elected officials get some of these benefits as well? I don't think so." (Twitter)


TV SoundOff: Sunday Talking Heads

Reel to real Zuckerberg on 'SNL'

SNL Video

Education Budget Cuts: China's Pack Classroom Work, Why Can't NY'S?

The Era of More Education Money and Smaller Class Sizes is Over Bloomberg Warns of Mass Teacher Layoffs New York City could lose $1 billion in education aid from the state, forcing the nation's largest school system to cut more than 21,000 teachers, Mayor Bloomberg said. (WSJ) * Bloomberg warns 21,000 new teachers could be laid off (DN) * Gov stalls revamp on teacher layoffs Cuomo rebuffed Mayor Bloomberg's request to immediately endorse a plan to scrap the "last in, first out" (LIFO) teacher-seniority layoff policy by including a repeal in his state budget plan (NYP) * Hearing To Discuss Fate Of Brooklyn School Turns Rowdy (NY1)

Daily News Uses the Coming Teacher layoffs to Make A Political Hit on the Working Families Party  Offers No Solution On How To Save NY'S Schools

The Daily News says that United Federation of Teachers President Michael Mulgrew who they claim  heads one of the WFP's most important member organizations support to oppose Cuomo's wish to end the millionaires tax to save the jobs of 21,000 is a violation of an agreement that the WFP made to support Cuomo's agenda Weaseling Families Party? Labor leaders backtrack on budget cut promises to Gov. Andrew Cuomo (DN ED)


True News: We Need Tough Love To Lead NYC'S Schools

The Mayor Should Replace Black With the Tiger Mom



As Republicans Resist Closing Prisons, Cuomo Is Said to Scale Back Plan (NYT)

 State Sen. Daniel Squadron far exceeded $40,000 yearly rent limit at Broadway office (DN)





Stop Pension to Corrupt Pols

Lets See Albany Call It the Brian McLaughlin Bill

Tony and Guy Where Removed from Naming Rights  Tom: $trip crook pols DiNapoli’s bill would not only strip pensions from those convicted of a felony for abusing their office, but also attempts to overcome a state constitutional protection on existing benefits with a series of heavy new fines for public officials who profit from their misdeeds.(NYP) * Labor leader Brian McLaughlin sentenced to 10 years in prison for stealing from Little Leaguers


Former Judge Gerald Garson Get Out of Jail Free Bill?

New York Bar Seeks Limits on Investigations of Judges



Euripides Says Let Trump Rebuild "Tavern on the Green

Mike's China ENVY High Speed Rail(NYP ED)




Bloomberg Takes Out a New Budget Playbook

Trustee Seeks Millions From Mets Over Madoff Fraud(NYT) * Wilpon Reign With Mets Under Threat The announcement that the Mets may sell up to 25% of the team indicates they may be on shakier financial ground than they had previously admitted as a result of owner Fred Wilpon's losses stemming from Bernard Madoff's Ponzi scheme. (WSJ) * Wilpons don't want to sell any part of Mets, but lawsuit stemming from Madoff scandal forced action (DN) * Mets and Madoff (WNBC) * Mets owner 'distraught' over accusations he profited from Madoff scheme (DN) * St. John's grad, Queens success dreams of owning piece of MetsDN) * Daly: Mets' Wilpon should just give back the money (DN) * Beltran, Ollie, K-Rod & Madoff: How it's all fallen apart since 2006 for New York Mets (DN)
* Mets To Reportedly Host 2013 All-Star Game (NY1)

 A Real Baseball Owner:

George Steinbrenner

The Papers Shuld Demand that the Wilpons' sell the Mets to a real baseball owner. Don't lets real estate barron's who depended on Madoff's corruption keep destroying national league baseball in New York


Took A Week for the NYT to Discover the Outer Boroughs 

How Bad Is the Snow? Depends Where You Live (NYT)


Last Week NYT Said They Did Not Even Want Outer Borough Residents to Express Their Outrage to City Officials

Shame On the NYT Have You Left No Sense of Decency? The NYT called the City Council hearing on the snow storm -Snow Overkill: “The Council’s tactics resemble television’s approach to covering bad weather.” (The New York Times).  In the name of decency how could the times want to block Laura Freedman whose mother Died  of a Heart Attack because the ambulance could not get through the snow block streets in queens from the chance to tell the city's lawmakers how her mother died. Video of Freedman testimony at the Queens City Council Hearing. We know the times acts a body guard and cheerleader for the mayor and could care less about the outer boroughs, but in the name of decency NYT should write an apology to Ms. Freedman and so should the mayor. Queens Woman's Mom Lay Dead for Hours (Fox 5) *  Queens Residents Share Disapproval For City's Blizzard Response More No Respect Nobody from the mayor's office or the Sanitation Department attended the hearing (True News, January 23, 2011)

Glass Condo Selling for Rock-Bottom Price(WSJ) 

Brooklyn state Sen. Carl Kruger makes a poor crossing guard with plan to fine earphone users (DN ED)

Law and Order 'Do not cross' loss Some 3,000 wooden and metal NYPD parade barriers were reported missing or stolen last year *  Attack on BMW Seller Shows Hazards of E-Commerce, Police Say (NYT)* Court Rejects Judge’s Assertion of a Child Pornography Gene (NYT) * Two Suspects Injured While Trying to Flee(WSJ) * Queens EMT charged with stalking patient he helped (DN) * Minister charged with rape of girl - starting when she was 12 (DN) * Man gets 27 months in prison for 'harebrained' plan to scam Disney (DN) *'Dumbo' scammer gets jail (NYP) * Two Detectives Injured During S.I. Drug Bust (NY1) * Bronx Minister Accused Of Raping Teen Indicted (NY1) * 'You Light Up My Life' composer Joseph Brooks faces a dozen more sex accusers (NYP) * Snow escape How BMW fiend eluded LI cops (NYP) * Bro's badge of honor for new detective (NYP) * Fake Fireman Stole Gun From NYPD, Then Sold It Back To Them (Huff Post)

*** Sunday Update***No Permit? No Touching the Pistols (NYT)City experts easing deportation fears of immigrants with criminal pasts (DN) * Suspect Sought In Deadly Queens Shooting (DN) * Police Search For Brooklyn Rape Suspect (DN) * NYPD Seeks Suspect In Violent Brooklyn Sex Assault (WCBS) * The brutal rise and bloody fall of the Colombos(NYP) * NY man sentenced for streaking at Obama rally (WABC) * NYPD releases sketch of violent sex offender (WABC) * The brutal rise and bloody fall of the Colombos (NYP) * One dead, two wounded in triple stabbing in Brooklyn; violence erupted after party (DN)

Newspaper Row  is a street located in the Financial District of the New York City borough of Manhattan. It was previously called Chatham Street and during the late 19th century it was nicknamed Newspaper Row, as most of New York City's newspapers located on the street to be close to the action at New York City Hall. Near Newspaper Row of Years Gone By, the Media Return (NYT)

Excerpts From the Ethnic Press (NYT)

'30 Years of Pain': U.S. Arabs React Arab emigre communities in the U.S. waved flags, brandished signs and chanted for the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. (WSJ) * Obama must choose between support for Mubarak and protesters' cause (DN) * In Queens, Egyptians take to streets to cheer revolt (DN) * Egyptian New Yorkers Struggle To Reach Loved Ones (NY1) * Iron fists vs. the Web(NYP) * Mubarak names likely successor (NYP)



 *SUNDAY UPDATE *  US Embassy in Egypt says it is making arrangements to begin flying Americans out on Monday - AP

Supporters Of Egyptian Uprising Rally Outside U.N. (DN) * Armed gangs free Muslim militants in Egypt (Wash Post) * The Great Escape from Egypt (The Daily Beast) * For Americans Stranded in Egypt, No Quick Exits

Egypt Unrest BBC Live

Bill Maher Debates Climate Change With GOP Politician, Turns It Into Heated Evolution Debate (Mediaite)