Friday, January 7, 2011

Falling in the Polls Bloomberg Plays Defense

The Mayor's Third Term Avalanche
Bloomberg’s approval rating as a result of the December 26th blizzard is at its lowest point since taking office, 37%, down from its October survey when 50% gave Bloomberg high marks. Marist poll.Poll shows removal disapproval(NYP) * Snowed-under Mayor Bloomberg seems to be losing patience, but New Yorkers are, too -- with him (DN Ed) * NY1 Exclusive: Mayor's Approval Rating Hits New Low, Marist Poll Finds(NY1)
The Storm Has Given the Council Courage To Go After the Weaken Mayor
Snow snowdown probe to include voice mails, texts(DN)

Mayor's Plays Defense to Save His Ass

Mayor Canceling Private Consultant Contracts to Prevent Service Cutbacks

Mayor Bloomberg's administration has no cash for ambulances, but a blizzard's worth for consultants(DN)* Bloomberg cuts contractors to keep firehouses open(DN) * Council Deal Staves Off Fire House Closures, Prevents Cuts To Senior Services (NY1) *   Bloomy doesn't hike meter rates thanks to soup sit-down (DN)* The council strikes for safety For keeping the 20 fire houses open all night there were to be closed * City Council Reverses Planned Parking Meter Increase (WSJ) * Bloomberg was able to keep firehouses open by cutting consultants from the Dept. of Ed. * Council Speaker Chris Quinn: Budget Cuts Ahead * Mike Bloomberg Hits Third-Term Poll Wall, Still Mum on Pre-Blizzard Whereabouts blogs. (Robbins



The Post says today’s light snow is Bloomberg’s shot at “re-dump-tion”

Mayor gets a shot at re-dump-tion with today's predicted light storm (NYP) * Amid Scrutiny, Mayor Gears Up for Snow Today (NYT) * City Gears Up for Second Snow(WSJ) * City Snow Response To Feature Video Scouts, GPS Tracking (NY1)

God delivered unto New York almost two feet of snow 10 days ago, and then in His wisdom he took it away; too bad the same can't be said for the mountains of garbage still piled curbside all around the city. Mike the mismanager (NYP Ed) * Sidewalks less trashy (NYP)


Cuomo's Albany
The Devil is in the Legislatures Details

Cuomo's plan gets the cold Shel-der Even as he publicly vows support for Gov. Cuomo's agenda to fix the state, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver refused yesterday to endorse three of the newly elected governor's key proposals, including ending the state's surtax on the rich. *A Good Place to Start Cutting To get the Legislature to agree to shut unneeded prisons, Governor Cuomo will have to push back hard against the unions that have thwarted reform. (NYT Ed) * Some think there isn’t enough time for Cuomo’s 3 special committees addressing medicaid, consolidation, and mandate relief to impact the budget.* Crain’s breaks down the Wisconsin medicaid model Andrew Cuomo wants to emulate.* The Politicker picks apart Cuomo's address to find the concrete proposals within.* E.J. McMahon's op-ed in the News today says Cuomo "spoke loudly but carried a small stick."


Former Assemblyman Seminerio Dies in Prison(NYT)

Lesson 2  Pay to Play Crowley
Rep. Joe Crowley, despite being under investigation for raising campaign cash from Wall Street within a day of last year's vote on financial reform, has been tapped as a finance chairman of his party's Congressional Campaign Committee

Lesson 3 Pay to Play Espada 
Former Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. will face new tax evasion charges

Pols shop for trouble Critics' own constituents back retail giant (NYP)

City to Press for Easing of Civil Service Requirements A report by a Bloomberg administration task force calls for de-emphasizing civil service exams in hiring and ending seniority as the determinant in teacher layoffs.(NYT)

In the South Bronx, Blight Returns to a Rehabilitated Block(NYT)

 Faked Inspections

Transit Officials Unsure Of Scale Of Subway Signal Inspection Fraud (NY1)* As many as 90 percent of subway workers may have faked signal inspection reports.

 Fake Supermarkets City inspectors were over-charged one-third of the time at supermarkets.



Weegie Board Crime Statistics?

Questions Emerge About How Panel to Review Crime Statistics Will Work (NYT)* Many people in and outside of law enforcement wondered how three lawyers with little statistical background could complete the kind of analysis necessary for an accurate study into whether or not the NYPD is manipulating statistics.

Law and Order  Memo: Keep the Keys From the Prisoners (NYT) * Minorities Gain in NYPD Ranks(WSJ) * Ballet Chief Refused Breathalyzer Test(WSJ) * Two top PA cops are out Scandal over kin's 'police cab ride'(NYP) *Stealing' takes toll on bridge collector (NYP) * 12G reward in granny's slay(NYP)  * Duo busted in Bx. teen stab(NYP)* A bike outta crime(NYP) * Cops unhappy after losing $5.6M Transit Authority suit * Help catch this monster: Perv attacks 13-year-old boy in building stairwell (DN) * NY1 Exclusive: Queens Catholic School Releases Volunteer Who Was Registered Sex Offender (NY1)

  Calif. Pension Fund Is Target of Inquiry The S.E.C. is said to be investigating whether California violated securities laws and failed to provide adequate disclosure about its giant public pension fund.(NYT)