Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cuomo Calls Past Budget Process "Ships Passing in the Night

2007 Steamroller Failed 2011 Cuomo Builds A Battle Ship

Will Cuomo be able to make Silver turn against all the lobbyist and interest that he has served for all his speakership? Silver looks away as new gov pitches ethics reform in State of State(NYP)

Will the Unions Fold? Speech Suggests Pro-Business Approach by Cuomo (NYT) 


NYT Stark Analysis vs NYP  Generalities Short on Specifics

NYT Governor Cuomo’s New York  In his first State of the State speech, Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo wisely chucked lofty rhetoric and vague promises in favor of a stark analysis of New York’s dismal plight (NYT Ed) NYP  Intriguing generalities (NYP Ed) * Andy short on specifics of $$ cuts (NYP)  


Daily News Gun Blazin, Gov Hits the Right Notes   

Hammond: New Gov. Cuomo comes out with guns blazin'(DN) * Gov. Cuomo hit all the right notes in a commanding inaugural State of the State address(DN)

More on the Speech With State At A Crossroads, Cuomo Vows To Restore Stability(NY1)* Cuomo Outlines Fiscal Fix(WSJ) *The governor mentioned the word “tax” or “taxes” 21 times – mostly to denounce them and promise to lower them – in his decidedly pro-business State of the State address.*Cuomo’s speech wasn’t all about cutting, it also included some $900 million worth of new initiatives.* Talk of privatization of state-owned resources is in the air, making Assemblyman Denny Farrell nervous.* The governor tapped a new Medicaid director who’s credited with helping Wisconsin tighten its program. * Doubting Cuomo: “a number of his fellow Assembly members questioned how Cuomo can expect to close a $10 billion deficit without raising taxes or borrowing.” ( * How Hugh Carey Handled the Press [Updated] | The New York Observer * After Cuomo's speech: 4 unanswered questions (crains NY)


No Finger Prints Sabotage?
The Senate Democratic minority now has 26 members after four senators broke away to start their own independent conference.* The debt wracked up by the Senate Democrats is actually considerably larger than initially reported, thanks in no small part to some previously undisclosed offices for former Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. * Savino throws NY Senate Democratic leaders a curveball, joins breakaway coalition (SI Advance) * Defecting NYS Senate Democrats: “[Jeff] Klein is positioning himself apart from a group beset with trouble.” (Albany Times-Union) * Senate Dems Plot Strategy To Lure Back Indy Renegades

Anthony Seminerio passes away

The 75-year-old, who previously represented the 38th District in southwest Queens, was sentenced earlier this year by Judge Naomi Reice Buchwald to six years in prison for defrauding the people of New York while he was a member of the State Legislature. * Late Anthony Seminerio Remembered - Carefully *Former Assemblyman Seminerio Dies in Prison (NYT)

Daily News Ends Press Acceptance of Mayor Hidden Out of Town Trips
“At 4 p.m. (December 25, the mayor didn’t have a public schedule. We don’t talk about events that aren’t on the public schedule,” mayoral spokesman Jason Post told Newsday Wednesday in an e-mail.

 * Daly: If snowstorm won, maybe terrorists can triumph, too(DN)

Snow Murder?
 * Snow probes eye slay raps for Sanit bigs(NYP)

More Sanitation Shakeups as City Braces for Another Storm

 EMS Boss Your Fired



Sanitation's Dead Abuse Latest Snow Mishap: Toppled Gravestones Snow collected by the Department of Sanitation during cleanup from the post-Christmas blizzard collapsed a fence and knocked over a handful of gravestones at Brooklyn's Washington Cemetery. * “The sanitation commissioner’s head remains buried in the snow. He actually had the chutzpah to say he gives his workers an A plus. Seriously?” said Brooklyn NYC Councilman David Greenfield.


Bloomberg Tries to Clean Private Contract Mess Before More City Time Contract Fall Out

Which Private Contractor is Stole the People's Money? Bloomberg

'T Was All of The

 Overcharge: Like City Time overcharged the city on 100 city-financed projects between 1999 and 2009, paying some foremen unearned overtime and extra pay. Center of a federal investigation into allegations of severe over-billing on public projects, city officials announced on Wednesday. Contractor and City Settle Overcharges for $5 Million (NYT)


All NYC Firehouses Will Remain Open At Night

Rolling Back Cuts (WSJ) * Council Announces Funds To Keep FDNY Companies Open (NY1)


Ex-gov 'beat' aide ducks(NYP)





Are NYC's Crime Reports Fixed?

New York City to Examine Reliability of Its Crime Reports (NYT) * Panel Will Vet Police Statistics(WSJ) * Panel To Study City's Crime Reporting Methods(NY1)Are School Probe Records Also Fixed? Number of school probes completed hits record high, while percentage of confirmed cases drops(NYP)

Law and Order  Troubled Youth Gravely Injured in Stabbing Near School (NYT) * Teen Is Found Stabbed Outside of Bronx School(WSJ) * NY teen gets 6 years in beating of immigrant(WSJ) * Hearing on burglary charge related to NY homicide(WSJ) * Judge tells feces-spitting killer to... Rot in jail, ya maniac! (DN) * 'Soho killer' sobbing behind bars in Rikers (NYP) * Elderly Woman Stabbed To Death In Bronx Home (WCBS) * Macy's cashier helped friends steal from store, cops say * Special Ed Student, 16, in Hospital After Stabbing Near School(WNBC)


Media and New Tech  We didn't kill newspapers, says Google