Saturday, January 8, 2011

Suspending Trash Collection for 1.7 Inches of Snow is Bad Management; Congresswoman Shot

Let Obama’s Reagan Revolution Begin (Rich, NYT)

So how much money did Bloomberg waste on cleaning up the snowstorm that wasn’t? 

Blown out of proportion! Mike sends army for 2 inches of snow (NYP) * Snowstorm That Wasn’t Finds City Well Prepared (NYT) * Queens Block Was Ready for a Storm That Barely Came (NYT) * A Couple of Weeks Without Parking Rules? Try a Couple Months (NYT)* City Preps for Naught as New Storm Is a Dud(WSJ) * NYC overprepares for new snow after blizzard mess(WSJ) * Bloomberg, Deputy Mayor Stephen Goldsmith, Sanitation Chief John Doherty took no chances with flakes (DN) * Bloomberg's Reputation Takes a Hit (Fox 5)

How much money did Bloomberg wast to try to get his poll numbers back up in the snow that did not happen, after he was out of pocket for the real snow storm.Joseph Mercurio (Facebook)

City Council Snow Hearing Monday Target

Deputy Mayor Goldsmith" Wrong Job?

Goldsmith occupies perhaps the most hands-on job at City Hall . . .  During the Christmastime blizzard, he was at his Washington town house, uninvolved in the critical conversations about whether to declare a snow emergency, and writing “Good snow work by sanitation” on Twitter the evening of Dec. 26. Hands-On Job Has Deputy Mayor Taking His Lumps (NYT) * Mayor's Reputation Takes a Hit(WSJ)


Balancing New York State's Budget  Cuomo Criticized Over Medicaid Team Gov. Andrew Cuomo's alliance with the state's health-care union and hospital lobby is drawing fire from some patient advocates, who question the governor's decision to give the powerful industry figures a front-and-center role in the process of overhauling Medicaid. (WSJ) * New York State United Teachers has plenty of money to spend on getting its way in Albany (DN Ed)


Driving Miss Lazy - Ex-boss of state Consumer Protection Board probed in chauffeur scandal (DN)

How much Federal Aid Does America Send Egypt?

Needle jab at Bloomy Egypt obelisk threat An Egyptian government official penned a stinging letter to Mayor Bloomberg, accusing the city of neglecting "Cleopatra's Needle," the ancient obelisk his country gave the city over 100 years ago, and threatening to take it back if it isn't properly cared for and preserved.(NYP)


Donkey Pension Scandals Are Like Onions, They Have Lots of Layers 

John Liu canceled a pension meeting with the Blackstone group because of a statement by  chief strategist Byron Wien included in his annual forecast last January the rather reasonable observation that taxpayers "literally can't afford the benefits we have given our retirees in state and local governments and we have to change that."  Nothing was said in the NYP editorial about Julio Ramirez, who left Blackstone-affiliated placement agent Park Hill in March.  Ramirez has pleaded guilty to securities fraud as part of the Hank Morris kick back scandal. Liu kills a messenger * N.J. Democrats Make Own Pension Proposal(WSJ)


'Indispensable' scammersm Here's a glaring red light: Subway work ers have been falsifying signal inspec tion reports for decades, says NYC Transit President Thomas Prendergast.




Sources: Staten Island Public School Tests Positive For PCBs (NY1)

NYC H.S. teacher fired over alleged classroom sex with co-worker

Law and Order Mutilated man found at InterContinental; cops nab person of interest(NYP)* Baby sitter killed blizzard baby: cops (NYP) * Narc cop beats 'rat' drug rap (NYP) * Man Is Beaten and Killed in Upscale Hotel (NYT) * Portuguese mogul Carlos Castro found dead, castrated at posh hotel; cops find suspect Renato Seabra (DN) * Shaking by babysitter, not snow delays, killed Qns. baby (DN) * Brooklyn cop snared in narcotics probe is cleared (DN)* Alleged cop shooter should sue city for gun-battle wound: lawyer * Police make big marijuana bust in the Bronx (WABC) * Cop stabbed in Bronx strip club melee (NYP) * Man Held in Times Sq. Hotel Killing (NYT) * Crackhead robs Bronx church again, swipes laptops and flat-screen TV (DN) *Some blame bad economy for spur in for-profit crimes in Brooklyn nabes (DN) * NYC Baby Sitter Accused In Baby’s Shaking Death (WCBS) * 2 teens killed in separate NYC incidents (Lo Hud)
* Brooklyn baby shower shooting(NYP)


Terrorism Life Sentence Is Requested in Bomb Case (NYT)

Media and New Tech ‘Jersey Shore’ Premiere Highest Rated For MTV

Just 7 Strips of Green, or a Park Worth Fighting For?(NYT)