Friday, January 28, 2011

Cuomo Poll Numbers are Worthless Its All About Governing Now; State Senators Evicted?; Halloran Snow Stories

Can Cuomo Cut the Budget and Build A Future for NY?

The media always counts on polls because it is the easiest fact to report and makes they look like they are on top of a story NY1 poll last night actually show Cuomo getting 4% less public support then when Spitzer came to office four years ago.  One thing the media never does when it releases polls is talk about their tack record and put them in context.  On October 15, 2009 the Marist Poll show Bloomberg winning the election by 16%, the mayor won a weeks later by 5%. Spitzer began losing poll numbers when he tried to cut the state budget and strengthen ethic laws. 

Kitchen Diplomacy What Cuomo is trying to do is win over individual legislators one by one.  Governor Works to Build Rapport at Home Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, straying from some predecessors’ styles, is mixing food and diplomacy at receptions for lawmakers at the Executive Mansion.  (NYT).  The problem Cuomo has is what former State Senator Seymour Lachman expressed reluctantly at an interview of his new book The Man Who Saved New York, Hugh Carey and the Great Fiscal Crisis of 1975 that he does not think the legislators get the trouble the city and state are in.  The biggest problem that everyone are overlooking is it not about Cuomo poll numbers it is about the ease that elected officials get reelected in this state.  They can do anything they want and they do. Gov. Cuomo gets 71% approval rating from NYers (NYP) * NY1 Exclusive: Cuomo Sees 71 Percent Approval Rating In Latest NY1/Marist Poll * Cuomo has a lot of hurdles in this year’s budget, Newsday suggests. * Lawmakers and the Governor are quietly discussing ethics reform. * Cuomo Picks New Economic Development Chief

True News PM Update
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 Mubarak on the Blink?

We've gone from "tear down this wall" to 
"turn on that Internet"

Explosions, Gunfire Heard in Cairo as Protesters Defy Curfew...
ElBaradei under house arrest...
'Angry Friday'...
1,000+ arrested, many hurt...
Mubarak to address the nation; ruling party HQ on fire ...
Egypt warns of 'decisive measures'...
Internet shut down...
Egypt Unrest Live on BBC (Video)
Al Jazeera English: Live Stream  (Video)
Egyptian President Mubarak asks cabinet to resign (Wash Post)

More True New PM
Silver to much food to serve when negotiating an austere budget? | The Empire Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver – whose support is crucial for the governor – is quoted saying after his meeting, “They served too much.” (WNYC) *Once A Critic Of State's Economic Development Skills, Adams Is Now In Charge (City Hall) * Deadbeat ex-pol Monserrate can't pay high-powered lawyer with public funds: judge (NYP) * Moody's Says U.S. Credit Risk Rising (Daily Beast) * New York City may have to lay off 15,000 teachers: mayor (Reuters) * Mayor Bloomberg warns of mass teacher layoffs (NYP) * Hevesi sentencing postponed again The attorney general's office has not submitted a sentencing recommendation, probation has not filed a presentencing report and other paperwork is pending (Newsday) * Rahm Invokes Obama in New Ad (Video) * Ghost of Madoff: Strapped Wilpons consider selling minority stake in Mets (DN) * Wilpons seek buyer for 25% stake in Mets (Crains NY) * New York City could lose $1 billion in education aid from the state, forcing the nation's largest school system to cut more than 21,000 teachers, Mayor Bloomberg said. As Gov. Cuomo prepares to unveil his first budget proposal since taking office on New Year's Day, Bloomberg and his new schools chancellor, Cathie Black, are bracing for what could be devastating cuts. (WSJ) * This week's political winners and losers. (CH News)

Judge: No Cheese Monserrate
Broke and disgraced ex-pol Hiram Monserrate lost his high-powered defense lawyer, Joe Tacopina, this morning after a judge refused to let him use taxpayer money to pay his bills. Manhattan federal Judge Colleen McMahon told the unemployed Queens Democrat that only a defendant who can afford to pay for legal represensation gets to choose his lawyer. (NYP)

To the Victor Goes the spoils
Last Laugh The Senate Republicans’ internal and external struggles to keep the party going (City Hall News) * In a letter to Minority Leader John Sampson, state Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos says that next week will bring passage of the rules changes that were held up at the end of Tuesday’s abortive Rules Committee meeting. He notes that many of the changes included therein were enacted with bipartisan support in 2009: “I expect that these rules will also pass the Senate with bipartisan support." (CapCon) * NYPIRG: Real Estate, Law Are Top Sources Of Outside Income For State Lawmakers * Senate Dems: GOP Creating ‘Constitutional Crisis’ * Moonlighting Lawmakers * Where Do NY Lawmakers Get Their Money From, Anyway? (NYO) * Goo-Goos Weigh In On Rules Revolt (YNN) * Skelos Makes Congestion Pricing Crack at ABNY (NYO) * Albany's Top Republican: I Back Cuomo's No-Tax Budget Talk (WNYC) * to move Democrats, a Republican points to a rule set by Democrats (WNYC)

Cuomo Offers A Pleasent Cut (Except for Upstaters who Need the Jobs)

Lockdown $hutdown Cost-cut Cuomo eyes ax for NYC prisons six state prisons in New York City -- with fewer than two inmates for each worker -- are being targeted for possible closure by Gov. Cuomo's cash-strapped administration (NYP)

Manhattan Sen. Liz Krueger, who spent $78,537 on a 2,228-square-foot office last year, has been ordered to downsize. (WSJ)

Daily News Blows Halloran Story or Along with the NYT Pushes the Councilman to Rat?

NYP Reports Halloran Rats

Sanit 'snow-blower' ID'd A Queens councilman has revealed the identity of a whistleblower he says told him Sanitation bosses were directing workers to slow down snow removal during the Christmas blizzard to protest budget cuts. Carl Curto, one of two Department of Transportation supervisors Councilman Dan Halloran said spilled the beans to him (NYP)

Today's Daily News Says Halloran Protecting Whistleblowers 
Halloran invoked attorney-client privilege in refusing to reveal the names of three Sanitation workers. He claims they came to him in his role as a lawyer - not as a Councilman. City ethics rules bar elected officials from doing even unpaid legal work pertaining to city matters.  A spokesman for Halloran said the Sanitation workers approached the Councilman on Bell Blvd. and that he spoke to them only briefly before advising them to find another attorney. Halloran told a different version of events to CNN last month. He told the network that the workers called him, needing to speak with him. He said he invited them to sit down with him the next day.Feds probing pol Dan Halloran's role in snow workers' 'slowdown' during Christmas Blizzard (DN)

 Reborn * Pulls Off *Plowed of

WSJ, NYT and Daily News Cheerleaders for the Mayor

With a Simple Snow Day, a Mayor's Image Is Reborn (NYT) * City Pulls Off a Snow Job (WSJ)  * A storm to be plowed of City cleans up better than in Dec. disaster * 


 City's Pension Ready to Default Where Does the Pride Come From?

New York Pension Pride: At Least We're Not New Jersey! (WSJ)

 DiNapoli: Dirty Ex-Pols Don’t Deserve Pensions (YNN)



Watch out, Staten Island Chuck! Mayor Bloomberg wants some payback (DN)

A less than enthusiastic Mayor Bloomberg yesterday reined in Donald Trump's plan to restore the iconic Tavern on the Green.My name is Mike and you'll be 'waiting' on me today

New York's Economic Meltdown

Tennis Advocates Fault Doubled Fee(WSJ) * Cuomo is expected to call for the closing and consolidation of some juvenile justice centers as part of his budget proposal. (Ganett) * Queens: #1 in NYS foreclosures



Tavern on the Truck?

Mike Bloomberg told Donald Trump to hold off measuring the drapes for Tavern on the Green.

My name is Mike and you'll be 'waiting' on me today * As Trump Eyes The Tavern, Unions Eye The Boathouse (Gothamist)


How Bad are New York's Elected Officials 

Close To Capacity

We Should Have Fixed Our Broken Airports Before 2008 When We Had the Money Report calls for Newark, JFK Airport expansions(WSJ) 


WATCH: Cab Driver Gets Ticket For Exploding Taxi

 Can Anyone Fix NY'S Education Mess?

Neediest kids will bear the unfair brunt of last in, first out teacher layoffs (DN Ed) *School layoff lunacySharp Rise in Suspensions at City’s Schools Is Cited (NYT)* City officials get early warning on heavy special-ed suspensionsBrooklyn College Revokes Instructor’s Appointment to Teach Mideast Politics(NYT)Do middle-class parents deserve good, free public schools for their kids? Debate on building charter school on the Westside * Thousands Of City Students Must Wait Until June For Regents Exams(NY1) * Schools suspensions have doubled since Mike Bloomberg took control of city schools. * Cancelled Regents won't stop graduations (DN) * Former treasurer accused of looting $4K from PTA (SI Advance) * Students at Closing Schools (Gotham Gazette) *New York City Students: Not As Good As They Used to Be (Village Voice)




Guy Velella, disgraced ex-Bronx state Senator, dies (DN) * Guy Velella, 1944-2011, State Senator, Rascal, Stand-up Guy (Robbins, Voice)


Molinaro lets it fly, on live tv-

Video: Another Staten Island Politician F-Bombs on TV (Gothamist)



Law and Order It's a killer deal Rifkin's LI murder house finds a buyer (NYP) * A Car Sale Gone Wrong, Then a Grim Discovery (NYT) * Hunt continues for ex-con in beating of man found stuffed in trunk(DN) * Hunt for beemer schemer (NYP) * Relatives plan fight to keep cop killer from getting parole (NYP) * State Anti-Fraud Unit Formed(WSJ) * Man Found Bound in BMW Trunk Identified(WSJ) * Prosecutors Pin Two Unsolved Murders on Death Row Inmate (WSJ) * I saw my lover with sicko serial killer two days before she went missing (DN) * More cruel prank calls revealed in craigslist hooker slay (DN) * Con man may have impersonated law-enforcement officer and stolen guns (DN) * Mobster 'Vinny Gorgeous': Jail is 'cold' (DN) * Feds appeal ruling to free mob killer (DN) * Suspect ID’d After Man Found Bound, Beaten In BMW Trunk (WCBS) * Serial killer NYC-bound (NYP) * 3 Hurt In Police Involved Shooting On Staten Island (WCBS) * Slain NYPD Officer’s Family: Convict Must Stay Locked Up (WCBS) * Police Say An Impersonator Stole Gun from NYPD (WCBSTV) * Skelos Pledges To Block Congestion Pricing (WCBS) * More Phone Calls Revealed in Escort Slay (NBC) * Man Arrested For Impersonating a Fire Marshal (WNBC TV)

President Obama is right to reach out to business leaders, but he must not let his agenda be taken over entirely by corporate interests. Obama and Corporate America (NYT Ed)

Media and New Tech

Mark Whitaker to Leave NBC News for CNNThe Comcast Era Begins At NBC. So What Happens Now? (Mediaite) * Snowstorms: TV's Best Friends


Revolutionary Arab Geeks Ask the kids in Tunis and Cairo if the Web enslaves people, as a new book suggests (NYT Op Ed) * Egypt Cuts Internet, Deploys Riot Police (WSJ)  * Egyptian Uprising: Video Of ‘Tiananmen Square-Like’ Defiance Goes Viral * Censorship? Cairo Police Swipe Camera From CNN Crew Covering Egyptian Uprising







Nelson Mandella has been released from the hospital.