Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Cuomo's Teddy Roosevelt Moment

The Battle Lines Are Forming

 "Get action. Seize the moment. Man was never intended to become an oyster."  Theodore Roosevelt

The establishment takes on the Albany circus with million of TV ads * The Committee to Save NY is operating at Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s urging and with his blessing, but creates a sticky situation for a governor who pledged to bring transparency and an end to special interest control in Albany. * The Post echoes Cuomo’s rallying cry.* The governor’s got New Yorkers in his corner – for now, anyway.* Bill Hammond warns Cuomo not to get too comfortable with his high poll numbers. * Group Takes On Albany With Cuomo’s Blessing (NYT) * Looks like Assemblyman Peter Rivera won’t be getting a job with the Cuomo administration after all. * Hammond on Cuomo's poll : "What really matters is how the copes w/ the inevitable end of his honeymoon"   *By an 87-10% margin, voters support closing the state’s $10 billion budget deficit without raising taxes or borrowing. By a 86-11% margin, voters want to see growth in spending limited to no more than the inflation rate. By an 84-11%, voters want legislators to fully disclose any outside income and clients. And support for a 2% property tax cap is overwhelming, 83-13%. Siena poll. (Twittter) Joseph Mercurio * The governor's lobby: Business leaders (and others) form a committee to save Cuomo * CapNY: Cuomo’s special lobbying friend (TU) * Committee To Save NY Registering As A Lobbying Group * Thousands in Bonuses to Cuomo top Aides | The Empire * Gov. Cuomo Gave Out Bloomberg-Style Campaign Bonuses, Latest Filings Show *In Albany, Yesterday's Friends May be Today's Enemies (WNBC)


True News PM Update

Lieberman Will Not Run for a Fifth Term in Senate

Sargent Shriver, former vice presidential nominee, diesReuters

Mayor Bloomberg wants to legalize livery cab pickups in outer boroughs (NYP) * Schumer, Christie in Escalating Battle Over ARC Project * Regis Philbin retiring from 'Live' prompts question of who could replace him on ABC show (DN)Council Speaker Christine Quinn On Mayoral Whereabouts Bill: I'll Get Back To You On That * NYPD will assign 600 officers to WTC site (WABC TV) *Inside the Great Cathie Black Media Blitz (Voice) * Feds Approve Comcast Purchase of NBC (WNBC) * Breslin: There will be ‘hundreds’ of Senate layoffs (TU) * City to boost its extra tutoring program by $10 million after pressure from parents, advocacy groups * Shriver, 1 of last links to JFK White House, dies (Wash Post) * Cuomo Campaign Aides Receive 5-Figure Bonuses (NYT) * Batting Lead-Off: S.I. Residents Blast City Over Blizzard (WCBS TV) * Livery Cab Plan Meets Opposition From Yellow Taxi Drivers (WCBS TV) * S.I. Residents Voice Anger, Frustration at Blizzard Hearing (WNBC TV) * Police search for serial mugger in Queens (WABC TV)* One Million Green Bagels For Jets Fans (Fox 5)


 Snow Flakes Turn Into City Hall Mud Fight

City bigs slam DOT chief for cop slap"She was trying to pass the buck," said City Councilman Jumaane Williams(NYP) * Khan job (NYP Ed) * New blizzard of snow complaints hits Bloomberg Mayor is - again - throwing snowballs at the outer boroughs, City Council members say. (DN) * Mayor Bloomberg is under fire for refusing to send Sanitation Department representatives to outer borough Christmas blizzard hearings. * NYC elected officials and the Post defended NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly from DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan.*  Blizzard Response Public Hearings (Fox 5) *  Snow Backlash: NYC Transportation Commissioner gets an earful after pointing a finger at the NYPD Commissioner. (New York Post)* NYC Councilman Jumaane Williams on Mayor Bloomberg’s recent troubles: “With all his money and all his power, he usually lives in a different world. But at least for now, he’s back to where the rest of us live.”

Mayor Show Staten Island Residents No Respect

The leaders of the Sanitation Department will not be president at tonight hearing on Staten Island. The mayor is sending is sending public relations BS spin instead




When will the Media Blame Bloomberg for Rising Crime Like They Blamed Mayor Dinkins

* Easy cell: City thugs phoning in a rise in subway thefts (DN)* Violence rises in NYC housing projects (DN)


Bloomberg's Puppet Quinn

Senate Cliff Hanger

 But Jeff's been taking a pounding - deserved or not - over his chairmanship of the debt-ridden Senate Democratic Campaign Committee, whose targeted spending couldn't save Dems from losing their short-lived control of the Senate. * The unions are shutting the door to them," said one Albany insider. "And the Democratic leadership's already trying to whittle away at Jeff's conference, wooing [freshman Rockland Sen. David] Carlucci."(NYP) * “I felt there was too much power given to Sen. Klein, and I wasn’t clear – and I’ve never been clear – that Sen. Klein has been a supporter of John Sampson,” said Sen. Ruth Hassell-Thompson.


Schools down shocking 75% in sci competition (NYP) * Education watchdog is all bark, no bite - overworked and understaffed (DN) * Bloomberg Fights Teacher Seniority: “I don’t believe the public will stomach layoffs that don’t account for merit,” said Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson. (Wall Street Journal)

NY's Economic Meltdown As Incomes Gap Widens, New York Grows Apart (Gotham Gazette, Jan 2011)



Mayor's Black Eye

Mayor excuses Cathie's black eye(NYP) * Mayor Targets Last In/First Out Rule(WSJ) * Losing Manufacturing Jobs: A blogger blames Bloomberg. (my.firedoglake.com)

 Kings' Mission Marches On

 Mask Up

Straphangers are more likely to get respiratory diseases and colds thanks to public transit(DN)   *Rep Weiner: Health-care rollback will hurt New York City (DN) * Besting the MTA In response to the recent MetroCard fare hike, NYCTheBlog has decided, for some reason, to champion so-called Free Swiping as a way to "stick it to the man." 


 Not All Tunnels Get Done

2nd Avenue Subway Was Torn Down in 1940

Schumer slams Christie for killing Hudson rail tunnel * Schumer Criticizes Christie's Plan to Divert Tunnel Funds (NYT)



 Those Who Control the Count Control the Election

Albany must go back to basics if it hopes to repair the mess it has made of electronic voting(DN)

City Council Three Years Delay of Lobby Reforms

After a three-year delay, the City Council will today appoint a Lobbying Commission, an advisory body tasked with making recommendations for improvements to the 2006 lobbying laws. But with few actual lobbyists among the appointees, the panel’s effectiveness is already being called into question. (City Hall News)

A Weather Hobbyist Predicts More Snow — Much More(NYT)

The End of An Era

Regis Philbin Leaving 'Live' *Regis Philbin announces retirement(CNN) *Regis Philbin Retiring From 'Live' After Nearly 25 Years ABC News * Regis Philbin retiring from 'Live! with Regis and Kelly' (LA Times)* Regis Philbin stepping down as host of 'Live! with Regis and Whoever' (Wash Post) * Regis Philbin to retire from 'Live'(NYP) * Regis Philbin Announces That He Will Retire From Live With Regis And Kelly (Video)

Media and New Tech  Comcast/NBC Marriage Could Get FCC Blessing Today * Take Two for Brooklyn's Film and Movie Studio(WSJ) * New York is already a major venue for high-tech industry, but we can't rest on our cyber laurels (DN) * Under Pay Model, Little Effect Seen on Papers’ Web Traffic (NYT) *To Read the News First: Just stop sleeping. (The New York Times) *PM Update   Comcast Wins FCC Approval to Take Over NBC (CBS)


After Losing RNC Reelection Bid, Jon Stewart Bids Farewell To Puppet Michael Steele (Video)



Jobs-less crisisApple  Jobs-less crisis(NYP) * A Deep Bench of Leadership at Apple (NYT)


Benedick Goldman

First Goldman destroys the American economy with subprime derivatives now they want to give the company that will soon control all information on the Internet to foreign investors Goldman Limits Facebook Deal(WSJ)

Reinventing Government: Obama orders a review of “outdated regulations that stifle job creation” as well as “absurd and unnecessary paperwork.”  (Wall Street Journal) *  President Obama is poised to announce a government-wide review of federal regulations in hopes of eliminating rules that prevent business growth. *  No prez under 48% approval has ever won a 2nd term. None below 52% has ever lost. Obama at 54% in ABC/WaPo survey. (Twitter) Joseph Mercurio

Law and Order  'Iraq vet' heist (NYP) * Arrest in strangle cases (NYP) * Car trunk gang targeting women hunted in Queens (DN) * Cops eyed in gun theft at precinct after made to work weekends (DN)*  NYPD releases images in Brooklyn basketball shooting (WABC) * Judge rules Bronx jury can hear accused shooter talk of copying "Godfather" to frighten witness(NYP)

Terrorism Ghailani’s Lawyers Detail Terror Defense Strategy(NYT)