Monday, January 17, 2011

Nation Ponders King in Wake of Arizona Shooting

Kings Work Not Over

 43 years after Dr. Kings death the nations wealth is controlled by 1% of the population.  Unemployment is close to 10% and the schools still do not work for our children. The said thing is America no longer has a leader like Martin Luther King today.

Rex Ryan's personality stamped on Jets victory as Gang Green backs up coach's talk against Patriots (DN) * Gang Green stun Patriots; advance to AFC Championship game (NYP) * Ryan outcoaches Belichick as Jets set tone with dominant start (DN)


Andy threatening a gov't shutdown (NYP)

by CBS6Albany
Cuomo Favorability Hits 70% after State of State Address, Overwhelmingly More Trusted than ‘Unfavorable’ Legislature * New Yorkers Backing Gov. Cuomo In Looming Budget War With Legislature: Siena *Watch Steve Greenberg Talk Siena Poll (video)

Cuomo's hiring of Christine Quinn liaison may be major step in push for gay marriage (DN)Best in, worst out Gov. Cuomo vows to "reinvent govern ment." Here's where he can start -- by convincing the Legislature to scrap the state-mandated seniority system used to lay off teachers. (NYP Ed) * Is tax cap a budget buster?School leaders fear the system will break down if a plan to limit property levies becomes law (TU) * Gov: You bet I'm collecting Indian casino cash (NYP)* Cuomo’s push for a spending cap is an uphill battle.* State lawmakers have already submitted more than 4,000 bills in the 2011 legislative session.* A property tax cap like the one Cuomo is seeking would be good for homeowners, but bad for school districts. * The Post wants Cuomo to convince the Legislature to scrap the state-mandated seniority system used to lay off teachers. * Binghamton High School will be participating in Cuomo’s “Albany at Work” Webcasts. * Diaz Accuses Cuomo Of Blackmail * Team Cuomo: Who's In on the Second Floor?  * Cuomo said he won’t support new taxes to fix the state’s budget gap. But what exactly does that mean? On Monday, Cuomo said renewing a surcharge on New Yorkers who earn more than $200,000 annually amounts to a new tax and he opposes it. (The surcharge is set to expire this year.) But a college tuition hike might be a different matter. (Newsday)


Bloomberg Uses the Lindsey Mets' Magic

In 1969 Mayor Lindsey Used the Mets' World Series Victory to Turn Around the Negative Poll Numbers the Mayor was getting because of his failure to clean the snow after a storm, to win reelection in a 3 way contest

Mayor Bloomberg says he'll be in Texas to watch the New York Jets compete in the Super Bowl * Bloomberg Met with Boos at Sharpton's MLK Celebration (WNBC) * Bloomberg Gets Mixed Reception at Sharpton's King Day Event (Obsever)

 Bloomberg and the Budget

Budgeting Albany: “Bloomberg has a key role here, too. He needs to be involved in this campaign — personally. It’s not something he can leave to a commissioner (or phone in from Bermuda).” (New York Post) *  Transit Jockeying: “The Bloomberg Tunnel, like the radically downsized Moynihan Station, will someday be a symbol of America the Modestly Incremental.” (





Senate Investigation Yourself     Same Old Albany

Senate Democrats are being tight-lipped about a probe into inappropriate sharing of information within their ranks with private entities during the highly competitive bidding process for the rights to build an Aqueduct racino.



Sure I am Against Drilling

Shelly's $hale game His law firm pushes gas-drill 'frack' suits

 Black: 4 Days to Apologize?

Joke's on me: cathie (NYP) * Black apologizes for birth control quip

Worker's death at construction site caps decades of shoddy work by developer Thomas Huang(DN)




 Govt Funded Diploma Mills

 Trade school hit with student complaints in three states - yet reels in millions in taxpayer dollars (DN) * Ph.D. really a 'b.s.' degree The head of a controversial center run by ex-convicts at Brooklyn's Medgar Evers College obtained a "doctorate" degree from an online "diploma mill," an official told The Post.(NYP)


Office vacancies grow in boroughs outside Manhattan (crains NY)


It's a yellow $treak Taxi fares up, trip times down in 2010 (NYP)


 Still Waiting for the Mayors Promised Report on the Snow Storm

Island to host City Council 'blizzard blunder' meeting tomorrow (SI Advance)

A blizzard on Staten Island in NY decades ago 

 Restaurants Play Hide and Seek with Bad Health Inspection Reports

Inspection Scheme Allows "C" Restaurants to Stall (WNBC)

Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell called for an early detection system to prevent mentally ill individuals from buying guns.

Giffords' condition improving, hubby says she's giving him back rubs

Loughner Trial Moving to California

Harassing A Congressman is Not A Crime - It is Free Speech

L.I. Man Held After Refusal to Stop Calling Congressman Ackerman(NYT)

Rep. Ackerman: “I think we are witnessing the wedding of the mentally ill with the gun culture, at a time when we have troubling mood music.” (The New York Times)

Hospital Bills The city's medical institutions prepare for twin pressures of state cuts and federal reform( City Hall)






'Social Network' big winner at Golden Globes * Golden Globe Award winners (Fox 5) * Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes Monologue Gets Laughs, But Probably Loses Friends (Mediaite) * Facebook flick wins four awards (NYP) * Master of Ceremonies, Not Civility (NYT) * A World Divided: Ricky Gervais At Golden Globes: Sheer Brilliance, Or Career Suicide? Did the Golden Globes Yank Gervais? (The Daily Beast) * Recap: The Golden Globe Winners, and What They Mean for the Oscars (Vanity Fair) * Golden Globes 2011 - Ricky Gervais Opening Monologue (VIDEO)


 Change Forced on Local TV

An ugly PIX-ture Ax and work climate sap morale at TV station (NYP)

Murdoch's UK Times & Sunday Times said to report $71 million loss in 2010



Steve Jobs Taking Leave of Absence

Budgets Push Governors of Both Parties to Same Mind-Set(NYT)

NY Times Editorial Fights the Mind-Set and Public Opinion Not to Raise Taxes

Illinois Wakes Up The states cannot fill their huge budget shortfalls by either cutting or taxing alone. Illinois is finally figuring that out, but too many other states are in denial. (NYT Ed) *  Flip Tax Regulation Could Hit NYC Market Hard A new proposed federal regulation could change the way condos and co-ops do business here in the city.  (NY1) * Congress Returns to the New Normal - Rick Klein, ABC News


Where News Is Power, Aides Fight to Be Well-ArmedBefore dawn, young staff in Washington scan the news, summarizing, spinning and compiling reports for bosses.(NYT)

Unpublished JFK photos reveal private moments




Former VP Dick Cheney might get a heart transplant

Bronx Cemetery Workers Blast Layoff Decision (NY1)