Wednesday, January 19, 2011

NYT Ignores Staten Island Anger and Frustration With the Xmass Blizzard

NYT Cheerleader for the Mayor Again

The NYT reports how the mayor is trying to put his troubles behind him.  Yet it has no stories about last night City Council hearing in Staten Island which showed the level of Anger and Frustration of city residents with the Xmass Blizzard.  The NYT made no mention of the CityTime corruption which forced a city commissioner from his job.  The paper of record also did not report how the city's rising murder rate and crime rate in many neighborhoods will effect the mayor.In Annual Speech, Mayor Will Try to Put 3rd-Term Troubles Behind Him(NYT)Sanitation's apology not enough for Staten Island (DN) * S.I. Residents Voice Anger, Frustration at Blizzard Hearing (WNBC TV)  * Batting Lead-Off: S.I. Residents Blast City Over Blizzard (WCBS TV)  * B’klyn Residents Next To Sound Off At Blizzard Hearing (WCBS)  * Is Snow Cleanup Clearing Lane Markers On SI? (WCBS TV) * Mike Bloomberg Rudy! SAIC sings CityTime Praises on their website  * To the chagrin of residents, Harlem will be left out of the mayor's State Of The City proposal to allow livery cars to pick up street fares legally. (DNAInfo)*Where Was Mike? CBS's Marcia Kramer Digs in Her Heels to Find Out (Robbins, Voice)

True News PM  
News After the Morning Papers 
Woman kidnapped as infant reunited with family(WABCTV)* Lieberman AnnouncesHe Will Not Seek Re-election (NYT) * Price of property still falling across city - Crain's New York Business * Medallion Cab Drivers Angry Over Livery Proposal * Family Files Wrongful Death Suit Against City for Blizzard Death (WCBS TV) * Unions Frustrated Over Labor Coalition Leadership (NYT) * Defendant Pleads Guilty In New York Hedge Fund Case (WCBS) * Man shot last week in Brooklyn dies (NYP) * Gabrielle Giffords Expected to Move to Houston Rehab Hospital Friday * Rep. Anthony Weiner On Healthcare Repeal: ‘Take A Shot Every Time A Republican Lies’ * Obama Pushes Hu on Rights but Stresses Ties to China (NYT) * Queens Library Turns the Page on Purchasing New Books(WNYC) * Goldman Quarterly Profit Drops 53% (NYT) * Obama presses Hu Jintao on human rights (Wash Post)* The Senate GOP approved business tax cuts and spending limits that go beyond what Cuomo has proposed.* Bloomberg will weigh in “from time to time” on Bloomberg LP editorials.* House Votes to Repeal Health Care Law (CBS) * Doctor says Rep. Giffords stood on her own two feet(NYP)

Bloombergs'State of the City
What They're Saying: State Of The City(DN) * Bloomberg warns of deep budget cuts (NYP)* Bloomberg’s State Of The City * Sampson: We’ve Cut Our Way Out Of $10M Deficit * Mayor Warns Of Deep Budget Cuts In State Of City Speech (WCBS) * Mayor Bloomberg's State of the City: 'Progress at Work' [Full Text] * Bloomberg warns of deep budget cuts (WABC) * Mayor Vows To Shrink Government, Not Raise Taxes To Support City's Growth (NY1) * In State of City address at St. George Theatre, Bloomberg vows to tranform economy into 'engine of innovation' (SI Advance) * Mayor Focuses on Small Things in His State of City Speech (NYT)

Bloomberg Forgot            "We the People"
  In the State of the City Bloomberg referred to our Founding Fathers’ common purpose quoting the preamble to the Constitution, “establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty.” Being Bloomberg he left out the three most important words, “We the people.” (Twitter)  Joseph Mercurio

Yes Gov Your Opponents Punch Back Hard

NYers gung-ho on Andy's budget plans(NYP) * Cuomo Campaign Aides Receive 5-Figure Bonuses(NYT) * Governor Cuomo’s Disclosure Pledge As the purveyor of a new, transparent Albany, Gov. Andrew Cuomo should make certain that all groups reveal their donors. * Gov. Cuomo rewarded campaign staffers with $400G in bonuses: report(DN) * The Times calls on Gov. Andrew Cuomo “as the purveyor of a new, transparent Albany,” to “make certain that all groups – supporting him or opposing him – reveal their donors.” * The DN calls on Cuomo to move ASAP on ethics reform.* Just weeks before he announced a 5 percent pay cut for himself and his top aides, Cuomo gave several of those same aides five-figure bonuses for working on his campaign.* After coming under fire for its lack of transparency, the Committee to Save NY agreed to register as a lobbyist organization. More here.* Cuomo, who has pledged to overhaul the campaign finance system, is taking political cash from donors who exploit the LLC loophole.* New Yorkers for Growth is pushing for repeal of the Triborough Amendment, a provision of the state’s Taylor Law that allows unions to operate under the provisions of an expired contract while a new contract is being negotiated.* A new Siena poll found overwhelming support for Cuomo’s agenda, and also for keeping the millionaire’s tax, which he opposes.* The fiscally conservative New Yorkers for Growth is leading the charge to repeal the Triborough Amendment, a provision of the state’s Taylor Law that allows unions to operate under the provisions of an expired contract while a new contract is being negotiated. And they will not be alone: Unshackle Upstate, a business advocacy organization, says it would support any effort to eliminate the measure. (City Hall News)* It’s All Relative, Gubernatorial Bonus Edition

Senate Democrats called for more equality than even they instituted when they controlled the chamber in the last two years.* The DN says its time for Shelly Silver and Dean Skelos to get on board with Cuomo's agenda.* Senate Staffing Cuts Update * More Than 100 State Senate Workers Canned

Sampson: We’ve Cut Our Way Out Of $10M Deficit

Schneiderman’s Gives Bonuses, Owes Himself


Do As I Say Not As I Do
Tishman Speyer real estate deal caused loss of hundreds of millions to public pensions. Now Speyer is leading NY pol group to cut pensions.(Twitter) Diane Ravitch


Vito Lopez and Espada Use Govt Funds the Same Way

Is the Feds can go after Espada for a government funded book about him, Why can't the state go after Vito Lopez for using state funds for a newspaper about himself?
Federal prosecutors are trying to determine if former state Senate Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr. used tax money intended for his Bronx medical clinic to pay a ghostwriter helping him pen a memoir  Feds probe Espada author pay

Where is the Government Oversight?  
Why does it take newspaper stories to get a pol to act on corruption? Pol Deborah Glick takes aim at 'questionable' trade schools that rake in millions with no oversight(DN)

How Many Contracts In NYC are Padded  CityTime . . . 

Can New York Afford to Send 600 Cops the the WTC Site City Police Force Could Soon Be Smallest Since ’90s

Sen. Chuck Schumer and NJ Gov. Chris Christie (through a spokesman) exchanged verbal barbs over the ARC project on which Christie pulled the plug.

Does Michael Goodwin read the NYT?

More than two-thirds of Stuyvesant High School’s 3,247 students are Asian Michael GoodwinMichael Goodwin  Where are New York's 'Tiger' kids? The Tiger Mom would not be happy. Amy Chua, mother and author of the provocative book on how Chinese parents raise hy per-successful kids  *  Chinese grub's NY snub  Bryn Mawr, Pa.(NYP) 



More Evidence of Copy Cat Journalism  

Gabrielle Giffords' husband recalls hearing reports of her death on flight to Arizona

Congress Giffords Husband  in the early moments heard on the radio that his wife died.  The Washington Post, NYT and NPR all reported that his wife died An Intimate Interview with Astronaut Mark Kelly (ABC) * NPR Editor calls Reporting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ Death ‘a serious and grave error’

True News: Copy Cat Journalism


Daily News Black Has No Time

Cathie Black had better start using her great management skills to steer schools through tough times (DN ED) *  $10 Million to Provide Extra Help in Schools(NYT) * City Plans Tutoring Effort(WSJ) *




What Happen to the $700,000 Mayor Gave Independents Party? 

Trusted Bloomberg aide, John Haggerty, indicted for stealing $1.1M of mayor's campaign funds

Bloomberg Still Giving

Mayor Bloomberg's GOP Largesse Lives On


Backdoor Campaign Funding 

Conservative Party Chairman Mike Long and Rick Lazio. Robert Mercer, the co-CEO of the giant hedge fund manager Renaissance Technologies maxed out his contributions to Lazio so he paid for anti-mosque TV ads the same message that Lazio was using in his campaign.Hedge Fund figure financed anti-mosque campaign * Conservative Party’s Anti-Mosque Contributor Revealed



Use Cheney Not Schumer to Get Gun Control

Cheney tells NBC "maybe it's appropriate" that we limit size of gun magazines after Tucson. Surprising this hunter would open that door. (Twitter) * Gun-control advocates are still waiting for Sen. Chuck Schumer -- or someone of his national stature -- to aggressively enter the current debate over gun control in the wake of last week's tragic Arizona attack. (NYO)



No Fifth Term for Lieberman (NYP) * Lieberman Decision Could Set Off a Wild Race (WSJ) *Lieberman Announces He Will Not Seek Re-election *McCain: Lieberman for Defense Secretary (Fox5) * For Lieberman, an Exit Forged in Alienation(NYT)


Riders in the Mist With riders dressed for an arctic chill, the subway trains seemed to be carrying their own fog with them. (NYT Ed)

New Ups and Downs Coming for Coney Island(WSJ)

City Inspections Reveal New A-List for Restaurants(NYT)


New York State Assembly District Wars: Chuck Schumer V. Pete Grannis, 1974





Ex-Marine Michael Grimm has hired a bodyguard. * Is Mike McMahon laying the groundwork for a comeback?


NYPD 'buys back' missing gun (DN)  Law and Order  Stolen cop gun mystery grows (NYP) * Jail not so bad for Lil Wayne, just missed the ladies (DN) * NYPD 'buys back' cop's gun that went missing from precinct (DN) * Accused killer steamed after prison guards take his fancy wardrobe (DN) * Dirty duds won't suit dapper defendant, judge says too bad (DN) * Fight Over Flatulence Leads to Stabbing (Fox 5) * Sexting' Cyberbully Sentenced to 45 Days in Jail (WNBC) * O’Donnell Blames The ‘Individual For The First 10 Bullets’… ‘The Law For The Next 21′ (Video) * First Person Charged Under NY Sex Trafficking Law Pleads Guilty * Queens Residents On Edge As Police Hunt For Serial Mugger (WCBS)


A Brooklyn developer got a slap on the wrist for masterminding a massive mortgage fraud that left dozens of Lubavitcher residents in fear of losing their apartments. Eliyahu Ezagui was sentenced to 33 months in prison for the scheme, which was first exposed by The Daily News in 2008, leading to his federal indictment. (NYDN)

Press FINALLY catching on to Tommy Huang (Queens Crap)