Monday, December 27, 2010

Why are Jobs, Businesses and People Escaping New York?

 New Census numbers tell a sad tale of Albany's failure to look out for the state's best interests

Some people read obituaries. Some people scan death notices. We study the United States Census because, moving van by moving van, New York is dying. An estimated 1.7 million people fled the state over the last decade, the largest number anywhere in America. That's because we do things big in the Empire State. We tax big. We govern big. We regulate big. We kill jobs big. * Taxes trigger a Texodus in New York (DN)

Pay to Play Albany  
A look back at a scandal-scarred, deficit-plagued year in state government. *  NY reform advocates say Cuomo can start fixing Albany alone (NTP)

Albany's Economic Damage Continues


Lets Not Do the Everything Changes From Day One Again

Cuomo team working on Day One (NYP) * Cuomos set to return to gov mansion after 16 years away (DN) * Andrew Cuomo: No politics in choosing Albany team

* Ashley Dupre explains why she won’t go see “Client 9″.



The Road to Gerrymandering Again

Democrats Incumbents will for for the GOP Gerrymandered Districts once they see their districts and reelection are safe. * Times Union wonders why Senate Republicans didn’t respond to calls for redistricting reform last week.  * Bob McCarthy warns that the war over re-drawing the lines has already begun.* Backgrounder: How Redistricting Will Reshape New York's Battle Lines (Obsever)  * Amid gloom, census losers score points (Politico)



The NYT Which Did in Paterson with Its Domestic Violence Interference Investigation, Now Tries to Build good felling for Paterson?

David Paterson must cope to life away from politics without ever having learned how to read Braille *   For Paterson’s Parents, the Choice Was Independence Over Special Education(NYT) * The good, the bad, the governor (TU)


Bloomberg’s Blind Spot Technocrat mayor overstocks laboratory of ideas (NY Mag)









Michael Mulgrew's misguided efforts

Michael Mulgrew's misguided efforts UFT

The teachers union is engaged in a furious last-ditch effort to conceal information that would help parents judge the effectiveness of their children's instructors. (DN) * Hurdles Emerge in Rising Effort to Rate Teachers (NYT) * It’s easier said than done to rank teachers based on their effectiveness.


You Talkin’ to Me? Cabbies in New York City are getting a new dress code. Just don’t expect to see too much change too soon. (NYT Ed)





Coney attractions want $2M to leave (DN)


Irish in New York Look for the Forgotten Elderly (NYT)

Welcome to Wal-Mart? Even Some of Its Fans Don’t Want One in the City(NYT)

Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn is proud that he gutted the Zadroga bill. * In ‘Daily Show’ Role on 9/11 Bill, Echoes of Murrow (NYT)

The Best and Worst The political clips on YouTube.(Politico)

A look at the public private nature of the High Line.

A Look Back: Weiner, Rangel on the House Floor [VIDEO] (TPM)

PA Gov. Ed Rendell isn’t happy about the Eagles-Vikings game being postponed due to the storm.