Sunday, December 26, 2010

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Sunday Update

Daily News Editorial: Governor Paterson's best just wasn't good enough for challenging times


Whopping $69.5 billion debt hangs over city as short- and long-term spending gets cut (DN) The highest level ever.  When Bloomberg took office, the city's annual bill to pay off the debt was $3 billion. This year, it's $5.4 billion - and it's projected to rise to $7 billion in three years. (DN) * The mayor's latest idea? That the city is better suited than the state to deal with juvenile criminals. And the fact that Al Sharpton was brought on board to help sell the scheme is a major-league flashing red light.Mike's latest grab (NYP Ed)


Rubber room's 'dirty' old man 'Perv' teach, 75, logs 13 years * Departing Schools Chief: ‘We Weren’t Bold Enough’ (NYT)





Is the NYP Sending A Message to Liu Not to Rub into Mayor the City Time Scandal ?

 Out of comptrol 'Mayoral hopeful' Liu in feverish photo ops (NYP)

Gov.-elect Andrew Cuomo is set to tap one of his key aides, Ellen Biben, as the state’s next inspector general — a post meant to fight the rampant corruption Cuomo vows to clean up. Fisch’s big boots  * State Sen. Eric Adams funneled $30,000 in taxpayer money to a nonprofit he founded, 100 Blacks Who Care, but doesn't know how, or if, the money was spent. 'Care'less charity (NYP)

Manhattan's diversity ebbing: census figures Manhattan, the world's most famous melting pot, is losing its rich ethnic and racial diversity, new census figures show.

 Reapportionment Wars Outlets weigh in on the Census’s political implications (Columbia Journalism Review)





Coney Island Polar Bears Snow Swim Dec. 26, 2010(video)


Joel Bondy Does the Mayor a Favor by Quiting During the Holiday News Cycle Limiting Negative Momentum 

Pay big called to account Out in CityTime fiasco (NYP) * New York City Payroll Chief Resigns (NYT) * Payroll Official Resigns Amid CityTime Woes(WSJ)* Ex-CityTime boss resigns one week after suspension (DN) 

Mayor's Damage Control

Mayor Bloomberg On CityTime Scandal: We'll Probably Get Most Of The Money Back  * Citytime project must get done to save money: Bloomberg * Bloomberg To Crack Down On Payroll Administration In Wake Of Scandal  * Mike bides his 'Time'* No turning back on CityTime scandal, Bloomberg says


Cuomo Staffs Up

 Official Under Spitzer Joins Cuomo Staff in Job to Restructure Government (NYT) * Cuomo taps two more vets of NY govs for inner circle (DN)


Can the State Board of Education Transfer Education Requirements to Another Person?

Black’s Appointment as Chancellor Is Contested (NYT)

NYC Subway Service Ads Replace Poetry, Literature(WCBS)

City Hall ghostwrote GZ mosque's letter (NYP) *Imam Behind Islamic Center Plans U.S. Tour (NYT) * Mike defends city's mosque help * Imam will fund-raise during national tour to promote WTC mosque (NY1)


Pardon Me Paterson

Gov. grants pardons to immigrants facing deportation * Paterson Aides nixed freeing slay dad (NYP) * Freed From Prison, Long Island Man Takes to Pulpit * Paterson: I wish I spoke to victim's family before pardon (DN) * Governor admits he was advised not to free John White (NYP) * Ma fury at gov over slay release (NYP) * Heartsick father visits son's grave as killer freed (DN)


9/11 fund may skimp on victims (NYP) * 'I don't know how much longer I have' (NYP) * The Man Who Helped the 9/11 Bill Fly(WSJ) Pols take bow after finally securing Zadroga funds for 9/11 heroes 

Gillibrand Says Battle Over Zadroga Will Be Fought Again in 2014



The Swift Rise of a Governor, as Predicted Over Drinks (NYT)

With Days Left in Office, Paterson Reveals His Biggest Regret




G.E. to Continue Hudson Cleanup Under New Rules (NYT) * GE to Finish Cleanup Project(WSJ)



Wall Street Keeps Lid on Christmas Parties (WSJ)

A Good Bankruptcy Law A new law will go a long way toward ensuring that bankruptcy or debt collection do not strip people of all they own. (NYT Ed)



Burglars take Warhol, Lichtenstein artwork in $75G theft from Manhattan apartment (DN) Law and Order  Commutes sentence in 'race' standoff (NYP) *Sentence Commuted in Racially Charged Killing (NYT)  * Father Who Killed Is Freed(WSJ) *$750,000 art heist (NYP)Ex Face-booked in rampage (NYP) * Police Fatally Shoot Man Who Lunged With a Knife (NYT) * Jailhouse Lawyer Argues Way Out of Prison(WSJ) * NYPD continues hunt for killer of young woman found in suitcase (DN)* NYPD lieutenant who ID'd wrong man has cost city $500G in awards * City defends NYPD lieutenant's actions in Taser death (DN) * NYPD cop has 'made multiple false arrests' (DN)  * DNA evidence links 72-year-old geezer to 2008 bank break-in (DN) * Law & Order' actress ripped off by headline-seeking accountant (DN) *** Saturday Suitcase fiend's candid camera smile Store video of Harlem 'body dumper' (NYP) * With a Spike in Crime and Police Layoffs, Anxiety Deepens in Newark (NYT) * The Police and the Schools A new law passed by the New York City Council will bring overdue transparency to the school disciplinary process. (NYT Ed) * Cops debut new video in Harlem suitcase slay mystery (DN) * 15-hour standoff upstate ends with Bronx ex-con shot 5 times* NYPD sergeant, FDNY vet turn naughty with separate arrests (DN) * Brooklyn livery cab driver shot by passenger (NYP) *** Sunday Backseat thug puts bullet in livery driver's back * Crazed B'klyn dad takes baby hostage * Editorial: Why we need Leandra's Law (DN) * Crazed B'klyn dad takes baby hostage (WCBS) * Teen Shot, Killed on Bronx Subway Platform (WNBC) * Brooklyn Man To Be Charged With Assaulting Son During Police Confrontation (NY1) * Teen shot dead on train platform (NYP)


Media and New Tech The BN looks back at 2010's "media mashup."*

2011 will be the year Android explodes (Fortune)

Newseum - Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

To Virginia’s Family, Yes, Santa Claus Is Still Real (NYT)



Pensions Push Property Taxes Higher(WSJ) * New Jersey Pension Gap Hits $54 Billion (WSJ)


Obama Is Set to Shuffle His Staff (NYT)


Aloha to the 111th Congress (Vanity Fair)


 Who Killed the Disneyland Dream? - Frank Rich, New York Times

The Looming Crisis in the States Spending cuts alone will not solve the states’ fiscal problems. More effective and targeted tax increases, and some help from Washington, are needed. (NYT Ed) * Cut Here. Invest There. In the 21st century, America cannot afford the politics of irresponsible profligacy or mindless austerity. Atlanta’s mayor, Kasim Reed, is one example of the new breed of leader. (Friedman, NYT Ed)


The Progressive Honor Roll of 2010 (The Nation)


Best Quotes Politico  Best quotes of 2010