Monday, December 27, 2010

For Vito Lopez Its Not Freedom of the Press, It is Owning the Press

The ban against the haredi news site Vos Iz Neias, first reported here, appears to be the work of cronies of Vito Lopez, the disgraced Brooklyn politician who worked closely with the Catholic Church, Satmar and Agudath Israel of America to block passage of the Child Victims Act, a bill that would have helped root out pedophiles in yeshivas, camps and religious schools.


Vito's Quarter-Million Dollar Newspaper hand job

His Right Hand at work
What do you call $230,000 of public money being mis-used for self-gratification? Here is Vito's paper where almost every single story is about Vito Lopez and his empire. Or for those who use grease ... "totally devoted to you."  More on Vito Lopez