Sunday, December 5, 2010

True News Update All Weekend: State Senate back in hands of GOP


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Judge: State Senate back in hands of GOP

Dems to Appeal

My pet council member Vito has council pol on a short leash

"Steve Levin  is more beholden to Vito than to his district," said a source who was once close to Levin. "The guy makes no decision without consulting Vito."


As Unemployment goes to 9.8% Bloomberg's Dream Becomes Closer? . . .  At Least to Him

Bloomy's eyeing Obama's job, says Gov. Paterson (DN) * Yes, Virginia, I am mulling a prez run (NYP)

 Rangel Soldiers On

When Charlie Finally Hangs Them Up Paterson Will Step Forward . . .  Right Now He Gives the Leader His Honor
Paterson says he’s not interested in Rep. Charlie Rangel’s job.

The Charlie Rangel Effect Will black Democrats join with Republicans to kill the congressional ethics office that investigated the veteran lawmaker?(Mother Jones)


In his four years as New York's attorney general, Andrew Cuomo had his way with Wall Street, muscling banks and bankers into paying fines, making reforms and eating crow for their errors during the financial crisis.Few bothered to fight back. Most figured it was smarter to take their lumps than risk a public showdown, even in instances where Cuomo appeared to lack clear authority to investigate or regulate.  But finally, Cuomo has a battle on his hands — just as he is leaving office.
Copycat Journalism Most of the blogs and newspapers today just copy what is already been written.  Here is an example of the Huffington Post picking up an AP story which was planted by Rattner's public relations people.  Steve Rattner, Wall Street Czar, Seeks Retaliation Against 'Bully' Cuomo (Huff Post)

Political Football OTB Faces the
The End Again and Again

Daily News Blames the GOP for Failure to Pass 911 Bill

Why not blame the NY delegation for lack of power or the fact that they fail to pass it months ago before the GOP takeover because they wanted to do it without amendments * Heroes of 9/11 hear you loud and clear, Republicans; next time they should turn and run (DN) * McCain tells 9/11 hero: I 'can't help you' with Zadroga (DN)

Problems Ms. Black Never Faced in the Publishing world

'We screwed up' Mike 'admits' Black secrecy a mistake

Once-stellar students are now failing state exams (DN)

Parent Sues to Block Schools Chief Eric J. Snyder of Park Slope Father of two Brooklyn public school children filed a lawsuit(NYT) * Teachers union rips city for substitute deal 'mess' (DN) * Right penalty, wrong offense Jose Maldonado-Rivera has finally been removed as principal of Columbia Secondary School for Math, Science and Engineering after he was found to have engaged in an "inappropriate financial relationship" with a school employee. This, more than five months after a 12-year-old Columbia student drowned on a shockingly ill-planned field trip to a Long Island beach last summer.* Schools Chancellor-to-be Cathie Black: I'm in touch with public school parents  WABC Interviews Black An interview with Cathie Black * Black sent out a mass e-mail to principals that was not entirely well-received.* Outgoing Chancellor Joel Klein reflects on his tenure and says: “We know how to fix public education. The question is whether we have the political will to do it.”


New York's  Economic Meltdown 

Budget-Cutting Colleges Bid Some Languages Adieu (NYT)* Freelance Musicians Hear Mournful Coda as the Jobs Dry Up (NYT) * 100G/yr. pensions at FDNY (NYP)

Trustee Sues HSBC Over Cash Sent to Madoff (NYT)

Pension Fund Blackmail Extortion

'Extort' rap in pension messThe feds filed new charges in Albany yesterday against a Boston-based investor who they say targeted the state comptroller's office's top lawyer in a sex-related extortion plot for $35 million in pension-fund business. (NYP)


New York City Cracks Down on Tickets Left Unpaid (NYT)




 NY Vs NJ: Board War

'Zee' bridge rebuild sparks border war (NYP) * Christie To NY: 'Stop Screwing With Us' Over Tunnel Tab * Dems' tunnel vision Chris Christie says he’ll fight what looks like political payback (NYP Ed)


Sunday's Wood



Phone 'six'! Another area code 929






Port Authority's Windfall The October death of a planned rail tunnel under the Hudson River has left the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey with something rare: a pot of uncommitted money for infrastructure projects. (WSJ) * Port Authority to Cut 200 Jobs in 2011 (Fox 5)

Elaine Kaufman, Celebrated New York Restaurateuse, Dies at 81 (Vanity Fair)


Owner of Famed Writer's Den Elaine's Dies(WSJ) * Kaufman was big-hearted gal, inspired loyalty (DN) * Elaine Kaufman, Owner of Elaine’s, Dies at 81 (NYT) * Average Joes Welcomed Alongside Celebs At Elaine’s (CBS)

In East Harlem, frisks lead to most arrests, summonses (DN) Law and Order  Former Yeshiva Principal Sought on Abuse Charges (NYT) * Detective Faces Charges of False Drug Arrests (NYT) * Father, Sons Face Sex-Abuse Claims(WSJ) * Gang torture suspect says he was home during attacks (DN) * 14-year-old 'El Ponchis' admits to 4 cartel-backed murders (DN) * Tip of Rikers guard's thumb bit off by inmate * Rabbi suspected of sexually abusing relatives: police (DN) * Police: Brooklyn Rabbi, Sons Sexually Abused Family Members For 15 Years (DN) * Correction Officer Loses Thumb In Rikers Scuffle (NY1) * Girl fights off Qns. thugs (NYP) * LI 'phony cop-robber' was framed by beau: DA (NYP) * Ice-pick fiend hits StuyTown (NYP) * Suspects sought in attempted abduction of girl (WABC) ***Sunday Teen shot dead (NYP) * Beef leads to college-bound Bronx teen shot dead (DN) * Livery driver's struggle with gunman (Video)



Disclose This

SNL Imagines What Would Happen If WikiLeaks And TMZ Joined Forces