Thursday, December 9, 2010

Lobbyist Patricia Lynch Pension Corruption Gives Us A Real View Of Albany Pay to Play Culture

Lynch's  Kickback to Pols and Their Staff is the Albany Norm

The lobbyist, Patricia Lynch, arranged campaign contributions, gifts and even a job to gain access to Alan G. Hevesi, then the state comptroller, on behalf of clients seeking investments from the multibillion-dollar state pension fund  Albany Inquiry Ends in Penalty for a Lobbyist (NYT).  This type of horse trading to win favor is the norm for lobbyist and elected officials in Albany, it was not a one time thing that never happen before.  That why Lynch did not have to admit any wrongdoing and her ability to lobby in other areas besides pensions when untouched, she did not go to jail because she is to important to elected officials.
Lobbyist in Albany everyday side step public disclosure laws by using their resources to do favors for elected officials and their families.  Lynch got a job for the girlfriend of Hevesi aid a high paying job with another company she was lobbying for.  Political consultant lobbyist like Lynch and Global Strategies Group who also received pension funds illegally viewthe state's $133 billion pension fund not as nest egg for retired worker but a pool of money they can get their greedy hands on. * Lobbyist Patricia Lynch agreed to a $500,000 settlement with the AG's office in a pay-to-play investigation.

Darren Dopp, spokesman for Patricia Lynch Associates, said the lobbying firm is “pleased” put the AG’s pay-to-play probe behind it. *Chairman of New York Commission on Public Integrity resigns

Cherkasky’s Parting Shots Public Integrity Commission Chairman

How Is Running for President the Same As Dumping Term Limits?
Bloomberg and his media supporters used the argument that we need the mayor for a third term because he would protect the city economy.  Now the mayor plans to run for president to fix the nations economy.  Maybe when he is on Meet the Press this Sunday he will explain how has turned around New York's economy during his third term. Mayor gives DC hell in signal of possible presidential run (NYP) * Bloomberg Chides GOP, Democrats on Economy * Bloomy's job speech has presidential makings (DN) * “We have to help the President succeed. If you want to run against him, and I don’t, and I won’t, but if you wanted to do that, the time to do that is near the next election. Right now, we have to pull together,” Bloomberg told Katie Couric.*  "Mayor Bloomberg's big jobs speech at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Wednesday was beautifully staged, artfully promoted and unmistakably aimed at presenting him as a man who could run America" -- fueling speculation (one more time) about whether he's seriously considering 2012, writes our Adam Lisberg. * Mayor Bloomberg: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs (Updated) * Mayor Bloomberg praised President Obama in front of US Education Secretary Arne Duncan and insisted (again) that he’s not running in 2012.*  Where perception is key: Late turn in Cuomo pay-to-play probe (Newsday)

If you want to run for president you hire Howard Wolfson Hillary Clinton press guy who has great contacts in the national media
“We believe New York has a stellar record on jobs creation,” said Bloomberg Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson. “We believe we have something to share with the rest of the country on that. The mayor of New York has a national platform. He’s going to use it.”


With the Death of NYC OTB The NY Racing Association Will Collapse  Down Like A House of Cards

OTB Death of a patronage mill(NYP Ed) * Betting Parlors Close Their Doors in New York (NYT) * Ripple effects from OTB's shutdown  New York's horse racing industry took a potentially huge blow with the closure of New York City's bankrupt Off-Track Betting operations. * Democrats hedging bets on OTB's demise (DN) * With OTB dead, Andrew Cuomo must rethink New York's relationship with horse racing (DN) * Pol 'escalates' MTA fight (NYP) * Payoffs made for long odds


Cuomo Announces Top Aides (NYT)


State Senate

Nassau election: it's almost over (Newsday)


Can't NY Senators Buy One GOP Vote?  . . .  Any Lobbyist Can
GOP set to fili'bust' 9/11 health-aid bill (NYP) * Senate To Hold Vote On Zadroga Bill Today (NY1) * NY House members want to add the Zadroga bill to President Obama’s tax cut deal with the Republicans.

Bloomberg sees ‘partisan politics trumping patriotism’ | The Empire

Zadroga Bill Fails Key Senate Vote  * Zadroga Bill Fails Key Senate Vote (NYT)

More NY Weakness in Washington
And NYS only get $10 million - come on guys  ‎12 States to Split $1.2 Billion in Rail Funds -  Joseph Mercurio

 Homeless and Poor Housing

The Worst Bathroom in New York What I learned from a year reporting on the city's most distressed buildings. (NYT) * Homeless agency's count off, underreports numbers (DN)

Bloomberg critics say he as exaggerated the success of an antipoverty initiative and ignored data showing that a substantial number of families who enroll in the program end up back in homeless shelters.

How Can a Religious Person Justify Being a Slumlord? (Village Voice)

A new report finds New Yorkers lag behind other states when it comes to volunteerism.






New York Economic Meltdown

City to Charge for Ambulances(WSJ)

Amid Slump, When Better to Start a Brokerage(WSJ) * Gov. David Paterson apologized to The Jewish Week for eliminating the state’s kosher food inspection unit, but said budget cuts forced him to do so.* Bloomberg declined to extend the Priority 7 voucher program – a move that won’t sit well with the Orthodox community.




Dailies Still Protecting Black 

Not one of the newspapers reported on a new parents lawsuit to remove Black  Cathie Black Lawsuit No. 2 Norman Siegel and Herbert Teitelbaum 

Union Fights to Block Release of Teacher Ratings (NYT) * Union, media outlets clash in court over teach data (DN) * Parents say closing of city schools is a 'sham' (DN) * UFT & city tell it to the judge (DN) * Document Drop: Another Cathie Black Lawsuit? * Education Sec. Arne Duncan to Meet with Cathie Black Today


Harlem Educator Is Said to Have Turned Down Chancellor Job (NYT)


How about naming Parking Meters After Koch?

During the time he was mayor Koch allowed Queens and Bronx pols to collect on parking tickets.  Some went to jail one the borough president of Queens killed himself

Glamorous to Me

Carey was the last Gov to save the state's economy . . .  Something today's governors don't have the ability to do 

“I think anyone would rather be named for the Brooklyn Bridge than the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel,” said Rob Polner. “But I don’t think Carey is viewed as a glamorous figure.”


Cutback in MTA service will increase this year triggering more voter anger and pols attacking the system they are elected to operate efficiently.
Fed-up rider 'attacks' bus driver * Pol 'escalates' MTA fight (NYP) * Bus Driver Punched For Driving Slow * Norman Seabrook is off the MTA Board.

Terrorism 1 in 4 freed Guantanamo detainees returns to terror, so keep  'em there (DN Ed)

Law and Order  Taxi shooter eyed for string of robberies (NYP) * Teens nabbed in Hasid hate crime (NYP)  * Brooklyn Bakery Owner Mourned After Fatal Shooting (NYT) * Popular Bakery Owner Slain *Source: Police recover weapon in baker's murder (WABC) * Sex Offender Is Indicted in Killing Two Years Ago (NYT) * NY Gas station clerk charged with sexual abuse(WSJ)* Internal affairs eyes dog-doo 'beating' of woman (DN) ** Cops exaggerated Columbia U. drug sting: Student (DN)Ice pick suspect threatened boy with knife: DA (DN) *  'Frame' nightmare Ex set up rape gal in robbery rap: DA (NYP) * Welfare's $8M scam (NYP) * Group Denounces Call To Racially Profile Livery Passengers (NY1)  * Judge Hears Arguments In Request For Teacher Performance Scores (NY1) * Van Driver Who Killed Pregnant Woman To Serve Time (NY1) * Mug Shot of "Person of Interest" in Livery Cab Shooting Released (WNBC) * Gang Activity Now a Focus for Immigration Agents (NYT)


Media and New Tech   Zell's paper caper  Knew Trib was toast (NYP) * Hackers Give Web Companies a Test of Free Speech (NYT) * Howard Stern Re-Signs with Sirius XM (Fox 5)

GOP gets queasy over earmark ban (Politico) *

CNN’s Anderson Cooper Pulls Apart Congress’ “Prince Of Pork”